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"Ahem... Waiter? I have a sucky Sonic game in my Genesis!"

Ah, Sonic... whenever you hear the name of the great, blue hedgehog, nostolgia fills you as you remember the good old days when Sonic stayed on the 2-D plane.(At least if you DID own a Genesis... You're not telling me you bought the SNES instead?) Now, the games are fair, but not quite what they used to be. Well, say hello to the one actual blowout of the series. It wasn't even made by Sonic Team, for heaven's sake! Sonic 3-D Blast is anything but a blast. I can say that nobody is going to ask Traveler's Tales for another Sonic game! This game was made when 3-D games were the cutting edge thing, but still new, and not quite yet refined. Now, don't get me wrong, it would be a great game normally, but this game has SEVERAL flaws and bits that make it slow, clunky, and sooooo un- Soniclike.

Graphics- 3/10
This is one of the extreme sore spots here. Sonic looks better in 2-D, and should have stayed there until the good 3-D animation came out. Isometric shapes in animation are okay, normally, but this is just plain sad. In the opening sequence, Sonic slowly "runs" forward on an island. However, Sonic is not going at 100 miles per hour like usual, but at speeds that would have any car at the same speed today being pulled over for going too far UNDER the speed limit. That is not running! Also, I need to make a complaint not only on how horrible everything in general is, but also Tails and Knuckles. Tails looks like he has rabbit ears, and I actually thought Knuckles was some random red-haired girl that Traveler's Tales tossed in for the heck of it, and didn't realize who it was until I was a little older and looked REALLY closely.

Gameplay: 2/10
I only even give it the 2 because by the time I was at Diamond Dust Zone I could finally move around a bit smoother as I had adjusted. Sonic moves along, like in the opening sequence, slow as molasses. In most games, you push the D-Pad to move, let go to stop, easy as cake. Sonic has always been a little stingy about the stop part, but never like this. It goes like this: push ->, wait 3 seconds, and he'd finally get his butt into gear, slowly crawling where you told him to. When you let go, he'd take another second or so to stop. Turning is even harder. Don't even let me get started on that. Also, the classic speeding through levels is gone, replaced by walking around looking for robots and jumping/spin dashing on them, killing them and freeing the birds called Flickies inside, and putting them through a gigantic warp ring. *Yawn*

Story: 5/10
This part's a little better than the rest, just because it's got about the same one as all of the other Sonic games, just it is played out worse. Like I said, Robotnik is up to no good, realizing the power of the Flickies and trapping them in robots that stand there and gather dust. You must kill the robots, free the Flickies, put them home through the rings, and go stop Robotnik. It normally doesn't get old, but in this case...

Music: 1/10
Horrible music, just horrible. The opening tune in the opening sequence is fuzzy and staticy, and the theme song that also plays in the Panic Puppet Zone is far from the classic "Da-da da da, dadadadadada" that plays in Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic 2. Also, the first Zone, Green Grove Zone, is a pathetic imitation of the Emerald Hill and Green Hill Zones. Meh. The sound effects are same old, same old, rings go "ding", jump goes "bwoing". Nothing new.

All in all, a pretty pathetic excuse for a Sonic game. I do own it, (did I mention that Sega and Traveler's Tales were being such cheapskates that they put it in a cardboard case instead of plastic?) but it is the worst Sega Genesis/ Nintendo Gamecube (Sonic Mega Collection) game I have, worse than Bubsy II. I have almost beaten it, but not quite, and rarely do I spend much time playing this game.

There are pros?

Horrible Graphics
Horrible Music
Slow Gameplay

The Verdict: Buy, Rent, or Burn?

Unless you are a true Sonic Fan, do NOT buy this game unless it's on Mega Collection. Rent it if you're willing to waste some cash. Once you have beaten the game, then you might want to burn it!

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 01/06/08

Game Release: Sonic 3D Blast (US, 11/30/96)

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