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Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master - FAQ/Walkthrough
Version 1.28
Written by MagiKid
Last Updated: 1/15/07

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   Return of the Ninja Master


Table of Contents

 1.0 Outset
    1.1 Introduction
    1.2 Update History
    1.3 Game Outline 
 2.0 Moves and Techniques
    2.1 Fighting
    2.2 Ninjitsu
 3.0 In-Depth
    3.1 Power-ups
    3.2 Tips and Strategies
 4.0 Walkthrough
    4.1 Round 1 - Zeed's Ressurection
    4.2 Round 2 - Secret Entry
    4.3 Round 3 - Body Weapon
    4.4 Round 4 - Destruction
    4.5 Round 5 - Electric Demon
    4.6 Round 6 - Traps
    4.7 Round 7 - The Final Confrontation
 5.0 Enemy List
 6.0 Secrets
 7.0 Closing/Legal Info


     1. Outset



"He is stronger than steel
and moves faster than a whirlwind.

Sometimes he hides in mud.
Other times he transforms his
shape like an ever changing cloud.

Although his fighting spirit burns
like fire, his mind is as calm as
still water.

Should Shinobi fail before
completing the mission, he will
disappear before the dawn and
vanish forever.

Keep this knowledge in your heart
and mind."

--From the
   'Secret Manual of Oboro Ninjitsu'

Welcome to my Shinobi III FAQ. Shinobi III is perhaps one of the greatest
platformers I have ever played for the Sega Genesis. It has a simple learning
curve and the difficulty is at the perfect level; it is not easy, while at the
same time not excessively hard. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with this
fantastic game. I wish you the same enjoyment.


Version 1.28 - 1/15/07
Became aware of two extra item locations, thanks to another contributor. You
guys are awesome, seriously. As of this update, contributor e-mail addresses
are no longer displayed. I can't imagine why I thought that was a good idea.

Version 1.27 - 12/20/06
Added a bit of advice regarding bosses and a few specific techniques and item
locations, courtesy of a contributor.

Version 1.22 - 6/11/06
Added a new strategy against the final boss from a contributor. Also added a
few new item locations in "Traps" Section 2. Thank you everyone who has helped.

Version 1.2 - 1/3/06
Added new information revealing that a boss near the end of the game can become
much easier to kill with a little skill and thinking.

Version 1.19 - 7/19/05
Updated various move names to match their names as given in the game's manual.

Version 1.18 - 1/23/05
Expanded the table of contents and updated FAQ layout to match it. Hopefully
I've made the FAQ a little easier to navigate. Also added 'Game Outline' and
'Enemy List' sections.

Version 1.06 - 8/30/04
Updated to reflect a change of e-mail address. Nothing more.

Version 1.06 - 6/23/04
Added various boss strategies and item locations, all of which were sent to me
by someone known as Eiji. The extra information has helped to improve this
guide and I greatly appreciate his efforts.

Version 1.0 - 6/5/04
First edition online. I wanted to submit a complete FAQ first, as unfinished
FAQs are highly unappealing, and I would hate submit such a thing myself. This
guide covers everything I can think of at the moment, though further additions
are always a possibility.


As stated earlier, Shinobi III is an action-platformer for Sega Genesis. You
travel from one point of the stage to another, usually from left to right,
doing away with anything in your path while at the same time navigating around
pitfalls and traps. Your concentration will be on dodging enemy attacks, as
opposed to racing through the level or dispatching opponents as quickly as
possible. Accuracy and precision are your allies in this battle.


     2. Moves and Techniques


Note: Default controls are used in all move descriptions. Controls can be
changed within the Options menu.


These are your basic fighting techniques. Master their usage and they will
serve you well for the entirety of the game.

Throw Shuriken - B
Musashi will throw a shuriken in the direction he's facing. You have a limited
number of shurikens, but they're plentiful, so feel free to use as many as you
see fit.

Slash - B at close range
If you're close to an enemy when you press B, Musashi will slash with his pair
of daggers (or sword, if you're powered up). This does the same amount of
damage as a shuriken and doesn't use up your supply, so if you want to conserve
your shurikens, the close-up slash is your answer.

Shinobi Spin - C in mid-air
This double jump will give you a short boost which may seem small, but can make
a considerable difference in some situations. The move takes some practice to
pull off successfully, as you must press C at the peak of the initial jump.

If you jump to a wall and hold forward, then press C and hold the opposite
direction, you can jump off the wall. This can be used to scale walls or simply
gain extra height. Keep in mind that if you are still spinning from a double
jump, you will not be able to wall jump.

Death Kick - Down-B in mid-air
One of Musashi's most useful moves. You can use this to attack an enemy while
safely above it and out of harm's way. The kick comes down hard and is very
accurate. Do be careful of the recoil after the kick connects.

Ninja Death Strike - B while running
Tap forward twice to run. While running, you can press B to lunge forward and
slash at an enemy in front of you, doing more damage than a normal attack. Be
careful, the dash attack takes time to recover from, and will leave you wide
open if you miss.

Shuriken Burst - B during double jump
While Musashi is spinning, press B to throw several shurikens in a wide arc in
front of you. Highly useful for destroying multiple enemies at once. This move
uses eight shurikens, so use it sparingly.

Defensive pose - Hold B
This will block all projectile attacks in front of you. It won't protect you
from enemy collision, however.


Press A to use Ninjitsu magic for a variety of effects, determined by which
spell you have selected. You only have one use of Ninjitsu per level, and extra
uses are few and far between. Press Start to select from a list of Ninjitsu.

Musashi will be shielded from damage for a short amount of time. Actually, the
shield's length is determined by the damage you take while it's active. In
other words, in order to get the most out of the spell, you still have to dodge
attacks. Useful when you want to breeze through an area without fear.

This will engulf the entire screen in flame, damaging all enemies nearby. I
suppose this could be useful if you're surrounded by enemies, but it is
overshadowed by the other Ninjitsu.

Besides making Musashi leave a cool-looking trail of shadows behind him
wherever he goes, Fushin will make you jump much higher than usual. However,
increased jump height seems to be all it does, so it isn't very useful in most

The ninja's final sacrifice. Using Mijin will not only damage all enemies
onscreen, but it will refill your life and you even get your Ninjitsu back.
However, each use of Mijin costs a life as Musashi self-destructs. Use this
only in times of desperation.


     3. In-Depth



Various boxes are scattered throughout each level, each containing a powerup
that will benefit Musashi in some way. One strike will open a box, revealing
its contents. Here is a list of items a box can hold.

   Shuriken - This will add 5 shurikens to Musashi's repertoire.

   Double Shuriken - Provides 20 shurikens.

   POW - Increases your attack power. Your weapon is replaced by a katana and
   you will throw flaming shurikens, doing three times the damage as before.
   If you are hit, you will lose this power up.

   Small Heart - This will restore four units of your life bar.

   Large Heart - This will completely restore your life bar.

   Extra Life - Come on. Take a guess.

   Time Bomb - This is not a powerup. It has a countdown of five seconds, but
   will quickly explode if you touch it. Keep your distance and it won't harm


- There is no time limit. If you aren't familiar with an area, take it slowly.
There may be dangers lurking just offscreen, ready to take the unsuspecting

- Shurikens are your friends. Shurikens are plentiful, so do not hesitate to
use them. However, should you be in a close range situation, your sword will do
the job nicely.

- Bosses change color as they take damage. You can use this to judge how much
life they have left.

- Every 50,000 points will grant you an extra life. Defeating enemies and
getting powerups gives you points. Needless to say, do both as much as you can.

- The difference between difficulty modes is slight. On Easy, you start with 9
lives. On Normal, 2 lives. On Hard, you have 2 lives and a reduced life bar.

- Keep your life up! Life powerups are not common, and often will not fully
heal you if you have taken a lot of damage. Try your hardest to dodge all enemy

- The Ninjitsu spells Ikazuchi and Kariu are both very effective against
bosses. If you have Ninjitsu to spare, you can use either one of these for a
quick win. Seriously, try it. (Thanks ninjasrok)

While executing the running dash attack you can
dodge most projectile attacks (ie. shuriken, bullets,
etc.,).  This is very useful in alot of levels.  This
is also Musashi's most powerful attack.  Try
experimenting with this.

After hitting an enemy with a drop kick you can
imediately perform; another dropkick, a double jump,
or throw a shuriken.  In some levels it is quite
useful to continually drop kick enemies on the screen
as you are a difficult target to hit.  You can also
use a drop kick then jump to avoid certain attacks.
Experiment with this.


     4. Walkthrough


4.1 ROUND 1
Zeed's Resurrection

Musashi begins his quest in a forest. Following a straightforward path, he
reaches the mouth of a cave, varied in its terrain. Be wary of spikes and
waterfalls; though waterfalls themselves are harmless, they can conceal pits
that will prey upon an unattentive player.

Part 1

Ninja Soldier: A ninja clad in green who will throw a single shuriken at you,
wait, and repeat. A single hit will destroy them.

Bamboo Warrior: A large figure wearing an awkward-looking helmet. He will shoot
a pea from his pea-shooter at you if you attack him. Two hits will defeat him.

Female Ninja: They'll fall from the trees and leap back and forth. A single
drop kick is highly effective against them.

Shogun: A large warrior in armor. He will launch energy waves from his sword,
leaving him open to attack. Leap over the wave and nail him three times.

Walk forward and take down the soldier in your way. There is another one in the
tree above you, so jump up and remove him as well. Mind the bamboo man. If you
duck and throw shurikens at him, he'll never know what hit him. Break the box
in front of you for some shurikens. A soldier will fall from a tree, followed
by a box containing a POW item.

As you proceed, watch for soldiers in the trees. When you come to a place with
two trees and a box next to each one, a female ninja will jump out at you. Drop
kick and move on. Beware; the second box contains a time bomb. Two soldiers
and boxes later, you'll come across another female ninja. Dispose of her the
same way you did the first one.

After a box containing a POW item, you'll reach a cavern. Why not go inside?
Inside, you will find a shogun lying in wait. If you still have your POW, he
should go down in one hit. Otherwise, make sure to attack him only once between
bursts, because he is only vulnerable for a moment. Take the Heart in the box,
and deal with the next shogun. Once that's done, the wall will cave in behind
you and boss music will begin.

BOSS - Shogun Master

This guy is exactly like the shoguns you just fought, but with a twist. His
waves, after shooting across the screen, will come back the other way. The best
way to hit him and avoid damage is to throw a shuriken at him just as he begins
to attack, then quickly leap onto the small ledge above you. If done correctly,
the boss will take damage and you will be out of harm's way. Repeat until dead.

There is no need to avoid the shogun's attack, you
can simply block them.  Same with the mini boss.

Do keep in mind that if you choose to block the attack, you must be in
crouching position, or the waves will strike your legs.

Part 2

Ninja Soldier: You should be used to these guys by now.

Shogun: You destroyed their master and they want revenge! Business as usual.

Defeat the soldier in front of you, then deal with another soldier immediately
afterwards guarding a box with five shurikens in it. Run up and attack the
soldier on the ledge and the box for a Large Heart, then jump and hold up to
grab onto the rope above you. For future reference, you can do this on any
ceiling or rope to move over gaps and such. Towards the end of the line, you
can double-jump upwards for some power-ups just offscreen
(thanks ninjasrok).

There are two rope bridges in this stage, and both have a secret above them.
The first has Ninjitsu and five shurikens. The second has an extra life and
a double shuriken bonus. Reach them with a double jump or wall jump.
(thanks thesuperkillerxxx)

Once you're across the pit, deal with the soldiers in front of you. Watch out,
the first soldier on the rock likes to whip shurikens at you as you're jumping
up to attack him. Also be careful of the time bomb in one of the boxes.

When you come to a vertical shaft, use the wall jump to leap from wall to wall
to the top. You'll get the hang of it eventually. Drop into the water and watch
the spikes nearby. When they retract into the ground, seize the opportunity and
run past them. The two shoguns shouldn't be a problem. Wall jump up the next
shaft, and drop into another pool of water. Engage the soldiers ahead, but
drop into the ditches or spikes will get you. You can break the boxes if you
want, but beware the time bomb.

Use the rope to get across the chasm and take the Small Heart in the box. There
is a sign that says Go, beckoning you to follow it. Do so.

BOSS - Four Armed Samurai

This demon wields two swords and a spear, and will block all shurikens thrown
at him. The objective is to approach him, then attack when he lets his guard
down. Immediately back away, because he will charge offscreen in your
direction. The most effective way to avoid this attack is to double jump over
him as he blows past you. He will now engage you from the other side, and the
process will repeat itself. Dash attacks work very nicely on him. The boss will
break down and explode after he's taken a sufficient amount of damage.

4.2 ROUND 2
Secret Entry

Musashi, accompanied by his horse, makes his way to a somewhat futuristic
military base. Lush greenery is replaced by cold metallic structures as you
enter the heavily guarded outpost of Neo Zeed's destructive warfare.

Part 1

Ninja Soldier: These ones are a little different. They will run onscreen, then
jump and toss a shuriken at you, then run back offscreen and repeat.

Musashi will be on horseback for the entire section. The controls are the same
as usual. The horse will even drop kick if you need it to.

You'll see soldiers emerge from a kite in the background. When they run out of
sight, they will appear in the foreground in about three seconds, so have a
shuriken ready. If you see a warning sign blink, that means there will be a
fence when it stops blinking. Jump the fence or you'll take damage.

After the second fence, be ready for an Extra Life to appear. When you see it,
jump as high as you can to get it. One fence and a few soldiers later, you'll
get a Heart and another kite will come into view. This one seems different...

BOSS - Shadow Ninja

This boss follows a simple pattern. He will leap into the air, leaving three
spears behind him. Jump the spears, then get all the way to the left. He'll
try to surprise you with a drop kick. Quickly hit him with a shuriken and the
process will repeat. It won't be long before his life runs out.

Part 2

Gunman: A man who will run back and forth, duck, then shoot. Approach them with
cautious, then strike once to subdue them.

Boomerang Man: A man with a shield who throws boomerangs at you. Almost always
accompanied by gunmen. The shield blocks shurikens, so jump above them and drop
kick them twice to knock them out.

Tunnel Gunman: These soldiers will crawl through tunnels and shoot at you.
Attack them before they can finish crawling.

Heavy Gunman: Immobile soldiers with very large guns. They fire slowly and can
only face one direction, so attack them from a distance.

Take out the gunman as you walk forward. There will be a boomerang man and a
gunman waiting for soon afterwards. If you use the drop kick well, you can
defeat both of them without ever touching the ground. When you see a ledge
above you, you can grab onto the ledge and jump up for a box of shurikens.
Proceed while attacking enemies from above until you walk through a doorway.

 SIDE NOTE (from Eiji):
 At the first part of this level, on the ledge where
 you get the shurikens, run and jump to your left and
 you should reach another ledge.  Jump up from that and
 you should reach yet another ledge with even more

You are now on an elevator going up. An alarm will sound, and gunmen will crawl
through tunnels as they see you. Throw a shuriken at them quickly before they
can shoot. Jump up and attack the heavy gunmen when they pause. When you reach
open space, attack the gunmen on ledges soon to avoid dealing with them later.
There are beams you can grab hold of to get ahead of the elevator, but you must
still wait for it to catch up with you. When the ledges start getting larger,
use the beams to jump onto them to avoid being crushed.

After a box with a Large Heart, double jump up to the next ledge and engage the
gunman running about. Eventually, you will reach a small shaft on the left.
Yes, it's time to wall jump. Watch out for the gunman at the top.

Go through the doorway when you reach it.

BOSS - Yajima

A robotic sentry will appear before you. When it's done forming, hit it with a
shuriken and start moving. The robot will now do one of three things.

If it starts charging up, it's going to move towards you while firing lasers.
Run to the opposite side and it won't reach you.

If it drops to the ground, hit it quickly, or it will release four bombs that
will explode and fill the screen with small fireballs.

If the background gets strange and disorienting, beware. Your controls have
been reversed, and the robot will start firing at you. Keep running and don't
trap yourself against a wall. You can hit it while it does this, but I wouldn't
recommend it.

In any case, you can attack it whenever it isn't shielded. If struck, it will
fly around randomly, becoming difficult to hit. Strike it if you can. Yajima
will then pick another random attack, and will repeat itself. Continue
your assault like this and the robot will crash and burn.

4.3 ROUND 3
Body Weapon

Musashi discovers a laboratory devoted to research and development of
biological weaponry. What is the significance of this hollow place? Questions
are answered as he uncovers a pool of unending sand, where he is hunted down
by the product of their work -- the ultimate bio weapon.

Part 1

Brain Fly - A fly that waits on the ceiling. When it sees you, it will swoop
down and attack you relentlessly. Try to defeat it without alerting it.

Waste Zombie - A creature created from radioactive waste. It will lurk in pools
of waste, then rise and spit acid globs at you. It takes two hits to put down.

Brain Monster - Found in test tubes in groups of three. They will burst out and
attack you, but you can see them ahead of time. They're quick, so don't let
them live long.

Enter the radioactive laboratory. Take care of the fly at the beginning, then
go past the box over the acid. A waste zombie will approach you, but looks more
fearsome than it really is. Cross the bridge slowly, so you aren't ambushed by
the fly and zombie ahead, and take the POW at the end. After a short break, you
see...another bridge over acid. Cross it, dealing with mutated monsters along
the way.

This will be the same until after the third bridge, where you will see broken
test tubes and a ledge above. You can go up to get 25 shurikens and a POW, but
watch out for the fly. Moving on, you'll see three tubes containing small
creatures that appear to be brains with legs. Approach them one at a time, and
quickly destroy each one as it bursts out. Jump up to deal with three more of
our little friends and a fly. Then drop down (Down+C) and fight off more of
them. Don't open the box, as it contains a time bomb that will only slow you

Careful on your way up. There are test tubes on either side of you, and a fly
in the center. I find it is best to jump up, defeat the first brain monster,
then jump back down and take down the awakened fly. However you handle the
situation, drop down on the right side to find three more brain monsters and
ledges above with a Large Heart, 20 shurikens, and a fly. Leave the box ahead
as it holds another time bomb. The ambush above should be easier to deal with
as you are no longer surrounded by test tubes.

Drop down and run forward until you see a conveyor belt suspended over a pool
of acid. Grab hold of the belt and drop onto the next one. Use the belts as
platforms to cross to the other side, being careful of the electric sparks that
circle them. You can kill them with a shuriken if they get in your way. Take
the nearby box for a Heart, then go right until you find two boxes. Then double
back and jump up to the conveyor belt above you (a double jump is necessary)
and travel along the next series of platforms, grabbing hold of the ceiling
when you can. You can go left for two boxes of shurikens, but otherwise head
right and drop down, hugging the right side of the wall.

It is possible to open the box over the acid. Break it with a shuriken, then
jump to it and use a wall jump to get back. If you did it right, you now have
an extra use of Ninjitsu. Proceed forward.

BOSS - Brain Monsters

The same brain monsters you encountered earlier will drop into the acid, then
leap out and attack you. Keep as far to the left as possible. When you have
defeated enough of them, the acid will drain and you will be able to drop down
into the next area.

Part 2

Giant Bug: This thing will wait underneath the sand to pop out and grab you.
You can see its mandibles when it's still in hiding, so take them by surprise
with a drop kick to defeat them. If a bug grabs you, use a drop kick to escape.

You will need to jump often as you move through this area, because if you stay
on the ground for long, you will sink, making movement difficult.

Drop kick the bug as soon as you enter, then open the box for a Heart. As you
go further, a huge monster will emerge in the background and a crosshair will
appear. Avoid this crosshair at all costs. If it gets you, the monster will
blast you. Use a double jump to get past it, then keep moving. When you reach
a pillar of strange-looking material, the monster will subside. This is only
for a moment, though, and the monster will reappear as soon as you leave the
protection of the wall.

The stage is fairly straightforward. Drop kick bugs as you encounter them, and
stay ahead of the crosshair by always being on the move. When you see to Go
sign, you have reached the end of the stage.

SIDE NOTE (from Eiji):
At some point during this stage you should come to
a location where the "ceiling" is really low.  It
looks like some stalactite.....jump up into that and
you should see a room with an extra life in it.

BOSS - Hydra

The enormous monster from the background will now appear before you. I'm not
sure why he's called Hydra, as he looks nothing like one. Hit him in the eyes
as soon as you can, and then jump over his hand as it shoots out and tries to
grab you. Every time you hit the Hydra, he will attack with his hand, so be
ready to dodge it. As he gets closer, he will shoot out three projectiles,
which you can avoid by staying close to Hydra. He will then charge up a laser
and blast it at you. Double jump to avoid taking serious damage. When this is
done, the monster will retreat into the ground and rise from beneath you. This
boss has a very large amount of life, but should fall as long as you continue
to hit him in the eyes. Just remember you can't hurt him when he's attacking.

After hitting his eye, continually drop kick the
hydra's head to avoid his hand.  You will not take
damage while you're doing this.

4.4 ROUND 4

The silent assassin continues his pursuit of Zeed by water. Using whatever
means necessary, he will traverse the sea and take down anyone who dares follow
in his wake.

Part 1

Hoverbike Soldier: Ninja soldiers riding hoverbikes! You can use the background
to determine whether they will appear in front of you or from behind. They will
either drop mines or shoot at you, respectively. Each one takes three hits to

This section plays just like the horseback riding part in Round 2, except
you're on a surfboard this time. This time, if you see a blinking warning sign,
do not jump over the boat that appears afterwards. The idea is to ride to the
end of the boat, then hold C to make a long jump while grabbing powerups in the
air. You'll know what I mean when you see it.

Use the boat to get the shurikens and POW in the air, then defeat the soldier
that is now entering the screen. Continue in this manner until you reach the
third boat, where you'll see a soldier in the background back up instead of
boosting forward like the others. This soldier will attack you from behind, so
stay towards the right and attack him when he stops shooting.

At the sixth boat, you'll find an Extra Life and an unexpected arrival.

BOSS - Armored Mech

This thing will come from the sky, equipped with gun and shield. After hovering
through the air for a few moments, it will stop and toss three mines at you.
Take care to jump over them. After this, it will start blocking and back off.
When it reappears, it will fire off energy spheres that burst into smaller
parts. As tempting as it may be to attack it right now, use your better
judgment and focus on dodging the fireballs flying at you. At this point, the
mech will retreat and come back with more mines. Fire off a constant stream of
shurikens during this and you shall defeat yon enemy.

Part 2

Ninja Soldier: They're back, and haven't changed a bit.

Fire Shooter: They float back and forth, and if you let them, they'll shoot out
a painful jet of fire. Quickly hit him three times before he can attack.

Winged Ninja FROM HELL: A ninja with a massive wingspan that suddenly whips out
shurikens and flies off. They will quickly become your worst nightmare.

Pipe Crawler: A man hanging upside down on pipes. Upon seeing you, he will
advance towards you and attempt to claw at you. Takes two hits to kill.

Take down the obligatory opening soldier and grab the pipe above you. Double
jump on top of the pipe and drop down for a helpful Heart and POW. After the
soldier in front of you goes down, another one will drop behind you. Defeat the
fire shooter before proceeding unless you consider your life bar to be too
full, in which case he will gladly lower it for you. Across the water lies more
of the same. You can climb the pipes above you for items, but they really
aren't worth the effort.

When the terrain changes slightly, use the pipes to get over the tower. You
will reach water, and two winged ninjas will appear from offscreen. Dispose of
them before they become a problem. The Go sign tells you to climb the pipes,
and that's not a bad idea. Head left for shurikens and a POW, then go right to
encounter two pipe crawlers and another winged ninja. End their lives. Don't
bother with the box as you drop to the ground at the end, because it contains
a time bomb.

Hop across the barrel for more winged ninja and pipe crawler fun, then head up.
If you go all the way up and to the left, there's a box with an extra life in
it. Moving along, you'll match wits with a winged ninja before getting around
a structure in your way. At this point, wait for the steam to dissipate before
crossing it, because it will hurt you. If it bothers you, though, you can
destroy the steam generators (thanks ninjasrok). Watch out for a time bomb
and winged ninja as you progress. At the top of the next structure, you can
drop down the middle for a POW and shuriken pack.

Taking care to avoid the steam, cross the barrels in the water while watching
for the winged ninja who will sweep down out of nowhere. When you hit a wall,
wall jump off of it and grab the pipe you reach. Move left until you reach a
box, then head upwards and move right. Take out a pipe crawler and land on the
tower. If you want an extra Ninjitsu, drop down, slash the box, then quickly
wall jump back up before you fall into the water. Move on and jump on the large
pipe for a helpful boost, then advance to the next area.

BOSS - Gunship & Gun Mecha

A gunship will rise from the water. Begin attacking it immediately. Duck the
first volley of shots it fires at you, then jump over the next. You can blow up
the missiles it fires at you, or dodge them. Your choice. There is a
possibility that it will ram you and fire a laser, but it is rare. The gunship
will repeat itself, and will go down before long.

Bet you thought you were done.

Not quite yet. A stronger and more fearsome mecha comes out of the water, and
pulls its shield and gun out of the water. You can't hurt it during this, so
just wait. Once it gets its gun equipped, fire at the gun. The gun will fire
two blasts at a time, so jump to avoid them. After the gun is destroyed, you
will get a much needed Heart and the mecha will change its attack pattern.

The ship will follow a set pattern with some attacks mixed in. It will move
towards you, so jump over it and dodge the missiles it shoots at you. Then
it'll rise, spill out little balls at you, lower, and charge up a powerful
laser attack. Dodge this at all costs, it hurts. If it still has its shield, it
will hurl it at you, otherwise it will go into another missile attack. After
the shield is blown off, you'll get another Heart and it will follow this
pattern until you drag it down to its watery grave.

4.5 ROUND 5
Electric Demon

Having made it to shore, Musashi wastes no time making his presence known.
Determined to put a stop to his efforts, Zeed sends out his heaviest weaponry.
Be prepared to venture into the depths of Hell itself.

Part 1

Gunman: Yes, they're back. They behave the same as they did before.

Heavy Gunman: He's back, too. Take advantage of his inability to turn around.

Boomerang Man: This time they aren't guarded by gunmen. They can't turn around
either, so attacking them from behind will result in a quick death.

Grenade Launcher: A man who shoots grenades in an arc. They can only hit you
from a distance, so close the gap to make life easier.

First of all, those bumps on the ground are land mines. Do not step on them
unless you can get away quickly. Get the POW and defeat the two gunmen in your
way. Then go forward to deal with two heavy gunmen accompanied by regular
gunmen. Be careful with the tanks labeled 'DANGER.' If you stand on them too
long, they'll damage you. Take out the gunmen before you and travel across the
path of tanks, making sure to keep moving. Watch out for the heavy gunmen just
out of sight at the end. Move onward until you reach a gunmen and grenade
launcher. The grenade launcher is harmless at this distance, so take him down.
Proceed while getting rid of the enemies in your way.

Now they have you at a slight disadvantage. The grenade launchers are waiting
just below steam tanks, so make sure the coast is clear before drop kicking
them to their doom. Engage the gunman, then drop down and take care of the
grenade launchers. Go forward past the grenade launcher and you'll find a heavy
gunman behind a mine. Don't touch the mine. Double jump past the steam tanks,
defeat the boomerang man, then hit the heavy gunman before he can shoot you.
Take the box below you for a POW.

It may not look like it, but these gunmen can shoot you from where they're
standing, so plan your attack with caution. Drop down and slice the heavy
gunman and boomerang man from behind to get a Heart from a box. Move forward
and deal with the deadly combination of boomerang and gun, then run across the
boxes and defeat the grenade launchers. After a hailstorm of grenades and steam
tanks (as well as another Heart), you'll run into an old friend.

BOSS - Armored Mech

That's right, there's another armored mech after you, and it's more dangerous
on land. It will dash across the screen 2-4 times, then slow down and shoot
lasers at you in groups of three. When it stops, it will continue dashing. Yep,
that's it. Dodge both of its attacks by jumping, and hit it whenever you have a
chance. It'll explode in no time.

You can block laser shots that the armored mech
shoots at you, then throw shurikens between shots.
Timing is really important.

Part 2

Gunman: Still just as crafty.

Heavy Gunman: Not as evil as they were in the first section, but still not to
be taken lightly.

Defeat the gunman near the entrance. If you double-jump up to the ledge above
you, you'll find boxes containing a POW and Heart. Drop down and open the box
against the wall and let the time bomb inside explode. The floor you're
standing on will be destroyed and you'll be able to proceed. Go forward and
blow up the next platform. If you want a few extra shurikens and an extra life,
destroy the box below you, then jump back up and backtrack to a vertical shaft.
Jump down and get across the pit by doing a dash attack. Then you can leap
through the middle of the floor above you to get a few powerups. Head back to
where you were before.

The basic idea of this section is to use time bombs to destroy floors, allowing
access to other levels. As a result, most boxes in this area will have time
bombs. Run forward and take down the heavy gunman guarding a box, then do the
same to the gunmen that follow. Climb up the pipes to encounter another heavy
gunman and a time bomb. You can either head straight to the next area, or you
can head down to the lower level for a few shurikens, but watch out for the
pit if you decide to do so.

Once you're through the doorway, clear out the gunmen and heavy gunman waiting
for you. The box contains five shurikens, so feel free. It is possible to get
to the elevators in the air by double-jumping, but it requires precise timing.
If you get to the upper-right corner of the room, you can use the time bomb to
drop down for a Ninjitsu.

If you choose to bypass the treasure, proceed forward as usual, striking down
the gunmen in your way. The first box you come across contains a time bomb that
will not benefit you. Ignore it. Jump across the gaps to deal with two gunmen
and boxes with shurikens and a time bomb. Run through the doorway before it

First and foremost, do not open the first box in this area. The time bomb
inside will destroy the floor and you'll have to resort to the pipe above you.
You can take care of the regular and heavy gunmen by drop kicking them without
disturbing the box. When you step on a rising platform, ride it up to a heavy
gunman and promptly remove him (you can also pass the elevator for a POW and
Heart, but you will have to come back to it). Go left and blow up the time
bomb, then grab the pipe below you (if the floor has exploded, do it quickly so
as not to fall into the unknown). Head left and jump onto the platform, taking
note of the gunman standing watch. Then wall jump up to the next platform above
you and take the POW in the box to the left. Then leap to the right and watch
for the strategically positioned heavy gunman. Destroying the floor is useless,
so go right until you come to a box over a floating platform. Use the time bomb
inside to drop to the platform and ride it to the gunman just waiting to blast
you with his boomstick. Activate the time bomb next to him and go down.

You can fight the heavy gunman towards the top of this little area if you want,
but your objective is to grab the ceiling, move right, then shoot the box for
a time bomb that will clear a path to the exit. Throw a shuriken at the bomb if
you don't feel like waiting. Backtrack to where you dealt with the gunman and
heavy gunman, then go right and drop down. The Go sign will guide you to your

Just when you thought this level was over, another area makes itself known.
Pass the first elevator and use the second one to climb up to a box with a time
bomb, then go back to the first one and ride it up. Watch out for the heavy
gunman offscreen. Continue going upwards until you reach another heavy gunman.
After removing him, wall jump up the shaft on the right, which will lead to a
time bomb that will clear the way for the leftmost elevator, which you should
now return to. Once the elevator stops, grab the pipes and go up until you
reach another fork. Wall jump up the right shaft for shurikens and an extra
life, then go back and climb the left path. Beware the heavy gunman at the top.
Go right and ride the elevator as far as it goes, then head left, drop onto the
suspended platform, and quickly double-jump off of it to the left. Climb the
pipes while avoiding heavy gunmen (look for the POW on the right side) then
jump to the top for a Heart. Go right until you reach the final doorway of this

BOSS - Dragon Mecha

If you've been paying attention to the background, you'd notice the towering
robotic dragons in the distance. One of these mechanical beasts will now attack
you. As soon as it finishes roaring, nail it in the head. It will walk back and
forth as debris falls from the ceiling. It seems to fall randomly, so do your
best to avoid it. The dragon will form three green orbs and fire them at you.
Jump over them to dodge them. If you see it start to breathe out fire, run to
one side of the room and jump if the fire reaches you. Remember, the dragon's
body is safe to touch and use as a platform. Continue hitting it in the head
until its head blows off.

You must now attack the wiring where its head used to be, and its attack
pattern will change. It can no longer breathe fire and debris will stop falling
from the ceiling, but it will fire green orbs at you whenever it is hit. Keep
attacking its weak point, though, and the monster will perish.

4.6 ROUND 6

Once again slipping under the cover of darkness, Musashi avoids the mass
destruction that once stood before him. Danger lurks in every corner, however,
as the minions of evil will not let our protagonist rest just yet.

Part 1

Ninja Soldier: This time they're clad in black, but behave the same as all the
other soldiers you've dealt with before.

Winged Ninja: Back to destroy you. They have a serious advantage due to the
terrain as well, so enjoy the ride.

This is one of the more unique sections of the game. You're falling throughout
the entire level, and you have to jump about on falling rocks to avoid death.
It is also mandatory that you have mastered the double-jump by this point.

Start out by jumping up using the rocks as platforms. You will continue doing
this for the duration of this section. The first box you see will have a POW,
which you can use to hit the soldier to the right. Watch out for the next
soldier above him, and then one more to his right. When you reach the third
box, get to the left of the screen to avoid being ambushed by the winged ninja.
Take him down fast or he'll become a problem. There is another winged ninja at
the next box, with a third on its way soon.

To write about every enemy you come across would become repetitive, so keep
this in mind: There will be many soldiers who should present no problem if you
watch for them. The winged ninjas will always appear on the right side of the
screen and usually attack in open spaces, so keep left if you suspect an
attack. Don't jump to other rocks. Double-jump. Take all boxes you see; there
are no time bombs. The most important advice I can give you, though, is not to
let yourself be hit in mid-air. You'll lose control and death is imminent.

When you reach a box containing an extra life, there will be no more enemies.
Rejoice. Continue climbing rocks as usual until appear in a new area.

BOSS - Karura

A cloud of feathers will form before your eyes. Get to either side of the
screen quickly. The formless being will randomly move across the screen, giving
you two options. You can wait in a corner and hope it doesn't hit you, or you
can try to jump and dodge it when it gets close. Both strategies work well.

Eventually, the feathers will fade away and the boss will show its true form:
some sort of bird man. This is your chance to hit it. Do it quickly, because
its slash attack is very difficult to avoid. Once you hit it a few times, it
will revert back to its feather form and repeat.

Alternatively, you can hit the center of its feathery form and it will expose
itself right off the bat and become vulnerable (thanks Victor).

Continue doing this until the bird explodes in flame.

Part 2

Ninja Soldier: They look the same, but they'll run towards you and drop kick
you. Take aim and fire at them before they can.

Winged Ninja: Thought you were done with them, didn't you? Instead of a being
a serious problem like they were in Part 1, they're just a nuisance here.

Fire Shooter: They're exactly the same as before. Kill them quickly.

There are many different paths that you can take here. I will be leading you
through the only path that gets you to the end. All other paths will eventually
go back to the beginning, so you can explore if you'd like, but it is mostly
pointless to do so.

Run forward and press Up in front of the door to go through it (but don't miss
the extra life behind the rightmost wall...thanks ninjasrok). Go through this
room carefully, dealing with the soldiers and spikes in your way, then enter
the door at the end. In this next room, do not open any boxes, or you will have
to start over. Take down the winged ninja and do not enter the door nearby.
Instead, climb the boxes and jump to the boxes above you. Climb until you get
to a platform and defeat the winged ninjas that are after you. Do not enter
this door. Climb further up the boxes, and the door at the very top is the one
you want.

There's a Heart at the right wall if you want it. Jump in between the last two
thin walls at the right and wall jump between them, then wall jump to the other
pair of walls to your right. Do not touch the spikes. Try to land on the solid
ground just right of the last jump. Proceed right, disposing of the fire
shooters and winged ninjas you come across, until you get to a box. Wall jump
upwards, then travel right using wall jumps until you reach a door. Enter it.

This room will begin the same as the first room, without the spikes. Deal with
the soldiers, but do not enter the first door you see. Time your jumps to go
between the crushing spikes (getting caught between them is instant death).
Don't let the two soldiers here mess you up. Enter the door at the end.

You'll end up in a room with two doors, one of which is decorated with an evil
sign. It may not seem like a good idea, but enter the evil door.

Victor O. Smith III tells me:
"Also, in part two of the level, if you go past the "evil door," you can dash
and double jump over the spikes and there is a door which leads to a room with
30 Shuriken, a heart and a Ninjitsu Scroll. the exit leads you back to the room
for of boxes you can't open."

BOSS - Demon Hag

Two greenish old women will appear on either side of you. They will then enter
the walls behind them and the room will go dark. They will pop out of random
parts of the wall. Your job is to hit the real one. Unfortunately, there is no
way to tell which one is real before you hit it. If the boss flashes, that was
the right one. Otherwise, she will simply fade away. You don't have much time
before they both fire needles at you, so throw a shuriken at the nearest one
and dodge the attack, regardless of whether it was the right one or not.
Continue this until the screen darkens further.

The music will change and the two demons will form into one. She will once
again appear in a random place, and will do one of three things. She will fire
needles in a circular pattern all around her, throw fans at you, or hop towards
the other side while leaving fans behind. Make your best effort to avoid which
ever attack she chooses.

Keep attacking whenever you have a chance and the demon will not last.

4.7 ROUND 7
The Final Confrontation

Your destination lies near. Having disposed of all of Zeed's forces, there is
nothing between Musashi and Zeed. His base of operations is surprisingly not
very well guarded; either he never expected you to make it this far, or you've
already destroyed everything he had.

Part 1

Drone: These will suddenly drop out of sky and shoot you repeatedly. They are
small and fast, so do your best to rid yourself of them without delay.

You will begin on a large battleship. Grab the poles and use those to progress.
You'll come across a device that shoots out massive laser beams below it, which
you can destroy with six unpowered shurikens or simply bypass when the laser
stops. Watch out for the steam ahead of you, and take the box of shurikens.
The steam jets can be destroyed. Just jump right up there with them (Thanks
ninjasrok). Take the Continue on past the next laser cannon and watch for
more steam ahead of you. POW. Two laser cannons and steam jets later, make sure
you double-jump over the long gap you come across. A single jump won't work.
You'll encounter more of the same as you progress towards a doorway with a
nice, helpful Go sign.

The next area is somewhat like 2-2, in which you ride an elevator to the top.
Drones will randomly drop from the sky, and you'll have guns to deal with on
the way up. All of them can be destroyed with a shuriken. If you have multiple
guns attacking you at once, a shuriken burst will quickly dispose of them.
Focus on the drones first, however, before they make your life miserable. Once
at the top, simply wall jump off the top of the screen.

Open the boxes to your left. Be extremely careful here. High-powered cannons
will continuously shoot large energy blasts at you, and they hurt. They can be
taken out with six shurikens, but it's much easier to simply run past the
cannons. Watch for the guns in the floor. If you need to, you can destroy an
oncoming energy blast with a shuriken. You will soon come across angled cannons
that are much like the grenade launchers you've dealt with before. Get in close
and they can't hurt you. When you hit a break in the action, drones will drop
in on you. Take them down quickly and quietly, and they will not bother you.
Watch out for steam on the ground. The rest of the level will consist of two
more high-powered cannons, a few more angled cannons, and more steam. The Go
sign will be a welcome sight.

Part 2

None. Take a breath.

I hope you've mastered your wall jumps.

Walk forward and you'll find a useful Heart in a box. Jump over the ledge to
find the ceiling and floor layered with electricity. As you may have guessed,
it is not a good idea to come in contact with it. You can't just jump over the
electricity, because the ceiling will shock you. To get past this, drop down
and hug the left wall, then wall jump across to the other side. Try not to wall
jump too high, or you'll receive a friendly jolt.

Double jump over to the next ledge and do the same thing, with a slight
variation. You'll need to drop down, wall jump over to the other side, and then
continue to wall jump up the shaft on the right. You'll understand when you see
it. When you reach the top, hold up to grab the pipe, while being cautious of
the electricity stream just above it. Go right, then drop down. When you reach
the bottom, jump quickly, because you're on falling platforms and there's
nothing below you. Moving along, you'll find the exact same layout. Jump across
the pit, up the shaft, grab the pipe, drop down, get off the platforms.

This is where it gets a little tricky. There are columns sticking out of the
ground that you have use wall jumps on to get across. You must wall jump off of
the right side of each column in such a way that you land on the left side of
the column after the next one, and then wall jump to the right side of the
column to your left and repeat. Most important to keep in mind is that at the
top of each column is a small burst of electricity, so you must keep clear of
this while jumping across. This may take some time to master.

When you're done with that, walk forward and wall jump up the next shaft, then
move over and drop down at the edge. Here you'll encounter automatic lifts,
which are of course the only way to progress. You can ride the first one to see
up to get some shurikens if you're interested. Be extremely careful of the
electricity in the next screen. Wait for the lift to appear, then ride it up.
Oh, but what is this? If you stay on, you'll get zapped, so jump on the solid
piece of ground when you can, then take the lift once again when it's past the
electricity. Do this again immediately afterwards. At the top, grab onto the
ceiling and follow the lift as it moves under the electricity barrier, then
drop back onto it when you get a chance. Ride it until it disappears.

Be careful here. The pillars will sink the moment you touch them, but if you
jump too high, you'll get shocked and likely killed. I recommend waiting for
the pillar you're on to sink almost entirely, then jump to the next one to
avoid touching the ceiling. Watch out for the falling platforms at the end.

Drop down the first gap you see for an extra life on the right side, then wall
jump back up and drop down the gap on the right. Duck through the narrow
passage and take the lift until it ends. Quickly jump across the series of
falling platforms, and then across the sinking pillars. Make sure you act fast
and use double jumps, because it's a long way down. Dash jumps also work well.
When you reach the last pillar, double jump up to the falling platform above.
From there you can grab onto the ceiling and move towards solid ground. If you
move left instead, you will find two boxes containing a bomb and an extra life.

At the edge, take the lift down and duck when you pass under electricity. When
you hit a wall, wall jump up and meet the lift at the top. At this point, the
lift will go through electricity. You must time your jumps so that you avoid
the electricity and land safely on the platform when it returns. Failure means
death. You'll find two boxes, the first of when contains a bomb and the second
contains a Heart. Avoid breaking the first one as the explosion is difficult to
escape in your position. Use the small space to wall jump up to the ledge.

At last, a Go sign makes its presence known. Grab the pipe, move over to the
sinking pillar, land on the ledge beneath you, then dash jump to the next pipe
and take it to the entrance to the next room.

When you enter this area, immediately start wall jumping as fast as you can.
The wall is closing in on you, and you'd best not stick around to find out what
happens if it makes it across the screen. When you get further up, bits of
electricity will begin to appear on the left side. Try your hardest not to
touch it, because it can screw up all your progress. When you reach the top,
open the boxes for a Heart, Pow, and some shurikens, then enter the final door
that marks the end of this section.


This is it. The final battle. Let me tell you, this man is no pushover.

His first attack pattern consists of imitating your moves. He can throw
shurikens (three at a time, even!), disappear and slash you with his sword, or
jump across the screen and do a Shuriken Burst. The best strategy is to keep
your distance and fire shurikens of your own at him, and when he closes in to
slash you, give him a jump kick or two. Whatever you do, do not close in for
melee combat. He will slaughter you. His attacks are all quite difficult to
dodge, though if you react quickly you should pull through.

When you've damaged him enough, he'll fall backwards and strike some sort of
"powering up" pose. His attacks now involve charging up a green energy ball
which is easy to dodge, jumping up and kicking you, or shooting quick blasts of
green energy. Your fighting style should remain the same; throwing shurikens at
a distance and jump kicking while close. Beware that if you remain in the air
too long, he can knock you down simply by shouting. He can also uppercut you,
making constant jump kicks a bad idea. If he gets irritated, he may hover in
the air and blast energy all over the screen. I'm not sure if it is possible to
dodge this move.

 UPDATE (thanks Vincent Powell):
 "Its not excatly dodging, But I've found that staying on the opposite side of
 Neo Zeed while crouching and blocking,(Holding down the attack button), Works
 almost every time, Most of the time i get hit at the most once, You can block
 the other basic blasts he does to."

If you have enough lives to cover it, don't hesitate to use the Mijin Ninjitsu
when you're low on life. At the cost of one life, it will damage the boss,
restore your health completely, and even give you your scroll back. It is an
invaluable tool during this battle.

Finally, once you've thrown the last piercing shuriken into his chest, Neo Zeed
will rise into the air and explode in a satisfying manner. Enjoy the ending.


     5. Enemy List


All enemy names are unofficial. Individual lists for each stage can be found
within the walkthrough.

Ninja Soldier                  Stages: 1-1, 1-2, 2-1, 4-1, 4-2, 6-1, 6-2

 These are the most common enemy to be found. Clad in green or black, one will
 usually wait in a crouched position until you approach, at which point he will
 rise and throw a shuriken at you. If left alive, he will jump into the air and
 throw another one. Other kinds of soldiers will run towards you and attempt to
 drop kick you to submission, and still more are to be found on in kites or on
 hoverbike. Each variety of soldier takes only one hit to defeat.

Bamboo Warrior                 Stages: 1-1

 A large figure wearing a bamboo helmet. He'll walk slowly towards you,
 attacking only in self-defense. When struck, he will shoot at you with a pea
 shooter, which can be ducked. Takes two hits to defeat.

Female Ninja                   Stages: 1-1

 Hidden from sight within the trees, she drops down and begins jumping back and
 forth around you. Take care not to be disoriented, as she will fall quickly
 and easily if you're alert. Takes one hit to defeat.

Shogun                         Stages: 1-1, 1-2

 A tough warrior protected by heavy armor. He charges his sword for a moment,
 and then sends a wave of energy in your direction. His primary weakness is
 that he is slow and predictable; hop over the wave and he will be open to
 attack, though he can only be hit once before he begins charging again. Takes
 three hits to defeat.

Gunman                         Stages: 2-2, 5-1, 5-2

 The first sign of increasing technology, the gunman wears a mask and runs
 around, shooting randomly. He is blind to anything above him, though, so the
 best strategy is to jump and then drop kick the gunman. Takes one hit to

Boomerang Man                  Stages: 2-2, 5-1

 A tall soldier in a helmet. He throws boomerangs at you and has a shield to
 protect against projectiles. Like the gunman, he can be defeated most easily
 with drop kicks from above. Takes two hits to defeat.

Tunnel Gunman                  Stages: 2-2

 Found only on the rising elevator, they will crawl through tunnels in the wall
 and take a shot at you. They are extremely predictable; the general rule is
 that if you see a tunnel, a gunman will emerge from it. Takes one hit to

Heavy Gunman                   Stages: 2-2, 5-1, 5-2

 A soldier wielding a mounted assault rifle. He fires three quick bursts, then
 pauses, presumably to reload. He is unable to turn around, so if it is unsafe
 to approach him from the front, you can sneak up from behind. You can also
 just get above him and attack from there. Takes one hit to defeat.

Brain Fly                      Stages: 3-1

 A giant fly with a brain in place of its body. It waits on ceilings, and when
 you get close enough, it will fly towards you relentlessly. They are very
 annoying to deal with, so if you can, try to pick them off from a distance the
 moment you see one.

Waste Zombie                   Stages: 3-1

 A humanoid monster that emerges from muck. It can only be found where there is
 radioactive waste beneath you. It will launch waste at you if you give it a
 chance, but due to its large size, slow reactions, and your ability to see it
 in the waste before it rises, you should be able to defeat it before it gets
 an attack off. Takes two hits to defeat.

Brain Monster                  Stages: 3-1

 The only way to describe these creatures is that they are a giant brain with
 legs. They are only found in tubes in groups of three. When you approach them,
 they'll break out and hop around like mad trying to ram into you. My favorite
 method of dealing with them is to be in mid-air and then drop kick them when
 they burst out. Takes one hit to defeat.

Giant Bug                      Stages: 3-2

 A large insectoid mouth sticking out of the sand. Look for a bump in the
 ground to know where they will appear. If one grabs you, you can escape from
 its jaws with a drop kick. Takes one hit to defeat.

Fire Shooter                  Stages: 4-2

 A figure on a small hovering platform, wearing a traditional east Asian hat.
 He sways from side to side, shooting a jet of flame in either direction. He
 does this slowly, so you have a chance to take him out before he attacks.
 Don't get near him, as the flames are very painful. Takes three hits to

Winged Ninja                   Stages: 4-2, 6-1, 6-2

 A ninja soldier with a pair of artificial wings, allowing it to fly through
 the air. In certain situations, this can be the most dangerous enemy in the
 game. He swoops into view unexpectedly, throws a shuriken, and swoops away
 before you can react. The best defense is to know of them ahead of time, but
 failing that, try to evade the shuriken and catch him as he comes back; he
 will be back if you don't defeat him initially. Takes one hit to defeat.

Pipe Crawler                   Stages: 4-2

 Rat-like in appearance, he crawls along the underside of pipes and will slash
 at you with his claw weapon. The moment you see one coming towards you, throw
 a couple of shurikens at him. Takes two hits to defeat.

Grenade Launcher               Stages: 5-1

 Similar to the heavy gunman, he'll sit in one spot and shoot grenades in an
 arc. Not only is he incapable of turning around, he can't do anything to harm
 you if you stand directly in front of him. Get close and knock him down with a
 sword slash for an easy victory. Takes one hit to defeat.

Drone                          Stages: 7-1

 A small robotic sentry that floats in the air. Easily the most annoying enemy
 you'll engage, it drops down from above and shoots you with small lasers. It
 moves around sporadically, so throw shurikens only if you're confident in your
 aiming ability. Takes one hit to defeat.


     6. Secrets


Highlight the music selection in the Options menu, and play the tracks He Runs,
Japonesque, Shinobi Walk, Sakura, and Getufu in that order. If done
successfully, the final track will not play. Now when you begin a game, Musashi
will be impervious to all harm, as though he had a permanent Ikazuchi shield.

Unlimited Shurikens
Enter the options menu and set the starting amount of shurikens to 0. Then
highlight the sound selection and set it to Shuriken. Go back to shurikens and
let the cursor sit there until the 0 changes into the symbol of infinite. You
will now have an unlimited amount of shurikens to expend in your next game.


     7. Closing/Legal Info


Should you need to contact me, my e-mail address is: magikid.lost@gmail.com.

- Thanks to CJayC for creating perhaps the greatest website I have ever known.
If not for the countless hours I have spent on this site, this FAQ would not
- Thanks to Sega for developing this wonderful game.
- Thanks to brak2000 of Current Events for encouraging me to finish this guide.
- Credit to nagatoshi for submitting codes which where used in this guide.


- Sent me several useful bits of information, to the point that he sort of
became part of the FAQ himself.

- Demonstrated the sheer power of some Ninjitsu against bosses. Also showed
me various hidden power-ups I was not aware of.

Vincent Powell
- Discovered Neo Zeed's "overkill" move can be blocked.

Victor O. Smith III
- Confirmed that Karura can be hit during its whirlwind phase.
- Pointed out item locations in "Traps" Section 2.

James Willams AKA thesuperkillerxxx
- Pointed out two secret item locations in "Zeed's Resurrection" Section 2.

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