Map Notes by PKeating

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For the Sega Genesis/Megadrive/Nomad

By Paul Keating

Created 21st September 2000


Legal Note

This readme file and the accompanying maps are the copyright of Paul Keating.

You are free to post this to your site as long as you meet the following

You do not change the files in any way, shape or form.
You do not charge people for access to this file.  This includes banner ads
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19th December 2000

Finished labrynth level 2.  Made some additional notes on level 2.
Started labrynth level 3. 75% Complete.
Modified the Cave of Strength & Courage.  They both have a grid system like all
the other maps.
Added last section of Cave of Strength (using magic rope to get past the pit).

18th December 2000

Added more to the labrynth level 2.  Almost complete now.

14th December 2000

Added a little bit more of the Labrynth Level 2.  Figured out how the passage &
door work.

13th December 2000

Added half of the Labrynth Level 2
Added some information about the Sentinels found in the labrynth level 2.
Labrynth Level 1 is now complete.
Made a minor change to the labrynth level 1
Made a minor change to the cave of wisdom



First let me get this straight.  THIS FILE IS NOT A WALKTHROUGH!  This file is
intended as a readme file to accompany the map files that I have created for
this game.  Therefore I will not answer any questions on the playing of this
game.  There is a perfectly good walkthrough out there you can use that.


Using the maps

So then if you are reading this file you should also have two additional files

Shining_in_the_darkness_map_01.gif  -> Labyrnth Level 1
Shining_in_the_darkness_map_02.gif  -> Cave of Strength
Shining_in_the_darkness_map_03.gif  -> Cave of Courage
Shining_in_the_darkness_map_04.gif  -> Cave of Truth
Shining_in_the_darkness_map_05.gif  -> Cave of Wisdom
Shining_in_the_darkness_map_06.gif  -> Labrynth Level 2
Shining_in_the_darkness_map_07.gif  -> Labrynth Level 3 [75% Complete]




The map has one small area where it is not completed.  This is the area that
gives you access to the proper Labrynth.  I am now close to adding this.

Cave of Truth

The spinners will rotate you through 270 degrees.  Refer to the table below to
find which direction you will face

Original  |New
Direction |Direction
North     |West
East      |North
South     |East
West      |South

Cave of Wisdom

The map on the left hand side is the main area of the map.  The right hand map
is the area where you drop to when you step on a trap door.

Each X on the map represents a trap door.  The number below it indicates which
trap door it is.  Match the numbers between the two maps to find where you will

The blue door/walls you come across are a one way system.  As you enter through
the blue door it will shut behind you.  When you turn around you will notice
that it is now a wall.  Once you are facing a blue wall you can't return back
through it.

Labrynth - Level 2

You will notice that there are statues scattered around this level.  Upon
closer inspection they will attack you.  These are the sentinels (marked with
an S on the map).  Also the sentinels will regenerate every time you leave the

There is a gold pool at the end of this level.  Once you reach there head up
the stairs to the next level then warp out of the labrynth and go to the
castle.  Speak to the new character there and you will get a gold medallion. 
Drop one half of the medallion into the gold pool and then you can use the
other half to warp directly to that point.

Watch out as you go past the trapdoors in the ceiling.  You may be attacked by
a headhunter.

Labrynth - Level 3

Once again watch out for the trapdoors in the ceiling.  You may be attacked by
a headhunter or a soulthief.

There is a special item on this level, the magic rope.  This allows you to
climb back up through trapdoors.  When you get it you may want to revisit the
Cave of Strength.

Cave of Strength - Revisited

Head to the area where the two pits where.  Head over the one that you couldn't
previously.  When you drop down the pit use the magic rope and you will be back
on the other level. Move forward and follow the path to collect a mythril ore.


Thanks to:

A.J. Smith for pointing out the location of a missing trapdoor which leads to
the firesword.
???? for finishing of a large section of the Cave of Wisdom for me. I have lost
your name between updates, so email me and I will credit you.
CjayC for continually posting my guides.
Sega, for yet another excellent game.


Future Releases

Well I got the labrynth level 2 finished just a little quicker than I first
thought.  I MAY be able to get some more done before Christmas, but I doubt it.
 It will be some time in January before the next update.  From what I
understand there is another three or four levels to go.