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             R O C K E T K N I G H T        A D V E N T U R E S        2

                          Rocket Knight Adventures 2
                                 Version: 5.5
                               Created: 06/08/01
                            Last Updated: 20/10/01
                              Written by Twilight
                         E-mail: tw1l1ght@hotmail.com
                                ICQ: 118986797

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Table of Contents
   i. Legal Information
  ii. Revision History
   1. Introduction
   2. Storyline
        2.1 - Story
        2.2 - Characters
   3. Game Analysis
        3.1 - In-Depth Analysis: The Rocket Pack System
        3.2 - In-Depth Analysis: Items
   4. Walkthrough
        4.1 - Prologue
        4.2 - Stage 1, The Kingdom of Zebulos
        4.3 - Stage 2, The Golden Desert
        4.4 - Stage 3, The Flying Airship
        4.5 - Stage 4, The Gedol Empire
        4.6 - Stage 5, King Gedol's Realm
        4.7 - Stage 6, Castle Gedol
   5. Questions, Tips, and Secrets
        5.1 - FAQs
        5.2 - General Tips and Tricks
        5.3 - Codes and Secrets
        5.4 - Gold Sparkster and the Seven Swords
   6. Final Words
        6.1 - Credits
        6.2 - Contact Information


  i. Legal Information

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  ii. Revision History

Version: 1.0     Date: 14/08/01
60% Complete       - First version!
                   - Most stuff done except the Walkthrough

Comments: First version!  Anyway, everything is done, bar the Walkthrough,
          which will be started in the next version.
Version: 2.0     Date: 22/08/01
70% Complete       - Walkthrough started; I've completed Stage 1 and 2
                   - A few typos were fixed
                   - Two more FAQs were added
                   - Another rocketing tip was added
                   - There were some other minor changes made

Comments: A pretty solid update.  The highlight is that the Walkthrough's
          started.  I've currently completed Stage 1 and 2.  Sweet.
Version: 3.0     Date: 25/08/01
80% Complete       - Stage 3 and Stage 4 were added to the Walkthrough
                   - More typos were fixed
                   - Like usual, there were some other minor changes made

Comments: Two more stages were added to the Walkthrough.  A few more typos were
          fixed, and some other stuff was done.
Version: 4.0     Date: 01/10/01
100% Complete      - MAJOR CHANGES!
                   - The Walkthrough was completed
                   - Another FAQ was added
                   - Another general tip was added
                   - The disclaimer was changed slightly
                   - Complete version; this FAQ is finished!

Comments: This whole FAQ was reformatted, another word or two were changed,
          etc.  If you have an older copy of the FAQ and compare it to this
          version, you'll see that they share very few similarities.  The
          Walkthrough was finished (whew) among other things.  This FAQ is
          complete (although it probably won't be the last update)!
Version: 5.0     Date: 17/10/01
100% Complete      - MORE MAJOR CHANGES!
                   - Corrected a few formatting errors
                   - The FAQs were reorganised
                   - A few additional minor changes were made

Comments: More major changes.  Yep, I know, but bear with me.  I want this FAQ
          perfect before I label it 'Final'.  I am very pleased with this FAQ
          now.  I took the time to rewrite it, and it turned out well.  On a
          side note, I got a chance to play the SNES version of Sparkster.
          It's far more 'old skool', in terms of its rocket pack system etc.
          Its graphics also KICK ASS!  Sprites are bigger, you can see your
          reflection in the water (!), and you wouldn't believe the way these
          enemies fuse out of stone (!!).  I haven't gone into the game much
          yet, but it seems good.  Will I write for it?  Not immediately.
Version: 5.5     Date: 20/10/01
100% Complete      - Minor changes

Comments: Nothing really big here.  Just small changes to various parts of the
          FAQ.  Perhaps the last update, perhaps not.  Only time will tell.

  1. Introduction


Hey there, everyone.  I'm Twilight, and I'd like to welcome you to my
FAQ/Walkthrough for Sparkster - Rocket Knight Adventures 2.

About the Game

Sparkster is a side-scroller game (think of Sonic the Hedgehog) that is the
sequel to Rocket Knight Adventures, one of the most underrated games on the
Genesis.  Although at first you may see RKA and Sparkster as Sonic-type rip-
offs, upon looking a bit deeper you'll find two wonderful games that are
outstandingly good.  I won't get into Rocket Knight Adventures too much here,
cause this FAQ's about its sequel, Sparkster.  I'll just say this: Rocket
Knight Adventures is great, superb, severely underrated and hard to find.

Anyway, one of the high points of RKA and Sparkster is the rocket pack, which
you'll get to use in the game.  Sparkster is a Rocket Knight, knights that have
a rocket pack strapped to their backs.  Using this rocket, you'll be able to
fly and shoot extremely fast.  Few games offer this feature, and combine it
with the impressive level design of the RKA series, good graphics and music, a
decent storyline and other cool traits, and you've got yourself a winner.

Unfortunately for Konami, the makers of the RKA series, they had a few
opponents in the industry.  Namely, the Sonic Team.  I mean, let's face it,
Sonic ruled back then, and if you had to pick between a kickass game that was
guaranteed to please or a new game that didn't really have a fanbase, which
would you choose?  The Rocket Knight Adventures series was Konami's debut on
the Genesis, but sadly enough, the series was severely underrated and people
ignored it for Sonic the Hedgehog.  Nowadays, finding a working cart of either
games in the series in very, very rare.

Whip past RKA, to Sparkster.  Sparkster offers improved graphics, sound and
gameplay over the original.  The rocket pack system has been taken and
revamped, Sparkster looks way cooler than before and Konami has created some
excellent tunes, too.  This game is EASILY good, and as you progress through
the game it'll get better and better.  Also, depending on which difficulty
level you select you'll either get a shorter or longer game.  For example, if
you select Normal you'll get a few more screens to play through than Easy.
Cool, isn't it?

About the FAQ

What's there to say?  This FAQ was started on the 14 of August, after beating
the game for the third time.  Seeing as how there were no FAQs for the game
(well, there is, but not for the Genesis version), I decided to write one. Being
the dumbass that I am, I lost the manual the second day after I brought the
game, and I hadn't even read the thing.  When I came to doing the Story and
Characters section, I was pretty much screwed.  Thankfully, I stumbled across a
web site for Sparkster, which had the information I was looking for.  The
web site was Sierra's Sparkster Page.  If anyone wants a look, here's the
address: http://www.fortunecity.com/underworld/xwing/646.

I got the information and finished off the FAQ.

Later on, in version 4.0, I massively redesigned the format and layout of this
FAQ.  Hey, I also completed it.

                                  * WARNING *

There are two different versions of Sparkster, one for the Genesis (the one I'm
writing for) and the other for the SNES.  THEY ARE BOTH ENTIRELY DIFFERENT
GAMES!  As such, don't apply the information you find in this FAQ to the SNES
version of Sparkster.  Just don't, but in the future I may create a
FAQ/Walkthrough for Sparkster on the SNES.  Probably not, but it can't hurt to
say so, can it?

Anyway, for those few of us who own the game, I hope this FAQ helps you out.
Hopefully, within time, this will become the ultimate FAQ/Walkthrough for
Sparkster, Rocket Knight Adventures 2.  Actually, now that I think about it,
this is the only FAQ for Sparkster.  Imagine that... :)

Contact Information

For ways of contacting me, see the final section of this FAQ.

  2. Storyline

  2.1 - Story

                (Tweaked and changed a little from the manual)

  This is a story of the strange world of Elhorn, a world of valiant Knights,
 magic and machines.  Near the center of Elhorn lies the peaceful and enchanted
                              Kingdom of Zebulos.
 Long ago, the army of the Devotindos Empire invaded Zebulos with an evil and
    powerful spaceship called the 'Pig Star'.  But thanks to the courage of
Sparkster, leader of the elite fighting force known as the 'Rocket Knights',
vicious Empire was beaten back and finally destroyed.  For a time, it looked as
                  though Zebulos would find peace once again.
But alas, it was not to be.  All the lands of Elhorn were again engulfed in war.
    In every reigon of Elhorn, tribes formerly held in the evil grip of the
Devotindos Empire turned violent.  From this mass confusion there arose the evil
   Empire of 'Gedol'.  The Gedol Empire soon swelled, using every evil means
 available to take control of every reigon of Elhorn.  The King of Gedol then
   learned of the existance of Sparkster.  Fearful of interference from the
  legendary Rocket Knight, King Gedol sent out an order to his troops to have
                             Sparkster destroyed.
Sparkster stands alone, the sole hope of Elhorn against the giant Gedol Empire.
Setting out on his quest to defeat the Gedol Empire, Sparkster is confronted by
his archenemy Axel Gear, the Rocket Knight gone evil.  Overpowered by the Black
Knight, Axel, working for the Empire, captures Princess Cherry.  Princess Sherry
    begs Sparkster to save her.  Now Sparkster has two tasks on his hands.
                          Let the adventure begin!!!


During the game, each next piece of the story will be acted out without using
words.  Neato, isn't it?  Full credit is given to Sierra, because it was
from her site that I found the above story.  She stated it was from the manual,
so I took it, edited it a bit and changed a few typos.  Nonetheless full credit
must be given to her because she was the one that found it and typed it up in
the first place.  Thank you, Sierra!

  2.2 - Characters


Sparkster - Leader of the Rocket Knights
Age: 20 approximate
Species: Opossum
Description: Sparkster has tawny brown fur and blondish red hair.  He wears a
             gilded blue steel breastplate, shoulder-guard and battle boots.
             He also has a pair of blue steel flying goggles which come down
             when he is flying.  Underneath his armour he wears sturdy red
             battle clothes.  White gloves cover his wrists and the straps of
             his boots are made of the same material.  A bronze rocket pack
             with silver boosters is strapped to his back.

The main character of the game and the one you'll be controlling.  Sparkster is
the leader of the Rocket Knights, a powerful and elite fighting force.  Rocket
Knights are armed with swords and armour, but also have a rocket pack strapped
to their back.  With their rocket packs, Rocket Knights are able to fly through
the air at high speed.

Sparkster was a war orphan, and was taken in by the Rocket Knight Mifune
Sanjulo, a great Rocket Knight and a descendant of a long line of Rocket
Knights.  Sparkster was raised in Mifune's example, and steadily grew in
strength and skill.  He arrived at the Kingdom of Zebulos after searching the
land for his archenemy Axel Gear.  Ten years ago Axel crippled and permanently
disabled Mifune Sanjulo while trying to steal the ancient book of the Rocket
Knights, which held their secrets and wisdom.

Sparkster, his fighting skills honed and polished by his travels, finally
brought the Devotindos Empire to its knees and won the battle to save Zebulos.
He is also the boyfriend of Princess Sherry, and Princess Cherry has fallen in
love with him as well.

Axel Gear

Axel Gear - Leader of the Black Knights
Age: 25 approximate
Species: Opossum
Description: With golden fur and flame-red hair, the leader of the Black
             Knights makes a stunning impression.  Axel wears a full suit of
             gilded midnight purple armour, and a visor of the same metal that
             comes down when he is flying.  Like Sparkster, under his armour he
             wears sturdy crimson battle clothes, and purplish white gloves
             cover his hands.  He has a crimson rocket pack with purple
             boosters strapped to his back.  He's a bit buffer than Sparkster,

Axel Gear is the leader of the Black Knights, a small band of Rocket Knights
that have corrupted and turned to evil.  Possessed with evil ambition, Axel is
often seen wearing a smug expression of arrogance on his face.  His enemies are
few, as his prowess as a fighter is second to none.  Axel and his band of Black
Knights have been hired by King Gedol to assist the Gedol Empire in the war.
Axel is one of Gedol's crack troops and often leads his army.  He has a history
of turning traitor, and he was also hired by the late Emperor Devligus

Axel became Sparkster's archenemy when he crippled and disabled Mifune Sanjulo,
Sparkster's stepfather, while trying to steal the ancient book of the Rocket
Knight's which held their secrets.  Axel interferes again at the start of the
game by kidnapping Princess Cherry in the hopes of distracting Sparkster.
Sparkster swears to return Cherry, and so now has another thing to worry about.

Although he may seem totally evil, he still has a bit of humanity: He has
a secret crush on Princess Sherry, Sparkster's girlfriend.  You'll encounter
Axel various times throughout your adventures in Elhorn, and you won't be on
friendly terms, either...

King Gedol

King Gedol - Ruler of the Gedol Empire
Age: Unknown
Species: Lizard
Description: King Gedol is huge, towering over both Sparkster and Axel.  He's
             ugly, too; he has a green coloured body and horns coming out of
             his head.  Set in the middle of his forehead is a red stone.  King
             Gedol dresses in a giant orange cloak, and has skulls resting on
             his broad shoulders.

King Gedol is the ruler of the Gedol Empire, a massive Empire that covers most
of Elhorn.  He is also known as the King of Darkness.  He has a lot of power at
his command, and he is bent on destroying the world with it.

Not much is known about King Gedol, except it is rumoured that he knows
forbidden and dark magic...

Princess Sherry

Princess Sherry - The Princess of Zebulos
Age: 20 approximate
Species: Opossum
Description: Princess Sherry has shiny chestnut hair with peach coloured fur,
             and wears a full length blue and white dress.  Her bodice is also
             blue, and she is very tall.  Her clothing brings out the colour of
             her eyes, which are a deep blue as well, and she wears long white
             gloves.  In other words, she's damn hot. :) Uhh...  For an
             opossum, that is. :p

The tall and beautiful Princess of Zebulos, Sherry is extremely kind and noble.
Although she is the Princess of the Zebulos, she is not mean or unjust to
anyone, nor does she use her position for self-gain.  She is a good friend of
Princess Cherry, but like Sparkster, thinks she is just a child.  Cherry
doesn't know this, though.

In Rocket Knight Adventures, Sherry was the target of the Devotindos Empire and
was kidnapped.  In Sparkster, Princess Sherry isn't as important as before, and
you'll only encounter her during the beginning of the game.  When Princess
Cherry is kidnapped she'll beg Sparkster to save her.  She is also Sparkster's
girlfriend and would risk her life for him.  She has tried to stop Sparkster
from being a Rocket Knight as she fears for his death.  Sparkster wouldn't
listen.  Axel Gear, the leader of the Black Knights, also has a crush on her.
However, no-one is aware of this.

Princess Cherry

Princess Cherry - The Kidnapped Princess
Age: 15 approximate
Species: Opossum
Description: Princess Cherry has long golden hair and peach coloured fur.  She
             wears a long red and blue dress with a blue bodice.  On her hands
             she wears long white gloves like Princess Sherry, but she is a bit
             shorter than her too.  On her head she wears a little blue tiara.

Princess Cherry is in love with Sparkster, and thinks that he should stop
treating her like a child.  She thinks that he will see her as more than a
child someday, but Sparkster only thinks of her as an admiring, cute kid.  Her
best friend, Princess Sherry, also thinks of her as a kid, although Cherry
doesn't know it.

At the start of the game Cherry will be kidnapped by Axel Gear, and Princess
Sherry will beg Sparkster to bring her back.  Now Sparkster has two missions:
Take down the Gedol Empire and bring back Princess Cherry.


Paeli - The Leader of the Gedol Ninja
Age: Unknown
Species: Lizard
Description: Paeli is a green skinned lizard with extremely large and sharp
             teeth.  He has orange hair and a few blotches of red on his
             forehead.  Paeli is dressed in black shoulder-gaurds with an
             orange lining and a dark pink uniform and pair of shoes.

Paeli is known as the leader of the Gedol Ninja and serves King Gedol.  Not
much is known about him.  However, Paeli is known to possess great magical
power and is a skilled and stealthy warrior.  You may encounter him in your

  3. Game Analysis


o Normal Controls

  D-Pad - Move Sparkster
  A Button - Sword attack
  B Button - Jump
  C Button - Engage rocket pack
  X Button - Nothing
  Y Button - Nothing
  Z Button - Nothing
  Start Button - Pause

o Rocket Techniques

  Blast          - Tap the C Button when your Rocket is charged at level 1 and
                   you are moving.
  Corkscrew Spin - Tap the C Button when your Rocket is charged at level 2 and
                   you are moving.
  Buzzsaw        - Tap the C Button when your Rocket is charged at level 1 and
                   you are standing still.

o Miscellaneous Techniques

  Level Jumping  - Hold down and hit the B Button.  You'll fall to the ground
                   NOTE: This only works on SOME floors / platforms.
  Tail Grabbing  - Hold down and hit the B Button while on a rail / bar.  The
                   controls are exactly the same while tail grabbing.

o Robot Controls 1

  (When fighting against Axel and his robot)

  D-Pad - Move your robot
  A Button - Punch attack
  B Button - Uppercut attack (twice as powerful as a punch)
  C Button - Defend
  X Button - Nothing
  Y Button - Nothing
  Z Button - Nothing
  Start Button - Pause (during the prologue it skips the battle)

o Robot Controls 2

  (During Stage 4)

  D-Pad - Left and Right = Move your robot
          Up and down    = Move your robot's arm
  A Button - Fist attack / Jump
  B Button - Nothing
  C Button - Nothing
  X Button - Nothing
  Y Button - Nothing
  Z Button - Nothing
  Start Button - Pause

NOTE: These are the default controls.  You can change them in the Options
      menu at the start of a game.

The Rocket Pack System

As Sparkster the Rocket Knight, you'll get to use his rocket pack.  To use it,
hit the C button while moving.  You'll go shooting off.  You can see how much
power it currently has charged by looking at the bar along the top of the
screen.  The rocket charges automatically.  There are three different types of
techniques you can execute using the rocket pack.  Also, unlike RKA (and the
SNES version of Sparkster) it is possible to continually fly.

For a full review, more details, and more information on the rocket pack, see
section 3.1 - In-Depth Analysis: The Rocket Pack System.


You'll find many different items in the game.  Most of these are pretty much
self-explanatory.  1-Ups give you another life, Flame Orbs enhance your sword,
etc.  However, something different is the Item Roulette.  The most common items
are Blue Gems.  When you collect 10 Blue Gems, the roulette will start to spin.
(You can see your Gem count and the roulette in the top right-hand corner of
the screen.)   After randomly selecting an item, it'll drop from the sky.

For a list of items, and more information on power-ups, be sure to refer to
section 3.2 - In-Depth Analysis: Items.

The Seven Swords

Throughout your quest, you may find shining swords of energy.  These are the
Seven Swords, and it is said when all are brought together, an ancient power
will be unleashed...  This power could certainly help you in your journeys.

For more information on these relics, refer to section 5.4 - Gold Sparkster and
the Seven Swords.


In Sparkster, instead of battery back-up, there are passwords.  To get these
passwords, get up to the level you want a password for, lose all of your lives,
and select 'No' when asked if you would like to continue.  These passwords are
level-specific, and they also record your lives (well, the lives you have set
in the Options menu, since you have to lose all of your current ones).  They
also record your continues (-1 for the continue you lost when selecting 'No'),
and whether or not you have collected any of the Seven Swords (and the number,
if you have).  Finally, they also record your difficulty setting (although
there is a way to change it slightly).

For a list of passwords, and the trick to alter passwords while in mid-game,
see section 5.3 - Codes and Secrets.

  3.1 - In-Depth Analysis: The Rocket Pack System


As a Rocket Knight, Sparkster gets to utilize some very cool equipment.  The
best is his rocket pack.  This baby will automatically charge up when you
aren't using it, and has two different 'levels'.  Depending on what level your
rocket pack is currently charged at, you can do one of three different
techniques.  And, using the rocket pack, you can fly!  This is amazing, and one
of the reasons I like this game sooo much.

Firstly, you can see the amount of power your rocket pack has charged up at the
top of the screen.  It charges whenever you are not using it, and as I
mentioned before, it has two levels.  When your rocket pack is charged to its
fullest, the rocket gauge will start blinking goldy orange.  After using the
rocket, it'll have to recharge to be able to be used again.  Don't worry
though, you can charge up to level 1 in under a second.  Charging to level 2
takes a little longer, but it's never unbearable.  For those of you who don't
know, the default button to engage your rocket is C.

Sparkster can go off in one of the eight directions, and you can't control him
while he is rocketing.  But once he has finished, your rocket gauge will
probably have enough time to charge up to level 1 before you fall too much,
and you can keep flying higher and higher.  You can also rebound off of walls,
floors and some other things, which can either be good or bad depending on
which direction you end up rebounding.

I know it sounds complicated, but once you get the hang of it flying will
become second nature to you.

For the most part, you'll find yourself using the rocket to fly around the
level.  Although you can double it up to attack enemies, I'd use it to attack
only those enemies that I can't reach with my blade.  Why?  Because for normal,
enemies within range it'll normally be safer just to stick with your sword.  It
can be handy for taking out an enemy quick, however.  What I mean by it'll
normally be safer using the sword is that using the rocket to attack has its
drawbacks.  You may find yourself rebounding into other baddies, or they may
even clobber you as you recover if you miss.  However, the rocket is the best
way to damage bosses.

Anyway, have fun rocketing around the game.  It is one of the coolest features
I've seen in a side-scroller, and you should definitely make use of it.

The Different Rocket Techniques

There are actually three different techniques you can pull off with your
rocket, and each has its own purpose.

Usage: This is simple.  Just wait until your rocket is charged at level 1, then
       tap the C Button and a Directional Button.

Comments: You'll probably end up using this the most.  Why?  Because this is
          the move that'll allow you to fly over a long period of time!  You
          can keep on doing this technique since you'll charge up to level 1 in
          under a second.   I bet you'll you'll get addicted to this move, big
          time.  If you have to, you can also you it to attack occasion,
          because Sparkster recovers from it pretty fast.

 >>Flying: You'll pick this skill up in no time.  Anyway, flying really only
           works with the blast because the amount of time required to charge
           for this move is so small you can repeatedly use it, again and
           again.  Always use this to fly around; its lots of fun and gives
           certain bonuses (like finding nifty items).

Usage: Wait until your rocket is charged to the max (level 2) and then tap the
       C Button and a Directional Button.

Comments: Well, over the blast this move has better speed and range, but you
          won't be able to use it continually since charging to level 2 takes a
          while.  One of the best things to do with this is use it once, to
          climb as far as you can into the air and then blast from that height.
          And you can rebound a LOT with this, and that'll come in real handy
          if you choose to master it.

          But make really sure to only attack with this ONCE in a while or
          never at all.  Why?  Because it takes ages for Sparkster to recover
          if he misses the enemies or doesn't time it right.

NOTE: This move can also be used to unwind things (like those yellow switches)
      and it can break through some walls.

 >>Getting a Boost: As I mentioned before, one of the best ways to put this
                    move to use is to use it to climb into the air as high as
                    you can.  Then, when the spin finishes, blast from that
                    height!  This'll get you into the air higher, quicker, and
                    it'll save time in the long run.

Usage: You can do this at any level.  Just stand still and hit the C Button.

Comments: Well, it has very bad range but it is powerful and can hit twice.
          For medium ranged enemies, use your sword, but if they get within
          range, use the buzzsaw.  It can't be used to fly, like the other
          rocket techniques either, but if something charges at you or gets
          within range, it can be effective.

 >>Play the Waiting Game: When you do use this move, you'll want to wait for
                          enemies to charge at you.  So, wait for them to come
                          running and then whip into a buzzsaw.

Rocketing Effectively and Other Information

Here are a few (and pretty useful) tips and tricks that I've learnt and dealt
with during my experience.

o Rebounding 1

  While it may at first seem annoying, rebounding can be extremely useful when
  mastered.  One of my most favourite (and effective) tactics is to jump and
  then rocket diagonally into an enemy.  This way, you'll hit the enemy and if
  it dies you'll be back in the air again, out of most danger.  If the enemy
  you intend to attack won't die in one hit though, don't use it, as it can

  Using the blast, you can do this multiple times.

  Jump, rocket diagonally, up in the air, blast ahead, rocket diagonally and
  repeat as needed.

  The corkscrew spin can rebound many MANY times in one go, but you won't have
  too much time to use it again in most cases.

  If you choose to master this, the game will become a whole lot easier.  Just
  don't use it on enemies that won't die in one hit (because it might or might
  not end safely) and you'll be fine.

o Rebounding 2

  Using this method, you can get up shafts easier.  For this to be the best,
  you should use the corkscrew spin (and then if you need it, continue with the
  blast).  Anyway, after you're charged at level 2, corkscrew spin diagonally
  upwards.  You should end up rebounding off of the walls while continuing to
  climb.  Sometimes though, you may not get to where you want to be, and if
  this happens aim for a different spot on the shaft.  The best way to teach
  you this is to try it out for yourself.  Note that if you don't make it right
  up to the top of a shaft in one corkscrew spin you can blast the rest of the
  way.  You'll probably never need to do this, but it is handy to know.

o Against Bosses

  One of the best ways of damaging bosses is with the rocket.  Most bosses are
  next to impossible to attack with your sword, so use your rocket instead.
  This applies for most bosses, too.

o Invincibility from Projectiles

  There is a way to make sure little to no projectiles damage you.  In essence,
  what you do is pull off a buzzsaw (it works the best with this) in time for
  the projectile to go THROUGH you.  This will always be extremely helpful, and
  works in some other cases, too.

o The Differences Between RKA's Rocket Pack System and Sparkster's

  Uhhh, one thing Rocket Knight Adventures fans will recognise straight away is
  the difference between the two rocket pack systems.  In RKA charging your
  rocket took a little more effort; you had to hold down the attack button and
  then release it.  This meant you were more vulnerable as you couldn't attack
  while charging.  Also, it wasn't possible to continually fly in RKA, since as
  soon as the blast had finished Sparkster would drop out of the sky.  You
  wouldn't be able to control him as he was falling, too, and you could only
  start charging while on the ground.

  All in all, I'm going to say I like the system in Sparkster better.  It takes
  the concept of the rocket and enhances it 10x.  Now you can continually fly,
  and using the Rocket is (IMHO) now more fun and enjoyable than ever.  It also
  requires a bit more skill to master, but its rewards are much greater.

  3.2 - In-Depth Analysis: Items


Throughout the game, you will encounter various items.  This section contains
information about the different items in the game, and the Item Roulette.

Obtaining Items

One thing you should know about the items in Sparkster is that you can get them
in two different ways:

A. You pick them up normally or...

B. You collect 10 Blue Gems or a Red Gem and collect them as they are dropped
   into play from the Item Roulette.

The Item Roulette

When you have collected 10 Blue Gems or a Red Gem (which count as 10 Blue Gems)
the Item Roulette starts to play (at the top right-hand corner you can see how
many Gems you have collected and watch the Item Roulette spin).  Then, once an
item has been selected (it's entirely random) the item is dropped from the sky,
and you can pick it up like normal.  When you receive an item from the roulette
they CAN disappear, so pick them up quickly.

Item Chart

Item               Usage/Effect
Blue Gem           If you collect ten of them, you can use the Item Roulette.
Red Gem            1x Red Gem = 10x Blue Gem.  An instant Item Roulette play.
Flame Orb          Puts your sword aflame.  All of your attacks are stronger.
Rocket Pack        Touching these will automatically engage your rocket pack.*
Bomb               These hurt you.  Each takes off one half of a Heart.
Apple              Restores one Heart.
Roast              Restores all Hearts.  These rule!
Sparkster          1-Up.  These rule as well.
Life Canister      Restores two and a half Hearts of your robot's health.**
Sword              One of the Seven Swords.  When they are all collected,
                   you'll turn into Gold Sparkster.

* Also, the type of rocket attack you'll do is dependant on two factors:

1. What level your rocket gauge is charged at the moment you touch it and...

2. If you are moving left or right. or you aren't.

It's hard to explain, but say for example you touch the pack while you're
rocket gauge is currently charged enough to only do a normal rocket attack.
Instead, you'll do a corkscrew spin.  So, in addition to automatically setting
off your rocket pack, this item will also juice up its energy a level for that
specific attack.

And, relating to factor number 2, if you ARE moving left or right, you'll use
your rocket pack to blast or to do a corkscrew spin (like normal) but if you
pick up the item while falling straight down or jumping straight up you'll do a

Sorry for all that info., but since this is the only guide for the Genesis
version of Sparkster I thought I'd make it as in-depth as possible.

** You can only find these in Stage 4.  They can't be gotten in the Item
   Roulette.  To pick them up, don't hit them!  Move your robot to touch them,
   and there you go. :)

  4. Walkthrough

Here it is, the Walkthrough for Sparkster - Rocket Knight Adventures 2.  In
Sparkster you can take many different paths to reach the end, but the paths
I'll describe will be the ones I usually go through.  Just remember that there
will normally be other ways to beat the level; I'm just showing you the way I
do it.  Also, watch out, as there are many spoilers in this Walkthrough.  You
have been warned...

NOTE 1: Do not use this (or any other part of this FAQ, for that matter) as a
        guide to Sparkster on the SNES!  They are completely different games,
        and so this information won't help you.  Also, forgive me if this
        Walkthrough, well, sucks, but it's my first _published_ one so it may
        have a few errors.

NOTE 2: This information is based on the Normal difficulty of the game.  I
        can't guarantee this information to be true or right or helpful when
        playing on the other difficulty modes.

  4.1 - Prologue

Ancient Caverns

Before the actual game proper starts, you'll watch the introduction to the
game.  DON'T HIT START!  If you do, this part of the game will be skipped, and
you'll miss an important item.  Anyway, you'll see Sparkster in a cave place,
on his blue robot.  They're trying to get that sword which you can see on
screen.  Sparkster will try to pull it out but then Axel Gear will show up and
challenge you (with _his_ robot).


Basically, all you have to know here is when to defend.  His robot can fire out
missiles, but your robot can't.  So don't try to get too far away, as then
he'll fire missiles at you.  Just get in, punch him and get out and defend.
Just watch out for when Axel's robot drops its arms, as it'll launch a missile
at you.  It's not TOO hard.  Just remember to defend, and you should be fine.
If he _does_ beat you, I highly recommend you reset, as you will want to beat
him.  You'll see why later.

After that, Axel's robot will start to collapse.  The game will take over
again and Sparkster will get the sword (which is very important later on).

  4.2 - Stage 1, The Kingdom of Zebulos

The Countryside

After watching the small introduction scene, you'll be in control of Sparkster.
To begin your adventure, take out the Gedol Soldier and then rocket up into the
air and collect the Gems.  Head right, going up the hill and collecting all the
Gems along the way.  Proceed along and rocket into the little hill of stones.
After a few seconds it'll explode and a few soldiers will jump out.  Take them
out and continue on down the hill.  You'll soon run into a Mace Tank, which
will start charging towards you spinning its maces.  One of the best ways to
take these guys out is to jump over them while attacking and then blast into
them after landing from behind.  Just make sure to get back up on to level
ground if you intend to take them out like this.

Anyway, after taking care of him, keep heading right and collect the Apple you
come across.  You'll find another one of those rock heaps.  Wait for it to
explode and then take out the enemies inside.  Head up the hill and rocket
right.  You'll end up near _another_ one of those rock heaps.  Take out the
Gedol Soldier that's there while waiting for it to explode, then take out the
two soldiers that come out.  Continue on and you'll find an Apple near a rock
heap.  Get the Apple and take out the soldiers.  Then you'll have to face
another Mace Tank.  Take it out like you did before and then quickly turn to
the left.  Yet another Mace Tank will charge at you.  Take it out like you did
the other two and then you'll be allowed to head on.

Fall down, take the two soldiers out that are under the pile of rocks and then
head right.  Collect the Blue Gems along the way and go and get the Red Gem
you'll see somewhere around there.  The platform above you also has a few Blue
Gems.  Get them and go to the platform above you and rocket left.  You'll end
up by a Roast; get it, fall down and head right again until you run into a
wall.  Corkscrew spin through it to break it, and collect the Gems and the
Apple inside.  Keep heading right and you'll find a Flame Orb.  Grab it and
keep heading right until you hit the wall.  Rocket up and collect the Apple on
the platform near you.

Jump back right and keep going on.  Rocket up to get the Red Gem that you'll
see, keep going right and take out the Gedol Soldier with your newly enhanced
sword.  Jump up the small step and walk on the moving face brick.  You'll fall
through into a chamber filled with Blue Gems.  Get them all (there are a lot)
and then turn and face the left wall.  Jump and rocket into the middle of it;
you'll go through it and find yourself in a secret passage!  Keep walking left
and you'll end up in a hidden room with a 1-Up!  Woohooo!  Anyway, collect it
and rocket out into the passage.  Head on out and then up out of the room that
was filled with Blue Gems.  Rocket up into the air and find the ledge by the
Rocket Packs.  Pick them up (or corkscrew spin) and you'll end up breaking
through the wall.

The Outskirts

You'll corkscrew spin into the yellow button, the floor will open and then
you'll fall down.  Immediately rocket back up and study the wall on your left;
you're looking for a piece of the wall NOT covered in vines.  Anyway, after
locating it, rocket through it.  You'll end up in another secret chamber.  Get
everything in it (there is a LOT of stuff) and don't forget to collect the
sword in there.  After looting the place, head back out the hollow wall and
jump across to the ledge on the right.  Collect the Flame Orb, head back left,
and fall down to the bottom floor.  Keep going right until you reach the
conveyor belts.  Now, wait until your rocket is charged to the max, jump, and
corkscrew spin to the right.  You'll make it under that spinning thing and over
to the other side.

Collect the Red Gem and rocket out.  You'll make it under another spinning
thing and break out and off of the conveyor.  Drop down, but head back left.
You'll find a Flame Orb.  Take it and then head right, up the hill.  Collect
the Blue Gems up at the top and jump next to the yellow button.  Corkscrew spin
into it and the floor above you will open up.  Blast upwards to get out, then
head right and rocket to grab those high Blue Gems.  Head right and jump over
the yellow button; you're going to skip this one.  Drop down on to the conveyor
and rocket underneath that spinning arm thing.  Jump to collect the nearby
Flame Orb and rocket underneath the next spinning arm thing.  Jump up to the
nearby yellow button and corkscrew spin into it.  Jump out the opening wall.

You'll drop down and land next to another yellow button.  Corkscrew spin into
it and you'll drop through the floor.  You'll end up near a huge machine.  To
destroy it, corkscrew spin into the blinking yellow parts.  These parts
are the screws, and you'll unscrew them.  For the higher up parts, there is a
block thing on each side that will warp next to the lowest screw available.
Just jump or rocket on to it and then you can corkscrew spin from there.
Unscrew all of the parts of the machine and it will be destroyed.  Hurray! :)
The wall will open and you can get out.

The Zebulos Forest

When starting through, watch out for dripping pink sap stuff.  If it touches
you, Sparkster won't be able to use his rocket.  This is very dangerous, as
you'll need to fly a bit in here.  Anyway, let's begin.  Don't move from where
you are, and wait until your rocket is charged at level 2.  Then, run and jump
right off the edge of the vine thing you're on, and while at the peak of your
jump corkscrew spin to the right.  You'll land on top of another one if you
timed it right.  Immediately blast to the right, and you will sail over a
little gap and end up by a Roast.  Grab it quickly and fall down the gap to
your left.  From here dash quickly under the moving plant and jump to the ledge
on your right.  Fall down the shaft and get beneath the rail ASAP.  The pink
stuff will stop falling.  Whew, lucky you. ;)

Grab the Blue Gems under the rail and then - while dodging the bombs thrown at
you - jump up at take out the enemies near you.  Rocket up to the top rail and
go and hunt down all the local enemies (there's not much of 'em).  Once you're
sure they're all gone seach around and grab all the treasure.  There's lots of
it, and it's all good stuff.  Once you're finished, fall down to the ground and
walk under the overhanging vine to your right.  Walk in and prepare yourself
for a boss.


To damage the Vine Master you have to get through his defences and attack his
nose (heheh).  Like most other boss fights, the best way to cause damage is
with your rocket pack, but you'll have to break through his guard first.  One
of the easiest ways to attack him is to wait on the ground until he jabs both
his arms at you.  Then just jump up over them and rocket into his face.  You'll
land back on the ground and you can just keep repeating this tactic to kill
him.  He may also start chucking stuff at you, and sometimes you'll be able to
rocket into him then to damage him.  However, sometimes he may whack himself in
the face, and then all this crap will fall.  Most of it is bombs, and they're
not so hard to take care of, but he can also drop that pink sap stuff.  Make
sure it doesn't touch you, or else you might just lose. :)

After you've taken care of him, a path will open up in the wall.  Jump through
and grab the Roast and Blue Gems.  Destroy the enemies on the rail (there's a
few of them) then grab the Blue Gems and the Flame Orb.  Continue on to the
right, pick up the Red Gem, and fall down the shaft.  Walk into the room and
you'll have to take out a set of enemies.  Just corkscrew spin from one end of
the room to the other, and chop away with your sword.  After you've beaten them
all go through the path that has opened to the right.

Blast upwards (rebounding helps a lot here) while trying to pick up the Blue
Gems.  At this point you'll start to be chased by a monster, so you have to go
pretty quick.  If he does catch up to you, buzzsaw while he charges.  He'll go
through you and this way you won't get damaged.  Note that he'll begin chasing
you again, even if you dodge him.

Anyway, I can't really describe where to go here, as everything happens to
fast.  It isn't hard to find your way out, though.  Knowing how to rebound well
helps a lot here, and make sure to pick up all the items along the way.  You'll
know when you get to the end, as you will come across two Rocket Pack items.
Fall down the little shaft to the right and walk to the edge.  From there,
rocket up and across to the right.  In the top-right corner you will find a
Roast.  Grab it, fall to the ground and quickly get the Red Gem.  After
touching the ground, the monster that chased you through the maze will start to
come out of the ground.


For this fight you'll be assisted by two of your opossum friends that will hold
a trampoline mat thing up for you to bounce on.  The Grenadier will also have
friends doing the same.  First off, he'll start throwing bombs at you.  Just
keep blasting into him as fast as you can.  Then he'll float up into the air
and start to shake.  From there he will turn into a ball and charge clockwise
around the edge of the screen.  Just rocket over and under him, as when he is a
ball he can't be damaged.  After two full circuits he'll end up back where he
started and resume throwing bombs at you.  Rocket into him.  Once he starts to
shake again he'll drop a few Apples out and start zigzagging up and down the
screen, heading to the right.  He'll repeat this going back to the left.  Try
to dodge him by rocketing over or under him until he gets back to the left.
Once back to the left he'll start throwing bombs again.  Rocket into him a few
more times and he should go down.  If he doesn't, just wait until he starts
throwing bombs at you again and blast into him as fast as you can.

After you're finished with him, say goodbye to the two opossums and jump into
the entrance he created.  Man, that was one annoying area, don't you think?
Don't worry though, you're finished with it!  Yay! :)

Heading out of Zebulos

For this part of the level, you get to ride on a train, and the screen
continually scrolls to the right.  If you get knocked on to the ground and the
screen catches up to you, it's game over.  If you do fall on to the ground,
immediately rocket back up to the platform.  There is an airship in the sky,
too.  When you see people jump out, get prepared to face some enemies.  Anyway,
to begin jump on to the train platform and move right a bit.  The screen will
start to scroll and the train will begin to move.  Run to the right and jump
on to the metal barrels.  Take out the crate up there with a sword strike or
jump over it.  The crates you find can either contain items, enemies, or
nothing.  Take out the next two closet crates, and get the Apple which will
fall out of the top one.  Keep moving to the right, as you don't want to get
caught behind the moving screen.  The next crate contains a Gedol Soldier, so
I'd suggest skipping it.

After making it over the three metal barrels, break the next crate you come to
and collect the Blue Gem that falls out.  Run to the right and break the two
crates.  Ignore the one above; it's empty.  In one of the crates is a Gedol
Soldier, so I'd suggest attacking twice in a row to get rid of him.  Collect
the Blue Gem that falls out of the other and jump over and across the small
chain on to the platform to the right.  Take out the two crates you come to.
One of them has a Gedol Soldier in it and the other is empty.  Continue along
and jump to grab the Flame Orb.  Break open all three of the crates that you
come to.  Two of them contain enemies, but one contains a Blue Gem.  Grab it,
jump on to the barrels and get to the other side.  Break all three crates and
get the three Blue Gems that pop out.  Then jump over the chain to the next

Break all four crates over there and kill the two soldiers that come out.  Then
collect the Blue Gem and Apple but watch out for the Gedol Soldier that should
be there to attack you.  Quickly take him out and rocket up to the right of the
two metal barrels in the air.  You'll find two Red Gems.  After falling down,
run to the right until you are directly beneath the two Blue Gem's and rocket
up.  You'll pick up a heap of Blue Gems.  After getting them, blast through the
crates, turn around, and slay the two soldiers that come out.  Run along and
jump into the space surrounded by crates.  Buzzsaw from there and you'll break
the crates and pick up a Red Gem and a Roast.  Quickly jump back up on to the
train and rocket over to the other side by the remaining three crates.
Position Sparkster so that when he attacks with his sword he'll only take out
the closest crate on the bottom.  Kill the soldier that comes out.  Now you
have to act quickly because many enemies will start to appear soon.  If they
get too close, kill them.

Now with that one gone quickly rocket into the other crate.  You'll get a 1-Up
and end up rocketing into the barrel.  Now when Sparkster falls on to the
ground, rocket diagonally down to the right ASAP!!!  You should end up back on
the train if you timed it right.  Kill any of the remaining enemies and head
right.  Jump on to the two crates suspended over the chain (one has a Red Gem,
but it's not worth trying to get it) and then jump across to the other two.
Break them open and pick up the Apple.  Turn back to the right and attack the
wall in your way.  It'll be destroyed.  Keep going and you will come to a boss.


The Train Robot consists of two parts; an arm that will sway around and also
shoot plasma at you and the brain at the front which blinks black and red.
To damage this boss you must attack the brain while dodging the arm and its
bullets.  Once you damage the brain, the arm will start moving extremely fast
for a while.  The best way to take the boss out is to do this.  First rocket to
the far right of the screen and drop a little.  Then while low in the air,
rocket diagonally down to the left.  You'll probably hit the brain and the arm
will go nuts.  However, since you rocketed diagonally down you'll rebound up
into the air again, and go through the arm without getting damaged.  Try to
avoid the plasma the arm shoots at you, as it could disrupt your pattern.  Just
repeat this tactic and you'll win in the end.

  4.3 - Stage 2, The Golden Desert

The Sand Dunes

Stage 2 starts with Sparkster standing on the remains of the destroyed train.
Jump off and head right.  When you come to them, collect the Blue Gems and drop
down through the short shaft.  You'll find yourself inside a chamber.  See that
torch over there?  In Stage 2, you'll find torches.  Although seemingly
useless, if you attack them special stuff will happen.  Go whack the torch and
get the Flame Orb that appears.  Watch out for the quicksand that you find in
this level; it'll kill you.  Anyway, jump over the quicksand and grab the Blue
Gems.  Head right, jump over the quicksand (keep jumping to get free) and get
the Blue Gems over there.  You will then come to lava.  Wait until its finished
spitting fireballs and quickly jump over to the other side.  Leap the quicksand
and rocket over the lava while picking up the Blue Gems.  Then rocket up
through the hole in the roof.

Head left (watch out for the sandworms), jump up the stairs, over the spikes
and collect the Blue Gems.  Rocket up and get the Apple.  Then go back down the
hole (you can also head to the right, but you'll be thrown back by a tornado).
Run to the edge of the floor (before it starts heading downwards), jump, and
corkscrew spin to the right.  You'll sail over the huge pit of lava and get a
Blue Gem.  Head up the hill, over the quicksand and get the Apple.  Rocket
right and you'll hit the wall.  Corkscrew spin upwards from there, you'll burst
out through a hole in the roof and you'll net heaps of Blue Gems.  Head left
and jump up to the next layer of blocks.  Take note of the two middle blocks of
this layer.  Now head left a little and pause when you reach two steps with a
button on the top.  Now jump up the first step and ever-so-slightly move left.
A tornado will charge at you.  If it touches you you'll be thrown to the left,
and you won't be able to reach the goodies behind it.  Quickly run back and
jump on to the middle of the higher layer of blocks (that part I told you
about).  Stop there and wait for the tornado.

If you've done it right, the tornado will throw you to the left, you'll end up
by a 1-Up AND you'll have a chance to grab it!  Cool!  Get it and pick up the
Roast nearby (you can't miss it).  Head back to the hole that you came up from
before and jump over it to the right.  Head up the steps and kill any sandworms
that appear.  Grab the Blue Gems in the air and head right until you come to
another hole in the floor.  Jump down and head to the right picking up all the
Gems.  Then turn, go to the left and grab the Apple.  Now whack the torch.
Quickly rocket around and collect all the Blue Gems that appear.  After you've
picked them all up, head back to the torch.  Whack it again, but this time
quickly rocket to the right-end of the room and whack the torch over there (it
can only be seen in the darkness.  Sound confusing?  It is...).  You'll have
more time now, so rocket up and grab the Roast.  After you've finished looting
the place, rocket up through the hole in the roof.  Head right, and rocket up
on to the steps.  Get the Red Gem up there, then fall down and go through the

Through the Tomb

Head right but DON'T touch any of those Blue Gems yet.  Proceed forth
carefully, and note which of the Gems are shaking.  When you get too close to
them they'll turn into Snake Warriors, and are rather tough to kill.  Take
them all out and collect every Blue Gem in the room.  Ignore the torch until
you've gotten everything, and then go and strike it.  Quickly fall down the
shaft and look for the gap in the right wall.  Rocket through it (it may take a
few tries) and collect the Roast and Red Gem in there.  To get out, whack the
torch.  Go back up the shaft and through the door.  Watch out for the face
closest to the door, too; stand under it long enough and it'll begin to spew
bombs on you.

Lava and Sand

Proceed left and strike the far torche.  Turn around, take the Snake Warriors
out, grab the Blue Gems and rocket up the shaft.  Head through the opening to
the right and grab all the Gems.  When you reach the torch, strike it and
quickly prepare for a fight.  Kill all the Snake Warriors that appear, and make
sure to grab the Gems they drop.  Head back out the opening and rocket up to
the top.  Make your way over and under the metal spikes, but watch out for the
second and third Blue Gem you come across; they're Snake Warriors.  Slay them
and leap up on to the metal bar.  Grab the Blue Gems up there, kill the Snake
Warrior and leap on to the platform.

From here you can rocket up and head left, and you'll eventually reach a room
where your rocket is disabled and you have to avoid falling blocks.  However,
you don't get much for it, it's hard to pull off and takes a long time to do,
so I wouldn't recommend it.

Instead, jump up to the next rail and touch the Rocket Pack.  You'll end up
rocketing into a few Blue Gems, striking a torch and ending up on the other
side by a door.  There was a Snake Warrior up there on the rail, but he was
destroyed when you struck the torch.  Head through the door (there is also a
door in the falling blocks room, but they both lead to the same place).

Boulder Run

NOTE: In this screen you'll be chased by boulders.  To avoid hitting them use
      the 'Invincibility from Projectiles' trick.  You can find it in section
      5.2 - General Tips and Tricks.

If you want to get through this stage, move quickly and ignore the treasure,
unless it's something you really need (health items, for example).  Your rocket
will be your best friend here, but make sure to avoid getting caught in shafts.
The boulders themselves WILL hunt you, and they take off a lot of health so try
to stay away from them.  Anyway, follow the path downwards (rocket it; you've
got to be fast) and you'll eventually drop down a shaft on to a platform.
Quickly jump off it to the right (it'll fall into the pit, and boulders will
fall on your head) and head through the door.

Pyramid Panic

NOTE: You can find one of the Seven Swords here.  It takes too long to explain
      how to get it here, though.  If you want it, see section 5.4 - Gold
      Sparkster and the Seven Swords.

Run outside and rocket up into the top left corner.  Grab the Blue Gems and
then head into the lower of the two entrances (the top one contains one of the
Seven Swords; read the note above).  Head through the passage on the rail,
picking up the Gems and Apples.  When you come to the end of it, quickly drop
down to the bottom of the shaft.  The blue things on the walls shoot lasers at
you.  Once out on the two orange blocks, rocket to your left.  You'll find a
roast.  Pick it up and rocket pack to the two orange blocks.  Jump down to the
right, grab the Flame Orb and step on the button.  A platform will appear in
the lava.  Go with the flow, taking out the Snake Warriors and grabbing the
Blue Gems until you come to the spikes.  Crouch down and they won't touch you.

Now quickly blast diagonally up to the right and grab the Apple.  Quickly head
left and make your way under the smashing spikes.  When you get past all of
them wait for your platform to catch up.  Ignore the door here; it just leads
back to the start.  When it gets there fall down on to it.  Take out the bats
with your sword and wait until you get near a wall of spikes.  Say farewell to
your platform and rocket up.  Try to grab all the Apples up there and then go
through either of the doors.  They both lead to the same place.

Heading Underground

Head left and strike the torch when many of the Snake Warriors are on-screen.
They'll turn into Blue Gems.  Quickly grab them (if the lights come back on
they'll turn back into Snake Warriors), head left and rocket up the shaft.
Grab the Blue Gems, get over the quicksand and rocket up.  Keep rocketing up
and collect the Red Gems.  Go back down (you can find a torch up there, but all
it does is make a bunch of bombs and an Apple and so isn't worth it) to the
quicksand pit and this time head left.  You'll drop down a shaft.  Keep going
down (and get the Apple) until you hit the floor.  Strike the torch and head
right, quickly picking up the Blue Gems.  Keep going and you'll reach a boss.


To damage the Fire Spirit you must attack it while its mouth is open.  The
easiest way to do this is to rocket into it from the overhead rail.  Sometimes
though it may come right up to the top of the screen and try to get you.  If
this happens drop and wait until it comes back down.  Its normal attack is a
flamethrower type thing, but it can also make lava float up.  If it does this
just get back to the far left of the rail and wait for it to finish.  Your
biggest problem will be trying not to rebound into the lava.

After that's done, go through the gap in the wall.  Collect the Apples and jump
on the elevator.  You'll end up in a room fulled with spikes.  When you strike
torches in here you'll be able to see (normally) invisible blocks.  You can
jump on these blocks to get to places that might seem impossible to get to.

Make your way up, striking torches as you come to them (you can still stand on
the blocks when the torches are on, you just can't see them), and ride
platforms as you come to them.  I wouldn't bother trying to get most of the
treasures here, except the health items.  I'd also avoid corkscrew spinning.
You'll be sent rebounding into trouble, and you'll often lose a life.  (You can
rebound off of invisible blocks too, even when they're invisible.)  The exit is
in the upper right-hand corner, but the screen is maze-like.  Anyway, after
locating the door, go through.

Rumble with the Snake Lord

As soon as entering you'll be attacked by the Snake Lord.


He looks tough, but he's pretty easy.  As soon as landing, rocket up, as he'll
immediately try to pin you with his hand.  To damage the Snake Lord you must
attack his upper-body when he is in the foreground.  When he jumps to the
background you can't damage him.  When he is in the foreground he'll try to pin
you with his hand, and it's pretty accurate.  When he is in the background
he'll attack with his tail instead.  Keep rocketing into him and then, when he
jumps to the background, fly around at the top of the screen until he comes
back.  Keep following this tactic, and you'll win in the end.

  4.4 - Stage 3, The Flying Airship

Gedol's Airship

NOTE: On this screen what you have to do is destroy all the propellers.  This
      may sound easy (and it is) but you'll have to get to the damn things
      first.  In this level there are holes which you can jump in, and I'll
      call these warp-holes.  Note also that the airship will fire large, green
      warheads down on to the ground.  These missiles will blow the ground
      apart, and you may fall through to your death.  However, the missiles can
      also be helpful, as they can blow up passages into hidden chambers filled
      with items.  You will also be chased by spike bombs, and you'll have to
      avoid them.  With that over, on with the Walkthrough!

Run up the steps and rocket up the side of a green thing (you'll know what I'm
talking about when you see it).  Get on the balcony and take out the soldiers.
Now jump into the warp-hole on the FAR right.  You'll come to an area with one
of the Seven Swords.  Grab it and go back down the warp-hole.  You'll jump up
and grab an Apple.  Fall through it again.  Now you'll appear in an area with a
Gedol Soldier manning a propeller.  Take him out and attack the silver spinning
thing until it's destroyed.  I suggest destroying that hammer, too.  Fall back
through the warp-hole.  You'll land back outside (well, off of the airship).
Rocket back up through the warp-hole you just fell out of.

You'll appear in an empty room.  Fall back down the warp-hole, and when you
appear, destroy the Gedol Soldier and the propeller.  After you've finished
with them, fall back down the warp-hole (trust me).  You'll arrive in a room
with an Apple.  Grab it and go back down the warp-hole.  You'll arrive off of
the airship (again).  Rocket back up through the warp-hole you just fell out
of.  Now rocket over to the other side of the room and destroy the soldier and
the propeller.  Now fall down the warp-hole right there next to you.  Take out
the soldier and the propeller there and then fall back through the warp-hole.

Destroy the propeller (and the soldier) and rocket over to the other side to
snag an Apple.  Fall back down the warp-hole.  After a massive warp you'll
arrive on the far left of the ship.  Take out the Gedol Soldier and the
propeller there and fall down the warp-hole (you're nearly there!).  You'll
land outside.  Rocket back up the warp-hole you just dropped out of and destroy
the soldier and the propeller you end up near.  Now just fall down the same
warp-hole you just jumped out of and (if you've followed my Walkthrough
correctly) you'll appear next to the FINAL propeller.  Take it out and the
ship will start to blow.  Fall down either of the warp-holes and you'll end
that stupid screen.  Hurray!!!!

Inside the Ship

You have a lot of choice in this screen.  The screen itself for continually
scroll to the right, and you can pick quite a number of paths to take.
Continually move to the right, and take out the Gedol Soldiers that will be
running towards you (some of them are on fire).  Avoid getting caught on walls,
and try to keep ahead of the screen by a little bit.  Quickly destroy Eye
Guardians, too, as they can hold you back and you'll be killed when the screen
catches up.  If you can, however, go around or over them.  Go with the flow;
it's not that hard, but for newbies I suggest sticking inside the ship.  IMO,
it's the easiest path.  Anyway, when you reach the end, go through the door.

The Rooftop Brawl

After that annoying screen, you'll have to face Paeli.


First up, he'll start charging a magical spell.  If it hits you, you'll become
a little Sparkster, which sucks, so don't let it touch you.  They can home in
on you, too.  During the fight, Paeli will turn into a genie-like thing that
can fire off multiple magic blasts.  Keep avoiding them and he'll eventually
turn into lots of little Paeli's.  If you were minimized they can also hurt
you, too.  Two things will now happen: the small Paeli's will fuse back into
one straight away or the little Paeli's will start throwing crap down at you.
If they start throwing stuff and you, during this time you'll see a sparkling
little Paeli.  Attack this one and they'll all fuse together again (except a
few).  This is the only time you'll be able to damage Paeli, so attack him a
lot.  After a few goes of running around like a dumbass, he'll get his missing
buddies back and become full grown again.  Just keep repeatedly whacking him
and he'll give in in the end.

  4.5 - Stage 4, The Gedol Empire

Through the Streets

In Stage 4 you run through the streets in your robot.  Cool!  This stage is
extreme straightforward and doesn't require a Walkthrough (you don't go
anywhere, just across the screen).  Anyway, all I can give is a few tips.

- Quickly take out those Gedol Hoppers, as they'll prove the biggest threat.
  It takes quite a few hits to destroy them, and you'll have to be pretty

- Shoot everything that moves.  If enemies touch you, you get damaged.

- When the view switches to your robot's legs, you can now jump instead of
  attack.  Make sure to always leap over the bombs that those soldiers throw at

- To destroy enemies when the view is on your robot's legs, jump, and you can
  get them while your robot's foot is rising.

- If you see barrels floating towards you, DON'T ATTACK THEM!  If you get them,
  they'll restore your life.

Sooner or later, you'll meet up with Axel Gear and his robot.  He'll start
throwing bomb things at you.  To damage him, you'll have to punch the bombs
back when they come in range.  Just keep rebounding the bombs back, and you'll
damage him enough so that he'll fly off.  After that, Sparkster will
(accidently?) crash into a tower.  Then you'll have to duel against Axel


This is exactly like last time.  You'll be in a fighting match like thing.
Anyways, if you defend well you'll win.  Axel's robot can shoot missiles at
you, but you can't shoot missiles at him (bummer).  Get in, punch, get out,
defend and repeat.  Using uppercuts gets the fight over quicker, too.  Hold on,
defend, and don't give up hope.  If you die, you'll start again from within the
tower, so it doesn't matter too much.


  4.6 - Stage 5, King Gedol's Realm

In the Distance

Whew.  The first normal stage for a while.  To start off, head right and take
out the Gargoyles you come across.  (You can also rocket up a bit, but you
won't get much.)  Corkscrew spins work well here, but watch out for their
attacks.  After destorying them all, a green button will appear.  Jump on it
and the door will open.  Go through and take out the Machine Gun Soldier on the
other side (these enemies are quite tough, so be careful).  Head up the steps
and take out the next Machine Gun Soldier.  Rocket up and grab the Flame Orb.
Head left until you are touching the wall, and then corkscrew spin up the
shaft.  You'll break a few bomb dispensers on your way up, and when you get up
there take out the Machine Gun Soldier.

Drop down the shaft and head right, taking out the unfortunate enemy who will
be there.  Rocket up the shaft you come to and follow the rails down to the
bottom right-hand corner (watch out for the spike things!).  Drop down the gap
and head left, taking out another Machine Gun Soldier.  Drop below the rail and
head right.  Like before, take out the set of Gargoyles and a green button will
appear.  Jump on it and the door will open.  Rocket out up of the shaft (right
through the top) and on to the rail.  Avoid the spike things (or take them out)
and head right, taking out the barriers on the wall.  Jump through the opening
and drop down.  Head left and drop down the gap.  Take out the Gargoyles (you
should know the drill by now) and open the door.  Go through and rocket up.
You'll grab a couple of Apples.  Now head through the opening door to end the

Metal Passage

Run right, grab the Blue Gems and jump down the drop.  Take out the barriers to
the left and go through.  Avoid the bombs and flying heads and break through
the barriers.  Take out the soldier at the end of the passage, grab the Apple
and jump on the switch.  Head back out the passage and back to the metal door.
Go through and then up the stairs, taking out the soldiers on the way.  Once up
there, rocket to the left and you'll find a hoard of Blue Gems.  Take them and
then make your way to the right, but stop when you come to a platform edging
over a shaft.  Wait.  When you drop, you will have to be immensely fast.  There
is a killer, death, hell 2001kg laser that will start to track you as soon as
you touch the floor.

Drop down and quickly, QUICKLY make your way up and down the multiple shafts.
You'll know you made it out when you come to a metal rail.  Take the enemies
out down there but then move back on to the rail.  Rocket up and take out the
barriers.  Get in the room and destroy the Eye Guardian.  Get through to the
passage it was guarding and you'll find one of the Seven Swords, along with a
1-Up.  Collect them both and return to the metal rail.

Head right, back to where you destroyed those soldiers.  There you will find a
green switch.  Stand on it and the door will open.  Take out the monsters in
this room and rocket up, collecting the small amount of treasure.  Make your
way through the passage the Eye Guardian was protecting, and go through the
door to end the screen.

Missile Hunt

As soon as you get in here, wait, and take a rest.  Let your hands have a
break, cause in a second they're going to have to work their hardest in the
whole game.  As soon as you make your way into the passage, you'll going to
start getting attacked by missiles.  You can see their targeting crosshair, and
at the start they're pretty easy to dodge.  However, as you progress they'll
start swarming you.  To stop them, jump on the switches you find.  They'll give
you a small amount of breathing space.  Believe me, I cannot help you past
this.  Just don't give up, and after many lost lives you'll get through.  Damn,
I'm going to have to get through here right now...wish me luck.

Whew, I made it.  Just.  Alright, after you blasted out of there, you would
have dropped down a ways, right?  Right.  Down on the floor, quickly step on
that switch.  Move to your left and rocket up on to the conveyor belt.  Grab
the Apple and rocket to the left.  You'll come upon the first (of many) robot


This dude is simple.  He spits out conveyor belt monster things, and lasers
that scroll horizontally across the screen.  Avoid rocketing, cause you'll
rebound into them.  Stick to him with your sword, and he'll go down in no time.

After that little brawl, return to the laser force-field.  It's gone now, so
you can get through...  Oh crap.  I've just friggin' killed myself, and I'm
going to have to go through that missile shit again.  Bah.  Wait a moment, I
won't be long...  Alright, sorry 'bout that.  Now, head through the dispelled
force-field and grab the Apple.  Make your way into the passage, and when you
run into the lasers, rocket into the solid parts of them.  If you rocket into
the laser, you'll rebound.  Anyway, after that's finished, rocket up and to the
right.  Move across, jump, grab the Flame Orb, and then go through the door to
the left.  Boss fighting time.


Like his brother, he's pathetically easy to destroy.  The lasers his fire
always have a gap in them, so rocket through these gaps to get at him.  Once
he's in range of your sword, keep pegging him and he'll go down very quickly.

After taking care of him, rocket through the now disabled force-field.  Take
out the barriers to the right, destroy the soldiers, and continue on until you
reach the Roast.  Now return to the other barriers, and destroy them too.  Go
through, and make your way upwards, picking up the Blue Gems.  Once you make it
to the conveyor belt, head right, and you'll face those laser things from
before.  Continue through and drop down the grate you come to; if you follow it
left you'll find two Apples.  Anyways, make your way back out and grab the
Flame Orb you come to.  Get back on the conveyor and continue to the right.

When you come to it, fall down the small drop and grab the the treasure.  Get
up and out, and rocket to the right, until you come to ANOTHER boss.


Like the other R-Types, he's nothing to worry about.  M-IIV can, however,
summon a few types of soldiers.  Take these out first if your life is low, but
if not, ignore them altogether.  Easy, wasn't it?

After dispatching M-IIV, follow the conveyor to the left and drop down on to
the metal rail.  From there, grab the Apple and go through the opening mouth to
exit the screen.

Darkness Pillars

Move right and grab the Apple.  LOOK OUT FOR THE FALLING WALLS!  Navigate the
falling walls and you'll come to a switch.  Stand on it and the wall to the
right will start moving.  Wait for the gaps to align then rocket through.  Grab
the Flame Orb and head right until you come to another switch.  Again, wait for
the gaps to align and then make your way through (this one is a little
trickier).  Collect the items in here and repeat the process (this last one can
be near-impossible, sometimes).  Defeat the Eye Guardian in here and send it to
the next dimension (heheh), and make your way into the next room.  There's
another Eye Guardian in here, so destroy it and (once again) make your way
through into the passage it was guarding.

There are a lot of soldiers in here.  Make your way right and you'll come to a
Gargoyle Door.  Destroy the Gargoyles and step on the switch.  Move through,
collect the Apple, and exit the screen.

Robot Lair

As the name implies, this is the lair of robots.  Lots of them.  These things
are massive, but they aren't bosses (except the last two).  To take them out, I
recommend blasting diagonally into them (aim for their chest), so that you
rebound off of the floor and then a second time off of them.  Anyway, after
beating them, they'll sail through the ground, and open up a gap for you.  Keep
destroying them until you reach the last two (you'll know when it happens).
These are the two final bosses of Stage 5.


Despite what the name implies, you only fight one robot at a time.  First up is
VI (the yellow one).  VI is just like all of the other robots, only stronger.
His main attacks are a double laser thing and a nasty scattershot one.  To
avoid the double laser, keep off the ground and the trasparent platform.  As
for the scattershot, try to rocket backwards.  It's pretty hard to dodge.
Rocket into his chest (avoid your sword) and he'll eventually go down (although
he really flys up through the roof).  Go to the hole he made and grab the Apple
up there.

Next is VII.  I'd say this robot's a she.  Probably the most powerful, too.
Anyway, she'll probably start running along the roof.  If that happens, rocket
up on to the transparent platform, drop, and then rocket diagonally into her.
It works for me.  After that, she'll probably start head-spinning along the
ground.  Not much to say here.  Just try to survive, and if you can, sneak in a
few shots.  Sooner or later she's going down, but play it carefully.

After defeating her, VII will plunge a sword through the ground.  It's one of
the Seven Swords, so make sure to pick it up.  After that, drop through the hole
she made.  Get ready for the sixth and final stage.

  4.7 - Stage 6, Castle Gedol

Duel of the Ages

As soon as Stage 5 begins, you'll see Princess Cherry.  Before you can get to
her, however, you're greeted by a shadow of the past: Axel Gear.


This is the coolest part of the game, IMO.  Axle is like a mirror image of you,
except he's faster and can hover.  The lightning barrier he set up will
gradually move in, and if you let the duel last long enough you'll eventually
lose.  Axel has two attacks: a corkscrew spin like one (except he doesn't
spin), and a mean-looking buzzsaw that flies all over the place.  He doesn't
physically attack with his sword, but it can sometimes be incredibly hard to
hit him.  Make good use of rebounding here.  You can rebound off of the floor
and the lightning.  Also, watch for when he blasts.  He'll sometimes peg
himself in the lightning or the floor, and when that happens charge at him.

After he has been defeated, he'll fly off, but drop his sword!  If you have
collected all of the Seven Swords you'll turn into Gold Sparkster now!  After
the transformation scene (or not), Sparkster will fly off to Castle Gedol.

Castle Death

As soon as entering here, you'll confront the final boss of the game: King


Don't let the disguise fool you: That isn't Cherry.  No, it's King Gedol, the
cross-dresser!  As soon as you can, give Gedol a taste of your steel.  Whack
him again and again.  When he splits into three, just run into the right-hand
corner and wait until he's finished with his lasers.  He'll reappear, but this
time he's hovering a little over the ground.  If you're Gold Sparkster, move
directly beneath him and start using buzzsaws (as Gold Sparkster your rocket
charges VERY fast).  If not, well, attack him with your sword.  Next up is his
meteor swarm.  This spell is very, very painful.  It's also a pain in the ass
to dodge.  Your best bet is the 'Invincibility from Projectiles' trick.

After that's over with, start attacking him again.  His next spell is a black
hole type thing.  If you get sucked in, then you'll become Gedol and Gedol will
become you (think of Captain Ginyu's Body Change off of Dragonball Z).  If this
happens, tinker around with your attacks.  Note, however, that if
Sparkster/Gedol attacks you, Sparkster himself will lose health.  Vice versa
also applies, I think.  What you want to do is use the warp spell to switch
your bodies back.  After that, the pattern repeats.

Gedol will go down, but he isn't finished yet.  He'll rise back up, but this
time a LOT bigger.  Avoid his eye lasers, and blast at the red gem thing in the
middle of his head when it appears.  I never really found him too hard; just
make sure to avoid the lasers.  When he's defeated, Sparkster will finish him

Congrats, you've just beaten the game!  And I've just beaten the Walkthrough!
Go us!  Watch the ending now.  (If you're Gold Sparkster, make sure to keep the
game on after the credits have finished.)  Again, congrats!

  5. Questions, Tips, and Secrets

  5.1 - FAQs

Q: I've never heard of this game, but I'm interested now.  Who made it?
A: The company Konami.

Q: Can you give me a rundown on the whole series?
A: Sure.  The original and the prequel to Sparkster is Rocket Knight
   Adventures, which was also made by Konami and released on the Genesis
   (Megadrive).  Then there is this game, Sparkster.  However, there is also a
   Sparkster game for the SNES.  Both Sparkster games are entirely different,

Q: Is it true there's a secret character called Gold Sparkster and that you
   can play as him?
A: Well, no he's not really 'secret' or anything, but basically the Sparkster
   equivalent of Super Sonic from the Sonic the Hedgehog series.  Anyway, yes,
   there is and you can play as him.

Q: Oh really?  How?
A: Go check out section 5.4 - Gold Sparkster and the Seven Swords.  That'll
   interest you.

Q: Generally, what is the most effective way to attack?
A: Well, and only if you've mastered the rocket system, jumping and then
   blasting diagonally into an enemy can be extremely good.  You can attack and
   then get back into the air out of harm's way.  Just don't screw it up, or
   else you may miss entirely or get hammered by baddies.

Q: Quick question, how do I get passwords?
A: Get up to the stage you want a password for, lose all your lives and when
   asked to continue say no.

Q: Where did you get these names from?
A: Well, like Deathspork, I made most of them up.  A few of them were listed in
   the manual (like the main characters' names) but the stage names and most
   other stuff were named by me.  Like Deathspork, I tried to keep it general.

Q: What does that button in Stage 2 do?
A: Honestly, I have no idea.  Initially I thought you used it to stop the
   tornado, but this doesn't happen.  Anyone out there know?

Q: Is it true Sparkster and Axel are related?
A: As with the above question, I have no idea.  Sparkster's held his grudge
   with Axel for a LONG time, and as Sierra stated on her site, only family
   could hold a grudge for that long.  Still, there's no proof that they are
   related, but then again there isn't any proof that they aren't.  Sparkster
   WAS a war orphan, and maybe Mifune didn't find Axel.  Axel then went evil,
   as he was neglected by the world.  However, that's just speculation.  Is it
   true Sparkster and Axel are related?  Logically, I'm going to say no, but
   since I don't know better, I'll leave it as maybe.

  5.2 - General Tips and Tricks

-Rocketing Effectively-
 This is very important, which you'll probably end up learning the hard way as
 you progress through the game.  Section 3.1 - The Rocket Pack System, is
 dedicated to this one important aspect of play, so I really suggest you take a
 look there.

-Invincibility from Projectiles-
 There is a way to make sure little to no projectiles damage you.  In essence,
 what you do is pull off a buzzsaw (it works the best with this) in time for
 the projectile to go THROUGH you.  This will always be extremely helpful, and
 works in some other cases, too.

-Your Trusty Blade-
 Sure, although you can rocket into enemies to damage them, don't forget about
 your sword.  Sometimes, rocket attacking just won't fit the situation, or
 would be too dangerous, so whip out your blade and get up close and personal.
 For bosses, however, it would be wiser to attack with your rocket.

 While exploring the levels of Sparkster is fun in it's own right, you'll often
 find some very useful stuff (1-Ups, Roasts etc...).  Always explore, and use
 your rocket to fly up to high places.

 Duck as in crouch.  This move can get you out of some tough spots where
 enemies will shoot over your head.  Good for some bosses, too.

-When all else fails...  Run!!!-
 Of course, in some cases this isn't possible.  But normally, you'll be able to
 run SOMEWHERE.  Anyway, run away and go look for some health or a Flame Orb,
 and then you'll be able to toast ass once again.

-Different Paths-
 There are normally different routes to take through the stages.  In the
 Walkthrough I've only described the way I take.  There are probably others,
 but I can't list them all.

-Have Fun!-
 Sparkster is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable side-scrollers ever made.
 When you go through the game for the first time take things slowly, and bask
 in all the glory the Genesis has to offer.

  5.3 - Codes and Secrets

Ascending to Gold Sparkster

Yes, you can play as Gold Sparkster.  I've created a whole section to him.  For
those of you who are interested, check out section 5.4 - Gold Sparkster and the
Seven Swords.

Level Select Passwords

To insert these passwords, turn the game on and when you get the chance, hit
the Start Button on the Password option.

Passwords that will put you on the certain stage on the Easy difficulty
Lives: 5
Continues / Credits: 3
NOTE: You can't collect all of the Seven Swords on the Easy difficulty, and
      hence when using these passwords you won't have any of the swords

Stage 1:
Red Sparkster, Green Rocket Pack, Blue Sparkster, Red Gems, Red Sparkster, Red
Sparkster, Blue Sparkster, Green Sword

Stage 2:
Green Sparkster, Green Rocket Pack, Blue Sparkster, Red Gems, Red Sparkster,
Red Sparkster, Red Rocket Pack, Green Sword

Stage 3:
Yellow Sparkster, Green Rocket Pack, Blue Sparkster, Red Gems, Red Sparkster,
Red Sparkster, Green Rocket Pack, Green Sword

Stage 4:
Blue Sparkster, Green Rocket Pack, Blue Sparkster, Red Gems, Red Sparkster, Red
Sparkster, Yellow Rocket Pack, Green Sword

Stage 5:
Red Rocket Pack, Green Rocket Pack, Blue Sparkster, Red Gems, Red Sparkster,
Red Sparkster, Blue Rocket Pack, Green Sword

Stage 6:
(You start at the fight with Axel Gear)
Green Rocket Pack, Green Rocket Pack, Blue Sparkster, Red Gems, Red Sparkster,
Red Sparkster, Red Gems, Green Sword

Passwords that will put you on the certain stage on the Normal difficulty
Lives: 3
Continues / Credits: 1
NOTE: With these passwords you'll have each one of the Seven Swords that you
      can get before that stage.  So yes, if you put in the password for Stage
      6 when you defeat Axel you'll turn into Gold Sparkster.

Stage 1:
Red Sparkster, Blue Sparkster, Green Sparkster, Green Rocket Pack, Red
Sparkster, Green Sparkster, Green Sparkster, Green Gems

Stage 2:
Green Sparkster, Blue Sparkster, Green Sparkster, Green Rocket Pack, Red
Sparkster, Blue Sparkster, Yellow Sparkster, Blue Gems

Stage 3:
Yellow Sparkster, Blue Sparkster, Green Sparkster, Green Rocket Pack, Red
Sparkster, Blue Sparkster, Blue Sparkster, Blue Gems

Stage 4:
Blue Sparkster, Blue Sparkster, Green Sparkster, Green Sparkster, Red
Sparkster, Blue Sparkster, Red Rocket Pack, Blue Gems

Stage 5:
Red Rocket Pack, Blue Sparkster, Green Sparkster, Green Rocket Pack, Red
Sparkster, Blue Sword, Yellow Rocket Pack, Blue Rocket Pack

Stage 6:
(You start at the fight with Axel Gear)
Green Rocket Pack, Blue Sparkster, Green Sparkster, Green Rocket Pack, Blue
Sparkster, Blue Sword, Yellow Gems, Blue Rocket Pack

Here's a password to put you on Stage 6, Normal difficulty, but when you defeat
Axel Gear you won't turn into Gold Sparkster.  Using this password you can
fight King Gedol as normal Sparkster (not Gold Sparkster) on the Normal
Lives: 5
Continues / Credits: 1

Stage 6:
(You start at the fight with Axel Gear)
Green Rocket Pack, Green Rocket Pack, Green Sparkster, Green Gems, Red
Sparkster, Red Sparkster, Yellow Rocket Pack, Yellow Sword

Altering the Difficulty Level of Passwords

Basically, using this trick you can change the difficulty level in mid-game.
Here's what you do:

1. Write down the password you want to alter the difficulty of.

2. If you want to go up a difficulty level, when entering the password change
   the fourth and eighth icon to one colour higher than what they are (for
   example, your fourth icon is a red rocket pack, change it to a green rocket
   pack).  If you want to go down a difficulty level, when entering the
   password change the fourth and eigth icon to one colour lower than what they
   are (for example, your fourth icon is a red rocket pack, change it to a blue
   rocket pack).  Remember do change both of them.

3. That's it.  Enter your modified password and you're away!

NOTE 1: To raise or lower the difficulty twice instead of once (like lowering
        the difficulty from Hard to Easy) do the same method.  But instead of
        changing the fourth and eighth icon to one colour higher or one colour
        lower change them to two colours higher or two colours lower.  Two
        colours higher if you want to raise the difficulty level and two
        colours lower if you want to lower the difficulty level.  You can only
        change the difficulty to two higher or two lower max.  You can't change
        the difficulty to three higher or three lower.  IT DOESN'T WORK!

NOTE 2: You can't change a password to go to a higher or lower difficulty than
        what is allowed.  What I mean is that you can't try to make an Easy
        difficulty password go to a lower difficulty.

NOTE 3: You can apply this trick to any password you want, providing it is
        within the rules.  Have fun!

All these passwords work.  I got them myself, through lots and lots of gaming.
If they don't work that's probably because I made a mistake when typing them
up.  If this is true, let me know.  I hope you appreciate this part of the FAQ;
it took me a hell of a long time to make.

  5.4 - Gold Sparkster and the Seven Swords


Any Sonic fan will know about Super Sonic, something Sonic would turn into once
obtaining all of the Chaos Emeralds.  In this game, instead of Super Sonic,
there's Gold Sparkster.  Basically, he's just a pumped up version of regular
Sparkster but is coloured gold (obviously).  You won't control him for very
long, but he is there if you want to try out something different.

Ascending to Gold Sparkster

It's not too difficult to turn into Gold Sparkster, but it can be if you don't
know how.  Anyway, to ascend to Gold Sparkster you have to find and collect the
Seven Swords, powerful weapons that can be found in certain areas of the game.

Well, maybe weapons isn't the right word.  They don't help you attack better,
so maybe they should be called relics or something.  Anyway, to get them just
go and pick them up like you pick up other items.  They look like well...
Swords, except they sparkle a lot (well, except the last one).

BTW, you can't become Gold Sparkster playing on the Easy difficulty, as you
can't collect all Seven Swords.

Anyway, there's a list of where you can find each of the Seven Swords coming up
next, so don't go away, ok?

Obtaining the Seven Swords

Sword 1:
To get this sword, you'll have to fight and defeat Axel's robot at the start of
the game.  So don't push start, or else you'll skip it.

Sword 2:
This sword is found in Stage 1, The Outskirts.  After corkscrew spinning into
the yellow button, you'll fall through the ground.  Now, rocket up, and look
for a wall that isn't covered in vines.  Since some people have trouble finding
secret places, here's a little ASCII diagram.

                      ||      WW      |+----------Key----------+|
                      ||      WW      |=========================|
                      ||      WW      | -S   =   Sparkster      |
                      ||      WW      | SS   =   The sword      |
                      ||      WW      | )-   =   The yellow     |
                      ||      WW      |          button         |
-S          ||        ||    )-WW      | ||   =   Pillars        |
============||==========------WW      |          / columns      |
RRRRRRRRRRRR||        VV              | ==   =   Normal floors  |
WW          ||        VV              |      =   / platforms /  |
WW          ||        VV              |          roofs          |
WW    *     ||        HH              | --   =   Movable floors |
WW          ||        HH              |          (open with the |
WW          ||        VV              |          yellow button) |
WW          ||        VV              | WW   =   Normal walls   |
==============        VV              | VV   =   Vine covered   |
WW                    VV              |          walls          |
WW          SS        VV              | HH   =   Hollow walls / |
WW          ======    VV              |          floors         |
WW                    WW              |_________________________|
WW                    WW
WW              ======WW              * This room is filled with Red Gems
WW      WW============WW              ** This room has an Apple in it
WW      WW            WW
WW  **  WW
WW      WW
WW      WW

Ok, it's not little, I lied. :) BTW, what do you think of it?  This is the
first time I created an ASCII map diagram thingy, and I'm rather proud of it,
although it took me a hell of a long time to make.  Why?  Because it's in
'scale'.  Anyway, as I said, after corkscrew spinning into the yellow button
you'll fall.  After you've landed, rocket upwards and look at the wall on the
left.  Notice how many of them are covered with vines?  Look for the bricks on
the wall that are not covered in vines.  This part of the 'wall' is hollow, so
you can get through.  The sword is in there (along with a few other goodies).
Check it out.

Sword 3:
This one is in Stage 2.  When you come to the screen Pyramid Panic where you
have to climb up the pyramid, go right to the top.  You'll find a passage.
Now, line Sparkster up so that he's touching the blue sky and corkscrew spin to
your right.  Just a straight corkscrew spin to your right.  Now that you've
removed the Rocket Pack item (you'll want to do this) prepare yourself.  Before
going in do a buzzsaw to get your rocket empty.  You'll see why you do this
soon.  Run back a little, take a deep breath and jump over the step.

The wall behind you will start to fall.  As you may have guessed, if it lands
on you, you'll die.  Now, go very quickly.  After jumping the first step, run
under the block and then jump as high as you can.  At the peak of your jump,
blast right.  You'll end up blasting into a block.  After Sparkster finishes
blasting, quickly drop, jump and then blast again to get out.  The sword's up
the top.  Get it and then go through the door down the bottom.  You'll
end up at the foot of the pyramid again.

See why you had to empty your rocket with a buzzsaw at the start?  When you
rocketed into that block, you had just enough time to get out because of the
short recovery time of a blast.  If that had been a corkscrew spin instead,
you'll probably not have made it.  Oh, BTW, ignore the bat in there.  Taking my
way it won't harm you, and trying to kill it will often mean your doom.
Anyway, congrats.  You've just achieved one of the hardest things to do in

Sword 4:
This one is simple if you know how to get it.  You get it in Stage 3.  Anyway,
at the start of the stage head right and keep going along until you can rocket
upwards on to the little balcony of the ship.  Jump into the warp-hole on the
rightmost side and you'll end up in a room with the sword.

Sword 5:
You'll get this one in Stage 5.  After you get past the yellow laser, walk back
to your left on to the metal bar and keep going until you hit the wall.  Blast
up from there and keeping pushing left.  You'll land on a little platform.
Take the barrels to your right out by blasting into them and go through.  Take
out the Eye Guardian in there and then go through the passage it was guarding.
There it is!  The fifth Sword and a 1-Up!

Sword 6:
This is the easiest sword to obtain.  After beating Robot X-VII (the green one)
it'll kneel down and shove the sword through the ground.  All you have to do is
go and pick it up.  Told you it was easy!

Sword 7:
To obtain the final sword, you'll have to defeat Axel Gear.  After beating him,
you'll automatically pick up his fallen blade.  Congrats!  Watch the nifty
transformation sequence!

Other Information

As stated before, you don't have much left to do as Gold Sparkster.  Actually,
all you have to do is take down King Gedol.  But there are some significant
differences between the two Sparksters.

o Gold Sparkster's rocket charges WAY faster than before.  And I mean WAY
  faster.  It's extremely quick.

o Gold Sparkster's attacks are as if he always has a Flame Orb in use.

o Gold Sparkster can rocket faster than before (I think he can, anyway).

o Gold Sparkster is gold, while normal Sparkster is blue (duh).

There might be some more, but I haven't noticed them.  If you are reading this
and know of some other difference(s), let me know.

Gold Sparkster is there if you want to try out something different, and I
really recommend you try giving it a shot.  The best ending can only be seen if
you beat Gedol with Gold Sparkster, and you'll find out that Gedol...  I'm not
going to spoil it for you, actually.  Heh.  Anyway, obtaining the Seven Swords
in by no means difficult, and like I've said before, I really urge you to try
and get them.  If anything, the fight with King Gedol is easier, but you get to
see the nifty ending and other stuff...

HINT: Leave the game on after the credits are finished to see the final scene!

  6. Final Words

This is pretty much the end of the FAQ.  I hope it helped you.

  6.1 - Credits

o Konami <Konami.COM - http://www.konami.com>:
  For creating Rocket Knight Adventures and Sparkster, two of the greatest
  games on the Genesis.  If you create games half as good as these in the
  future you'll become even more successful, very quickly.

o Sierra
  <Sierra's Sparkster Page - http://www.fortunecity.com/underworld/xwing/646>:
  Sierra has one of the best resources on the net for Sparkster stuff.  I
  completely lucked out when I found her site.  Full credit is given to her for
  the story you find in this FAQ, as it was from the manual but I got it off
  her site and edited it a bit.  Credit is also given to her for a bit of
  information on the main characters of the game.


  This FAQ could never have been complete had I not found your site and it was
  the final inspiration behind this FAQ.

o Jeff "CJayC" Veasey <GameFAQs - http://www.gamefaqs.com>:
  For all his hard work and effort in creating and maintaining a site as huge
  as GameFAQs.  He works hard to bring us the best in videogames and FAQs, and
  I for one really appreciate it.

o Kao Megura:
  For the best damn Final Fantasy VII FAQs around!  I also used his boss format
  in this guide, and intend to use it in all of my others.  You're darn cool,
  Kao, and someday I hope to be as good a writer as you.

o Deathspork:
  For his wonderful Rocket Knight Adventures FAQ/Walkthrough.  My goal is to
  make my FAQ/Walkthrough for Sparkster as good as his is for RKA.  I also
  found a few bits of information on the main characters from his guide.  Keep
  up the good work, Deathspork!  Also, thanks for the compliment. :)

o AstroBlue <FAQ Warp - http://members.aol.com/astroboyblue/resources.html>:
  For his extremely cool web site that helps us newbies a lot.  Also, thanks to
  his Grey-Scale FAQ I could get make some cool ASCII art for the heading of
  the FAQ!  Also, along with Dallas, he created an extremely cool FAQ Writing

o Dallas <DS-99 - http://www.dallastm.cjb.net>:
  For his kewl FAQ Writing Guide that he made with AstroBlue.  He also helped
  me out with Roman Numerals.  Somebody rules!

o The FAQ Contributors message board community at GameFAQs:
  These guys and gals are extremely helpful to newbie FAQ writers like myself.
  Thanks to everyone who helped me with Roman Numerals.  Without you, I
  wouldn't be using them in this FAQ.

o Yee Seng Fu:
  This guy, while always being extremely cool and helpful, actually taught be
  how to read Roman Numerals.  Legend!

o The makers of UltraEdit-32:
  I made the first quarter of this FAQ with WordPad but then I tried out
  UltraEdit-32.  It's really, really cool, and I definitely recommend other FAQ
  writers try it out.

o You, the readers:
  Thanks for taking the time to read my humble FAQ/Walkthrough. You're probably
  a fan, too, if you happen to be reading this.  Thanks a lot guys, and
  remember contributions are always welcome (hint hint wink wink). ;)

  6.2 - Contact Information

|| Contact Details                                ||
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|| >> Web Site: ---- Sorry, I don't have one yet  ||


Before sending in questions, tips, or any other information to contribute, it's
important to read these guidelines first.  Anyway, feel free to send in
information, tips, strategies, questions that ARE NOT answered in the FAQ,
corrections, whatever.  The only thing changed will be the format; I'll have to
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Also, there are two big things to remember.  One is that you are polite, the
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All contributors have been credited somehow within the document.

E-mail Guidelines

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