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Streets of Rage 3
A FAQ/Walkthrough
By Jesse M. Roa

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Well, here I am, bored out of my mind, and writing an FAQ for the single 
greatest beat-em-up game ever. This game was released in 1994, and was 
easily one of my favorite games at that time it was released. I'm sure 
if you're reading this now, it has lived on in your heart as well. It 
was created by Sega (but don't hold that against it), and can easily be 
called one of my favorite games of all time. Without further ado, I'd 
like to introduce the characters. 


(all characters are included in this section, including the two secret 
characters. All of the stats are rated out of a maximum of six and a 
minimum of one.)


Power: 6
Technique: 5
Speed: 2
Jump: 2
Reach: 5
My Overall Rating: 3
Looks: 3

Description: Axel is what could be considered the main character, 
(although there really isn't one). He is the typical street brawler 
character, and easily the most powerful character in the game besides 
Shiva. His slams are also very powerful and his excellent technique is 
the reason. Unfortunately, he is very slow, and can't jump for beans. 
He's got good reach though, so he should be used to mix up with the 
enemies, but also keep his distance when needed. Overall a very average 
character. If you are choosing a character for looks, he is a bit 
average. The only thing keeping him from looking cooler is his strangely 
colored uniform. (Didn't know cops wore yellow.)

Bottom Line: Average choice, good for a first choice


Power: 4
Technique: 6
Speed: 4
Jump: 4
Reach: 4
My Overall Rating: 6!
Looks: 6!

Description: Blaze is easily my favorite character in this game. Her 
stats may not say much, but she has absolutely no weakness in any area. 
Her fighting style looks cool, and she has enough strength to fight 
front line, but can also run around quickly as well. She is the best 
technical fighter in the game by far, and her slams and grabs are 
destructive. As for how she looks, she simply could not be designed 
better. She has a cool looking outfit (albeit skimpy, which I like :) ), 
and her fighting stance looks awesome. The best (in my opinion) choice 
for your character in the game. 

Bottom Line: Awesome Choice, may need to master the game to fully 
utilize her, best fighter at anything in the game


Power: 2
Technique: 4
Speed: 5
Jump: 5
Reach: 2
My Overall Rating: 4
Looks: 5

Description: Skate is the young kid on rollerblades, and seems to be a 
popular choice. He looks better than he is though. He gets abused in 
close quarters if you get surrounded, and his short reach requires him 
to get close. He is quite speedy so he can maneuver the enemies in 
circles , and can jump fairly well, but if you want a speedy jumping 
fighter, Roo is much better. Overall, he's a fun, although inneffective 
choice. His skater look is pretty cool, and I like how he skates around. 

Bottom Line: Fun Choice, another good choice for a first time, or good 
to screw around with


Power: 5
Technique: 3
Speed: 3
Jump: 3
Reach: 6
My Overall Rating: 5
Looks: 3

Description: Zan is a very strange character, and I have yet to see 
anyone use him. His fighting style is much like Dhalsim from Street 
Fighter, very reliant on his reach and hard to use correctly. If 
mastered, however, he is one of the best choices you have for a 
character. His reach and power simply decimates hordes of enemies, and 
he is not as slow as Axel. He is best used to keep as much distance as 
possible from the enemy. He doesn't look as cool as he plays though, and 
the fact that he's some old man is dumb. His armor is his saving grace, 
it adds a futuristic look to him. 

Bottom Line: Great Choice, good choice in single player games


Power: 3
Technique: 2
Speed: 6
Jump: 6
Reach: 2
My Overall Rating: 5
Looks: 6

Description: A hidden character, Roo can be unlocked by holding up + B 
at the title screen, then pressing start. You can also get him by 
beating Bruce and Roo on stage 2, but you must kill Bruce before Roo. 
Roo is much like a better, faster, Skate. His stats are very similar to 
Skate's but better. Well worth unlocking. His only downside is his 
horrible reach. Because of this he is easily surrounded. An excellent 
choice for two player games. As for looks, well, he's a kangaroo. Can't 
go wrong right?

Bottom Line: Excellent Choice, good choice in two player games

(Shiva's stats are thought up by me, as you can't look at his stats in 

Power: 6
Technique: 1
Speed: 4
Jump: 4
Reach: 5
My Overall Rating: 5
Looks: 5

Description: Shiva is the second hidden character in the American 
version of Streets of Rage 3. He can be obtained after beating him in 
level 1. Hold down B as soon as he dies, and continue to hold it until 
the next stage starts. When you die and get a continue, he will be 
selectable. As for his effectiveness, he would easily be the best 
character in the game if it were not for one thing: he has no frontal 
grabs, and cannot hold weapons, like Roo and Zan. It proves to be quite 
a hindrance, and lessens his effectiveness. He is an excellent brawler 
charcter anyway, and looks kind of like a traditional ninja character. 
An excellent choice. 

Bottom Line: Excellent Choice, best fighter in the game, too bad he 
can't grapple

(Here I will show good people to beat single-player Streets of Rage with 
and good teams for two-player mode. It goes best to worst in single 
player, and only good teams are shown in the two-player section.)


Blaze, anyone
Zan, Shiva
Roo, Skate
Axel, Shiva
Zan, Roo

(In my opinion) 

Blaze and either Zan or Roo

ENEMIES (The names of enemies are just one of many different names these 
enemies use. All ratings are out of 6, like the characters.)

Skill: Block
Difficulty: 3
Description: Blondies come in many different colors, but all have the 
same abilities. They are distinguishable by their blond hair and 
sunglasses. They are quite easy to beat however, and swing at you 
rarely. Their blocking does get annoying, though. 

Skill: Jumping Elbow Drop, occasionally use knives
Difficulty: 2
Description: The punching bag enemy of the whole game. Carlos can't 
block, and can't throw. He only punches, and his punch is weak anyway. 
Just beat on them. Sometimes he'll surprise you with an elbow drop, but 
it's slow and easy to see. Sometimes they'll come with a knife, which 
makes them very annoying. Keep your distance from the knife wielders. 
Skill: Uppercut
Difficulty: 2
Description: These guys are kind of like the Carlos enemy, but don't 
even have weapons or jumps. Easily defeated, but get annoying if they 
come at you in a group. They'll circle around you and uppercut you in 
the back. Otherwise, treat them like a punching bag.

Skill: Head butt
Difficulty: 5
Description: Really annoying for a regular enemy. Not so much early on, 
but later they are extremely annoying. When in packs, you really have to 
keep punching them. Grabs are ineffective, they just grab you instead 
and head butt you. This is the most irritating enemy in the game besides 
the Fabio. Keep your distance. 

Skill: Slide, Toss
Difficulty: 3
Description: Not too bad, these guys have a lame ability to slide. It'll 
catch you if you're slow, but otherwise don't worry about it. When 
behind you, they'll chuck you for a fair amount of damage, though. 
They're pretty average though, don't worry about them. They really stand 
out with their Mohawks, too.

Skill: Fire, Throw Friends, Roll
Difficulty: 4
Description: These guys are pretty hard, especially with a Carlos or 
two. They'll chuck the Carlos at you. Simply beat on these guys, they 
fall on you for good damage if you try to throw or slam them. Grab and 
smacks, or forward slams will work, though. Try to keep close to them, 
also. Their cannonball and flame is far range. 

Skill: Electric Whip
Difficulty: 4
Description: Very irritating to fight against, and cowardly fighters. 
They dress like prostitutes, and whip the crap out of you. VERY 
annoying. Especially in groups. They do good damage, but get destroyed 
in close combat. They are long range so grapple them frequently. They 
also have the ability to stay on the ground so you don't wait for them 
to get up. Sometimes they cheap shot you after doing that.

Skill: Jump Dropkick, Rapid Slap
Difficulty: 3
Description: These ladies are cool to fight against because they don't 
block, whip, or whatever. They are easy pickings on the Easy and Normal 
difficulties, but in Hard they often do the rapid slap, which saps 
energy VERY fast. All I can say is beat them before they beat you.

Skill: Block, Jump Kicks
Difficulty: 6
Description: These fruity-looking fighters are the hardest normal 
enemies in the game in my opinion. They block almost all of your combos, 
and their prissy kicks are powerful. It's best to grapple them, or do 
something they can't block. In big groups they are almost impossible. 

Skill: Throwing Stars, Jumping
Difficulty: 4
Description: The ninjas often wield weapons as well as beat you in with 
punches and kicks. They're not too challenging though, and pretty much 
anything works well on them. 

Skill: GUNS!
Difficulty: 6
Description: The biggest bastards late in the game, these guys shoot you 
from afar. They can toss you also, but the wussies always try to stay as 
far away as possible. Try to get close and beat them from mid-range. Get 
too close and they'll embarrass you by tossing you across the screen. 

Skill: Self-Destruct, Laser
Difficulty: 2
Description: Weak, but their self-destruct is powerful. Overall, they 
rarely use their lasers, so just lay the smack down on them. Just don't 
get hit by their self-destruct and you'll be fine. 

Skill: Flying, Slam
Difficulty: 4
Description: Rare, but in the game, they fly around the screen measuring 
you up for a hit. Not too hard as long as you don't get too close. 
They'll drop your ass HARD. A very strong move.   

(Bosses will be treated much the same as enemies, but with a coulpe 
characters I recommend you take them on with.)

Difficulty: 2
Ideal Char(s): Anyone
Description: This is the weakest boss in the game, and rightfully so. 
Being the first boss in the game, he will introduce you to what boss 
fights are like. He's fairly simple. You can grab him, beat him, 
whatever. He does throw back though, so watch out. Anybody can take this 
guy on.

Difficulty: 2
Ideal Char(s): Anyone
Description: More like a sub-boss, these guys are extremely weak. Roo 
will do all the work, while Bruce whips you from afar. Forget about Roo, 
and simply beat down Bruce. Beating Bruce will make Roo leave the fight. 
Bruce is weak though, and all he can do is whip. Beat these guys down. 

Difficulty: 4
Ideal Char(s): Zan, Axel, Shiva
Description: These two girls wil beat you to China if you don't fight 
very carefully. They will jump around a lot, so don't get in the range 
of their jump kicks. Just wait until they jump, judge where they're 
going to land, and beat them with your combo. Keep doing this and you 
should be fine. Watch out for their kick-toss, (it looks like Blaze's), 
it takes half your life.

Difficulty: 3
Ideal Char(s): Anyone
Description: The robot Axel is pretty wussy at the beginning of the 
fight, but every time you take enough life, he turns redder, and gets 
stronger. Hammer him at the beginning with anything, Then, when he gets 
stronger, start beating him down with jump attacks. I usually don't have 
too much trouble with this guy.

Difficulty: 3
Ideal Char(s): Skate, Roo, Blaze, Zan
Description: This boss is the longest fight in the whole game I believe. 
(On hard anyway.) You will fight three Yamatos, and each one gets better 
than the last one. It's good to have a speedy character, or a character 
who has good range. He teleports around, and slashes you when he 
reappears. Wherever he shows up, wail on him. 

Difficulty: 5
Ideal Char(s): Axel, Blaze, Shiva
Description: Robot X is extremely annoying. He jets around shooting you, 
and when you knock him down, he'll bum rush you and beat you down with 
punches. He has missiles, machine guns and everything. A real life 
waster, don't try to grab him. Hit him with specials, and don't pull any 

Difficulty: 6
Ideal Char(s): Blaze, Axel
Description: The hardest bastard in the game. Harder than the last boss 
in my opinion. He flies around, slamming you, and has Rockets 
accompanying him. He fights exactly like a rocket, but much stronger. 
Kill his cronies, then concentrate on him. Blaze is especially good with 
her Fire special. 

I decided not to give away the last boss. Let me just tell you, I 
believe the boss is different for each difficulty level. Come into this 
fight with at least one continue. And get ready for the fight of your 

(All stats are still out of 6.)

Difficulty: 1

The wherehouse is the introductory area of the game. Almost all enemies 
will die in one hit. If you can't handle this place, buy a new game. 

This is a bit of a bigger challenge than the previous area. It'll 
introduce the Big Ben enemy, motorcyclers, and lots of other run-of-the-
mill guys. Not too much harder than the previous area. Just rack up lots 
of points here. 

Another simple area, introduces the annoying Electra enemy, however, and 
you'll get your first boss fight here. Shiva will be your first 
opponent, make sure you're ready for him. 

Difficulty: 2

This place is swarming with motorcycle riders, and you should watch your 
tread. It'll also be your first sub-boss here. At the end, you'll face 
Bruce and Roo, a pretty weak duo. Just beat them down and progress to 
the next area. 

A little more challenging than the previous areas. The switching disco 
lights will screw up your vision, and the enemies are more congested. 
Get ready for your first hard fights. 

Not much to do here, other than fight the pretty hard Mona and Lisa. 
Just make sure you have enough health to last here. 

Difficulty: 4

Again, not much new, other than the fact that barrels will fall from the 
sky on you, you can fall to your death, and the enemies get stronger. A 
big leap in difficulty from the last level. 

This part is really a pain in the arse. You have to break the walls down 
to get through, but also punch the bulldozer so it doesn't run you over. 
Balance your attacks on both walls and bulldozers, and you shouldn't 
have too much trouble. 

This is the real life-waster of the level from my experience. Don't fall 
off, and be ready for attacks from above. You'll get to fight Axel at 
the top. 

Difficulty: 5

Here, you'll be walking along a train track, fighting enemies along the 
way. Make sure you don't get hit by trains. Just keep going, and you'll 
get to the end and face Yamato. 

Difficulty: 5

You'll have to go through a lot of Fabios here, so just beat them down 
with your specials. Get to the top as quickly as possible.

Another run of the mill area, not any surprises here. Just fight your 
way to the elevator.

All I can say about this area is...Good luck. LOTS of enemies will drop 
down here. Get ready for it. When you reach the top, prepare for Robot 

Difficulty: 4

Go through this place and go through both middle doors on both levels, 
hitting both power stations. Afterwards, you should be able to rescue 
the chief. 

Fight the Jet and his cohorts.

Good luck!


Q: How many secret characters are there in the American Streets of Rage 

A: 2, Shiva and Roo. In the Japanese version an additional character, 
Ash was in the game. 

Q: How come they took out Ash?

A: He is a stereotyped homosexual. 

Q: How come when I get enough points, a star appears under my life bar? 

A: It allows you access to a special move, each character has a 
different one. I forget how to do them at the moment. 

Q: How many endings are there?

A: 3.

Jesse Roa (I made this Faq.)
Sega (For making my favorite game of all time.)
You (For actually reading this.)

This document is copyright Jesse Roa, and is made solely for my 
purposes, and that of Game Faqs. You must ask permission from me to 
reproduce this document in any way, shape, or form.