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				Date:  Thursday, April 19, 2001
						Final Version

						By J.T.
Storyline:  Buster finds a treasure map and Montana Max wants it.  Buster says 
no so he recruits Dr. Gene Splicer to kidnap and control all of his friends.  
Now Buster must find his treasure before Montana does and free his pals from the 
bad Doctor.

Introduction:  This game is a weird mix of Sonic The Hedgehog & Donkey Kong.  
Overall it's kind of fun so I have decided to put it in the all star hall of 
fame by writing a FAQ for it.  This game is very linear since you have to finish 
a level to go on to the next one (like DK).  Here we go . . .

	You start off as Buster of course, as the title implies.

Round 1, World I - For an introductory level this isn't half bad.  Just run 
through collecting carrots and get the invincible if you can spot it.  Follow 
the green guy into a portal out of here.  

Round 2, World I - Run to the edge but don't jump or you'll be squashed.  Keep 
doing this then jump on a rat then jump on a power-up rat with a pogo-stick.  
Land on the bouncers to send you high and get some carrots and keep hopping, 
until you reach a heart.  Jump on 2 more platforms & gain invincibility (I 
think) and start throttling people.  Keep getting carrots and knock off the 3 
rats in a row to leave.

Round 3, World I - Now the background changes to lava!  Push the lever to the 
left to speed up the hill.  Either go under the ground or keep going but the 
ground is dangerous + it slows you down.  When you see the platform keep jumping 
on them and you'll get a heart.  Push another level to go high and collect the 
bird guy.  Jump the button trampoline and scram.

Round 4, World I - Walk right in to see some mad scientist type controlling 
Dizzy Devil.  Guess what?  You have the joy of fighting him!  But you can't 
touch him, so hit the scientist instead about 4 or 5 times then his little 
controller will explode and Dizzy's helmet explodes.

Round 5, World I - Dash the angry bears and collect carrots.  Dodge the apples 
being thrown at you and jump over the can so the bear doesn't get you.  Jump 
from tree to tree to still another tree then a bat and some quicksand.  String 
your way across the line and crush the cadaver's cranium (puns are great) then 
swing across another line to jump 2 cadavers' + a bear.  Jump 2 more bears and 

Round 6, World I - Hit the trampoline to cross line with 30 carrots then a heart 
then 10 more carrots.  Then slide down a line to jump on a platform but get off 
before it hits the spikes.  If the bird gets you jump to the top to replenish 
yourself.  Run across the logs then dodge the multitude of enemies and get a 
heart if you need it.  Your up for more platform jumping fun so be precise and 

Round 7, World I - Avoid the teeth and get carrots.  Dash across the logs to 
knock 2 cadavers' while dodging 2 teeth.  Hit the trampoline to collect the 
roadrunner's spawn.  Head back to leap across the river, if you fall in your 
pretty much a goner.  Collect the carrots in the shape of TINY to get an extra 
life.  Continue through, staying away from the spikes.  

Round 8, World I - Don't jump up as it leads to a dead end.  If you jump far 
enough you can get 4 hearts instead of 3.  Dodge spikes to move up through a 
tree elevator?  Continue through to move down in a tree elevator then raise 
yourself higher.  When your jumping on the tree tops don't fall or you'll have 
to do it over.  Keep reaching the arrows and wall jump (jump on wall then jump 
again) up as you can't reach it with a regular one.  Descend the logs to leave.

Round 9, World I - This time the mad scientist got control of Calamity, I wonder 
how that happened, that character is supposed to be a genius.  Anyways hop to 
different squares to bash the scientist while dodging bombs.  Calamity Coyote 
seems to be lethargic so move on to the next world.


Round 1, World II - Reach the bell and you've earned your extra heart.  After 
lashing 3 straight goons, run from the impending spikes.  When you see the 
boulder go right to collect the mouse and some carrots.  Drop down then jump 
really quick over the oncoming boulder.  If you want you can get an invincible 
bubble I recommend it since there's like 6 or 7 enemies coming up.  Kill the 
assorted cronies with your touch.  Jump the small platforms then collect a mouse 
bubble then crouch to get across.  Run fast to avoid the falling stalactites 
then leave.

Round 2, World II - Get past the stalactites only to be confronted with more 
stalagmites.  Move past the rotating tiles to dodge like 7 enemies in a row 
while in a river with a current.  While moving up on the giant piece of rock, 
keep dodging the bats then get off before you get crushed.  Keep dropping off 
the platforms then move left to find a rainbow circle.  Touch it to go to 
"Wackyland" where you can amass an extra life.  Leave there and travel left to 
get a bell.  Move STRAIGHT left do not drop down unless you would like to repeat 
the abovementioned paragraph.  Move across 2 platforms that quit on you then 
clear the rats out.  

Round 3, World II - Swim for your very first time while getting the TINY 
carrots.  Then move all the way to the right and sink for an extra life.  Move 
past the 2 spiked balls then stick to the wall while ascending.  Now you have to 
swim carefully past spiked balls and fishes then exit this infested level.

Round 4, World II - Now our good scientist on an airplane has hypnotized Plucky 
Duck and he has a hammer.  Proceed to jump on him when he swoops down.  The 
hammer also brings down stalactites, so dodge those too.  His airplane destructs 
and Plucky warns you about the upcoming lava cave.

Round 5, World II - Proceed through as you would any other level but don't touch 
the flame guys or you'll get burned.  Right after the parade of flame kids and 
the toad, you can get a bell.  Jump over the lava balls then go upward to get 
past 2 spiked balls.  Now you have a boulder with some stalactites, to boot!  
Crouch down at the rollers and rise on the lava platform then travel left to 
exit this hell-fire level. 

Round 6, World II - Don't trip over the can (some kind of gag) then trounce 
three toads (pun) to play the fun game of "make it to the top before you get 
burned". One crappy jump can ruin it for you.  Exit this level whenever you make 
it to the top.

Round 7, World II - Plucky Duck is under the scientist's control again.  His 
schizophrenia is bad, as he proclaims himself to be the Toxic Revenger and you 
are in for it.  Jump over his flying onto the platforms to bash the good doctor 
some more. After 4-5 hits the doctor takes a plummet into the lava with some 
missing teeth.  Plucky is still schizophrenic, so this stage was in vain.


Round 1, World III - Take your second plunge into the water.  Ah feels good 
after those lava stages, doesn't it?  After the pond with frogs jump up and go 
left to get a bell.  Now they're intermixing the ponds with crocodiles, fish and 
frogs AND crabs.  Get the bell and head down pouncing on enemies.  Go to the 
right to get an extra life.  Jump left to not hit the spikes and move down.  Now 
they have sharks for you to tango with. With the bats, this is the most 
culturally diverse level yet.  Move fast to get past the sharks and leave.

Round 2, World III - You cannot tell me this doesn't resemble Gangplank Galleon 
from DK.  When you get past the spikes crouch down to move right.  Head all the 
way right to combat 3 knights and get a bell or just jump up to fight 2 knights.  
Get the boomerang knight after he shoots his boomerang at you.  Keep moving and 
move right + up after the frog platforms.  Push the barrel to help you up 
higher.  Then after 3 frogs go down and get a heart.  Drop then leap over the 
various traps and enemies to go inside an IN door.  YOUR TREASURE IS HERE!  But 
Montana Max doesn't want you to have it.  So he throws Octopus's at you and with 
luck you can land on his helmet-covered head but if you cannot just use the wall 
to assist you.  4 or 5 hits and he's out of here.  So it seems he has kidnapped 
your friends in exchange for your treasure.  

Round 3, World III - Swim to the right, always avoiding the charging sharks.  
When you get out of the water go over to the dead end then drop down to exit 
this level.


Round 1, World IV - Bounce on like 5 snowmen then get the angry sledder.  Also 
get the pumped up dog who seems to be shooting cannonballs at you.  Keep killing 
them until you get to the clouds.  One misplaced jump can mean death on the 
spikes below.  After you do that keep collecting carrots and you'll eventually 

Round 2, World IV - Run through killing melting snowmen and outclassing strong 
dogs.  The easier route than up the hill is going up the platforms.  After a 
while you'll reach a strange looking machine.  Hit the trampoline to sail the 
stars.  That was pretty cool huh?  Dash past the angry sledder and snowmen to 
run fast down a hill and exit.

Round 3, World IV - Jump from ice pillar to ice platform to ice pillar.  Loads 
of jumping fun here, if you mess up you can count on the spikes to help you out.  
On your way up you are greeted by 3 snowmen + a strong dog.  Jump on the 
trampoline and get an extra life at the top of the ice blocks.  Don't get too 
much speed going down the hill then jump over the spikes to get past the 
infestation of snowmen and dogs.

Round 4, World IV - Now our good doctor has got Hamton (the pig) under his 
control and you must free him like all the others.  Dodge the bombs being 
dropped and vacuum cleaner to jump on the scientist.  Whenever Hamton starts to 
move, you move too and get a hit in.  After 5 hits he gives up and looks for the 
next person to manipulate.  


Round 1, World V - Avoid the airplanes that drop bombs and kill the robots on 
the stairs.  Now you have to time everything right since there is a spike 
staircase that you have to ascend.  Go down the hills of carrots and get over 
the electricity.  Keep going down then eventually you'll reach the green guy.

Round 2, World V - This place is very annoying.  Jump up and watch out for the 
giant hammer.  Bounce on all the airplanes, robots and assorted nuisances.  Get 
past more electricity then go all the way right to grab a heart.  Take a ride on 
the cart and jump on the airplanes to leave.  

Round 3, World V - Wait for the spikes to go back down and go the end for an 
extra life.  Go to the next cubicle then go up.  Head directly left to the dead 
end then count 3 and go up.  I like mazes, don't you?  Crawl under one crevice 
then jump right and go inside the IN door.  Jump on the platforms while dodging 
the electricity then leap from moving platforms to spinning gears and you'll get 
a heart.  Jump on the moving bowling balls then to a platform then go in the IN 
door.  Leap on the ball then turn the machine ON to make walkways.  Jump across 
then when you get to the second set of tires drop down to turn another machine 
ON.  Now go back there and get a bell and jump your way out of here.

Round 4, World V - Give me the mad scientist over Elmira any day.  She loves you 
and wants to hug you and squeeze you.  So I suggest you put on your flats or 
Adidas and start burning ground.  Jump if she gets too close to you and don't 
run too fast or you'll hit a wall and be hers.  Buena suerte!  After you won the 
race, face Montana's robot.  Bounce off the wall to hit him, 4-5 will knock the 
helmet off and 3-4 more will put him away.  Congratulations!  That was the end.

Ending:  Beat Montana and find out, I'm not a quidnunc.

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Character Count: 12,303 

Word Count:  2,374