Boss FAQ by cloudff72000

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Boss Type Guide/Strategy Guide, by Cloudff72000

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Giant Dragons
3. Giant Cyclopedes
4. Two-headed Fire Demons
5. Necromancers
6. Flying Demons
7. The Final Battle
8. Credits.

1. Introduction

This is a more general guide for the game Sword of Vermilion. The bosses in
this game are just plain-out cool. Rather than face them in the manner of
normal enemies, you get to view them through a side-scrolling perspective.
The variety of these bosses, or Archmonsters as they're called in this game.
I organized the bosses by type, and within each type, the information is as
The number you face in this game
The difficulty an average player will have (on a scale of 1-5, with 1 being the
How it attacks
How to defeat it
Where you face them

2. Giant Dragons
Number faced in this game: 3
Difficulty: 3
Attacks: These monsters are extremely long, and they simply raise and lower
their heads. If you are close enough, their heads will jump out at you and
force you back. 
Strategy to Defeat: Simple, really. While it's head is in movement, slash at
it. When its head gets closer to the ground, simply move back. When you defeat
it, it's head and neck will come crashing to the ground, blood will ooze out,
and it'll die.
Where you face them: The first one you face is the first in the game. This one
is disguised as the King of Parma. This monster is blue.

The second is Tsarkon's minister, who you meet when you get to Cartahena & find
nobody there. This time, the monster is gold-colored.

The third can be one of the two. If you completed a certain side-quest, the
monster will be the spy who poisoned you. If not, it'll just be a little girl
who says you'll die. Either way, you encounter this one you'll face will be in
Thule Cave, and it'll be blood red in color.

3. Giant Cyclopedes
Number faced in this game: 2
Difficulty: 2
Attacks: These monsters are about 10 times the size of you. They walk upright,
and attack by shooting lightning out of their arms.
Strategy to defeat: You can tell when they are preparing to attack by the
motion in their arms and their face. Simply avoid those attacks, get your
attacks in when you can, and it should die soon enough. After you've done
enough damage to it, one of its arms will become unusable; this means it's near
Where you face them: The first one is the monster that stole the youth from the
people of Watling. It resides in Verlin's Cave, and is greyish in color

The second is Luther, who you meet in Thule Cave. This monster is pinkish

4. Two-Headed Fire Demons
Number faced in this game: 3
Difficulty: 3
Attacks: These are some bad beastie. Using its hands, it shoots fireballs at
you. One is a high fireball, which you can duck, while the other is low, but
Strategy to Defeat: Just use common sense with the fireballs. Duck the high
fireballs and slash the low ones. Get in close to do damage to it. When you
deal enough damage to it, the high hand will be unusable. This is when you
go for the kill.
Where you face them: The first resides in Sanguios Cave, disguised as a little
girl. She stole the Sanguios spell book from the king of Stow. You face her
twice; once in Sanguios Cave, and once in Asti's Cave. This monster is dark
blue in color

The second is Thar, whom you meet in Thule Cave. This one is bright red in

5. Necromancers
Number faced in this game: 2
Difficulty: 1
Attacks: The Necromancer attacks in two ways. It's main way of killing you is
by summoning skeletons to its defense. It can also fire a ball of energy at
Strategy to Defeat: How easy can this be? Just slash through the skeletons and
slice the Necromancer in half.
Where you face them: The first one is your clone, waiting for you in Darmon's
Cave. This one is bluish-colored, as are his skeletons.

The second is Tsarkon himself, in his first form. You face him in Thule Cave,
and he's greenish in color, and so are his skeletons.

6. Flying Demons
Number faced in this game: 3
Difficulty: 4
Attacks: Demons are able to fly, and they also breath fire when they land. Be
careful not to land underneath them; otherwise, you're simply dead.
Strategy to defeat: Slash them when they're on the ground, and stay away from
them when they're in the air. They should die soon enough.
Where you face them: The Dark Demon is in Ivory Cave, and is dark blue in
The Blood Demon is in Ruby Cave, and is a reddish in coloring.
The Gray Demon is in Sapphire Cave, and, despite its name, is a greenish color.

7. The Final Battle
Also known as: A Two-Headed Something or Another
Number Faced in this game: 1 (The Final Battle. DUH!)
Difficulty: 5
Attacks: Using its 2 heads, it shoots balls of lightning from the mouths. It
also moves its heads up & down.
Strategy to defeat: There is no easy way to defeat this monstrosity. You have
to defeat both heads, and each has four parts to it. Even if you manage to get
one, ya still gotta get the other. Don't worry about them growing back, though.
Once they're gone, they're gone.
Where you face them: After beating Tsarkon's first form, this rises from the
ground to tear the life from you. 

8. Credits

First, I have to thank SEGA of America for creating this game.
Second, I must thank GameFAQs, for posting this as well as my other