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Play it for the bosses. The rest sucks.ACE Spark3/10
Picking up birds isn't fun in this game..Captain Doormat5/10
Sonic is back again in his cool, 3D game!CChan9/10
Contender for greatest sonic game everFloridaPanther8/10
A great game, with a few drawbacksFreeze Sabre7/10
The 3D world was actually good to this game... but not quite perfectGamerater668/10
A great game, if you like headachesHatesTheInternet3/10
The Controls Suckhazuki_dojo_984/10
A mixed bag however it doesn't mean mediocreHollow of Fear9/10
Not a bad game, underrated if you ask meirrewonderful7/10
Birds?Jimmy Jervis3/10
Sonic 3D on the Mega Drive came out with a suprising start. I mean when was the last time that it played Saturn games?!JRomero9/10
In case you didn't notice, the shame went to Traveler's Tales for creating this hunk o junk.KevinJauregui1/10
Traveller's Tales developed this game, so the score should come as no surprise to you.LordAtomic5/10
The introduction of the ONE THING that I hate about recent Sonic games.LordGeos7/10
It Really Needed a Save FeaturePickHut5/10
Ahem... Waiter? I have a sucky Sonic game in my Genesis!pokebreeder1234/10
Sonic the Hedgehog hits the wallponchikan3/10
One of the most unappreciated Genesis games of all time...Rick8/10
The last great Sonic game for the Genesisroadkill7/10
Innovation That Backfiresammysky7/10
Mediocrity never tasted so blandSDMonkey4/10
GRRRRRRRRRRREAT for a regular game, but not as good for a Sonic game.sega310988/10
Why do so many people hate this awesome game?Sephirstein9/10
What many consider to be an inferior iteration of the seriesSneakTheSnake6/10
Sonic Is Not In 3D In This Game. He's Isometric.SonicGamer747/10
Everyone's Favorite Hedgehog Goes 3-DSpoonguy9/10
The last Sonic game for the Genesis is the best!Videogamer9/10

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