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    Fil Brown    rec.games.video.sega      Version: 1.2      Date: 9403.4

This document is intended to list all of the 'special' and a few not so
special moves specifically for the MegaDrive/Genesis version of Street
Fighter 2 - Special Champion Edition.

I created this document to answer easily the many requests I have heard for
the 'special' moves in SF2SCE.  While most of them are listed in the manual,
some are not [in my manual, anyway], such as Dhalsim's Corkscrew moves.  This
is because, although SF2 FAQ's exist, they contain much more information than
is used for the MegaDrive/Genesis version.

This document can never be complete, but I have tested all the moves listed,
and hope that they are all accurate.  Any further comments or additions to
this list would be _most_ welcome at fil@alcatel.demon.co.uk                  
The moves listed are all available while playing in Hyper mode, but not
necessarily in Champion mode.

The terms used are as follows:

       K (any kick)  - but strength/speed/range may depend on power
       Short         - Light Kick [default = A button]
       Forward       - Medium Kick [default = B button]
       Roundhouse    - Hard Kick [default = C button]
       P (any punch) - again power may affect strength/speed/range
       Jab           - Light Punch [default = X [A+Start*] button]
       Strong        - Medium Punch [default = Y [B+Start*] button]
       Fierce        - Hard Punch [default = Z [C+Start*] button]

                       * Note:  Start pauses the game with a six-button pad

These terms are considered the standard across all versions as HK for Hard
Kick also means Hurricane Kick, but I have explained them here for people
who do not know the meanings.

The directional controls are displayed with the player facing to the right,
[when the player is facing left, they are reversed], with the moves shown in
order from left to right, thus this sequence:

        |  +  \   +  ----x K
        |      \
        x       x

shows a move where you begin by holding the joypad down, and rotating
it towards your opponent, pressing any kick button as you reach the toward
position.  [This is the sequence for Sagat's Low Tiger Shot.]

This notation:

        When close: x---- / ----x Strong/Fierce

requires that you are close to your opponent, and that you press either away
_or_ towards, and either medium _or_ hard punch.  [This is a throw for most

Some moves require a 'charge' period, where you hold a direction for 2 seconds
before continuing with the move, this is shown as:

       x----  +  2  +  ----x K

This requires that you hold the joypad away from your opponent for 2 seconds,
then push towards your opponent, pressing any kick button simultaneously.
[This is M. Bison's Scissor Kick, and Balrog's Dashing Uppercut.]  Remember
that the time in seconds refers to the time of the timer [if displayed], not
real time, and that moves can be charged up when blocking, while waiting for 
a previous move to finish, or while the 'Round X' message appears at the start 
of a round.  The computer seems not to need this charge time -but that's 
another story...

For each character I have included a brief description of the moves they use
most often when the computer is controlling them [Level 4 and above], and a
brief description of each 'special' move, with further info on the more 
complex and difficult to perform ones.  The reason I state Level 4 or above is
that it is perfectly possible on Levels 1-3 to win all of the fights by just 
walking up to your opponent and punching them in the face or throwing them.

Ryu is a fast fighter and enjoys pelting you with hundreds of fireballs,
especially when you are a character who cannot retaliate.  He also uses
plenty of dragon punches, but after he's performed one he is very vulnerable
to attack from the side.

Ken's moves are very similar to Ryu's, except that he is stronger, but not
as fast.  The computer plays him similarly to Ryu with a few subtle
differences: for example Ken is more fond of the dragon punches than the
fireballs.  Ken is especially dangerous when he corners you.  Both of them
always throw you when you are stunned.  For more information on Ken's moves, 
see Ryu's equivalents.

Ken/Ryu's missile attack is easy to perform, and is best used in cancelling
other player's missile attacks, and dealing with players who continually use
either Honda's 100 Hand Slap, Chun Li's Lightning Kick, Blanka's Electricity 
or Bison's Psycho Crusher - as these annoying moves will be swiftly ended.  
When Zangief is spinning, he cannot be hit by a missile attack.  Note that
Ken and Ryu, as all the characters are presumably gas-powered as their
fireballs appear to be blue, instead of the more conventional orange.

        |  +  \   +  ----x P [Travels faster with harder punches]         
        |      \
        x       x

This is caused by a 'deliberate bug' in the game, and is most commonly done
when three or four Fireballs are fired in quick succession.  It does more 
damage than the usual attack, but moves slower.

HURRICANE KICK  "Tatsu Maki Sen Pu Kyaku"
This is another easy to use move, and can hit an opponent many times when
trapped in a corner, or stunned.  Use it with caution, as a missile attack
will take you out, and most characters can just kick you out of the air.

        |  +   /  + K x----
        |     /
        x    x

This move I find very difficult to perform, but I find the best method is to
use a sort of anti-clockwise rotation, but on the lower-right quarter of the
pad.  As mentioned earlier, this move leaves you very vulnerable to a side 
attack after it has been performed, but it is always useful to get you out of
a corner when you're in trouble.

        ----x  +  |  +  \
                  |      \
                  x       x P

AERIAL HURRICANE KICK  "Tatsu Maki Sen Pu Kyaku"
This takes a bit a practise before it can be used to any great effect, as an
escape route from a corner, surprising the slower opponents by getting behind
them, or for attacks on fighters still in the air.  

        |  [to jump]  +  |  +   /  + K x----
        |                |     /
                         x    x

This move is easy to use when an opponent is stunned, and takes a lot of
energy, but is too dangerous to use otherwise.

        When close: x---- / ----x Fierce

The move requires that you push towards an opponent and press Hard Punch, so
a non-stunned opponent would have you on your back before you get to that
range, unless you could surprise them by jumping over them, or catching them
as they land.

This is a variant of the Power Throw, and the same cautions apply.  These moves
are best used when an opponent is stunned, but not in a corner where a
Hurricane Kick would be more effective.

        When close: x---- / ----x Roundhouse

This is not a special move as such, but deserves a mention, when close to an
opponent this kick delivers two Hard Kicks in quick succession, and is the
best move to use on the Special Stages.

        When close: Roundhouse

Knocking the enemy off their feet, this move [and the other character's
equivalents] will prove useful to you as you play the game more, although not
as fun as the special moves.

        x Roundhouse

E. Honda is a surprising fighter, while the computer controlled version is
fairly easy to beat, it is also pretty easy to beat the computer with Honda, 
making two player games involving a Honda a lot of fun.  While the computer
likes to try and headbutt and belly flop you, it starts it's 100 hand slap 
from a distance, giving you a chance to use a missile attack.  Never let Honda
trap you in a corner.

This move is very easy to perform, and Honda can be moved while doing it.  If
an opponent is trapped in a corner, then this move is a real energy sapper.
It is a somewhat 'dishonourable' way of winning, and two player partners will 
soon tire of your tactics - but if victory over the computer at all costs is
your aim, then a quick switch to Honda can get you past that difficult fight.

        Press any PUNCH button repeatedly.  [Harder punches move faster]

This easily-done move is useful for getting yourself across the screen in a
hurry, but most characters can easily knock your fat figure from the sky when
you try this move on them.

        x----  +  2  +  ----x P

This move is slightly harder to perform, but can be charged up while blocking
[as all the Down, Up + Kick moves].  Honda looks absolutely ridiculous while
he is performing this move, so use a second player's laughter fit to good
advantage!  It's not a lot of use against a computer opponent, and a Dragon
Punch will knock you noisily to the ground.

                    x K
        |  +  2  +  |
        |           |

As with all throws, tricky to use unless the opponent is stunned.

        When close: x---- / ----x Strong

This move is a devastating version of the quicker character's throws, it 
usually only becomes possible on a stunned character, the victim must quickly 
press all the buttons to escape before they fall down.

        When close: x---- / ----x Fierce

In this move Honda looks to be attempting to sit on you, but hits you with his
feet instead, a good fast move to open up a round.  Follow up with a kick.

          x Short

Not a 'pigs might fly' joke, but an effective move with the full weight of
Honda behind it.  Don't expect to follow up too quickly though.

          x Fierce

Grab the opponent and slam their head into your knee.  A useful move and
quick [for Honda].

        When close: x---- / ----x Forward

CHUN LI  "Yatta!"
Chun Li is regarded by many people as the best fighter, and she is certainly
the fastest [except maybe Vega].  A computer Chun Li shows off her skills to 
good advantage, by continually jumping, kicking in the air and, Chun Li's most 
important ability, jumping right over an opponent and landing behind them with 
up to a full second's worth of surprise attack.  Chun Li can bounce off the 
walls when jumping to confuse her enemies and get out of corners when trapped.

This move is very destructive, especially when an opponent is trapped.  It is
easy to do, and blows away the Special Stages.  After you finishing pressing,
the move carries on for a while, giving you a chance to prepare for your next
move.  Beware that no-one gets behind you, or fires a missile at you in this
'lag' time, though.  This move is rather more difficult to perform on the
fastest speed, however.

        Press any KICK button repeatedly.  [Harder kicks move faster]

This move of Chun Li's is pretty spectacular, but unlikely to catch any 
computer opponents out, but a Lightning Kick can be prepared for when you
land, followed by another move.

                    x K
        |  +  2  +  |
        |           |

Chun Li's new missile move, the Fireball is fairly tricky to execute, and so
is not a safe way of neutralising opponent's missiles, Chun Li can more often
than not, jump forwards over a fireball and kick the opponent in the face.
The fireball is useful against characters like E. Honda, as described for Ryu 
and Ken's fireballs.
        x----  +   /  +  |  +  \   +  ----x P
                  /      |      \
                 x       x       x

This useful move attacks while also getting you out of trouble, but
you have to be close to start with.  Good for those surprise attacks from 
behind, though.

        When close: x---- / ----x Forward

The usual throw here for Chun Li, effective mainly on a stunned opponent.

        When close: x---- / ----x Fierce

This move, documented in the manual involves jumping, and performing a
Spinning Bird Kick while in the air.  As of yet, I have not been able to do
this move and so it is left out for the time being.  If anyone can give me
hints on how to do it, I would be most grateful, but I can't see how you can
charge for two seconds when you've just jumped (ie. pressed up) and you only
spend about a second in the air!

Sweeping the opponent off their feet, with a lot of power and a long reach,
this move alone can beat some computer opponents.

        x Fierce

No surprises here, this move is useful for finishing off an opponent when you
land next to them when you expected them to be dizzy.  Good at the end of 
those combos that sometimes need that one extra hit to make their heads spin.

        When close: Strong

This is a great move, and very satisfying.  You can grab people in the middle
of their aerial attacks, and slam them to the ground.

         /  + When close: x---- / ----x Fierce

This isn't an attacking move, but can be used to trick opponents and to get
behind them.  Remember to release the D-pad as soon as this move begins, both
to begin charging your next move, and also to avoid jumping back to the same
position you just got out of.

        At [left] edge of screen:  \

I have to admit that Blanka is my favourite character, his lack of many moves
makes him a challenge, but his long reach is second only to that of Balrog's
punches [and Dhalsim's stretchy arms of course].  A computer-controlled Blanka
can give you a lot of trouble, while it uses a large number of spin attacks,
his long punches and kicks can cause you more aggravation - not forgetting
that electricity attack when you least suspect it, and watch out - he bites!

This move is much like Honda's Sumo Headbutt, in that it won't fool many, and
they'll kick or punch you out of the air.  Zangief and Balrog don't seem to
do this though, but be careful.

        x----  +  2  +  ----x P

This move is like Honda's Sumo Smash, and about as effective.  It's a very
fast and violent-looking move that can scare some human opponents out of a
quick reaction, bringing you crashing down on their heads, with an Electricity
attack ready for good measure.  However, a quick Dragon Punch and your eyes
will soon be popping out of their sockets.

                    x K
        |  +  2  +  |
        |           |

This easy to perform move will prove shocking to your opponents, and it's 
great to see that all the characters have got their own 'Skeleton-Body'
graphic while being hit.  Watch out for missile attacks while executing this
move, though.

        Press any PUNCH button repeatedly.

I love this move!  It's Blanka's version of the throw, and can really do some
satisfying damage when an opponent is stunned.  Unfortunately, it's not that
easy to stun people with Blanka, as he has no missile attacks.

        When close: x---- / ----x Fierce

This move is a kick with a difference.  It not only delivers a full strength
kick, but it blocks attacks and moves you out of danger.  Dhalsim hates this

        x Roundhouse

This can be used while blocking, and has a long range ability to remove a
quarter of your opponents energy.  About three in a row should stun, but by
that time your opponent will, I think, have cottoned on.

        x Fierce

Like all Knees, Blanka's is a quick retaliation when you're taking a beating 
in the corner.

        When close: ---x Forward

A double-hitting move, like the Axe Kicks - this move must be done at close

        When close: Fierce

Zangief, while being very strong, is dismally slow.  When the computer
controls him, he takes all your punches, just so he can get in close for his
Spinning Pile Driver.  Don't let him get near you, a couple of Fireballs
[that he doesn't bother to block] and he's stunned and history.

This move can be executed on the move [sort of], but is pretty easy to defend
against.  He is invulnerable to missiles while performing it though.

        Press all three PUNCH buttons at once.

Another spin that protects you from missiles, but faster and shorter.  It will
hit characters in the air if you are lucky.

        Press all three KICK buttons at once.

This simple kick is about Zangief's only attempt at long-range combat, but it
does hurt!  Easily blocked, leaving Zangief open to attack.

           x K

This is the most deadly move in the game, and also the most difficult to
execute.  The only time it can be safely attempted is when your opponent is
stunned.  I've only managed it a few times on stationary two player 
characters, but it does some serious damage when you get it right!

        x       x                                          x       x
        |  +   /  +  ----x  +  \   +  |  +   /  +  x---- +  \   +  |
        |     /                 \     |     /                \     |
                                 x    x    x

        [which represents a 360-degrees clockwise rotation]

        Then, when close:  x---- / ----x P

The move must be wholly performed when close to your opponent, and you must
push into them to grab at the end, as if for a throw.

This is an easier to do version of the Spinning Pile Driver, can only be done
close up, and is moderately effective.

        When close: x---- / ----x Strong

This is a crushing move, like Blanka's Head Bite, but not as powerful.
Useful when opponents are stunned, though.

        When close: Strong

One of Zangief's many throws, this is a spectacular wrestling move, and does a
moderate amount of damage.  Can only be used close up, though.

        When close: x---- / ----x Forward

Another throw, this one is more powerful, but again is for close-up.  A good
substitute for the Spinning Pile Driver, if you can't always pull it off when 
your opponent is stunned, they lose nearly a quarter of their energy.

        When close: x---- / ----x Fierce

Yet another close-up throw, this is the most powerful after the Spinning Pile
Driver, it removes over a quarter of energy and makes them dizzy.

        When close: x---- / ----x Roundhouse

Guile is a popular fighter, but difficult to master.  The computer likes to
send Sonic Booms at you, until it can lure you into coming close enough for
a Flash Kick.  The good thing about Guile is that most of his moves can be
charged up while blocking, making him one of the most difficult fighters to

SONIC BOOM  "Sonic Boom!"
This missile move is easy to perform, and can be charged up while in a
defensive crouch, so that even though it is difficult to be fast enough to
cancel other character's missile attacks, if one gets through then it won't
do so much damage.

        x----  +  2  +  ----x P

This move is effective at any time, but it can be charged when blocking to 
lure your opponent into it for maximum effect.

                    x K
        |  +  2  +  |
        |           |

Guile's variation of the throw is a good move to use when your opponent is
stunned, otherwise it's rather dangerous.

        When close: x---- / ----x Fierce

Like Chun Li's version, this move really takes the stuffing out of an aerial
attack, but be careful not to get kicked in the face before you grab.

          /  +  When close: x---- / ----x Fierce

When crouched, Guile can stand up with a massive punch that takes out lazy
attacks from the air.

        When close: Fierce

This kick is the one where Guile turns upside down, and can be executed in
one of two ways:

        When close: x---- / ----x Roundhouse

The 'away' example is more useful as it gets you out of trouble if your
opponent retaliates.

A rare move that is quick and can be followed up well with a block.

        x---- / ----x Forward

This is Guile's breakdancing trip move.  His foot trips the opponent once,
then comes around again in enough time for them to have got up and walked into
it again.

        x Roundhouse

Dhalsim is a very difficult fighter to master, but can be used to great
effect, as the computer shows.  When he is controlled by the computer, he
leaps around a lot and uses his corkscrew moves and his leg slide to wear
you down.  Dhalsim is best when he gets in control, so don't let him!
When he teleports, it is normally to appear next to you, and in front - so
make him pay for his insolence with a quick smack in the mouth, if he appears
close behind you, you turn round anyway and the punch still hits, and if he
appears at a distance, you've lost nothing except for your pride as you punch
at the fresh air.

Good move for wearing down opponents, doesn't do much damage, and you must be
ready to retreat as soon as you hit.

        |  +  | P [in air]
        |     |

This move is similar to the Corkscrew, but it has a shorter range, and can be
continually performed.

        |  +  | K [in air]
        |     |

Dhalsim's missile attack is spectacular, and does as much damage as one of
Ryu or Ken's Fireballs, but it doesn't stun as quickly.

        |  +  \   +  ----x P [Travels faster with harder punches]         
        |      \
        x       x

A reduced range fire attack, but with increased damage, the Flame can be 
cancelled with a missile attack.  This move is tricky to perform, and because
of the similarity in the controls, a Yoga Fireball will often come out

        x----  +   /  +  |  +  \   +  ----x P
                  /      |      \
                 x       x       x

This move, which uses the same motion as the Dragon Punch, is very difficult
to perform.  It is useful against a human opponent, but there is no element
of surprise against a computer, because it obviously knows exactly where you
are going to reappear.  There are four variations of this move.

To appear behind your opponent:

        ----x  +  |  +  \
                  |      \
                  x       x Any 2 PUNCH buttons [near opponent] 
                            Any 2 KICK buttons [far away]

To appear in front of your opponent:

        x----  +  |  +   /
                  |     /
                  x    x Any 2 PUNCH buttons [near opponent] 
                         Any 2 KICK buttons [far away]

Holy double-hitting cranial combinations!  This move is powerful when close,
but is risky, as with all close moves.

        When close: Fierce

A version of the other's crushing moves, most similar to Honda's knee in that
few people use it, as they tend to use only the hard kicks and punches, and
never discover it.

        When close: x---- / ----x Strong

The best trip move, Dhalsim grins inanely as he sweeps your feet from under

        x Roundhouse

Balrog can't kick, he can't throw, and he can't jump particularly well.  His
reach is incredible with the Dash and Turn Punches, but unfortunately, his
punches are _all_ block-able.  His Head Butt can get you when all else fails.
A computer Balrog cheats.  He continually releases dashing punches, without
the proper charge time.  But, this is ok.  To beat it, just hit him once, then
retreat to a crouching block in the corner, and wait while his frenzied
attacks fail to connect each and every time until the time runs out and you
win 'on points'.  Well, if the computer can cheat...
In general, the punch buttons control his left hand, and the kick buttons his
right hand, so you may want to change the button configurations to easily
deliver a quick one-two.

Look out!  Too late.  This fast move will really knock 'em for six, but don't
use it too often on the computer, it learns and begins to block you.

        x----  +  2  +  ----x P

Same as the Dash Punch, but more effective against airborne opponents.

        x----  +  2  +  ----x K

TURN PUNCH  "Two" - !?
The mother of all punches, this one will have you opponent bending over
backwards for you.  Not too difficult to spot this one coming, though.

        Hold all three PUNCH or KICK buttons, then release.

The longer you hold the buttons, the harder the punch.  You can charge this
one up while backing away.

Two of these monsters, and your opponent will be seeing stars [or birdies].
Good when your opponent's in a corner.

        x Fierce

IMHO, Balrog's only decent move.  Like Blanka's Head Bite, this one is another
grab-and-not-let-go move, with dire consequences.

        When close: x---- / ----x Fierce

One of the few ways of sorting out aerial attacks, or attacking from above

           x Fierce

Not too difficult to pull off, this one.  As mentioned before, the kick 
buttons control your right hand, and wow, what a right hand!

        When close: Roundhouse

Sagat is a most unpleasant man, and has ripped of all of Ryu and Ken's moves,
except for the Hurricane Kick.  Instead he can deliver both High and Low
Tiger Shots.  A computer Sagat will always Tiger Uppercut you, then retreat to
send alternate High and Low Tiger Shots at you.  You will become sick to
death of him continually saying "Ti-ger", and this is probably designed to
break your concentration.

Sagat's missile attack is aimed at smaller characters' head height, and can
be ducked, or negated by a counter-missile.

        |  +  \   +  ----x P [Travels faster with harder punches]         
        |      \
        x       x

LOW TIGER SHOT  "Tiger" [again]
This is typical of Sagat's low down cheapness.  You have to jump this one, or
blast it with one of your own.

        |  +  \   +  ----x K [Travels faster with harder kicks]         
        |      \
        x       x

TIGER UPPERCUT  "Tiger Uppercut"
A nasty dragon punch, with variable speeds and ranges, depending on the button
used.  Leaves Sagat open to counter-attack, assuming he hasn't just punched
your lights out.

        ----x  +  |  +  \
                  |      \
                  x       x P

A fearsome kick, which is useful in a corner.

        When close: Roundhouse

Surprisingly, the reverse of the High Kick, this one is a trip move, but does
a fair bit of damage, too.

        x K

TIGER KNEE  "Tiger" [groan]
There are two claimed ways of doing this move, one is the Dragon Punch 
movement with a kick instead of a punch, but the one that works for me is:

               x K
        |  +  /
        |    /

I suppose you know what this does by now.  Use it when they're stunned.

        When close: x---- / ----x Strong/Fierce

VEGA  "Yo Vega Wi-hin!"
Vega's moves are complicated, and don't take much energy, but it will be no
surprise to learn that the computer can execute them all perfectly.  A Vega
controlled electronically will leap about almost continually, pausing only to
charge for his Swan Dive, or to pose to the crowd.  He can bounce off the
walls like Chun Li, and is probably the fastest character in the game.

This move is tricky to execute at first, it doesn't do an awful lot of damage,
but it is certainly spectacular.  In Spain, before diving, Vega will climb the
wire at the back, he will eventually jump off by himself, but you can hurry it
up by pressing punch or kick.

                    x K
        |  +  2  +  |    Then, when diving: ----x P
        |           |

This is the same as the swan dive, except that Vega throws when he lands on
his opponent.  This move has more power than the Swan Dive, and is a good way
to get a throw in without getting too close to your opponent.

                    x K
        |  +  2  +  |    Then, when diving: P x----
        |           |

Vega uses his claws to attack his opponent, but surprisingly they don't take
away much energy.

        When close: P

Not an attacking move, this helps you out of a sticky situation.

        At [left] edge of screen:  \

Hit 'em where it hurts!  Well, anywhere you hit 'em hurts when you wear a
12-inch razor-sharp claw on your fist.

        x Fierce

This can hit an opponent six times [but then again, so can a hurricane kick, 
but have you ever actually seen it hit that many times?].  It is sort of a
missile attack, but if you are hit, you lose more than your missile.

        x----  +  2  +  ----x P

Can be done while charging a Swan Dive, this move will irritate your opponents
into submission.

        x Roundhouse

This is pretty self-explanatory by now, use it when they're stunned [by your
good looks]

        When close: x---- / ----x Strong/Fierce

M. Bison is a very, very unpleasant man, I mean, when you lose he has 
absolutely no qualms about telling you to get lost!  A computer Bison will
head stomp you a lot, then flame you when he starts to lose  [Psycho-flame
you that is, not argue with you on the net].   When you are in a corner, 
he will use the second part of his head stomp move to get behind you and throw 

This move will hit at least four times if you block it, otherwise you will be
consumed in wiggly blue lines of electricity.

        x----  +  2  +  ----x P

Just a punch, well sort of.  When Bison punches he has fists of fire that
can stun quickly.

        When close: P

Unblock opponents with this aerial attack.

           x P

Two hits from this nasty move, charge it while retreating for a surprise when
they're expecting the Psycho Crusher.

        x----  +  2  +  ----x K

Like everyone else's [except Balrog's] flying kick, but with a bit more venom.

           x K

The same as Dhalsim's, except that Bison can be kicked in the face by a flying
kick, _while_ he is performing this move.

        x K

A complicated move, but very effective.  Hard to block against, and quick for

                    x K
        |  +  2  +  |    Then, after the stomp: ----x P
        |           |

"What's that?", I hear you ask, but you were only joking.

        x---- / ----x Strong/Fierce

Well, that [finally] concludes my guide to the MegaDrive/Genesis versions of
Street Fighter II' - Special Champion Edition.  I may not have included all of
the moves, or I may have got some mixed up.  Either way - tell me.  I am at
fil@alcatel.demon.co.uk - which is the Reply address of this document.

Before I go, here is a 'cheat' I know works:

At the Capcom logo at the beginning of the game:

        |  +  Z  +  |  +  X  +  A  +  Y  +  B  +  C
        |           |

You hear Chun Li say "Yatta!", and when you play the one-player game, you can
use special moves _only_.  This is rather a bitch, but it _does_ make you

Here's another:

On the screen where you choose Match Play/Elimination:

Using controller two:    |  +  Z  +  |  +  X  +  A  +  Y  +  B  +  C 
                         |           |

Chun Li again shrieks an excited "Yatta!", and each character can be selected
twice, so that in a match play of 3 rounds (for instance) you could have
Ryu vs. Ryu, then Ken vs. Ken and then Chun Li vs. Chun Li.  Useful.

And now here's a cheat I use a _lot_, this cheat is an adaptation of a
standard cheat common to nearly all two-player games, where you use the 
second player to carry on when your original player is in trouble.

The quickest [and easiest] way to get to M. Bison on any level.

        1.  Choose Start Game with Player 1
        2.  On the character selection screen, press Start for Player 2
        3.  Pick Player 1 & Player 2 characters
        4.  Use Player 1 to quickly beat in a stationary Player 2
        5.  Press Start to continue Player 2
        6.  Choose another victim, the Player 2 who was just beaten will be
             crossed out on the map, and you won't have to fight them again.

Note: this cheat does not apply to M. Bison, so you can cross everyone off the
list, but then you must beat M. Bison.  Of course you won't have had any
practise this way, so Bison will probably cream you, as you are used to 
static opponents, so...

A nice variation of this is to actually _have_ two players, ruling that when
one is beaten, they choose a _new_ character - then when all the characters
are used up, the winner stays on with their last character to fight M. Bison.

Ok, that's it - let me know if there's anything I missed [or anything that I
_should_ have missed].  

Thanks to:
          ps1o@andrew.cmu.edu (Phil Stroffolino) - for the FAQ
          inkblot@leland.stanford.edu (T. Cannon) - for buffers & much more
          euming@mrcnext.cso.uiuc.edu (Eu-Ming Lee) - for throws & tips
          sinister.stairs@um.cc.umich.edu - for the Arcade moves & more
          kt12+@andrew.cmu.edu - for the sayings
          cw21219@uxa.cso.uiuc.edu - for the dizzies
          chris@alcatel.demon.co.uk - for Internet access

Thanks also to all the people who have e-mailed me with comments on this list,
about terminology and Ken's computer-controlled moves in particular, otherwise
this would still be version 0.9.

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           you can do what you like with this document in whole or in part




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