FAQ/Walkthrough by DChen

Version: 3.0 | Updated: 11/23/02 | Printable Version

Sega Genesis
Written by David Chen (11/07/2001)
Email: david_9235@hotmail.com
Version 3.0

Table of Contents

I. Introduction

II. Version History

III. Storyline/Plot

IV. Controls and Moves

V. Items

VI. Enemies

VII. Ninjitsu Skills

VIII. Level Walkthroughs

     District 1: Zeed Resurrection
     -Forest (1-1)
     -Watery Cave (1-2)
     -Boss: Samurai Master (1-3)

     District 2: Secret Entry
     -Horseback Riding (2-1)
     -Secret Base (2-2)
     -Elevator Ride (2-3)
     -Boss: Security Robot (2-4)

     District 3: Body Weapon
     -Biochemical Laboratory (3-1)
     -Organic Sludge Sewer (3-2)
     -Boss: Sludge Monster (3-3)

     District 4: Destruction
     -Surfboarding (4-1)
     -Oil Refinery (4-2)
     -Boss: Gundam Wing (4-3)

     District 5: Electric Demon
     -Burning Forest (5-1)
     -Factory (5-2)
     -Boss: Mech-Godzilla (5-3)

     District 6: Traps
     -Falling Rocks (6-1)
     -House of Maze (6-2)
     -Boss: Kabuki Warrior (6-3)

     District 7: The Final Confrontation
     -Below the Ship (7-1)
     -Elevator Ride (7-2)
     -Above the Ship (7-3)
     -Interior Works (7-4)
     -Wall-Crush Room (7-4a)
     -Boss: Virtual Fighter (7-5)

IX. Tips, Cheats, and Secrets

X. Contact information

XI. Copyrights

XII. Credits


I. Introduction
Hello, I'm here to write yet another ninja game like the ones I did
before.  I have never played such fine ninja games in the Shadow
Dancer-Shinobi series and here is another example of a great ninja
game.  Needless to say, I had tons of fun with this game and cannot
resist writing a walkthrough guide on it.  The game is pretty much the
same as Revenge of Shinobi Sega game except for some new moves, new
stages, and new bosses, but the playing format is the same.  This game
has seven stages instead of eight stages in Revenge of Shinobi, but
they are longer, which makes up for the differences.  They could be
pretty easy to get through once you go through it several times.  I
found that this game is a little harder to beat than Revenge of
Shinobi, but it could be me since I had it for over 10 years compared
to less than one year with Shinobi III.  Pretty much everything in the
game is self-explanatory and follows the pattern of shuriken everything
that moves, kill the boss quicker than they kill you, and master all
your ninja moves well enough to get pass every obstacles the game throw
at you.  Well, I hope this guide helps you a lot and good luck beating
through the game.

II. Version History
Version 1.0- Everything is done and completed for this guide except the
             most important part of the guide, the level walkthroughs.
             It will be coming soon and other minor changes will be
             added in the very near future.

Version 2.0- The complete walkthrough is done and some minor changes
		 has been added to this guide like new info under cheats
             and secrets.

Version 3.0- New additions to the "cheat and secret section".

III. Storyline
You are once again the mighty and stealthy Ninja Master Joe Musashi,
who is himself master of Shinobi.  After a good amount of time has
passed since you crush the Neo Zeed Crime Syndicate, you have been
training hard to hone your fighting and ninja techniques.  However, the
Neo Zeed has been secretly rebuilding itself in the hope of getting
whatever they want and achieving world domination and things like that
with a top priority goal to have you eliminated.  A big bounty is on
your head by Neo Zeed to whoever to kill you first.  Sensing all this
evil, you are once again called upon to get rid of Neo Zeed to ensure
peace and prosperity in the future.

IV. Controls and Moves
Assume that the buttons are in default mode set by the game when you
started.  You can change the button configurations by going into option
and change them as you like them.

 -Down, crouch
 -left/right, walk left or right
 -dash, press left or right twice
 -Press left/right while crouching to crouch walk

 -Enables you to select ninjitsu magic

 -Use ninjitsu magic

 -Throw shuriken at enemies
 -Shuriken slash when standing close to enemies
 -Sword slash when close to enemies (must have power-up)
 -Kick when crouching close to enemies

 -Press jump again when you're at the peak of the jump to double-jump

Running Sword- Dash, then push attack to unleash an uninterruptible
Wall Jump- Jump at wall, press toward it and then jump to jump off wall
Air Kick- Jump, then press down and attack to use a 45 degree sharp
Shuriken spread- Double jump, then press attack to throw 8 shurikens
Block- Hold attack button
Grab rope/rail- Press up while jumping

V. Items
Most of these are in the boxes, some of them are out in the open, and a
few very good items like ninja magic are hidden in certain places.

Single shuriken*-Gives you 5 shurikens

Two shuriken*-Gives you 20 shurikens

*If you have the unlimited shuriken cheat on, these two wouldn't add to
 the 999 shurikens you already have.

Power-Ups-Upgrades your shuriken with a flame and extra damage and
          allow you to use your sword when close to enemy

Little heart-Adds some health to your health bar

Big heart-Fills your health bar no matter how long it is

Ninja symbol-Gives you one use of ninjitsu magic.  If you die,
             your use of ninjitsu magic will always go back to 1.

Head of ninja-Give you 1-up.  These are rare, so grab them when you

Time bomb-Watch out!  These devices will take a good amount of health
          if you're not careful to avoid them.  They take a long time
          to explode when you're far from them, but goes off instantly
          if you're next to them.

VI. Enemies
Brown ninjas-This is the most common of all enemies and ninjas,
             appearing throughout the game.  All they do is throw ninja
             stars and appear to squat at first, then jumps when
             approached.  Very easy to kill.

Black samurais-Dressed in ancient samurai armors and carries big
               swords, they unleashes ground waves with their
               swords.  Only exposed when they have their swords down

Basket-covered dartmen- Walks toward you with a basket on its head.
                        Shoot darts with blowgun when you shuriken

Winged ninjas-These flying ninjas are just like the brown ninja except
              they fly these time.  Not hard to kill.

Ninja girls-They are very easy and just like the brown ninjas except
            with the entire ninja cover-up.

Soldiers-They will either stand or crouch to shoot at you with their
         fixed or portable machine guns.

Flying brains-Sits on the ceiling and then fly and attack you when you
              get near.  More irritating than hard since it is small.

Blob monsters-Raises out of the green pool in Round 3, takes two hits
              to kill them.

Jumping brains-Contained in a glass cylinder, they would burst out
               attacking you.

Ground beetles-Burrowed in the ground with their pincers visible in
               Round 3, they wait for unsuspecting good guys to come
               near, then they crawl up, hoping for a good meal.

Airbike ninjas-In Round 4 while you are surfing, they appear from the
               top right corner dropping bombs.  There is also another
               airbiker that attacks from the bottom left.

Clawed ninjas-In Round 4 with the network of pipes, they hang from
              pipes and walks around, attacking you from you are near.

Flamethrower-Standing tall on a hovering pad, they release a long
        stream of fire at you.

Mortar Men-Armed with a mortar, they fire shells at you.  Walk, don't
           jump toward them or you'll keep getting bombarded.

VII. Ninjitsu Magic
These are the same as the one in Revenge of Shinobi except for Kariu's
dragon and the sword-moving motion.

Jitsu of Ikazuchi-When used, a bolt of yellow lightning will come down
                  on our hero, surrounding him in a web of yellow
                  electricity.  He will be unhurt if hurt until it
                  disappears after taking a 3-5 hits.

Jitsu of Kariu-When used, Musashi will go through the same sword
               routine except four long pillars of fire dragons will
               shoot out of the ground and come together in the
               middle killing all lesser enemies and damaging stronger
               ones.  The most spectacular visual display of the
               four jitsu skills!

Jitsu of Fushin-When activated, nothing amazing will happen, but
                afterward, you can jump extra higher than you're
                normally do.  An essential skill in certain parts of
                that requires high jumping or long horizontal jumping.

Jitsu of Mijin-Very devastating to enemies!!!  When used, Musashi will
               plunged his sword to the ground and he will blow into
               pieces, killing everything on screen except really tough
               enemies like bosses.  Afterwards, you'll always get a
               full bar of health and one use of magic, but the
               downfall is that you lose a life.  So don't use it
               unless you have lives to spare.

VIII. Walkthrough
Round 1
You start off in a forest, which is a very easy level.  Just proceed
all the way right, killing the ninjas, ninja girls, and basket-covered
dartmen, while opening all the crates.  Watch out for the bombs!  You
will then come go into the cave and meet a samurai, blocking your path.
You can't kill him until he swing his sword, releasing a ground wave.
Block it and shoot until he's dead.  Do the same for the next one.

For the last one, you will be facing a tougher samurai, who is the mid-
boss of this Round.  The room be will sealed off, which his ground wave
can bounce back and hurt you.  Block the wave again and shoot at him
until he perishes.

Now you are in a water cavern, which in this level you will encounter
spikes out of the ground, pits, ninjas, ropes, and more.  Proceed
right, killing all enemies and avoid the spikes.  As for the ropes,
just press up while jumping to grab it and climb across.  About halfway
through, you will have to wall jump back and forth to reach the top.
It's important that you master this technique very well along with the
rope climbing because future levels require you to do this like knowing
the back of your hand or you will die many times.  After the second
rope, you are done with this level.


Like most video games, the first boss is usually the easiest and so is
this one.  Dressed up tightly in armor and armed with three weapons, it
starts out walking toward you.  When he walks a good distance, shuriken
him and then you can't hurt him anymore until the next cycle because
he's about to charge at you.  So jump over him and then he will come
back and do the whole thing again.  Repeat and rinse.

Round 2
In this level, you get to do the most rare and exciting thing in any
ninja game beside another thing that is coming up and it is riding on
a horse while shurikening down ninjas.  You are riding toward a enemy
base's secret entrance when ninjas, who dropped out of the kite in the
background, started attacking you.  Just kill them as they appear and
jump over the wooden dikes (a warning signal will appear to notify you
of any that's coming).

Then you'll meet the mid-boss, who is the shadow ninja boss from
District 2 of "Revenge of Shinobi".  This time he will jump from the
right offscene to the left behind you, throwing down spears.  Then he
will jump and run to the right and repeat again.  Jump and shoot him
during his jump and his spears at the same time, which when broken
might not cause damage to you.  Then shoot like mad when he sprints to
the right.  He'll succumb to your superiority at the end.

Now you're at some kind of base loaded with soldiers.  Just proceed
right, killing all soldiers and opening all crates.  Be sure to use
running sword as much as possible, especially on the fixed machine
gunner since you are invincible during the jump-slash motion part of
the move.  Exit at the very right.

On an elevator, you must go all the way to the top while dealing with
soldiers all both sides.  As you go up, platforms on the left and right
side have soldiers on them.  Shoot them first before they shoot you and
open the boxes.  About midway through to the end, there will be several
parts of the stage where you will need to leave the elevator and onto
platforms to jump up to the next level because the elevator will go
through platform in its path, but you will get squish if you stay.  It
is important that you get to the next level up quickly or your elevator
will leave behind on the bottom and you'll perish.  Most of the time
you need to double jump or grab the bars that goes from left to right
and keep jumping up to the next level up.  It may take you a few runs
through before you get the hang of it and anticipate what's coming.
When you get to the door at the top, exit to move onto the boss.


This boss looks like a bunch of junk pieced together and capped in
front with a pink bubble.  When he comes out, he will fire bullets at
you.  Shoot at him once or so and he will create a blue force field
around itself.  When it's doing this, you cannot shoot at him because
of the shield directing your shuriken away from itself.  He will also
fire a blue beam down at you, so avoid it.  Then shoot at him as much
as possible.  Then he will shoot out tiny missiles that will come at
you, so use shuriken spread to get rid of these quickly if you can
spare the shuriken.  He will also make the room shifty, which will make
your controls opposite of what it should be.  Up is down, down is up,
left is right, right is left.  He isn't a hard boss though.

Round 3
You are now in Neo Zeed's genetic lab and it looks like it is making
more minions and soldiers to boost its Syndicate.  Start going right
across an area with green chemicals below you.  Destroy all the green
monsters that pop out and the flying brains on the ceiling.  Not before
long, you'll come to an area where you can jump up and jump down levels
below and above you.  Be careful brains will pop out of the cylinders
and take care of the flying brains.  Near the end of level, you'll come
to a series of conveyors over a massive green pool.  Be sure to use the
Jitsu of Ikazuchi because if you fall or get knocked off by the
conveyor-circling things, you will get hurt.  Just make your way up,
shuriken spread or shoot at the things on the conveyors and time your
jump.  When you get to the top, you'll see a conveyor covering the
ceiling, going right, so jump up and grab it and go right.

It will take you to the mid-boss of this Round.  The boss is actually a
bunch of brains in the cylinders that will roll down the conveyor above
you and into the pool on the bottom right.  Upon contact to the pool,
the brains will get smashed out and jump toward you.  The idea is to
stay on the left side and shuriken the cylinders and the brains that
keep coming at you.  This is like an endurance test to see how many
brains you can handle.  Don't fall into the pool, keep shurikening the
cylinders and the brains until the level ends a few minutes later.
Then the pool will drain itself and prompt you to jump down to the next

You'll now be in the disgusting, foul bowel of the organic sludge
sewer, where waste and leftover from the lab are dumped here.  You can
see all the way to the background with tons of wastes and sewer holes.
As you go, you will sink into the wastes for a few feet, so jumping is
a better way of moving here.  Just keep going right and shuriken the
beetles when they pop out or at the horns before they pop out to
minimize damage to yourself.  As you go along, a target crosshair
will appear several times, trying to aim and shoot at you.  It is the
the monster in the background that's trying to kill you.  Just move
quickly to avoid it from locking on you.  Beside the beetles to watch
out and the target crosshairs to avoid, this level is very easy.


Now you are up against the monster that's shooting at you before.  He
has a very ugly head that occupies the entire right side of this place
along with the upper part of his arm.  He will mainly attack you by
grabbing you with his hand.  So time your jump forward over it as it
goes forward and jump back as the hand move down backwards.  This is
a very hard move to avoid getting hit, so practice.  His weak point
is the eye, but you can't keep shooting at it, hoping to kill it
quickly because every time you hurt him, he will be invulnerable from
all your weapons for a few seconds.  You must wait for that few seconds
before attacking him again.  Use that time to focus on avoiding his
attacks.  Another attack he has is shooting out stuff from his head,
shuriken spread these, if possible, to get rid of them effectively.
Then he will also suck in air for a few moments before firing out
laser blast from his mouth, crouch down no matter what to avoid it.
Then he will also sink his whole self into the sludge surface, just
stand on the left side to avoid his head when he emerges.  In recap,
try your best to avoid his hand, shoot at the stuff from his head,
crouch his blast, and stay on the left while he's gone and shuriken
his eye as much as possible.  If you don't think you can make it,
use Ikazuchi or Mijin magic to keep yourself alive.  Sooner or later,
he will keep changing colors from your attacks and die.

Round 4
Besides the horseriding stage of Round 2, this is one of the coolest
stages ever in the Shinobi series, which is ninja surfing.  You start
out by cruising right when airski soldiers glides by you in the
background and off the screen.  They will appear on the top right part
of the screen, dropping bombs on you.  Just shuriken them or jump right
next to them and knife them.  Occasionally, an airski soldier will
appear on the bottom left of the screen, firing at you.  There will be
a constant stream of this kind of enemies throughout this stage.  You
will also encounter alarm signals in this stage, which is alerting an
object is coming.  This time you don't need to jump over these, they
are like capsized boats angled in a way that you can use it as a
jumping ramp, where it'll launch you higher over goodies on top of the
screen.  So be prepare for them.

Near the end, you'll see three Gundam Wing-like robots at the
background.  One of them will be the mid-boss of this level.  He has a
shield that blocks your shuriken and fires with a gun.  He can also
fire up a fireball into the air that splits into three pieces at you.
Just fire as you can when he come on screen, shield or no shield, and
avoid his fire as best as you can.  Then he will be dead in no time.

Start by going right in this oil field filled with an entanglement of
pipes throughout the level.  It's hard to describe every things and
obstacles in the level.  All I can say is to keep going right until you
can't go no more, but there will always be a way on the top by jumping
on pipes.  You will be doing a lot of pipe-walking.  Don't fall into
the water and watch out for steams vents connected to thin pipes and
flying ninjas.  They can both knock you into the water.  There is a
section in the middle of the level where you must hop over a series of
floating barrels (don't stand on them too long) with flying ninjas and
vents.  Keep going right until you come to a wall.  You could either
use the Fushin magic or bounce off the wall to a pipe in order to get
to the way through on the top.  Not a hard level if taken carefully.
Do test-jump before you actually jump over any water.


This battle with a Gundam Wing-like robot while you surf is just cool.
There are four phases to the battle and there is a chance that you will
die here.  So use Mijin magic when you're about to die to get a fresh
life and add damage to the boss.  First, shoot at him when he comes out
until he explodes, falling into the sea.

Second, he will come out of the sea and pick up his shield and gun.  He
will shoot with his gun, which is the only weakness.  So shoot at it
until it loses it.  But he will move around the screen, stop to fire
missiles at you, and use his shield to block your shots.

Third, he will use his shield.  He will move around the screen again,
tossing bombs and firing missiles.  Shoot at his shield until he drops
it and prepare for the final phase.  He will also fire a up-down wave
shot at you, so jump over it.  It's hard to not get hit by it though.

Here with nothing left, he will go around the screen, tossing bombs,
firing missiles, and use the wave shot on you.  Finish him as soon as
possible.  Watch out for hearts during the battle and if you want
attack him with your surfboard by press down and attack after jumping.
See how long you can attack and bounce off him repeatedly.  You will
know he's dying when he starts to deteriorate.

Round 5
You are at a stage with a burning forest background, square metal
boxes, and gas tanks.  This is a relatively straightforward long level
with no tricks or hidden items.  However, the level is filled with
mines on the ground, mortar men, machine gun, and more, so proceed with
caution.  As for gas tanks, the small ones explode a few second after
you step on top of them (it will leak gas to signal they're about to
explode beneath your feet), while the larger ones doesn't.

At the end, you'll meet the third robot of the three robots you saw
cruising in the background at the end of level 4-1 and is the mid-boss
of this Round.  He will rocket back and forth several times before
settling down to shoot several shots.  He doesn't block, but takes a
good amount of hits to kill.  He can be damaged anytime, but time your
jumps over his shots and charges carefully, in order to advance.

This level consists of four stages with its setting in a factory with
yellow acid/chemical.  In the first one, you will need to break the
first box you see, which contains a bomb, in order to have it explode
to take away the beam you're on, so you can proceed.  This stage is
fill with bombs you need to wait and explode to take away beams.  This
stage isn't hard.

For the second stage, it's very straightforward: just continue on right
to the exit, taking care of any enemies.  But wait a second, if you
want, go up higher by jumping, platforms, or elevators and you will
find lots of goodies like shuriken, power-ups, and more.

On the third stage, start by going across a beam, where there's a
machine gunner and another soldier with a box nearby. DON't OPEN THE
BOX UNTIL BOTH ARE KILLED.  Because if you do, there's a bomb in, which
will blow up instantly since you're so close to it and will take away
the whole long section of beam you're on.  You do not want to fall
here.  So kill the enemies, then open the box, then run all the way
right of the elevator, in order to ensure your safety.  Continue right,
watch for gunners and a box bomb, which will take out a shorter section
of beam.  When you can't continue right anymore, there will two boxes
with a power-up and one other item.  Now go back to the elevator you
encounter after the first box bomb, go on it, go left when reach the
top, kill anything, and you would reach a dead-end.  Yet the last box
here has a box-bomb, which will take away the beam the box is on.  Be
sure to push up when you fall into the gap since there is a pipe for
you to grab on.  Now go left, while hanging on the pipe, and jump up
the gap above to the left.  Collect the item to the left and jump up to
the next level.  Then continue on right, ridding of enemies and jumping
gaps until you come to a box-bomb that will take away a beam with a
flying platform below it.  Get on it and it will take you to the next
platform.  Kill the soldiers and explode the bomb in the box here, in
order to take away another beam.  Go down the gap, go right, ignore the
gunner, jump and cling to the ceiling below the gunner, go right while
clinging, and shoot at the box (there is a bomb in it which need to be
exploded in order to have it take out a beam that is blocking your way
near the exit).  Then go back up to the gap and go right, and drop down
the gap to the exit.

This final stage of this level is filled with elevators and more box-
bomb you need to explode, in order to take away beams and gain access
farther.  Start off by going to the elevator on the right, go up and
destroy the bomb there.  Go back to the left elevator and go up.
Whenever you come to a place where you can go up both paths, take the
way to the right, which usually take you to a box that require you to
blow the bomb inside.  Then you can continue upward.  Later you will
come to a place with a lone elevator to the way right.  Go up and you
will see a big platform just below you and a gap that can only be
reached by going on the platform and jump up to it.  Do this quickly
for this platform will fall.  If you don't make across, you would need
to wall-jump as best as you can, in order to continue on.  It's not
easy, but it can be done.  Then the rest of the stage is easy.  Just
keep going up and you're there.


This dinosaur is exactly the same boss as the District 7 giant walking
dinosaur boss in "Revenge of the Shinobi" except this one is a robot
and only shows the top half of its body.  This is a rather long fight
in my opinion without magic.  The screen starts out black, then two red
eyes of the dino boss is revealed, and then the whole level comes into
scene. Always get all the way to one side of the room, in order to
shoot at his head as fast as possible.  He will lumber toward the side
you're on, while firing blue energy balls from his chest with falling
debris on you.  The balls came be canceled with your shuriken, but need
accurate aiming to take them out.  Avoid the debris and run across the
room to the other side when he gets too close because he will shoot out
a long stream of fire at you.  Touching him wouldn't hurt you and shoot
his head until it explodes.

Then you will have to shoot at the stump of his head, while the energy
balls continue to fire.  Being headless, it should be easier now, but
the dino is still a threat.  Keep doing the same thing you are doing
before and it will perish after while.  If you want, you can actually
stand on either of his hands and shoot right at his chest without
having to aim, but the energy balls might knock you off.

Round 6
This is the coolest and treacherous stage ever in the entire game.  Joe
Musashi starts out on a piece of rock along with other rocks that are
all falling downward between two cliffs.  You must keep jumping up from
rocks of all shape and size to rocks in order to prevent from falling.
One misstep and you'll have to start this interesting but frustrating
level all over again.  First of all, how can rocks fall for such a long
time without every reaching bottom even if the ninja is going up as
fast as possible?  I don't know.  Second, there are ninjas positioned
strategically on rocks to make your life hard and flying ninjas who
come in at the right time to knock you down the pit.  Sounds like Ninja
Gaiden, especially level 6-2 in NG 1, doesn't it?  Just hang in there
and work your way upward, making sure to clear out any ninjas on rocks
you want to jump to before actually jumping.  Also, memorize where the
flying ninjas come in, so in case you fall, you'll know when they are
flying in and finish them off.

There is also one tiny rock falling about 75% into the level that you
can jump on even though it's ridiculous for anyone to stand on.

Then near the end of the level, you will need to wait until the next
rock appears before you make really long jumps across the screen to it.
This is not that hard, but needs very good double-jumping skills to
pass this section.

Then you will fight the mid-boss, who is the birdman.  He will appear
in a circling of feathers.  There are three rocks in the stage for you
to move and pits for you to fall to your doom.  I suggest fighting from
the rock on the right since it offers the most room from falling and
has the least chance of getting hit by birdman.  When he reveals
himself, shoot quickly at him while he flies around before flying
straight at you with a sword attack.  Then he will turn into the
circling feather, which you can't hurt him.  He will try to hurt and
bump you into the pit, but try your best to avoid him on the same rock
you're on.  Jumping from one rock to another is too risky.  If you do
get bump, press right to keep yourself from falling off.  Then he will
turn back to himself and then repeat the whole thing until he's dead.

The labyrinth from "Revenge of the Shinobi" is back again in this
level, but different in many ways.  However, the confusing door system
can mess you up big time.  Start off by entering the house (cool, scary
fog) into the first room.  Go right, kill all ninjas, avoid spikes, and
enter the first door.

In the second room, do not enter the first door you see (it will take
you back to the first room) and instead jump on the five boxes (DON'T
BREAK THE BOXES), jump up to the next box above you, and jump all the
way left.  There will be a door there, enter it.  (In case you're
wondering, you can break open the boxes for items, but then you can't
use them to jump to the box above.  You can break them for items, go
back to the first room through the door I told you not to enter and
come back here again.  Repeat as much as possible for items, but watch
you're life.

When you're done, the third new room you come to will have you falling
down.  When you land, go immediately right or the platform will fall on
spikes.  You can block the dart coming out of the walls.  Go right
until the ceiling start to go up to an unseen gap.  Use the Jitsu of
Fushin and bounce you're way up and cling to the ceiling (don't double
jump).  Go left while attached to the ceiling since there is a row of
spikes below you and a door is to the left.  Go into the fourth room.

From the start, you'll see two or three strips of wall in the air above
you.  Just a little to the right offscreen is a door, which is the
wrong way.  Jump up and wall-jump back and forth (you should have the
Fushin magic here), and when you are at the top, jump all the left to
the wall.  There are two boxes there.  Be careful of the spikes on top
of the strip of walls. Practice wall-jumping here, you will need it in
the final Round and later in this place.  Then use the walls again to
jump over directly to the right, where there is a place for you to
walk.  Kill all the enemies here.  Try not to fall into the gaps, but
no biggie if you fall down to the next level (you can jump back up to
the present level.  Keep going right until you see more of the strips
of walls with spikes on the very top.  The correct door is the one all
the way to the right covered by all side except the top.  Wall-jump
your way up to the right and into the door.

In the fifth room, go all the way right and pass the first door until
you come to two huge spikes pounding against each other.  At this
point, you need to navigate carefully through a series of these huge
spikes (they can kill you instantly even if you have Ikazuchi) and
enemies and small spikes (they only hurt you).  Just time your jump
right.  If you must choose at taking a chance at gaining a better
position to jump through the huge spikes between either spikes, go for
the smaller ones (this means getting yourself hurt, but at least it's
better than being squished) and land on it, in order to gain a better
position a jumping through the spikes instead of from far away.  You
can also use Ikazuchi or stand on the tiny spaces right next to the
spikes.  Afterwards, enter the next door you come to and in the next
room, enter the second door with the monster face to fight the boss.


This boss looks very similar to the last boss in "Revenge of the
Shinobi" since they both wear traditional kabuki dress and use their
long, whipping hair as a weapon.  Here, you are in a room with six
rotating doors: three on top, three on bottom.  This fight is in two
parts.  The first part starts with the room dark and then two dark
figures of the boss will randomly appear out of any of six doors (one
of which is the real one, while the one is fake).  There is no way to
tell which doors they will appear from and which is fake or real.  You
can shoot at both of them or one of them depending on how they appear.
But you might hit the right one (indicated by he turning white) or the
wrong one (indicated by the decoy flashing).  They will both whip their
hair and fire needles at you (the decoy's needles will hurt, too).

Realizing there are many ways they can appear, I have devise the
following way to deal with this problem.  At first, shuriken spread
sounds good in order to cover both figures, but there's a good chance
you'll get hurt, too.  I would first see which doors are they coming
out of.  If they come out of doors right next to each next other, then
get to the opposite side and fire one shuriken through them in a line,
and then block immediately against the needles.  If they appear on
different floors on one side of the room, pick one and fire at it, then
block.  You may miss or hit the real boss, but at least you will be
safe shooting at one, then block.  If they appear on both sides of the
room on the same floor, depending on where you are, stay or get to the
floor with no figures and go to one side of the room and block low.  If
they appear on both sides of the room on different floor, stay on the
floor you're on and run to the side with no figure, and block.  There
is a okay chance you will get hurt one or two time since they fire two
sets of needles and you're too busy guessing where they will come out.
When he has taken enough hits, he will disappear and the room goes
totally black.

The second part begins with rose petals falling down and the room lits
up.  He will appear in any of the doors.  If appear on the top, he will
hop around, tossing fans and disappear.  If he's on the bottom, he will
either throw out a fan that split into three tiny ones coming down on
you or fire needles at all directions.  The floor on the bottom will
have spikes coming up with only the spaces between the doors to be safe
from.  I suggest staying on the top and shuriken him as fast as
possible (more than he hurts you) when he appears on the top.  You can
block the split fans, the needles, and maybe, the fans he toss around.
You might need to use Ikazuchi or Kariu or Mijin for help in killing

Round 7
You are on the underbelly of the ship and you must make your way across
by hanging on the bars and the ship.  As you travel through, there are
big thrusters that shoot out beams, but you can destroy them after a
few shuriken.  There are also steam vents that you must either time
your jumps and progress carefully or destroy, in order to go through
the level.  Be very careful on your controls and jumps or you will find
this level frustrating due to frequent falling.

This stage involving another elevator ride to the top is simple
(beautiful night sky with moon).  Just destroy the cannons on each
story on the way up and the number of cannons will increase.  You can
block the bullets, but it's better to destroy them as quick as
possible.  Also at each story, there will always come one flying thing.

This is another easy level on the roof of the ship.  Just proceed
right, but there are a lot of cannons that fire big balls horizontally
and cannons that fire upward at a 45 degree angle afterward.  You can
block both cannons, believe it or not.  Just destroy them and go on.
There are also steam vents on the ground at the end and flying things.
Then exit at the end.

Being the last big level before the boss, this is the longest and
hardest but interesting level in the entire game.  There is a good
chance you will die many times in this long stage, but there are points
in the middle of the stage you will start on when you die instead of at
the beginning.  This will happen when you pass certain parts of the
level.  This level will cause you many frustrations depending on your
skills, but it have caused me good amounts of misery and grief.

Go right and you will see an electric floor below and forward above
you.  You need to walk off the floor you're on, and bounce off the wall
to the no-electric floor to the right.  There will be tons of live
wires (electric section) and ceilings and pits without any enemies in
this level.

Go right and you will see a pit with wires and a wall running up the
right.  The best way I found to get through here is to jump into the
wires (yes, get hurt), jump off the floor, and bounce up the walls to
the top.  At the top, there are wires on the ceiling and a section
below it.  You don't want to bounce to high when you're at the top
because of the wires.  Time your wall-jump to jump high enough to grab
the bar and avoid both wires.  Go right, fall down, and when you do,
get off quickly, because the section will give away to a pit.

Next, you will encounter the same two obstacle set-ups when you first
came in this level.  Just go through them the way I explained above.

Then you will come to a place that has thin dividers placed with wires
between them.  There will be wires on top of each dividers and onthe
ceiling.  There are about seven dividers here or so here.  You need to
use Ikazuchi to get through here or you will find you're being injured
relentlessly, trying to jump through here.  Plus, there's a pit in the
middle and you need to stand on the dividers to jump across it, but the
wires on top will keep knocking you off.  So use Ikazuchi to protect
yourself without being knocked off the dividers.  First, wall-bounce
off the left wall as far right as possible.  Jump from one dividers to
the other to the end as fast as possible.  Then you're done here.

Now you're in for a challenge.  Go right and you will see an empty
rectangular hole in the hole with a line tracing to the top.  This is
where a moving platform will appear and move along the line until it
disappears through a second hole.  Get on the platform to be taken to
the top, where you will see boxes.  Get the items.  Leave this part to
the next part, where you will see another hole with a line that go
through wires and walls.  In this part and later parts, you must time
your movement and jumps according to when the platform is going to come
out of the walls, so that you could keep up with the platform and that
it keep up with you.  This is very important because if both are not
synchronized, then you will step on wires on the top or fall to your
death.  Wait for the platform, get on it, and jump off it to the tiny
safe floor right of the wires above your head when you first came here.
Then wait for the platform to come out before you board it and then get
off it and make your way to the top, making sure that you will land on
the platform just as it comes up on the top.  Now just sit back until
it ends.

Next, you will need to hop over a series of pillars that will sink.
Sounds easy, not really.  There are low wires above you to prevent you
from jumping high.  If you do, you will fall to your death.  What you
need to do is let the pillars sink low enough that you can bump with
contacting the wires, but high enough to get to the other pillar.  Just
do this with all the pillars.  Patience is the key here.  Watch for the
falling platforms afterwards.

Go right until you come to another empty hole in the air.  Jump on it
which it will take you to the right.  When it ends, jump on the first
pillar and make your way from one to the other.  Then jump onto the
rectangle platform and jump up immediately to grab the ceiling or
you'll fall with the platform.  Climb to the right and go right.

Now you should see a path going straight down with wires on both sides.
A platform will come out of the hole on the right wall.  You will also
see lines zigzagging in and out of the wall, so you couldn't just ride
it down.  Once boarding the platform and it going into wall everytime,
you need to jump high enough for the platform to come back out again
for you to get on it.  This is not easy.  I know it feels uncomfortable
and weird to just jump up, not knowing whether the platform will be
there for you.  I guess one has to trust the platform and also, timing
your jumps well.  There is a pit on the bottom and getting knock by the
wires will get you killed.  This will take a few runs before one can
get it down.  After this part, just ride it until it ends.

Next, you will come to a part with wires on the top and bottom with a
pipe on the top.  You need to get as far back as possible, run, and
then jump to the bar.  Climb across, land on the pillar, and jump to
the right.  Do the same with the next one.  And you are done with this
very challenging course.

Here you must have Fushin magic or you're already doomed to fail before
you even get started.  The reason is the far right wall will come
closer and closer to the left, crushing you.  You must use the magic to
wall-bounce back and forth as fast as possible to get to the very top,
where the exit to the final boss is at.  Fun, isn't it?  You must also
be careful of the wires on the left spread out in interval, which can
knock all the way down.  It is also critical that you don't push jump
twice in succession too quickly or you will do a double jump, which
disables you from wall-bouncing until you fall a few distance and
recover.  You might get killed here several times, but keep on
practicing.  Learn what you have done wrong and correct those mistakes
on future tries.  Do it with more efficiency and quickness.


Finally, you have come to the final boss and is he a bummer. You will
definitely die, fighting him, unless you use Mijin when you're very low
on blood.  Then you can start out new, while giving the boss major

But since you used your magic on Fushin before, you will not be able to
do this.  You can still try to fight him and perhaps kill him, but it's
very likely that will happen.  After you die and come back all fresh,
fight him 2nd time with magic.  Not only is he a Shinobi-wannabe, he is
a Street Fighter Shotokan-wannabe.  He has two phases.

When you come in, he will come out and change the setting into a
virtual grid arena with faces swirling in the back, while laughing at
you.  In the first phase, he will throw 3-way shuriken rapidly at you
and do shuriken spread.  Boy, is he a copycat.  You can block the
shuriken, but he will be too fast for you to block well.  Plus, he can
block all your shots many times, but not always.  You can just sit
there, firing forever and he will still be blocking.  He will also do
angle kicks like your ninja.  The best way to kill him is to attack him
wildly and try your best to avoid the shuriken and kicks by jumping and
blocking.  But it's best to go all-out with some defense.

When he has taken enough hits, he will power-up with a pillar of energy
beaming on him, turning him white.  Get ready for a really wild fight.
Now he will do the kick, pause to fire a sphere shot at you, and fire
rapid rounds of blue energy shots.  Unbelievably, he will do a sort of
dragon punch on you when you try to take him from the air.  You will
definitely take damage, but attack this time with more wildness and
accuracy as fast as possible.  Use Mijin if necessary and have at least
two lives left.  When he is able to die, he will do jump into the air,
summon all his energy, and let out waves after waves of blue fireball at
you.  If you want, do Mijin in his face in air when he's about to do
the nova.  Looks very cool to counter him back.  I have never try to
block the small fireball, but I tried and can't block the sphere shot.
After the first nova, continue attacking him, but he might do more
novas.  Yet at the end, he will die and you're the victor.

Watch the good ending and congratulations to you for beating this
excellent game.

IX. Cheats and Secrets

Unlimited shurikens: Go to option, select the BGM to "Shuriken",
                     select the number of shurikens to be 00, wait a
                     few seconds, and then the 00 will turn turn into
                     an infinity sign.

                     To me, this isn't really a cheat since the game
                     is already pretty challenging, even using this
                     "cheat".  Playing without it will be more fun yet
                     harder, forcing players to conserve every
                     shuriken.  Running out of shuriken is no fun.

1) In level (1-2), there are two secret areas above the two ropes you
are to climb across.  When you climb about 75% through the ropes,
jump straight and you will see a small section with items.  Get the
items for goodies and be sure to press up all the time, while on the
ropes or you'll fall.

2) In level (3-1), there is a section where you must jump from
   conveyors to conveyors above a acid pool.  When you get to the top
   ceiling, go left instead of right and you will find two boxes.

3) In level (3-2) as you make your way through the sludge, you will
   to a hill with a line marked vertically above you.  Keep jumping
   straight to the room above and get the items.  To get down, simply
   let yourself sink on the line.

4) In level (5-2)'s first room where you must blow bombs to take away
   the beams, there is a bomb at the beginning that doesn't take away
   any beam.  If you go back a little, you will see a hole that leads
   down to a secret room with items.  The problem is getting to it.
   The entry way can only be enter by crouching, but has a hole,
   preventing passage.  I try many ways to get over it, but couldn't,
   including wall-bounce.  See if anyone can do it.  Email me if you
   can and I'll put you down for credit.

Solution for passing 4)
Numerous people have sent me the way to get over the little gap into the 
secret room.  The correct way to get across is actually so simple and I'll 
let these guys explain it.  Thank you for all your help:

"Jason Smith" - "about that secret room with the pit just do the ninja death 
 		     strike and shinobi'll hop over the little space"

"tevop" - "In level (5-2), you can use the skill of rashing beat to go
           through the little passage, then you will get those items."

"Kleber Andrade" - "To do it, simple run and execute a running attack...
         you'll pass over the hole during the attack."

"kevin laib" - "...all you have to do to get over the pit, and under the top,
            is do the dash-slash."
"Kobo Tjzhun" - "Just crouch, and let your ninja fall into the hole, but
            quickly do wall bounce, and do double jump, until you can
            enter the secret room."

In addition, <Kobo Tjzhun> have send these secrets in:

a)	"on 2-2, Find first crate above you (It has shurikens inside, i think).
 Then do a running double jump to the left, then you'll find 2 crates
 with shurikens inside!"

b)	"on 4-2, Explore every pipe you can climb on, you'll find lots of  
       stuff, including 2 lifes, if i'm right."
If anyone finds any more secret places or items, email me and I'll put
you down for credit here.

X. Contact Information
If you ever have a problem or question or comment about beating this
game or this FAQ after reading this guide, let me know by emailing me
at david_9235@hotmail.com for help.  I would be glad to be of
assistance to this great game.  Also, if you have any corrections and
improvements for this game, email me about it and I will put you down
for credit on this FAQ.

XI. Copyright
This FAQ/walkthrough guide is document copyright 2001 David Chen.  You
may not modify or reproduce anything on this FAQ in any way or means,
mechanically, visually, electrically, etc.  You may not distribute
anything from this site without emailing me.  If you want to put this
on your site, notify me about it and I'll see about it.  Only
Gamefaqs.com have the right to put this guide on the site at this
point.  Thank you.

XII. Credits
1) Sega: for making such a great game, including the other Shinobi

2) my mother: for letting me play this game and other Sega games for
              lots of hour

4) Gamefaqs.com: for having a great site that I used often when I
                 am stuck in games

5) Readers of this FAQ: for coming here to look for help on beating
                        this awesome game