How to do stage code it did not work ?

Help please

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Lutepin answered:

The description of the Stage Select cheat under the GameFAQs "Cheats" tab is unclear.
After the main title screen, you'll see the main menu, with four options: 1 Player, 2 Players, Options, Battle. Move your arrow to "Battle," then press and hold UP and B (pressing UP will move the arrow to "Options"). WHILE HOLDING both UP and B, press C to select "Options." You will hear a 1-up sound when it is done correctly. At the bottom of the Options menu, there will be another option called "Stage Select." Press left and right to choose from stages 1-6. This allows you to play after Stage 5 on Easy (on Easy, the game ends at Stage 5).

You can also unlock Shiva with the Stage Select code:

1) Start playing a single-player game, and get a Game Over (use Hard mode and 1 life to do this quickly). You can play for any amount of time, and on any difficulty/stage, just get a Game Over.
2) Without resetting or turning off the game, you will return to the main menu. Use the Stage Select code, and choose Stage 2.
3) After starting the game from stage 2, Shiva will be selectable when you continue or a player joins (without having to play stage 1)!
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ninbroken328 answered:

i agree with Lutepin- that's the code i use. but it is a little tricky to get it to work. make sure you press the right buttons on the right controller. it helps if you have somebody else help ya. now the whole Shiva thing..i've never heard of that code..i wanna try it! there was another one to unlock him but it never worked for me. Lutepin- add that to the cheats section. ( if you haven't already.) =)
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