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version 0.97c
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Legal notice:
I suppose this document is inherently protected by copyright law, but come on
now, let's not take ourselves too seriously. It's just a FAQ for a video game.
If you want to put it up on your site, fine, if you want to steal it and give
yourself credit for it, fine. As long as the original is at GameFaqs under my
name... but that's the thing. Nobody's going to do any of this, and that's the
assumption under which I grant these rights. Heck, if you seriously think that
you can make money by selling a piddling FAQ for a forgettable game, then be my
guest. More power to you. I hereby waive my rights of protection as author of
this document. I urge fellow writers of less-than-memorable FAQs to do the
same. I mean, have you seen some of these legal sections out there? They're
half as long as the FAQ itself! It's a waste of space anyway. Come on, admit
it, you liked reading my legal section more than any of the pseudo-legal
ramblings of those other FAQs. The way I see it, if you're going to blow a big
fat paragraph at the top of your document, you should at least make it somewhat
appealing to the 2 or 3 people who may eventually read it. Anyway, on with the


I. FAQ Introduction
     1. Version History
     2. General Info

II. Game Introduction
     1. Screen
     2. Buttons
     3. Playing
     4. A Word About Stats
     5. Battles

III. Walkthrough
     1. Chapter 1 (Events 1-5)
     2. Chapter 2: The Kingdoms of Millennium (Events 6-11)
     3. Chapter 3: The Town of Adventurers (Events 12-15)
     4. Chapter 4: The Battles in my Memory (Events 16-18)
     5. Chapter 5: Port Town Johanna (Events 19-24)

IV. Level Charts

V. Item Lists
     1. Armor List
     2. Weapon List
     3. Food List
     4. Gem List
     5. Magic List

VI. Town Guide

VII. Event List

VIII. The End
     1. The End
     2. Unsolved Mysteries
     3. Thanks
     4. Contact


1.) Version History
0.90    5/11/01    First public release. Kinda rushed because of the GameFaqs
                   bounty on it.
0.94    5/11/01    Formatting overhaul, added legal blurb, dropped the script
                   of the opening sequence, built table of contents, spell
                   checked, got Bellenue's gender right, put the towns in
                   alphabetical order instead of chronological, added ending
                   section, added kingdom map for Chapter 3.
0.97    6/18/01    Added more item info and miscellaneous list stuff I had left
                   out. Thanks to <anonymous> for pointing out a place to buy
                   Juices. Finally did the Chapter 3 summary. Removed the SP
                   and IP columns from the Armor and Weapon lists (and the DP
                   column from the Weapon list as well), since there don't
                   seem to be any items in those categories that affect those
0.97b   6/19/01    Updated the Unsolved Mysteries section, credited <anonymous>
                   in the Thanks section.
0.97c   7/1/01     Removed the anonymous tipster's info from the FAQ. Now, be
                   nice and don't spam him.

2.) General Info
This is a FAQ for Traysia, an RPG for the Sega Genesis game console. It
features an extremely detailed walkthrough which covers every inch of the game,
comprehensive lists of every item that exists, experience charts, a town guide,
and much more. In the future, it _may_ include a monster list and/or full game
script, among other things.

In short, the purpose of this document is to describe every facet of the game
to the reader, so that he or she may pick and choose which parts to experience
and which parts to skip. Because of this approach, the FAQ may seem too
detailed for some people. I apologize if you feel this way, but I'd rather
people have too much information than not enough.


1.) Screen
After you start the game and watch the intro, you should see the main screen.
Along the right edge are four boxes. You'll eventually have four people in your
party that correspond to each box, but for now, only the first is in use, since
you start out alone. The numbers represent your current HP (hit points) and the
total HP you can have; the second set is your current and total MP (magic
points). The four icons that go across the bottom of each box are actually only
used during battles, so you'll need to consult that part for more info.

2.) Buttons
Traysia uses the A, B, and C buttons. It doesn't use the Start button or the
X, Y, and Z buttons found on the six button controller.

A: Talks to townspeople, examines items, selects choices in camp
B: Cancels selection
C: Camps

By "camp", I mean to stop the game temporarily to check stats, use items or
spells, equip characters, and so forth. Almost every RPG uses this system, but
not many have a name for it.

3.) Playing
At any time when you're not in a battle, press C to camp. Use up and down to
select the character that you want to deal with, and press A to confirm. You'll
then see their square turn into four icons. Here's what they mean and how to
use them.

ITEM icon (looks like a potion)----+--> USE (looks like a potion)
                                   |    Uses an item from that person's
                                   |    inventory.
                                   +--> EQUIP (looks like an arm wearing armor)
                                   |    Equips that person with armor, weapon,
                                   |    etc. from their inventory.*
                                   +--> GIVE (looks like a hand)
                                   |    Gives an item from that person's
                                   |    inventory to another party member.
                                   +--> DROP (looks like a sword)
                                        Gets rid of an item permanently.

MAGIC (looks like a staff)-------> Uses a magic spell that that person has

STATS (looks like a crystal ball)----> Shows a screen with all that character's
                                       statistics and attributes. See the next
                                       section for an explanation of stats.

TALK (looks like a question mark)-------> When this is chosen, the characters
                                          in your party will talk about the
                                          situation at hand. This may help you
                                          if you're stuck and don't know what
                                          to do next.

* Unlike most RPGs, which have an option to take off a weapon or piece of
  armor, Traysia has no Unequip command. To unequip something, have a character
  "give" it to himself or herself.

4.) A Word About Stats
To look at each character's stats, first camp (C button) and then choose the
party member whose stats you want to view and hit A. Move the arrow down to the
crystal ball and hit A again, and you'll get a list of that person's stats. The
following is a quick explanation of the stats and what they mean.

If you've played an RPG before, you should be familiar with the two figures at
the bottom of the stats screen: Level (LV) and Experience (EXP). Your
character's Level is a measure of his or her overall worth and skill. You gain
EXP by defeating enemies and accumulating enough will make your character gain
another level and become stronger. But the more important part of the stats
screen are attribute-type stats shown above the LV and EXP numbers.

First of all, notice the layout of the stats: two columns. This is because
there are really only four attributes for each character, but each is
represented two ways in the stats screen. The numbers in the left column are
the character's base values for Strength, Defense, Agility, and I.Q. The
figures in the right column are these values after adding various bonuses for
whatever equipment the character is using. For instance, if a character has a
base value of 25 Strength and is using a sword which gives him a 20-point bonus
in that area, his Attack Points will be 45. It's simple.

That being said, it's the stats in the right column that are used during the
game. The stats in the left column make it easy to see your character's "raw
talent" without unequipping all of his or her weapons and armor, but that's
about the limit of their usefulness. For all intents and purposes (including
this guide), the only stats that count are the ones on the right.

Enough explaining. Here are the actual stats, listed by the "base" stat and its
corresponding "modified" stat:

ST/AP (Strength/Attack Points): This determines how powerful physical attacks
                                will be.

DE/DP (Defense/Defense Points): This determines how successful your character
                                will be in reducing damage and blocking attacks

AG/SP (Agility/Speed Points): This determines the order in which the character
                              will act in battle.

IQ/IP (I.Q./Intelligence Points): This determines how effective magic spells
                                  will be.

That's it! As RPG's go, Traysia's stats system is extremely simplistic. Now you
should know what to watch for when buying and equipping items, etc...

5.) Battles
When you are drawn into a battle, you'll start with your party at the bottom of
the field and the enemies at the top. You then input each character's commands
and the round of battle begins. Fans of Shining Force or the old Ultima games
will recognize the type of battle engine being used. The commands are simple
enough, use A to confirm a choice and B to cancel and back up. The sword icon
is attack, the staff icon is magic, the helmet icon is move/defend, and the
boot icon is run. Those familiar with RPG's probably know what these mean and
how to use them, but may still want to read the following explanation because
it contains valuable info about the battle system that is unique to Traysia.

  Sword Icon - Attack
  Select this icon, then place the cursor over the enemy you want to attack.

  Additional Info:
  * You must have a weapon equipped to be able to use this command. If a
    character doesn't have an equipped weapon, they won't be able to choose the
    attack icon.

  * Each character has a limit to the ground he/she can cover when approaching
    an enemy for an attack (except for Bellenue; she can't move during an
    attack). Roy and Banegie can move four squares per turn, Magellan can move
    five, and Floyd can move three. If the targeted enemy isn't within striking
    distance after moving as far as possible, the attacking character's turn
    will end and they'll be left vulnerable. To avoid this, know the limit of
    each character's range, and remember that just because the game lets you
    select a specific enemy to attack, it doesn't mean that you'll be able to
    reach that enemy.

  * If a character targets an enemy for attack and the enemy dies before the
    character's turn to fight (this usually happens when another character
    kills the enemy first), the character will just walk (unguarded) to the
    spot where they would have attacked from. Try not to let this happen often.

  * If one of your characters somehow ends up in the line of fire of another
    character, remember that your characters can't be harmed by each others'

  Staff Icon - Magic
  Select the magic icon if your character has learned spells and choose the
  name of the spell you want to use.

  Additional Info:

  * Most offensive magic spells are projectiles, so instead of choosing a
    specific enemy to attack, you just have to aim the spell in the proper
    direction. The spell will hit only the first enemy it comes to, not all
    enemies in its path.

  * Projectile spells have an infinite range; they can go all the way across
    the screen.

  * The spell caster cannot move -- they must cast from where they stand.
    Always get in the proper position before using magic.

  * Just in case you're not familiar with RPG's or the concept of magic points
    (MP) in video games, note that each spell will use up a certain amount of
    MP. Don't waste MP by casting when you don't need to, and make sure to use
    restoratives or visit a doctor/inn if your MP get too low.

  * As with regular attacks, your characters cannot be hurt by each others'
    magic spells.

  Helmet Icon - Move/Defend
  Choose this icon to move your character to a different place on the field
  while defending -- or just leave him/her where he/she is and defend.

  Additional Info:

  * This command makes battles easy almost to the point of being unfair. First
    off, as long as the defending character has a shield and decent armor, they
    will almost never take damage from enemy attacks while moving/defending.
    Also, it has an unlimited range: as long as there are no obstacles in the
    way, a defending character can move all the way to the other side of the
    field in a single turn! I don't think I need to list all the ways you can
    use the move/defend icon to your advantage during battles.

  Boot Icon - Run
  Having a character choose Run will use their turn as an attempt to escape the
  battle. If successful, all members will flee and the battle will be over. If
  unsuccessful, nothing will happen, and that character's turn will simply be

  Additional Info:

  * As you may suspect from reading that description, having all four
    characters choosing run will quadruple your chances of escaping. All it
    takes is for one character to be successful and the battle's over for
    everybody. As far as RPG's go, escaping from battle doesn't get much easier
    than this.

  * Also, unlike some RPG's (most notably Squaresoft ones), there is no penalty
    for running from battle.

  General Battle Tips
  The mechanics of Traysia's battle system are very simple and formulaic. If
  you keep the following rules in mind, you'll be able to fight much more

  Additional Info:

  * Perhaps most importantly, you should remember that if Roy dies, it's GAME
    OVER. Unlike most RPG's that end when you lose all members of your party,
    Traysia ends as soon as Roy goes down. So, make sure his protection and
    safety is your first priority in battle. If he's low on HP, don't hesitate
    to send him across the screen to defend while the other three party members
    duke it out.

  * When a character moves (either while defending or attacking; it's the same
    for both), he/she always uses the Y axis (up and down) first, then the X
    axis (left and right). So, if you want a character to move to a spot that's
    up two spaces and over three, they'll ALWAYS start by moving those two
    spaces upwards.

  * There is absolutely no AI involved in character movement. If an obstacle is
    in the path of a character, that character won't make any attempt to move
    around it; they'll just stop and their turn will be over. The same thing
    happens if another character is in the way. So, be sure to read the
    previous tip as well as the next so you'll know how to ensure that no one
    and nothing is blocking your character's path.

  * The way characters' turns are determined by their speed points (SP). Check
    your characters' stats from time to time so you'll know when each fighter's
    turn will come in battle. Remember, you can count on your party members to
    act in the order of the highest SP to the lowest. Enemies have their own SP
    values, and if you're fighting strong enemies, they will most likely get
    the first chance to attack in battle.

III. Walkthrough


You start in the township of Salon with Traysia's pendant, a Leather Vest, a
Melon, and 35 gold. Get acquainted with the town for a bit, talk to people and
whatnot, and then make your way to the inn at the bottom-right corner of town.
Before you go inside, make sure you talk to the guy standing outside the inn.
If you don't, you won't be able to get into the Master's house in a moment.

Inside the inn, talk to the guy at the desk and say Yes when asked to sign in
the travel log. This saves your game. Paying the money to spend the night only
recovers your party, and will always be optional. In fact, try not to spend ANY
money until you've met your fellow party members.

Once you've gotten enough of wandering around talking to people, head to the
building in the upper-left corner of town surrounded by the fence. Go in and
you'll talk to the Master about the situation at hand, as well as meet the
members of your party. Talk to Magellan (the one on your left) and say Yes to
join them. You don't really have a choice; you can't go anywhere until you
agree to fight with them.

Besides the spells Houdes, Hou Khan, and Founce; Banegie, Magellan, and Floyd
also bring with them their own equipment, a handful of restorative items, and
123 gold. If you didn't spend any of your own money before, you should now have
just enough for a Long Sword (in the shop below the doctor's office) and a
Shield (In the building with two doors in the left end of town, take the left
door and talk to the guy on the right when you first come in). If you want a
tiny bit of extra money (12 gold) now, you can visit the building to the right
of the building with two doors. Talk to the guy there and he'll give you a free
dagger to equip, or sell, or whatever. When you're ready to go out and fight,
head back to the right and exit town. You'll be in the overworld.

You can now be attacked by enemies, so make sure you know how to defend
yourself. You may want to read the section on battle tactics. In fact, you
should wander around outside and fight a few enemies. It won't take long to
raise enough money to buy Chain Mail for everyone, a Shield for Magellan, and
plenty of Power Sticks. Speaking of which, now is as good a time as any to give
you perhaps the most important advice of the game. Ready? OK, here goes: STICKS
ARE YOUR FRIENDS. Whenever you find a store that sells Sticks, buy as many as
you can carry. It may take quite a while to gain enough money to do this, but
it will always be worth it. Why? Because Traysia may well be the only RPG that
has no limits on the amount of things you can equip. Well, I mean, you can only
equip one each of a weapon, armor, and shield, but you can equip as many
"accessories" as you want. Sticks are one such type of accessory. Almost all
will boost your defense, so if you invest the time and money it takes to get a
bunch of them, your characters will be nearly invincible.

That being said, you should know that it's a waste to buy Power Sticks (or
anything else, for that matter) for Floyd. Just focus on the other three party
members. When you've gotten them into pretty good shape, it's time to find the
forest and the cave within. From town, head due east until you reach the river,
then continue going east, following the river around until you find the bridge
going across it. Cross the bridge and head for the forest. There are two
entrances to the forest: from the bridge, make your way northwest along the
river and you'll soon find the first entrance. If you want a more definite
route and don't mind a slightly longer walk, note that you can just follow the
dirt path that starts at the bridge and you'll eventually end up at the other

Once inside the forest, you need to find the cave. The forest can be pretty
tricky to navigate, so you may want to follow my directions. These instructions
begin at a certain point: a path running east-west intersected by a path to the
south. It's like a "T" shape. Here's how to get to the "T", depending on how
you entered the forest.

If you took the "LONG" entrance (by following the dirt path):
You should be heading west as you enter the forest. Continue west across the
first intersection you come to. It will wind southward and then back to the
west; the first intersection you come to should be the "T".

If you took the "SHORT" entrance (by following the river):
After entering, the path will take an immediate turn to the east. Follow the
trail and when you see the first path leading north, skip it and continue
eastward. If you take the second northward path, however, you'll come to the

Head west, and after the path turns to the north, continue going north,
ignoring the path leading west. After an eastward turn, the path will become
wider and less straightforward. But keep following the dirt path and you'll
come to a nearby four-way intersection. take the north route here, and you'll
see the path split off into paths leading west and northeast. Take the
northeast path and you'll see the path split again, one going east and one
going west. Take the west path, which will curve north and then back east, and
split one last time. There should be a north path and an east path. Take the
east route and follow it as it curves north and eventually back toward the
west. Ignore the path leading south that you'll come to and keep going west
until you reach a clearing. Once in the clearing, head west and make your way
south along the rocks. You should find the entrance to the cave.

Enter the cave and make a note of the layout of the screen - the entrance
doesn't really stand out, so you'll need to be able to find it when you want to
leave the cave. From the starting point, head right and you'll come to a
treasure chest with a Hammer and a bed. Examine the bed and you'll be able to
rest and recover there. If you want a Lemon, backtrack to the cave entrance and
go up and continue left instead of going up towards the chest you'll see (it's
empty). You should find another chest with a Lemon. Now go back to the bed,
rest if you wish, and head upward to find the door to the next level.

Once in the next level of the cave, go a little bit left and then up to find a
chest with a Cuirass. Then go back down and head all the way left to the far
left wall. Make your way upward, but HUG THE WALL as you go. If you go all the
way up along the wall, you'll get a chest with a Shield (Have Magellan equip it
if you haven't already bought him a shield). Now the only thing left to do is
to fight the boss. Be warned, however, that when you go to fight the boss, you
will be shut out from all the places you've been before and won't be allowed to
go back. This is your last chance to save the game, buy Power Sticks, and load
up on restoratives for a while. The next town doesn't have NEARLY as much stuff
to buy. So, if you want to rest, you can backtrack to the bed on the previous
level -- just make sure to hug that leftmost wall on your way out (and on your
way back in). If you're ready to fight, head back down a little from the chest
that had the Shield. The boss will show up when you turn right and attempt to
pass between the two walls at the bottom of that little "hall." If you want a
little extra equipment and items, have Floyd give all his stuff to other party
members before doing this. He won't need them.

As you make your way into the boss room, Floyd will stop you and give a little
speech about his evil plan and how he's been plotting with the Master to kill
off the strong people and rule the kingdom of Salon. Then Floyd will escape and
the remaining three party members will be forced to battle the boss of the

The boss's only attack is to smack at you with its club. If each person has the
proper equipment and a Power Stick or two, you shouldn't even lose any life
during the battle.

After defeating Minotauros, you'll notice that the way you came in had been
blocked off. So, make your way up and to the right, following the path out of
the cave. You're now in a different overworld, full of rocks and mountains. If
you go west from where you came out of the cave, you'll see the sign for Stone
Village. A little further west, you'll see entrances in the north rock wall.
These lead to the quarry, which has several villagers working in it. All the
way to the west of the overworld, you'll see a path leading through the
mountain range. This is where you'll end up going, but for now, go to town and
rest, save, and talk to people. The sage's house is at the back of the village,
in the right corner. If you talk to him, he'll tell you that you need to cross
the mountains to the west to get to a forest which has lumber to make into a
boat to be taken back to Salon. If your party is armed to the teeth with Power
Sticks, you can go ahead into the mountains. If not, you'll definitely want to
build some levels before trying anything. You'll soon notice that the enemies
here are much tougher than the enemies you have been facing.

So, when you're ready, head for the western mountain passage. The path will
soon split into routes heading northwest and southwest. Take the southwest path
and it'll gradually curve southward and bring you to an intersection where you
can go southwest or southeast. Go southwest and the path will soon widen a bit
and split into two paths going west and south. Take the southern trail and
follow it as it bends to the east until it forks into northeast and southeast
paths. Take the southeast path and it will soon fork into northeast and
southeast paths, just like last time. Again, go southeast. This time the path
will eventually turn southward and bring you to a four-way intersection. Take
the south path, which will gradually bend to the west and widen into a small
clearing with routes going north and west. At this point, continue westward
until you come to the next intersection, with paths leading north and
southwest. Take the southwest path and you'll soon come to the final
intersection, with trails that lead west and southeast. Go southeast and follow
the path until you reach the forest, which is really just a large clearing with
a few trees. Walk in among the trees and you'll automatically pick up some
lumber and be returned to the entrance to Stone Village.

Head into town, rest, save, whatever, and then enter the house to the left of
the town entrance (the one next to the house with the closed door). Talk to the
man inside and he'll build you a raft for your journey back home. Get whatever
items you need from Stone Village, and then leave town and head due south. When
you reach the river, take a couple steps west and the craftsman should come out
and announce that he's built your raft. You'll then be taken to the first
overworld, right next to the bridge. After a little discussion, your party
plans to invade the Master's castle to try to stop him and Floyd.

Head back into Salon and you'll find two people standing at the entrance. The
one on the top will tell you how the Master and Floyd terrorized the warlocks
from the north. After the info, he will put the guards that are guarding the
entrance to the castle to sleep. The one on the bottom is Bellenue, a warlock
who has lost her family to the Master and who will join you and teach your
party the Hound spell. So, talk to both of them (FYI, the guards won't be put
to sleep until you've talked to both warlocks), and then get ready to fight
through a dungeon. You should buy and equip Bellenue with a Cuirass, a Long
Bow, a Shield, and, of course, all the Feather Hats she can hold. Feather Hats,
like Sticks, can be equipped as many at a time as you like, except that only
warlocks (like Floyd and, more importantly, Bellenue) can equip them. The great
thing about them is that they give a whopping +35 bonus to DP. This means that
right off the bat, your Level 5 Bellenue can have a DP in the 500's! She'll be
invincible! As if that wasn't enough, they also cost dozens LESS than Power
Sticks! Can you believe it? This is an outstanding investment to make, and I
STRONGLY recommend that you take the time to get enough money to supply
Bellenue with a full inventory of Feather Hats. To maximize your party's
defense, have your weakest character drop one of his/her Power Sticks and
replace it with Bellenue's Mage's Stick before buying Bellenue all those
Feather Hats.

When you're ready to storm the castle, head to the upper right corner of town.
You'll see two stone buildings side by side. Enter the smaller one and go
through the (now unguarded) door. Walk down the hall and continue going left
into the wall at the end. You'll pass through a hidden door and wind up inside
the castle.

Once inside, immediately head right and enter the room you find for four
treasure chests containing a Melon, Dried Meat, Short Sword, and a Pear. Of
course, none of these are worth dumping a Stick for if everyone's inventory is
full. You can leave this room and walk straight down for a similar room with a
Crystal, too. When you're done looting, head into the room in the upper left
corner of the level and go up the stairs there.

There's nothing of interest on the next level, so go straight down from the
entrance and take the stairs inside the room there. On the following level,
walk to the right, then turn upwards when you come to the first opening. Go all
the way left, then all the way up to find a chest with a Great Sword inside.
Equip it on either Roy or Magellan, then work your way to the right around the
upper part of the level. When you're above the central room (the one with the
beds and table), you can go down through the doorway and take the stairs to the
next level; if you want a Long Bow you can continue going right, then turn down
and back to the left before leaving the level.

On the next level, you can enter the room directly below where you start from
and walk to the right to get a chest with Chain Mail; otherwise make your way
right and then up. The room on your right with a table has a chest with a War
Hammer if that interests you, otherwise continue upwards, then left, And stop
when you get to the door leading upwards into the room. Just past that door is
another door leading down into a small room that has the stairs to the next
level. If you're maxed out on Power Sticks, go on ahead to the next level here.
If you want another Power Stick, though, you can continue going left, then
down, and enter the room on your left and get the chest before returning to the

The following level is the last dungeon level before the boss fight. It has two
Red Shields which you should make sure to pick up and equip. After you enter
the level and follow the hall as it turns upwards, make a left at the
intersection and follow the path around; you'll see two chests. One has a Ruby,
the other has a Red Shield. After getting the first one, wind back around to
the same intersection, but this time, take the path that leads off to the
right. You should see a chest in the upper right corner of the level as you
pass. Inside is the other Red Shield. After equipping it and otherwise readying
your troops, make your way downward and to the left and you should see the
stairs to the boss. After you take the stairs, you'll be taken into the final
room to face off with the bosses, Floyd and the Master. After a pathetic
attempt to recruit the party for their purposes, the Master and Floyd will

In this battle, neither boss will use magic, which should make it a pretty
easy fight, even for those parties without a lot of Power Sticks. My only
advice is to focus all your attacks on one character until he dies, then work
on the other one. They're both pretty much the same in terms of stats, so pick
on whoever you want, then finish off the other one. Also, you may want to keep
Bellenue at a distance, since she'll still probably be fairly weak. She might
even be too weak for her magic to have an effect, but she'll still be able to
launch arrows from across the field.

After the battle, your party will be alone in the throne room. You'll need to
backtrack your way out of the castle. After you emerge in town, rest and equip
your party as needed, say your final farewells to the Salon kingdom, and leave
town. Talk to the people standing by the town entrance if you want some
congratulations, and then step out into the overworld. The game will go auto
for a while, your party members will talk, and Banegie will reveal that she's a
female, which for some reason is a big deal. Afterwards, you'll be asked to
save before continuing to Chapter 2.


You start out in a desert overworld, just east of Gypsy Village. Enter the
village and talk to the sage if you want an idea of what you'll be trying to
accomplish in this chapter. It's also recommended that you upgrade your weapons
in the first tent -- an Ax for Banegie, a Cross Bow for Bellenue, and a Broad
Sword for whoever didn't get the Great Sword from the castle. After shopping,
leave town and head due east until you get to the kingdom of Lyude. Look around
and talk to people as usual, and also make sure to buy upgraded equipment:
Ring Mail for Roy, Banegie, and Magellan; and Red Shields for the two
characters that didn't get them in the castle.

Afterwards, head to the middle of town and head upwards, and then through the
big doorway at the back of town. This is the king's palace. There's not much to
do here but walk straight up and talk to the king. He'll tell you what you've
been hearing from everyone else: that the two kingdoms respect each other and
don't want a war, but neither kingdom can stand for the ongoing attacks on its
lands. Strangely, both sides deny launching such attacks. Hmmm...

Although it's not actually required to advance the game's plot, you should
definitely pay a visit to the Iyuve kingdom to get their side of the story, as
well as to shop for some very nice spells and equipment. Exit the Lyude kingdom
and head northwest until you hit the edge of the forest, then just follow the
tree line north. It'll twist around for a while, but eventually it'll take you
right to the sign for the Iyuve kingdom. Continue west and enter.

Once inside, head upward to the Inn, then go left to squeeze between the
building and the surrounding trees. Enter the building with the shield design
and upgrade your weapons and armor again: Plate Mail for Roy, Banegie, and
Magellan; a Heavy Mace for Banegie, an Ice Arrow for Bellenue, and a Great
Sword for whoever doesn't have the other one. Note that Mage Sticks, which pack
double the defensive power of Power Sticks, are sold here. They're a good buy,
but I recommend keeping your Power Sticks for two reasons: One, your Power
Sticks should still be keeping the enemies from scratching you; there's no need
to spend the extra money if you don't need any extra protection. And two, this
chapter will go by quicker than you think, and soon you'll be able to buy even
more powerful Sticks, which you should save your money for.

At the west end of town, you should notice three houses bunched together with a
fourth just below them. Each of the three houses has a magic shop with some old
spells, but the one off by itself has four brand new, not to mention useful,
spells. Even if you don't have the exorbitant sum needed to buy Illi Own on
hand, you can still probably manage to get a couple of the others available.

After you've shopped and rested your party, go to the middle of town, above the
pond, and head upward into the large doorway. You'll be inside the palace of
the king. Continue upward and talk to him and the prince for more info about
what's going on. I apologize if this is a "spoiler" to some people, but by now,
it should be painfully obvious that some third party is impersonating each side
and attacking the other at night. Now you have to find out who's perpetuating
the conflict and why.

Leave Iyuve and head due east. You'll soon come to Selve village. Enter and
make your way to the house in the upper right corner of town -- the chief's
house. Go in and talk to the chief. Answer YES when he asks if you want to hear
his story. He'll tell you about a connection between Iyuve and a cave to the
north. After you're done listening to what he has to say, you'll need to find
the cave. Selve doesn't sell anything that you need (unless you skipped
shopping in Lyude and Iyuve completely), so there's no real reason to stick
around. HOWEVER, you should know that you can't skip this step. If you go to
the cave before talking to Selve's sage, you won't be allowed in.

Leave town and head north as soon as you make it into the desert. When you come
to the line of trees, go west a little and then turn north as soon as you're
clear of them. You'll soon reach the north face of the mountain. From here, go
just a little bit west and you should find the cave. Enter it.

Note that like most other maze/dungeons in the game, this cave has many
different ways to get through it. I'm just giving you what I hope is the
simplest route that will let you get all the treasure if you so desire. So,
you'll start off in a large open room with three doorways. They all lead to the
next level, but will start you out at different points. I recommend taking the
rightmost doorway. When you get to the next level, you can go down, a little
left, and back up for a chest with Apple Juice, or go down, then all the way
right, then work your way upwards for a little room with three chests with an
Opal, a Long Sword, and a Leather Hat. But, you're probably not interested in
any of these things, so just walk straight down from the entrance until you hit
the wall, then go all the way right (and a tiny bit up) for the door to the
next level.

From the start of the next level, make your way upwards a little bit and you
should see two doorways, side by side. If you were to walk a little to the left
of the double doors, you'd see another, not-so-obvious door. Going through that
door will take you to the end of the level. If, however, you want some
treasure, you can take either of the double doors (they both lead to the same
place) and walk to the left, then down through the doorways for chests with a
Ruby, White Bread, and Orange Juice. The rest of the level is one big dead end,
so go back through the double doors and get ready to fight the boss.

After you take the final door and walk down into the next room, you'll see a
group of warlocks together. Approach one of them and they'll send guards to
attack you. You can actually avoid a battle by hugging the wall of the room and
making your way to the bottom door, but that will just lead you out of the
cave and won't accomplish anything. You have to fight... but then again, it's
not that much of a fight.

*****BOSS: SOLDIERS*****
You'll face five soldiers in this battle, and they aren't any different than
the ones you've been fighting. No strategy necessary.

After beating the soldiers, your party will figure out that the warlocks were
behind the attacks and that neither kingdom was to blame. Now to tell the king.
Continue downward and go through the bottom door. Follow the series of doors
and you'll soon be out of the cave. Once you get outside, some magic spell will
apparently make you all pass out as you realize exactly what has been happening
with the people in the cave. You'll wake up in Iyuve and decide for some reason
to visit the master swordsman.

Rest your party and do some shopping if you like, and you can also go tell the
king about what you found in the cave. Nobody, except maybe the prince, will
believe you, though. When you're ready, leave town and head due east, like you
are going to Selve. As you approach Selve, turn north and walk until you hit
the line of trees. Now take a few steps east and then go north, with the tree
line to your left and the mountain to your right. When you see the mountain
break away and give you a path to the east, take it. The path is pretty wide,
but soon you'll see a narrow opening leading northeast through the north wall.
Take this shortcut and when you come out into the other wide path it leads to,
keep walking to the northeast and walk right up to the northern wall. Now, if
stay close to this wall and follow it to the southeast, it will wind around and
bring you right to the sign for the master swordsman's place. Once you find it,
go ahead in and enter the house at the back of town. The man inside is the
master swordsman. Talk to him and he'll somehow manage to convince your party
to kidnap the prince of Lyude and the princess of Iyuve for the good of their
kingdoms. That's weird. And besides, isn't it the *princess* of Lyude and the
*prince* of Iyuve? Whatever.

Leave town and backtrack to Iyuve. Talk to the prince and he'll agree to go to
the swordsman's village. Now make your way down to Lyude and talk to the
princess. She'll agree to go as well. Finally, go all the way back up to the
swordsman's village. If the swordsman is standing outside the house on the
right, then the prince and princess are there. If not, go back and talk to them
again. When you get them in the house, enter it and talk to the princess.
You'll talk for a while, then step outside the house. Someone (Roy?) will
excuse himself for the night, then your party will rest and show up at the same
spot the next day.

Now that the prince and princess are together, it's up to you to stop the war.
Leave the village and walk back towards Iyuve. Soon, the game will flash to a
scene of both kingdoms' armies ready for war. Then the prince and princess will
rush in and tell the kings that they want to get married. After a bit of
discussion, the two sides are reconciled and your party is returned to Iyuve.
Go into the castle and towards the thrones to see another scene. You will be
told that the military advisor for Iyuve was the one behind the attacks, as he
was the leader of the rebels in the northern cave. Your new mission is to visit
the North Temple and defeat him and his minions.

The temple's easy to find. Leave town and go northeast along the edge of the
forest until you reach a set of large pillars. Walk north through them until
you see the corner of the temple to your left. Go left and you'll be on the
temple steps. Walk north and go through the large hole to enter the temple.

Once inside, go straight up to reach the stairs. The next level is symmetrical,
with points of interest at each corner and in the middle of the level. The
upper left corner has a chest with a Book of Magic that will teach your party
Dareto. The lower right corner has a chest with a loaf of Dark Bread inside. In
the center of the level is a chest with a Great Sword. The upper right and
lower left corners of the level both contain staircases leading to the next
level. Take whichever one you want.

The following level has a layout similar to the previous one. There is no
treasure in the corners, though, so make your way to the exact center of the
level and take the staircase there.

The next level is not nearly as organized as the previous two. From the
starting point, you can go all the way left and up for a chest with a
Blueberry, or all the way right and up for a chest with a Book of Magic that
will teach your party Folga. Either way, you should go all the way to the right
and head down (there's a chest with a Garnet inside, just below the chest that
has the Book of Magic) until you're at the bottom. Then go left and take the
stairs that you will come to.

You'll be face to face with one of the minions. Talk to it and you'll be drawn
into a boss battle.

*****BOSS: CRAWLERS*****
Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought that the idea was for boss battles to get
progressively HARDER, not easier. Oh well. Defeat these four Crawlers the same
way you've been doing.

After the battle, the rebel guy will be gone. Proceed through the doorway and
walk right up to the cell in front of you. You'll find the Silver Key. Turn
around and go back through the door and take the stairs back up to the previous
level. Then backtrack some more to where the chest with the Blueberry was. From
that chest, go down, right, down again at the first chance you get, then left
to get to the stairs. The chest below the stairs contains chain mail, although
I can't think of any reason why any of your characters would need it. So, take
the stairs and you'll be facing a large ornate door. Examine the door and you
will use the Silver Key to open it. As you move through the doorway, you'll see
several chests on either side of you. They contain, from left to right: a
Diamond, a Spike Shield (the only one worth getting), Ring Mail, and a Cross
Bow. After getting whatever treasures you want, take a few steps forward and
you'll be greeted by another minion before being drawn into a boss battle.

Three Monks and two Wizards come out to fight you. They're definitely stronger
than the last boss, but still, nothing you probably haven't seen before.
Keeping the two Wizards pinned to the columns helps the fight, so don't advance
your troops too far forward.

After this battle, you'll be able to advance a little farther upward and
collect more treasure. The chest on the left has a Heavy Mace and the one on
the right has a Ripper Sword, which you should equip. Now, get ready for the
last boss battle of this dungeon. When you're ready, walk upwards to the trio
of bandits. As you approach, they'll talk to you for a while before attacking.

This time, you'll be facing four Priests and the Wizard's Helper. The Wizard's
Helper is basically just a stronger version of the Priests, so you shouldn't
have much trouble with this fight. Just try to keep the two outside Priests
pinned against the columns until you're ready to deal with them.

After the fight, your party will talk a little and then will be free to leave
the temple. Walk up through the door behind the throne and you'll be outside
the temple steps. This is the end of Chapter 2, so do whatever you need to do
before you leave. When you're ready, go to Iyuve castle and talk to the prince.
There will be a discussion about what to do next, and then it's off to Chapter


Before starting the Chapter 3 walkthrough, I'm going to include a map of the
town layout so you'll know how to get from town to town. The map won't make
sense to you if you're just starting the chapter, then again, I can't think of
any better spot to put it. So, just skip it for now and refer back to it as
needed when playing through Chapter 3.

Note that the map is not to scale in any way, unless you count the fact that
entrances and exits are shown on the proper side of each town and are correctly
in place relative to one another. In other words, the path from the Town of
Merchants to the Town of Witches and Wizards really is in the upper right
corner of town, as shown in the map.

        |         ############                   |
        | #######       |        ######          |
        | #North#  (overworld)   #East#-+        |
        | #######                ###### |        |
        |    |     +--+   +----+        |        |
        |    |     |  |   |    |        |        |
        |    |     | #######   |        |        |
        |    +-----+-#Kings#---+--------+        |
        |          | #######   |                 |
        |          |           |       +-------+ |
        |          |           |       |       | |
        |      ######### ##################### | |
        |    +-#Thieves# #Witches and Wizards# | |
        |    | ######### ##################### | |
        |    |                                 | |
        |    +-------+     +-------------------+ |
        |            |     |                     |
        |          ###########                   |
###### ###########   |     |
#West#-#Craftsmen#---+     |
###### ###########         |
               ########### |
          #(noblemen's temple)#-+
          ##################### |
                    |           |
                 #######        |
                 #South#        |
                 #######        |
                    |           |
                ########        |
                #Lowest#        |
                ########        |
                    |           |

You'll start just outside the Sandra (Sandora?) kingdom. The overworld has
nothing special about it -- not even monsters -- so you might as well go north
into town and get started. Talk to the people in town to get an idea of the
layout of the kingdom. It's made up of thirteen towns, each one built below the
next. Each town has a particular theme to it. And also, in order to get to the
next town, you'll have to get the key from the mayor of that town. Sometimes
all you have to do is ask, but more often you'll have to accomplish some kind
of task. Anyway, the town you're in now is kind of a meeting place for people
from all the different towns. You should walk around and talk to as many people
as you can to get a good feel for how things are going to work in this chapter.
The town doesn't have anything to sell except a few things for Bellenue, in
case she's missing a Feather Hat or two.

After you've had your fill of the Town of Adventures, head toward the mayor's
house in the back of town, among several other houses with closed doors.
Inside, he'll tell you about how things work, and give you the Blue Key, which
will let you into the stairways that lead to the next town. There is a stairway
on each side of town, and both are about halfway up. Make sure you examine the
stairway to unlock it before you try to use it. The same goes for all stairways
in this kingdom.

Next is the Town of Merchants. After you enter the town, Roy will notice that
Traysia's pendant has been stolen! You'll have to do something about this when
you reach the Town of Thieves. In the meantime, go to the mayor's house (all
the way at the back of town, where most mayor's houses are) and talk to him for
the Bronze Key. After you get it, note that there are four ways out of this
town. Taking the stairs in the upper right corner will bring you to the Town of
Witches and Wizards, and taking the other set of stairs at the top, but more to
the left, will take you to the Town of Thieves. Also, at the bottom of the
town, you'll notice two indentations that look like the exits of other towns
you've been to. The one on the left will take you to the Town of Craftsmen and
the one on the right will take you to the Town of Swordsmen.

I recommend going to the Town of Swordsmen first. It has tons of awesome
weapons and armor for sale, plus it leads to the Town of Noblemen, which has
even better stuff. Getting the Evony Key is only a matter of asking the mayor
(in the house in the upper left corner of town), so you may want to do that
now, then head to the Town of Noblemen (all the shops are underground, so take
the stairs by the fountain once you get there) to see what you want to buy. If
you check the prices, you'll probably notice that you don't have enough money
for all of the stuff they sell. Fortunately, the Town of Swordsmen has a
coliseum where you can fight enemies to build money, not to mention
experience. To visit the coliseum, enter the long stone building beside the
doctor's office. You'll see three doors which represent, from left to right,
the junior, middle, and champion classes. As soon as you enter one of the
doors, you'll be launched into four battles, back to back, against increasingly
difficult opponents. There are a few things you should know about coliseum
battles: First of all, unlike other RPG's which have a similar feature, if you
lose here, you lose, period. These are real battles, and if you get wiped out,
the game will be over and you'll have to start from your last save. So, be
careful. Also, pay attention to the difficulty levels. The junior class is too
easy to waste time on; the middle class is pretty straightforward in its
challenge, and the champion class will be tough for those who aren't armed to
the teeth with good Sticks. And finally, you can't run from battles in the
coliseum, so make sure that you're not overmatched before you enter.

Fighting battles in the coliseum is one of the very few ways you'll be able to
gain money in this chapter. And it's conveniently located in the same town as
all those hot weapons and armor. So, a lot of people will want to stay here for
a while and make money to upgrade their equipment before moving on. That's
fine, but to be fair, I feel I should let those people know that there's a way
to get infinite money in the Town of Thieves by exploiting an oversight by the
programmers. If you don't have a problem with cheating to get the money, then
go ahead and do that -- see the section on the Town of Thieves for the way to
do it. If, however, you plan on taking the high road and not cheating, the
coliseum is your best bet. Here's a quick guide to fighting at the coliseum.

| The Coliseum Micro-FAQ |
|                                                                             |
| Here's a table showing info about each class. Total EXP is the total amount |
| of experience you'll gain by fighting through all four battles in each      |
| class. The same goes for Total Gold. Round 1 Opponent is the enemies that   |
| you'll be fighting in the first battle of that class, and Round 2, 3, and 4 |
| Opponent are the same thing.                                                |
|                                                                             |
|                |   Junior Class    |   Middle Class    | Championship Class |
|----------------+-------------------+-------------------+------------------- |
|Total EXP       |        200        |        400        |        892         |
|Total Gold      |        720        |        812        |        2020        |
|Round 1 Opponent|      4 Slimes     |  4 Forest Slimes  |     4 Priests      |
|Round 2 Opponent|      4 Slimes     |  4 Slime Knights  |      4 Azels       |
|Round 3 Opponent|      4 Worms      |     4 Crawlers    |      4 Ghosts      |
|Round 4 Opponent|      4 Worms      |   4 Giant Rocks   |  4 Dark Swordsmen  |
|                                                                             |
|More info:                                                                   |
|                                                                             |
|* Junior Class                                                               |
|  ------------                                                               |
|  Financially speaking, the junior class is very rewarding compared to the   |
|  middle class. If you're fighting for gold and aren't strong enough to      |
|  fight in the championship class yet, you should pick the junior class      |
|  until you have enough money to load up on Amber or Water Sticks.           |
|                                                                             |
|* Middle Class                                                               |
|  ------------                                                               |
|  You should only fight in the middle class if a.) you're fighting for       |
|  experience only, AND b.) you take damage from the Dark Swordsmen in the    |
|  Championship Class. If your whole party (and not just Bellenue, loaded up  |
|  with Feather Hats or Water Sticks) can fight the Dark Swordsmen without    |
|  losing life, then fight in the championship class. If you're only in it    |
|  for the money, fight in the junior or championship class.                  |
|                                                                             |
|* Championship Class                                                         |
|  ------------------                                                         |
|  Don't be fooled by the first three rounds, which feature formidable but    |
|  still relatively weak opponents. The Dark Swordsmen in round four will     |
|  inflict considerable damage on your characters, even if they have good     |
|  levels and are maxed out with Power Sticks. That's why it's a good         |
|  strategy to spend all your money upgrading to Amber or Water Sticks before |
|  you worry about saving up for the weapons that you want. Once your party   |
|  is fully upgraded, all it takes is decent levels for the Dark Swordsmen's  |
|  blows to have little to no effect. You can still fight them effectively if |
|  Bellenue is maxed out with Feather Hats or Water Sticks and the rest have  |
|  decent levels and a good amount of Sticks. If this is the case, Bellenue   |
|  will be invulnerable even while attacking, and the others will still be    |
|  invulnerable while defending. So, simply have the first three characters   |
|  defend while Bellenue picks them off one by one. The fact that it takes a  |
|  while to kill off all the enemies in this manner means that even though    |
|  the rewards are bigger in championship class, it still may be a better use |
|  of your time to fight in the junior class until you can buy the equipment  |
|  needed to get all of your characters into battle.                          |
|                                                                             |
| OVERALL STRATEGY: I recommend that you make your first priority to buy      |
|                   Amber or Water Sticks for everyone. Either fight normally |
|                   in the junior class, or fight in the championship class   |
|                   using the strategy explained in the previous section.     |
|                   Once everyone's got all the Amber/Water Sticks they can   |
|                   carry, just keep on plowing through the championship      |
|                   class until you have the money and/or experience you      |
|                   need.                                                     |
|                                                                             |

Just so you know, here's the best stuff to buy each character:

Roy - Spike Shield (unless he got the one from the temple in Chapter 2)
---   Magic Mail
      Battle Sword

Banegie - Spike Shield (unless she got the one from the temple in Chapter 2)
-------   Magic Mail

Magellan - Tower Shield
--------   Animal Dress
           Battle Sword

Bellenue - Salamander
--------   Magic Mail

Of course, it goes without saying that for best results, your party should be
stuffed to the gills with Water Sticks.

So, stay and fight, and equip your characters with the best of what the Town of
Swordsmen and the Town of Noblemen have to offer. Or don't. I don't care.
Either way, when you've done what you wanted to do, make sure to talk to people
as always, but be sure not to miss the conversation with Luuk. He's in the long
building that lies all the way left, and toward the bottom of town. Talk to him
(he's in the left part of the building) and you'll learn a lot more about
Banegie's background, including the fact that she's a princess. Will wonders
never cease?

So, at this point, you've either earned your money and bought all the equipment
you want, or you're ready to find out how to get some free cash. Either way,
your next stop should be the Town of Thieves. Backtrack to the Town of
Merchants and go through the stairway at the back of town, to the left of the
mayor's house and you'll be there. Talk to everyone in town, of course. Note
the set of stairs all the way at the back of town, in the middle. Once you get
the key from the mayor, the stairs will take you to the Town of Kings...
although there's no point in visiting just yet.

Only one of the chests that line the walls of the town will open: it's among
the ones that go across the bottom wall -- the second from the right. Examine
it for a Gold Mirror. Next, get the key by talking to the mayor. His house is
the long stone house in the upper right part of town. The first time you talk
to him, he'll give you the Red Key. Talk to him again and he'll give you back
Traysia's pendant after a little dialogue. Finally, he'll ask you to go to a
magic class in the Town of Witches and Wizards. You can do that in a moment,
but for now, you may want to make some money by going on the treasure hunt. You
can even turn it into unlimited money, as mentioned above. Of course, it's
totally optional, so those of you that don't need any extra money are welcome
to skip the next section.

To go on the treasure hunt, visit the long stone house in the center of town
(actually, there are two; you want the one on the right). Talk to the guy
inside and he'll let you into the dungeon. One thing to keep in mind is that
all chests inside the dungeon (except for the very last one with the prize
inside) are fake and will hurt your party if you try to open them. So just
follow the directions and don't get distracted and you'll be fine. Now then,
from the dungeon's entrance, ignore the first path that leads right
immediately. Instead go upward a bit and take the second path leading right.
Take the stairs you come to. On the next level, go down to the intersection
where you have to choose between right and left paths. Choose the path leading
right and follow it until it turns up, then keep going straight upward until
you find the next set of stairs. Take them and when you arrive in the next
level, follow the path as it curves around and takes you downward. When it
opens into a clearing, just continue downward and you'll soon find the next
staircase. Take the stairs and in follow the path in the next level until it
opens up into a clearing. Here you should take the path leading straight to the
right and follow it as it twists and turns until you come to the intersection
where you have to choose between taking a wide path leading upward, or taking a
narrow path leading to the right. Go straight up, all the way, then turn right
and follow the path until you find the last set of stairs. Take them and you
should be in a large, open room with rectangular blocks spaced out across it.
The blocks are arranged in three rows: three blocks in the top row, one in the
middle, and three in the bottom row. Line yourself up with the top row, then
head all the way left and poke around the left hand wall until you find the
hidden passage and pass through it. On the other side, walk down a little and
you should see a chest. This is the chest with the prize, the Golden Cross,
inside. Collect it and backtrack all the way back through the dungeon, to the
guy's house. Once you get there, talk to him and he'll give you 5800 gold for
beating the maze. Now, here's the trick: if you talk to him again without
leaving the house, he'll give you the gold all over again. In fact, you can
talk to him as many times as you want and keep racking up the cash. Be warned,
though -- once you leave the house, you won't get another chance to do this
trick, so make sure you get all you want/need right now. If you're wondering, a
few hundred thousand should be plenty for the rest of the game -- no sense in
spending all day making millions of dollars that you'll never spend. Then go
equip yourself in the Town of Swordsmen and the Town of Noblemen.

Okay, now you should finally be ready to go a little further in the storyline.
Remember the mayor's favor he asked of you? Go back to the Town of Merchants
and take the stairs in the upper right corner of town to get to the Town of
Witches and Wizards. Talk to people as usual, and buy magic spells if you want
to -- there's nothing else for sale here. Also, note the two sets of stairs in
the town: the ones at the back of town take you to the Town of Kings, and the
ones at the left end of town take you to the Town of Thieves. When you're done
checking out the town, talk to the mage standing in the doorway of the building
in the center of town. That's the magic school, and he will let you enter to
take a class there. Once inside, go through the next doorway and you should be
in a level with two bedrooms and another door in the back wall. Go through that
door and you'll be in a magic shop. Talk to the wizard and you'll be drawn into
an easy boss fight.

*****BOSS: PRIESTS*****
This one's easy. It's just three priests. No strategy needed.

After the battle, talk to the wizard again (you'll need to hit the A button
after the first bit of text, when the text box is black) and he'll supposedly
teach you new magic. This is only a plot device, though, as you won't learn any
new spells. Then, go through the door at the back of the room, and continue
through the one in the following room, until you finally reach the mayor's room
at the top. He will give you the Amber Key, but will also ask another favor of
you -- to find out who the bad wizards from the outside are and what they are
up to. First, backtrack to the Town of Thieves and report to the mayor about
accomplishing your mission. He congratulates you and then says how the wizards
from the outside have infiltrated the Town of Noblemen. He asks you to do the
favor that the president wanted you to do. Just then, a messenger arrives and
says the school of magic is on fire.

Go back to the Town of Witches and Wizards and enter the magic school (even
though it doesn't look like it's on fire...). Approach the wizard inside and
he'll inform you that it is, in fact, burning down. The next thing you know,
you're standing outside and the magic school is a pile of ashes.

I think this is a bug, but if you feel bad about the school being burned down,
you can just take the stairway directly above the school and then re-enter the
city. Everything should be back to normal. Not really good for anything,
though... Anyway, now the whole town wants you to find the evil wizards and put
a stop to them. Go back to the Town of Thieves and talk to the mayor one more
time. As you talk, someone will come in and tell you that you've been summoned
to the palace by the king.

Head for the Town of Kings (accessible via either the Town of Witches and
Wizards or the Town of Thieves) and go down through the outer gate. If you
want, you can go to the left or right to visit the barracks and armory (none of
the chests open). If you do this, make a note of the stairways just below each
armory: the one on the left leads to North Town, and the one on the right leads
to East Town. Once you're through the outer gate, just continue downward to
enter the palace.

Once inside, take a step to the right and go upwards to the stairs, and take
them. On the next level, you'll see stairs leading upward at the far end of the
room, and you'll also see stairs leading downward in the middle of the floor.
If you want some free gems, take the ones leading downward, then go down one
more level for a treasure room with chests containing: Crystal, Ruby, Amethyst,
Sapphire, Pearl, Emerald, Opal, and Diamond. Then backtrack to the room you
came from and go through the stairs at the top of the room. You'll be in the
king's room; talk to him and he'll ask you to investigate the situation, and
he'll also give you the Platinum Key, which will open all doors in the entire
kingdom! If you haven't yet gotten the Evony Key (from the Town of Swordsmen)
or the Marble Key (from the Town of Craftsmen), then that's two extra inventory
spots that you can use.

So, now that you can access all the different parts of the kingdom, you're
pretty close to the end of the chapter. Before you set off to finish the
chapter, you may want to visit all the towns you missed. You should definitely
equip yourself with the best stuff from the Town of Swordsmen and the Town of
Noblemen if you haven't already done so. You may also want to visit the Town of
Craftsmen, which doesn't have much of a purpose at all, but may provide you
with some info if you talk to people. You should spend the next part of the
game visiting the directional towns (North, South, East, and West Towns) and
the last town, Lowest Town, to get some neat items and learn more about the
plot. Here's a walkthrough of these places. I recommend that you visit them in
the order I have listed. Of course, those in a hurry to get through the chapter
should know that it's not necessary to visit any of these towns, so you can
completely skip this section if you wish.

| (OPTIONAL) The Rest of the Kingdom |
|                                                                             |
| West Town                                                                   |
| ---------                                                                   |
| You can get to West Town by going to the Town of Craftsmen and taking the   |
| stairs on the left side of town. Once inside, you won't find much... just a |
| bunch of depressed people and a huge hole at the left end of town. Climb    |
| down the ladder into the hole and you'll be inside a cave. You can go left  |
| from the entrance for a chest with a Silver Dress, or go down from the      |
| entrance for a Death Sword. The room's kind of a rough square, and the exit |
| is in the lower left corner.                                                |
|                                                                             |
| In the next level, go up a little and then veer off right for a chest with  |
| Fire Mail, otherwise continue upwards and go down the stairs you come to.   |
| After taking the stairs, step left and take the lower branch for a Book of  |
| Magic (anyone know what spell it teaches?), or take the upper branch until  |
| you reach an apparent dead end. But note that you can walk through the      |
| lower portion of the right-hand wall, and you'll get to... a real dead end, |
| with just a bed. You can't even sleep in it. Sorry. I guess the purpose of  |
| the cave was to add to the plot by showing you that someone used to be      |
| living underground. This, and the fact that the townspeople all seem to     |
| want to die, may seem more relevant after you visit the other towns and     |
| learn exactly what has happened.                                            |
|                                                                             |
| East Town                                                                   |
| ---------                                                                   |
| To get to East Town, enter the outer gate of the castle in the Town of      |
| Kings, then go to the right and take the stairs you'll find there. I may be |
| missing something, but East Town doesn't seem to have any point. You'll see |
| that there are no buildings, and the only person in town talks about a      |
| master swordsman "over there". There is a master swordsman in the Town of   |
| Swordsmen, but I don't think that's what he's talking about. See my         |
| explanation at the end of this chapter if you're confused. Anyway, East     |
| Town's only attraction is another huge hole. This one is reached by taking  |
| the set of stairs to the right of it. If you want to pick up an item and    |
| also see a creepy little scene, take the stairs.                            |
|                                                                             |
| When you start out inside the hole, follow the path to the next set of      |
| stairs. On the second level, walk to the left a little and go down at the   |
| intersection if you want a chest with a Great Mace, otherwise go upward and |
| take the stairs. On the following level, follow the path to the next set of |
| stairs. On the level after that, ignore the path leading upward and walk to |
| the left to reach the final set of stairs. In the last room, if you walk    |
| toward the center of the room, a ghost will talk and give you a cryptic     |
| message. Kinda weird... Well, that's it for East Town. At least until       |
| someone tells me that there's something you're supposed to do here.         |
|                                                                             |
| North Town                                                                  |
| ----------                                                                  |
| To get to North Town, go to the Town of Kings and get through the first     |
| gate. Before you enter the castle, turn left and go down the stairs you'll  |
| find there. You should be in North Town, which makes a little more sense    |
| than the last two towns. When you go into town, you'll see that all its     |
| houses are empty. Take the stairs in the very back end of town and you'll   |
| be underground. You'll have a choice of going right or left; go right and   |
| you'll see the stairs leading to the next level. Take them.                 |
|                                                                             |
| On the next level, you should be able to see the exit from where you start  |
| out. But, before you go down toward it, you should first take the path      |
| leading upward and get the chest that has the Fire Shield and give it to    |
| your weakest defensive character. Then curve back around and take the       |
| stairs. Next, go down a little bit and take the door to your right. You'll  |
| find a room with some people in it; talk to them and you'll find out about  |
| what happened: the noblemen used the craftsmen to build their town deep     |
| underground and then banished them to the caves when they were finished. If |
| you walk up into the adjoining room, the man there will ask you to defeat   |
| the noblemen and will give you chests that contain an Amber Stick, Gold     |
| Arrow, and Book of Magic (anyone know what spell it teaches?).              |
|                                                                             |
| South Town                                                                  |
| ----------                                                                  |
| To get to South Town, enter the Town of Noblemen and head all the way down  |
| to the decorated gate. It will open with the Platinum Key and you can       |
| proceed down into the noblemen's temple. Once inside, work your way down    |
| and then enter the chamber in the center of the room. Take the stairs there |
| and then continue forward, past the two noblemen and into the next room.    |
| From here, take all the sets of stairs (a total of five) until you emerge   |
| in South Town. If you talk to the noblemen that live there, you'll learn a  |
| few things that you may have suspected before about what has happened in    |
| the kingdom. There's also a weird metal statue in the center of town, in    |
| the middle of the pit. It doesn't appear to serve a purpose, though. The    |
| only other thing to note is that if you head toward the bottom part of town |
| and squeeze between the pit and the wall, you can get on the other side of  |
| the wall where there's a stairway that leads to Lowest Town.                |
|                                                                             |
| Lowest Town                                                                 |
| -----------                                                                 |
| In the Town of the Lowest Underground Level (known as Lowest Town in this   |
| FAQ), things get really weird. For the first time since the very beginning  |
| of the game, you'll see a church, with a priest who says something          |
| incredibly vague and cryptic. The only other two people in town are turned  |
| to stone. If you enter the house suspended above the middle of the pit,     |
| you'll reach a stairway that will take you directly to the basement of the  |
| temple, which has five sets of stairs leading down and one set leading up   |
| (the one you came from). If you've done all that you wanted to do in this   |
| chapter, now's a good time to finish up the chapter. If you want to go back |
| and do something, you can take the stairs on the far right, then take the   |
| stairs in the next room and you'll be in the button room of the temple (see |
| the next paragraph for a description). If, however, you're ready to get     |
| this chapter over with, skip the next paragraph and start with the          |
| directions on where to go from here.                                        |
|                                                                             |

Well, the only thing you really missed was the Fire Shield. Here's the quickest
way to get to the basement where that last section left off: Go to the Town of
Noblemen and open up the elaborate gate in the lower end of town. Enter the
temple below, and go to your right once you're inside. Go down the stairs you
find there, and then go to the lower right corner of the room you end up in.
Get right in front of the red button and examine it to push it. This will warp
you to the basement.

You'll see five sets of stairs leading down and one set leading up. The one set
leading up will take you to Lowest Town. Of the five stairways leading down,
the first, second, and fourth lead to empty rooms. The fifth leads back to the
room with the warp button. The third leads to the boss.

Take the third stairway and the following stairway in the room. You'll then be
in the inner part of the temple where the wizards are meeting with the
noblemen. Walk to the right and approach the group of four noblemen and you'll
eavesdrop on their tirade about ruling the kingdom. After you've heard this,
take a couple steps to the left and hug the left wall as you pass them --  if
you don't hug the wall, you'll have to fight a battle before being sent back to
the top of the room. So, pass up everybody standing around and take the
stairway at the bottom. Exit the next room you come to at the bottom of the
room and you'll find yourself in a large stairway. Walk around and descend the
stairs for a total of ten screens and you'll finally be in the boss's lair.

Go straight up and through the large door in the room with the columns. You'll
be in a room that looks like a maze, but is actually pretty simple. Head
directly to the left from the entrance if you need an extra Water Stick,
otherwise make your way up to the center of the upper wall and take the
stairway there. On the next screen, get the chest right next to the entrance
for a Gold Shield, and then walk all the way to the upper left corner of the
room where you'll find a Book of Magic that teaches your party Dakitas. Go
straight down from that chest (the other paths will warp you back to the top of
the room) and you'll come to a similarly structured room. This time choose the
second path from the left (the one just to your left when you enter the room)
and you'll be in the boss room. Take a few steps downward and the game will go
auto as you meet the wizards and prepare to fight.

You'll be attacked by four Priests of the Devil and the Lord Mage, who is
apparently just a really tall priest. With inventories full of Water Sticks and
decent levels, this fight should be a breeze. If you didn't bother arming your
characters in such a manner and need actual strategy, remember to stay in the
lower half of the field to pin the two outside Priests of the Devil. Try to
keep your party together and take on the Lord Mage and the two Priests of the
Devil equally. The Priests of the Devil will go down first, then focus your
entire party's attacks on the Lord Mage. After he goes down, the two remaining
Priests of the Devil should be no problem. If your party's in bad shape, you
can even keep them where they are and have Bellenue lob arrows at the enemies,
one at a time, until they die.

When you defeat the bosses, they'll mention Floyd before they die. Interesting.
Now you need to find the wizards from the north and destroy them.

After the Lord Mage and his minions are vanquished, head down to exit the
temple. Now is the time to do whatever you need to do before leaving this
chapter. When you're ready, go back to the Town of Kings and visit the king
again. Actually, uh, there are two kings now. I don't know how that works, but
anyway, you can talk to the king on the left for a little bit of resolution,
then talk to the king on the right for a little congratulatory speech, and of
course, a request to take out the wizards of the north. After talking, you'll
be whisked away in the king's carriage toward the northern kingdom, and the
chapter will end.

Perhaps it lost something in the translation, but Chapter 3 didn't seem to make
much sense. Most of the directional towns were very odd and confusing. Based on
the info available, I think the story goes something like this: The elitist
noblemen recruited the evil wizards from the north to help them defeat the good
wizards that had lived in the kingdom. By taking power in this manner, the
noblemen were able to take control over the people that lived there,
specifically the craftsmen, who they forced to burrow deep underground to build
their city. After the craftsmen had finished the work, they were banished to
underground caves to die, leaving the noblemen to build a network of towns
where they could rule with the wizards. Apparently, though, the cities that the
noblemen had ordered built had reached so far undeground that they had invaded
areas that were home to undead spirits. As a result, these deep towns were
dangerous, and all inhabitants were cursed by whatever evil was stirred up when
they first tried to build a city there. Despite the noblemen's attempts to
establish permanent residence there (mainly by using conquered citizens as
"guinea pigs"), the evil that they had tapped into eventually controlled them
and drove them further into a destructive state. Only by defeating the noblemen
could Roy and the others clear out the lower towns and make the kingdom safe

Like I said, this is largely speculation. But, it's the best I can come up
with. A lot of it is actually supported by text in the game, and other weird
occurrances can be easily explained by this scenario (for example, all the
people in Lowest Town who have been turned to stone, and the pit with the
ghosts in East Town). That said, if you have your own theory, let me know. If I
can find enough evidence to support it, I'll make a note of it in this section.


You'll start out just outside of North Village. This village is actually one of
the southmost places in this overworld, so go figure. Anyway, you may want to
get acquainted with the overworld before you do anything, so I'll tell you that
just a little bit north of North Village is Ballack Village, far to the
northeast is a bridge that leads to the wizard's dwelling (the bridge is
blocked by an invisible barrier at the beginning of the chapter), and far to
the east is Melkia's house, although you'll have to walk north around a forest
to get there. That's about all there is, at least in this part of the
overworld. The rest will be covered as needed. So, enter North Village and
explore the town. There's not much to do, but there is plenty of stuff to buy,
so I hope you have some money left over. Actually, as good as the equipment is
here, they have even better stuff in Ballack Village, so feel free to travel
there to do your shopping.

Anyway, as far as North Village goes, make sure you visit the inn, as it has
both the magic and the gem store, as well as giving you the best glimpse of
things to come in the dialogue of the man that's in one of the rooms upstairs.
Check it out. Also, make sure you talk to the village sage. His house is the
one farthest back in town. He'll tell you about the strange lights and memory
loss that has been plaguing the town, and will tell you to go talk to the wise
man, Melkia. Leave the town and travel east. As previously mentioned, you'll
need to take a slight detour north to get around the trees. Other than that,
though, you should be able to find it pretty easily.

Once you find his house, talk to Melkia. He says that the black lights are
probably caused by some sort of magic, and then explains a little about the
past. Afterward, rather abruptly, he tells you to return to North Village; he
feels that something bad has happened. Follow his directions and backtrack to
North Village.

As you enter town, your party will fall victim to the black lights that
everyone has been talking about.

After the black lights episode, you can enter town and talk to everyone;
they'll all be confused from the lights. Nothing important will really happen,
though, so it might be best to just set off for the wizard's hangout. Also, if
you haven't equipped yourself at Ballack Village, now is a good time to do so.

Anyway, from Ballack Village, head as far north as you can, then turn east and
go along the lake's edge until you get to the bridge. Cross the bridge and
enter the tower. You'll be in a large open room with a big stairway at the far
end. Note the symbols on the floor, the ones you usually see in a magic shop.
On the first level, they don't do anything. In the next two levels, though,
they act as warps. The problem is, you have to find which one is the warp, and
not just a symbol. On the second floor, it's the one on the right. On the third
floor, it's the one on top. This will take you to the wizard's room. If you
want a Pearl and a Blueberry, you can take the symbol on the right for a room
with chests containing these items. Otherwise, talk to the wizard. He'll tell
you about the nature of the black lights, and more about the history of the
conflict among the wizards, and the evil wizards' plans to rule the world with
the black magic. Just then, the black lights will return, and the evil wizards
will taunt you and the wizard, who will apparently die. Afterward, you will be
left alone in the tower.

It should be noted here that the current chapter is a very short one, and North
Village and Ballack village are the only two villages with anything to sell.
Also, once you leave and get involved with the next part of the plot, it will
be a great inconvenience to come all the way back to town. What I'm saying is,
although it seems like the chapter just started, now is pretty much your last
chance to do your shopping, etc. before the end of the chapter. Of course, in
an emergency, you can always come back, but more than likely, this will be the
last you'll see of this region.

Anyway, take the left symbol, then the center symbol to backtrack out of the
tower. After you're outside and across the bridge, head west along the lake
(and then along the forest) until you can go north. Turn northward and you
should see a sign for a town on the other side of a line of trees. The only
word you can make out on the sign is "North." You can stop here if you want,
there's just one house. But, you do get to spend the night for free, and the
guy will tell you that the black power came from a cave in the north. From the
nameless village, make your way north until you reach the face of the mountain,
then go a little bit east until you see the cave. Enter it.

Inside the cave, go just a little left and then up to the stairs. On the next
level, follow the path and go upward the first chance you get; follow the path
around until it opens up and the next set of stairs should be just to the
right. On the following level, follow the path until it splits. Here you can go
up for chests with a Chicken and a Book of Magic (anyone know what spell it
teaches?), or continue to the left and take the stairs.

If you picture the next level as a (really) rough square, here's where you can
find everything: Amber Stick in the upper left corner, Garnet in the upper
right corner, White Bread in the lower left corner, Book of Magic (anyone know
what spell it teaches?) in the center, and the stairs in the lower left corner.
The next level is just one tiny room. Take the stairs and you'll be in another
level. Walk all the way to the right and then all the way up for the stairs.
Just so you know, if you go all the way left from the stairs, there's a chest
with an Animal Dress; get it if you want to. The next level is the last, just
go a little left and then down to exit the cave. You'll end up outside again,
on top of the mountain. Walk a little east and a little north and you should
see the sign for the army's station. You can go in if you want to... it's just
a bunch of soldiers walking around, although there is a lot of plot info if you
talk to everyone, and a nurse who will heal your party for the regular amount.

From the army station, head a tiny bit north and then far to the east until you
see the columns. This is the fort where the advance army is gathering in
preparation for their attack on the wizards' temple. Feel free to talk to any
soldiers you see walking around inside. Anyway, enter, head all the way up to
the stairs and take them. On the next level, make your way to the bottom of the
room and then turn towards the center and go up to the stairs. Take them and
head straight up through the door at the top of the room that follows. You
should now be in a room with a few jail cells in it. Walk down, but not too
far, because a boss is coming up. After you pass the jail cell on your right,
prepare your party for a battle, then continue downward. You'll be drawn into a
fight with the boss.

The fact that there's only one enemy to attack will make this fight a lot
easier if you don't have the equipment and/or levels to be immune to its hits
while attacking. What I mean is, if you find yourself taking damage from this
boss, surround it on three sides with Roy, Banegie and Magellan, then have the
three of them defend while Bellenue shoots arrows or magic at it. The fact that
it's surrounded will keep it from going after Bellenue, and even wimpy
characters will be immune to the boss's hits while defending.

Immediately after the battle, the black lights will appear again and attack the
party. After Roy has a few flashbacks (I assume this is meant to illustrate the
memories that he's losing), the party will appear outside the fort and Banegie
will urge everyone to stop fighting, since they are losing more and more
memories. After a weird little exchange between Roy and Banegie, Banegie leaves
the party. Don't worry, though, it's only temporary.

So, now the three of you must carry on to the North Temple and try to finish
off the northern wizards for good. Just so you know: from where you start out,
the fort (where you just came from) is to your left, and the temple (where
you're going) is to your right. Climb the temple steps and enter.

In the temple's first room, two walls divide the floor into three long halls.
The stairs to the next level are down the middle, but the left hall leads to a
chest with a Silver Dress and the right hall has an Orange Juice, just so you
know. The next room you come to is a huge open room with many, many treasure
chests set against small walls. I'll list the contents of the chests from the
top row to the bottom, going left to right within each row. Ready? The
treasures are: (Row 1) Chicken, Fruit, (Row 2) Amethyst, (Row 3) Ruby, Diamond,
(Row 4) Sapphire, Halbert, (Row 5) Honey Cake, (Row 6) Book of Magic (anyone
know what spell it teaches?), (Row 7) Elven Shield, (Row 8) Book of Magic
(anyone know what spell it teaches?). Whew. When you're done looting, head
through the stairs at the bottom of the room.

You'll now be in a jail-type level. Note that you can talk to the people in the
cells... at least the ones that aren't already dead. Go all the way to the
bottom of the level and go through the stairs. On the next level you'll see
your old pal Floyd, and this time he's got a new associate: the Queen of
Witches. After a lengthy discussion which might have been more thought-
provoking had it been translated better, the queen will attack you with those
darn black lights, you'll lose some more memories, and then you'll wake up in
the overworld somewhere outside the temple. Fortunately, Banegie will come back
from wherever she was and help you out. Roy has almost no memories left at this
point, but Banegie shows him the pendant and he regains his focus. Banegie
rejoins the group and you all set out for Floyd and the queen again.

From where you wake up, you can get back to the temple by following the path
north, then west, then southwest a little until you get to the temple's back
entrance. When you enter, you'll be in the room where you just saw the queen
and Floyd. They've retreated to a different room, so walk out into the hall and
head upwards into the throne room. Go through the door behind the thrones and
you'll be in a series of halls which are connected by stairs that you don't
see. You'll just be walking when the screen will fade out, you'll hear the
footsteps sound effect and you'll be taken to a different hall. It's easy to
get lost unless you remember to always start moving in the way your party is
facing after you take a set of stairs. Take two sets of stairs, then get your
party ready for a boss fight. Beyond the stairs is the point of no return, just
in case you wanted to do something before the end of the chapter. When you're
ready, take the final set of stairs. You'll end up in another throne room with
Floyd and the queen. The queen will taunt you incoherently and then attack.

She's not really that tough, since she's by herself. If you need help beating
her, refer to the strategy from the last boss: surround her with the first
three fighters so she can't move, then have them all defend while Bellenue
whittles away at her with arrows.

After the fight is over, Floyd will taunt you and then escape... again. Your
party will then exit the temple and celebrate the victory. Then Banegie will
start whining again and convince the party to go back to Roy's hometown,


You'll start out on the docks of Johanna. But you'll soon realize that things
are different from when you left. There seems to be a tax on everything now.
Walk to the left, where men are guarding the entrance to town. Pay the fee to
enter -- it's only 279 gold.

Walk to the left to enter town, taking either the high or low path -- it
doesn't matter, they just take you to different points in town. Once you're in
Johanna, talk to people and you'll learn that a mysterious man came to town,
built a castle with a wall around it, and destroyed all the buildings outside
the wall. Nice guy. See the path on the top and on the bottom that lead back to
the docks? Notice the path in the middle -- this leads to the lord's castle.
You can't enter yet, though. Just remember where it is. There are several
weapon and armor upgrades to buy, so do some shopping if you can. If money is
no object and you just want a quick shopping list, here's the best stuff to

Roy - War Sword
---   War Mail
      Shiny Shield

Banegie - Blue Ax
-------   Earth Mail
          Boons Shield

Magellan - War Sword
--------   Earth Mail
           Soul Shield (if he doesn't already have one)

Bellenue - Black Arrow (if she doesn't already have one)
--------   Mithril Mail (if she doesn't already have one)
           Black Arrow (if she doesn't already have one)


At this point, I would normally say to load up on Ghost Sticks to the max, but
they give a +100 bonus to DP, so it only takes 10 of them to give you a 999 DP
bonus. And you don't even need that much, because with all the other armor
you're wearing (and with average levels), your DP without *any* sticks should
be in the 200's or 300's. In this case, it would only take seven or eight Ghost
Sticks to give you a DP rating of 999, which of course is the maximum value.
So, buying any more Ghost Sticks than necessary to get you a 999 DP would just
be a waste of money, and more importantly, inventory space. Yeah, for the first
time, you'll be able to carry stuff around! Whee! I recommend MP restoratives
such as Honey.

Moving on, once you've set up your party, finish talking to people in town
before you leave. I don't think it's absolutely required, but it would still be
a good idea to visit your family. They're in a stone house that's a few steps
to the right of the exit to the overworld. You'll learn that Traysia has been
kidnapped and your home has been burned down, but everyone is okay. It's time
for revenge.

Leave town and go out into the overworld. The overworld in this chapter is long
and narrow. That is, it runs a long way from the north end to the south end,
but isn't very far across, east to west. There are a few points of interest in
the overworld, but right now you can't do anything with them, so they'll be
covered when we come to them in the game. So, anyway, leave town and go south
at your first chance. Work your way to the south, hugging the eastern edge of
the map. After that eastern edge twists and turns a few times, you'll come to
a fishing village that has been overrun by the same lord who came to Johanna.
You can go in if you want, but there's nothing there except a few clues as to
what's been going on. Either way, once you're done with the fishing village,
continue south, hugging the eastern edge, until you come to a long path leading
east. At the end of the path is the lighthouse.

The first floor of the lighthouse is simple. After you take the stairs, you'll
be on the second floor. Go to the right and you should see the staircase in the
lower right corner. Go down there and take it. On the third floor, walk a few
steps up and then right and you should see the staircase in the upper right
corner. Go to that corner and through the doorway to the stairs to continue, or
stop by the upper left corner of the room if you want a chest with a Silver
Tulip first.

The fourth floor is the last floor. The center chamber has the lighthouse
keeper, but BEFORE you talk to him, make sure to go to the bottom part of the
room and equip Banegie with the Smashing Ax you find there. Then go and talk to
the lighthouse keeper. He'll tell you the story of what happened to Johanna.
Apparently Floyd showed up and began brainwashing the authorities in order to
take over the region. Just as the conversation is finishing, guards will some
in, capture you, and throw you in jail.

Apparently this jail is minimum security, as all you have to do to escape is go
through the series of stairways. Anyway, walk down a little from where you
start and take the stairs there. You'll be in a large room; just walk upwards
to get to the stairs. You'll be in a totally dark room. To get to the end,
walk in the direction specified until you can't go any farther. Then turn to
the next direction. Ready? Go down, right, down, left, up, left, up, right.
You'll end up in a smallish room with a table; walk to the left and take the
stairs and you'll be in another pitch black room. This room is a lot more
complex than the other one, plus it contains a chest that you should try to
get. So listen up: from the entrance, go right, down, right, down, right, down,
right, up, right. This will bring you to point D on the map below, where you
need to make a decision. If you don't care about the treasure (you should be
able to see it now -- it contains a Soul Sword), just go all the way down the
hall and skip the rest of this paragraph. For the sake of reference, we'll
call the corner at the very bottom end of the hall "Point X." If you want the
sword, follow these directions, and also LOOK AT THE MAP BELOW to help you find
it. Go down the long hall, but feel along the right edge every few steps.
Toward the end of the hall, there's a path that will branch off to the right.
It's actually 6 to 9 steps above Point X, so you may want to go all the way
down and then work your way upwards while feeling the wall. When you find the
path leading right, follow it all the way right, then all the way up until
you're in the room with the chest. Open it for the Soul Sword, then backtrack
to find your way back to Point X.

Ghetto ASCII Map
Not to scale.
D = Where you end up after following the first part of the directions.
X = Point X, where the next set of directions will start from.
T = Treasure chest with a Soul Sword.

                D |
---------------+  |
               |  |
               |  |  +--------+
               |  |  |        |
               |  |  |  T     |
               |  |  |        |
               |  |  +-----+  |
               |  |        |  |
               |  |        |  |
               |  |        |  |
               |  |        |  |
               |  |        |  |
               |  |        |  |
               |  |        |  |
               |  +--------+  |
               |              |
               |  +-----------+
               |  |
---------------+  |
                X |

From Point X, go left, down, left, up, left, down, left, up, left, up, right.
You'll emerge in a thick forest in the overworld. Go up and then right and
you'll be in the clear. Then walk to the east and just a tiny bit north to get
back to Johanna. The guard out in front of the castle will be gone and you can
now enter.

When you come into the front yard, note the six entrances available: four short
towers with cone-shaped roofs, one small house by itself that lies between the
first and second such towers, and finally, the front entrance to the main
building. Well, the house-thingy and the second tower are both just empty
rooms, the third and fourth towers' only paths just lead back and forth between
them, and you can't even get into the main entrance. This leaves only the first
tower all the way on the left. Enter it and you'll notice that you switch
between rooms unexpectedly, as in the last part of the temple from Chapter 4.
It's okay, though, since the dungeon is pretty straightforward. I won't give
you specific instructions because the paths are mostly one-way with no
branches. When you come to the first intersection, though, you'll have a choice
between left or right -- go right. When you get to the jail cells, note that
there's a guy locked up in the right-hand cell that you can talk to if you want
to. Continue to the next screen.

Now you should be in a room that kind of looks like a maze... but it's just a
small, empty room, and the exit is in the upper left corner. Walk left from the
entrance and you should see it. In the next level, follow the hall all the way
around until you come to the empty room. Walk toward the far wall and you will
hear Traysia talking on the other side of the wall. Roy will talk to her for a
little bit, then the party decides to retreat in order to find an alternate
path that leads to the other side of the wall where Traysia is being held.

Backtrack all the way to the beginning of the dungeon, exit and return to town.
Just about everybody inside the houses (including your family) will have new
things to say that will give you a little more plot info if you're into that
sort of thing, but the only person you're actually required to talk to is the
blind man. He's in the long stone house in the lower left corner of town. It
turns out that he was one of the men that helped build the castle, and he
agrees to have one of his pupils meet you in the dungeon to show you a secret

Return to the castle and go through the dungeon like before -- except when you
get to the "fake maze" room just past the jail cells, go to the lower left
corner and a guy should be there waiting for you. From where he's standing,
walk down and you'll pass through a door. The next room is straightforward;
just take the stairs at the top. The following room contains the cell that
holds Traysia. Approach the upper right hand cell and she and Roy will talk for
a little bit. As you begin to help her escape, guards rush in. Banegie quickly
decides to take Traysia's place in order to let Traysia escape. Don't worry,
just like last time she left, she won't be gone long. The next thing you know,
your party (minus Banegie) will be back in town with Traysia in tow.

Now, you need to go and get Banegie back. Go back to the castle's yard but this
time you will be able to enter the main door at the front of the castle. Do so
and then walk straight up to the stairs at the end of the first room. In the
second room, go all the way down and then to the left, then follow the path
down and around to the next set of stairs. The next room is a huge open room
with rectangular blocks spaced out more or less randomly. The stairway to the
next room is hidden along the upper edge of one of the blocks in the room. To
find the block in question, go to the far left side of the room. About halfway
up, you will see three blocks in a downwardly staggered arrangement, like so:


The middle block is the one you want. Walk along its upper edge and you'll be
taken to the throne room, where Banegie is being kept by Floyd and a few of his
henchmen. When you're ready for a fight, approach the thrones. Floyd will whine
about how you destroyed all his plans, then he'll sic his guards on you.

This is just about the end of the game, and you really have no excuse for not
having good enough levels/equipment to fight five Chiefs of Isis. Well,
actually, it's four Chiefs and one Soldier. Whatever. You've probably fought
similar battles in the castle on the way here, so you should know what to

After the battle, Floyd will whine a little more, then retreat to the temple in
the mountains. Nice of him to tell you where he'll be. Your party will rescue
Banegie and then you'll go back to Johanna.

You'll start out in town, with Traysia standing next to you. I don't think it's
absolutely required, but you should talk to Traysia to send her home. You can
also rest, shop, and talk to people if you feel like it. Note that you're at
the very end of the game and you should get whatever you want out of the way
before beginning your conquest on the northern temple.

When you're ready, leave town and head north until you reach the edge of the
mountain. When you do, follow the rocky wall as it winds around, eventually
bringing you right to the temple's front door. Go on in.

Once inside, you'll be in a huge open room. Just go straight up to the stairs.
On the next level, walk to the left, then all the way down and follow the path
as it goes to the right and up. Shortly after the upward turn, you'll be able
to go left. That's where the stairs are, but before you take them, you should
turn right and get at least two of the three treasures on this floor. When you
turn right, you'll see a path continuing to the right, and a path leading
down. The path going to the right only has a Blue Ax, which is inferior to the
Smashing Ax that Banegie should have by now. So, you may not want to go that
way. But, by all means, take the route leading downward. Go to the bottom of
that hall and turn right and then up for a chest with a Death Arrow. Then go
back down and all the way to the left for a chest with a Shiny Sword, which
should go to Roy while Magellan takes the Soul Sword, if he didn't already have
it. Then return to the stairs and go to the next level.

The next room has several stairways leading out of it: four across the top of
the room, three in the lower left corner, and two in the lower right. I'm going
to spend the next two paragraphs telling you what's in all the rooms, but if
you just want to know how to get to the end of the dungeon, skip the rest of
this paragraph, as well as the entire paragraph that follows it. Anyway, as far
as the stairways at the top of the room go, the first and last sets both lead
to empty rooms. The second set from the left leads to a room with a chest that
has a Blueberry inside, and the third set from the left leads to a room with
Honey. Get these items if you feel like it, then go back to the bottom part of
the room.

If you go into the bottom left corner, you'll have a choice of turning left or
continuing downward. If you turn left and keep going, you'll find stairs that
lead to a room with Earth Mail. If you turn left and then go upwards, you'll
find stairs that take you to a large room with the following spelled out by the
walls: "T-SPC". I can't think of anything that this might stand for. Any
suggestions? Besides the letters, though, this room is empty. Getting back to
the lower left corner, if you continue downward and follow the path, you'll
come to stairs that lead to a long room with a chest with Honey in it.

Finally, if you go to the bottom right corner of the large room, you'll see a
stairway to your left. This stairway leads to an empty room, but if you turn
right and then go upwards, you'll come to the staircase that will take you to
the next level. Once you're there, walk down, to the left, and up a bit, and
you'll see that you have a choice between going left or right. Go to the left
and you'll come to a choice between two paths, side by side, both leading
upwards. If you want an Earth Mail, take the left and path and turn left and
then up when you get the chance. If you don't want the mail and are ready to
face off with Floyd, take the right path and follow it as it spirals around and
brings you to the last staircase.

This is it. The last battle. I would say that this is your last chance to do
stuff before the game ends, but the truth is that you can walk around and do
whatever you like after you finish the final boss. So, just keep that in mind.
When you're ready to finally face Floyd, take the staircase.

Froid? FROID?!? You'd think that for the final battle of the game, the
translators would be able to get the guy's name right. Jeez, it sounds like
they wanted Roy and company to duke it out with the evil forces of
psychoanalysis. Next up, Carl Jung and his gang of psychiatric theorists!
ANYway, this is another battle where you can pin the outside enemies to the
columns while you work on the other three. If your characters are somehow
taking damage, have them all defend while Bellenue shoots them from long range.
Despite this being the last boss, there really isn't anything spectacular about
this fight. It'll be over soon enough.

After the battle, Floyd (Froid?) will realize he's been beaten and will
suddenly gather up energy in a suicidal attempt to do both him and Roy in at
once. As he charges toward Roy, Banegie steps in his way and absorbs the blow.
Roy and Banegie share a tender little bit of dialog, Banegie asks Roy to marry
Traysia, and then dies.

After the previous scene, your party will be taken to the overworld, at the
beginning of the mountain path that leads to the temple. Go a little south,
then west across the tree line until you get past them, then go south for a
little bit and you'll come back to Johanna. This is your absolute last chance
to do anything. You can talk to some of the people around town for
congratulatory messages, etc. When you're ready to finish the game, go to
Traysia's house and talk to her. The game will be over, and you'll be treated
to a nice ending.

IV. Level Charts
-- -------- -------- -------- -------- --------
01     (0)     --       --       --       --
02      20     --       --       --       --
03      76     --       --       (158)    --
04     148     --       --         188    --
05     236     (287)    (338)      272    (305)
06     364       309      358      380      384
07     516       376      414      512      536
08     732       469      486      704      758
09    1008       592      574      932     1012
10    1308       784      702     1256     1390
11    1632      1027      854     1670     1699
12    1972      1394     1070      ...     2020
13    2346      1890     1346              2480
14    2754      2460     1646              2998
15    3196      3108     1970              3352
16    3692      3822     2310              3965
17    4201      4644     2684              4588
18    4785      5033     3092              5151
19    5425      6000     3534              5912
20    6085      6587     4030              6553
21    6833      7598     4539              7551
22    7649      8442     5098              8502
23    8546      9448     5798              9499
24    9443     10355     6630             10987
25   ?????     11708     7554             12210
26   11708     12999     9676             13387
27   12976     14256     9981             14999
28   14246     15558    11505             15987
29   15534     16887    13119             17005
30   16844     18578    15254             18845
31   18256     19987    16844             20222
32   19868     21999    18256             22986
33   21780     23898    19868             25012
34   23784     26687    21788             28411
35   25996     29435    23799             30775
36   28420     31489    26016             33582
37   30776     34875    28956             36488
38   33532     37452    30986             40121
39   36484     40112    33789             42123
40   39484     43356    36845             45654
41   42096     46789    40568             48532
42   45060     49868    43650             52328
43   48506     54501    46875             56664
44   52258              49651             60328
45   56180              53658             65533
46   60273              57894
47   64536              63222
48   68970              65878
49                      69982

Armor List

Name          Buy  Sell Roy Ban Mag Flo Bel +AP +DP
----          ---- ---- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Amber Stick    180  108  E   E   E   .   E   -   30
Animal Dress  1570  942  E   E   E   .   -   -   60
Bracelet      3210 1926  E   E   E   .   E   10  - 
Blue Shield    289  173  E   E   -   .   -   -   40
Boons Shield  8015 4809  E   E   -   .   -   -  150
Chain Mail     127   76  E   E   E   -   -   -   30  
Crown         6810 4086  -   -   -   .   -   ?   ? 
Cuirass         31   18  E   E   E   -   E   -   20  
Curing Stick  1070  642  -   -   -   .   -   ?   ? 
Earth Mail    8075 4845  E   E   E   .   -   -  110
Elven Shield  3880 2328  E   E   -   .   -   -  110
Feather Hat     88   52  -   -   -   E   E   -   35  
Fire Mail      570  342  E   E   E   .   -   -   50
Fire Shield    770  462  E   E   -   .   E   -   75
Ghost Stick   3090 1854  E   E   E   .   E   -  100
Gold Gown     2091 1254  -   E   -   .   -   -   25
Gold Mirror      ? 1188  E   E   E   .   E   -   - 
Gold Orange   6620 3972  E   E   E   .   E   12  - 
Gold Powder   5550 3330  -   -   -   .   -   ?   ? 
Gold Ring     5270 3162  E   E   E   .   E    7   7
Gold Shield   2010 1206  E   E   E   .   -   -   90
Leather Hat     25   15  -   -   -   E   E   -    7  
Leather Vest     ?   10  E   E   E   -   ?   -   10 
Mage's Stick   140   84  E   E   E   .   E   -   20
Magic Mail    2950 1770  E   E   -   .   E   -   75
Mithril Mail  4870 2922  E   E   E   .   E   -   90
Pendant        N/A  N/A  E   E   E   E   E   -   -  
Plate Mail     327  196  E   E   E   .   -   -   40
Power Stick    120   72  E   E   E   E   E   -   10  
Red Ribbon      39   23  -   -   -   E   E   -   15  
Red Shield     155   93  E   E   E   .   E   -   35
Ring Mail      235  141  E   E   E   .   -   -   35
Scale Mail      78   46  E   E   E   -   -   -   25  
Shield          89   53  E   E   E   -   E   -   30
Shiny Shield 10670 6402  E   -   -   .   -   -  170
Silver Dress  1024  614  -   -   -   .   E   -   10
Silver Tulip  4280 2892  E   E   E   .   E   -   12
Soul Shield   6620 3972  E   E   E   .   E   -  130
Spike Shield   550  330  E   E   -   .   -   -   60
Target          47   28  E   E   E   -   E   -   25  
Tower Shield   370  222  E   E   E   .   -   -   45
War Mail      9060 5436  E   -   -   .   -   -  140
Water Stick    200  120  E   E   E   .   E   -   50

Weapon List

Name          Buy    Sell Roy Ban Mag Flo Bel +AP
----          -----  ---- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Ax               70    42  -   E   -   .   -   45
Battle Sword   1780  1068  E   -   E   .   -  170
Black Arrow    4850  2910  -   -   -   .   E  270
Blue Ax       10010  6006  -   E   -   .   -  260
Bow              24    14  -   -   -   -   E   55
Broad Sword     100    60  E   -   E   .   -   60
Bronze Ax        99    59  -   E   -   .   -   70
Cross Bow       125    75  -   -   -   .   E   90
Dagger           21    12  E   -   -   -   -   15
Death Arrow       ?  5742  -   -   -   .   E  320
Death Sword     669   401  E   -   E   .   -  130
Dolarga        8800  5280  -   E   -   .   -  230
Flame Sword    1041   624  E   -   -   .   -  150
Gold Arrow      420   252  -   -   -   .   E  140
Great Ax       1020   612  -   E   -   .   -  140
Great Mace      690   414  -   E   -   .   -  120
Great Sword     190   114  E   -   E   .   -   75
Halbert        2400  1440  -   E   -   .   -  160
Hammer           13     7  -   E   -   -   -   20
Heavy Mace      125    75  -   E   -   .   -   85
Ice Arrow       209   125  -   -   -   .   E  110
Knife            10     6  E   -   -   -   -    8
Long Bow         82    49  -   -   -   -   E   70
Long Sword       67    40  E   -   E   -   -   45
Red Mace       6520  3912  -   E   -   .   -  200
Ripper Sword      ?   152  E   -   E   .   -   90
Salamander     1300   780  -   -   -   .   E  180
Sean's Arrow   3210  1926  -   -   -   .   E  230
Shiny Sword       ? 12222  E   -   -   .   -  340
Short Sword      39    23  E   -   -   -   -   30
Smashing Ax       ?  8334  -   E   -   .   -  290
Soul Sword        ?  7785  E   -   E   .   -  310
Spirit Sword   5112  3067  E   -   -   .   -  220
Thunder Ax     4270  2562  -   E   -   .   -  180
Thunder Swor   9280  5568  E   -   -   .   -  250
Valkily        3030  1818  E   -   E   .   -  190
War Hammer       34    20  -   E   -   -   -   30
War Sword     10146  6087  E   -   E   .   -  280

Food List

Name          Buy  Sell Use
----          ---- ---- ---
Apple Juice     66   39 +23 MP to any party member
Blueberry      150   90 +27 HP, +18 MP to any party member
Chicken        220  132 +41 HP to any party member
Dark Bread     101   60 +17 HP to any party member
Dried Meat     130   78 +26 HP to any party member
Fried Food     440  264 +67 HP to any party member
Fruit            8    4 +9 HP to any party member
Grape Juice     36   21 +8 MP to any party member
Honey          395  237 +34 HP, +20 MP to any party member
Honey Cakes     87   52 +12 HP, +9 MP to any party member
Lemon           10    8 +13 HP to any party member
Melon           14    6 +11 HP to any party member
Orange Juice    48   28 +16 MP to any party member
Pear            20   12 +16 HP to any party member
Vegetable        7    4 ?
White Bread     88   52 +21 HP to any party member

Gem List

Name          Buy  Sell Use
----          ---- ---- ---
Amethyst         ?  132  ?
Crystal         24   14  ?
Diamond         28   16  ?
Emerald         38   22  ?
Garnet          41   24  ?
Opal            88   52  ?
Pearl           54   32  ?
Ruby            18   10  ?
Sapphire        85   51  ?

Magic List

Name           Cost   MP Roy Ban Mag Flo Bel LV Type      Range
----           ----   -- --- --- --- --- --- -- --------- -----
Dagis           496    ?  E   -   -   .   E   ? ?         ?
Dakitas         152   58  E   -   -   E   E   3 ?         ?
Dareto           20   11  E   E   -   E   E   1 ?         ?
Darexs           48   26  E   E   -   E   E   2 ?         ?
Far Kahn        130   39  -   E   -   .   E   2 Light     Linear
Folga            67   20  E   E   -   E   E   2 Ice       Linear
Fone            450   37  E   E   -   E   E   3 Ice       Linear
Founce           20   11  E   E   -   E   E   1 Ice       Linear
Fulgule          20    8  -   E   -   .   E   1 Light     Linear
Houdes           77   15  E   E   -   E   E   2 Fire      Linear
Hou Khan        165   27  E   E   -   E   E   3 Fire      Linear
Hound            15    7  E   E   -   E   E   1 Fire      Linear
Iduras          695   45  E   -   -   E   -   2 Lightning Any Space
Illi Own       5550    ?  E   -   -   .   -   ? ?         ?
Indora          331   29  E   -   -   E   -   1 Lightning Any Space

Town Guide

Town of ADVENTURES (Ch. 3)
 Armor Sold   Weapons Sold Food Sold    Gems Sold    Magic Sold   Inn
 ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------
 Feather Hat  (none)       (none)       (none)       (none)       42/person
 Leather Hat
 Red Ribbon

BALLACK Village (Ch. 4)
 Armor Sold   Weapons Sold Food Sold    Gems Sold    Magic Sold   Inn
 ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------
 Crown        Black Arrow  (none)       (none)       Dagis        155/person
 Elven Shield Dolarga                                Far Kahn
 Gold Gown    Spirit Sword                           Folga
 Gold Powder                                         Fone
 Gold Shield                                         Fulgule
 Mithril Mail                                        Iduras
 Silver Dress                                        Illi Own
 Soul Shield                                         Indora

Town of CRAFTSMEN (Ch. 3)
 Armor Sold   Weapons Sold Food Sold    Gems Sold    Magic Sold   Inn
 ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------
 (none)       (none)       (none)       Crystal      (none)       103/person

GYPSY Village (Ch. 2)
 Armor Sold   Weapons Sold Food Sold    Gems Sold    Magic Sold   Inn
 ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------
 (none)       Ax           Chicken      (none)       Dakitas      97/person
              Broad Sword  Dried Meat                Darexs
              Cross Bow                              Founce
              Long Sword                             Hou Khan

IYUVE Kingdom (Ch. 2)
 Armor Sold   Weapons Sold Food Sold    Gems Sold    Magic Sold   Inn
 ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------
 Mage's Stick Bronze Ax    Blueberry    (none)       Dagis        81/person
 Plate Mail   Great Sword  Fried Food                Dakitas
 Red Shield   Heavy Mace   Honey                     Dareto
 Ring Mail    Ice Arrow    Honey Cakes               Darexs
                                                     Far Kahn
                                                     Hou Khan
                                                     Illi Own

Port Town JOHANNA (Ch. 5)
 Armor Sold   Weapons Sold Food Sold    Gems Sold    Magic Sold   Inn
 ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------
 Boons Shield Black Arrow  Blueberry    (none)       Dagis        155/person
 Crown        Blue Ax      Fried Food                Dakitas      (at docks)
 Curing Stick Bow          Honey                     Darexs
 Earth Mail   Cross Bow    Honey Cakes               Far Kahn     184/person
 Ghost Stick  Ice Arrow                              Folga        (in town)
 Gold Gown    Long Bow                               Fone
 Gold Powder  Thunder Swor                           Founce
 Shiny Shield War Sword                              Fulgule
 Silver Dress                                        Hou Khan
 Soul Shield                                         Iduras
 War Mail                                            Illi Own

LYUDE Kingdom (Ch. 2)
 Armor Sold   Weapons Sold Food Sold    Gems Sold    Magic Sold   Inn
 ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------
 Chain Mail   Ax           Blueberry    (none)       Folga        54/person
 Red Shield   Broad Sword  Fried Food                Fone
 Ring Mail    Cross Bow    Fruit                     Iduras
 Shield       Long Sword   Honey                     Indora
                           Honey Cakes

Town of MERCHANTS (Ch. 3)
 Armor Sold   Weapons Sold Food Sold    Gems Sold    Magic Sold   Inn
 ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------
 Mage's Stick (none)       (none)       (none)       Dakitas      75/person
 Plate Mail                                          Dareto
 Red Shield                                          Darexs
 Ring Mail                                           Folga
                                                     Hou Khan

Town of NOBLEMEN (Ch. 3)
 Armor Sold   Weapons Sold Food Sold    Gems Sold    Magic Sold   Inn
 ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------
 Animal Dress Battle Sword Blueberry    Diamond      Dagis        (none)
 Magic Mail   Flame Sword  Fried Food   Emerald      Far Kahn
 Spike Shield Halbert      Honey        Garnet       Folga
 Water Stick  Salamander   Honey Cakes  Opal         Fone
                                                     Illi Own

NORTH Village (Ch. 4)
 Armor Sold   Weapons Sold Food Sold    Gems Sold    Magic Sold   Inn
 ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------
 Fire Shield  Red Mace     Blueberry    Diamond      Dakitas      126/person
 Magic Mail   Sean's Arrow Fried Food   Emerald      Dareto
 Mithril Mail Thunder Ax   Honey        Garnet       Darexs
 Spike Shield Valkily      Honey Cakes  Opal         Folga
                                                     Hou Khan

SALON Kingdom (Ch. 1)
 Armor sold   Weapons sold Food sold    Gems sold    Magic sold   Inn
 ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------
 Chain Mail   Bow          Apple Juice  Crystal      Dakitas      10/person
 Cuirass      Dagger       Blueberry    Diamond      Dareto
 Feather Hat  Hammer       Chicken      Emerald      Darexs
 Leather Hat  Knife        Dark Bread   Garnet       Folga
 Power Stick  Long Bow     Dried Meat   Opal         Fone
 Red Ribbon   Long Sword   Fried Food   Pearl        Founce
 Scale Mail   Short Sword  Fruit        Ruby         Houdes
 Shield       War Hammer   Grape Juice  Sapphire     Hou Khan
 Target                    Honey                     Hound
                           Honey Cakes               Iduras
                           Lemon                     Indora
                           Orange Juice
                           White Bread

SELVE Village (Ch. 2)
 Armor Sold   Weapons Sold Food Sold    Gems Sold    Magic Sold   Inn
 ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------
 Bracelet     Ax           Fruit        (none)       (none)       64/person
 Chain Mail   Broad Sword  Lemon
 Gold Orange  Cross Bow    Melon
 Gold Ring    Long Sword   Pear
 Red Shield
 Ring Mail
 Silver Tulip

STONE Village (Ch. 1)
 Armor sold   Weapons sold Food sold    Gems sold    Magic sold   Inn
 ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------
 Bracelet     Long Bow     Chicken      (none)       Dakitas      27/person
 Chain Mail   Long Sword   Dried Meat                Darexs
 Gold Orange  Short Sword                            Founce
 Gold Ring    War Hammer                             Hou Khan
 Scale Mail
 Silver Tulip

Town of SWORDSMEN (Ch. 3)
 Armor Sold   Weapons Sold Food Sold    Gems Sold    Magic Sold   Inn
 ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------
 Amber Stick  Battle Sword (none)       (none)       (none)       55/person
 Animal Dress Death Sword
 Blue Shield  Flame Sword
 Fire Mail    Gold Arrow
 Plate Mail   Great Ax
 Tower Shield Great Mace

Town of THIEVES (Ch. 3)
 Armor Sold   Weapons Sold Food Sold    Gems Sold    Magic Sold   Inn
 ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------
 Bracelet     (none)       (none)       (none)       (none)       116/person
 Gold Gown
 Gold Orange
 Gold Powder
 Gold Ring
 Silver Dress
 Silver Tulip

 Armor Sold   Weapons Sold Food Sold    Gems Sold    Magic Sold   Inn
 ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------
 (none)       (none)       (none)       (none)       Dakitas      (none)
                                                     Hou Khan

VII. Event List

#  Triggered By              Talk
-- ------------------------  --------------------------------------------------


 1  Starting the game        I've finally arrived... My uncle told me... to
                             find a friend. I don't care what kind of kingdom
                             this is, I'll never turn away from here! Traysia,
                             wait and see.

 2  Agreeing to join the     Do you remember what the lord told us? We must go
    group                    to the forest. There is a cave deep in the forest
                             where the monsters live. If we want to hunt the
                             monsters, we must go to the cave.

 3  Defeating Minotauros     I don't know why, but I feel that we've been
                             tricked. Do you think that the other people who
                             joined the hunt may have been tricked and killed
                             by the lord?

 4  Receiving the raft from  The entrance to the castle is located in the
    the craftsman            reception area of the workshop. We should enter
                             the castle there.

 5  Defeating the Master     The lord tricked us so that he could rule the
    and Floyd                town. But the lord was manipulated by Floyd. Floyd
                             from the North...


 6  Leaving Salon after      The air is electrified, and it feels like sand
    defeating the Master     dusts are carrying the excitement.
    and Floyd

 7  Talking to the king of   Both the Iyuves and Lyudes said they hadn't done
    Lyude                    anything. I don't know what is happening. My guess
                             is that someone is planning a war behind our

 8  Leaving the northern     Let's go and ask the master swordsman. He may be
    cave after defeating     able to tell us something. He lives deep in the
    the boss                 mountain to the northeast. That is quite a
                             distance, but it is worth going there to talk to

 9  Leaving the house where  We should get there fast. It will all be over once
    the prince and princess  the war starts.
    stay in the swordsman's

10  Talking to the prince    Let's go and meet the culprit who started the war
    and princess at Iyuve    in the desert. There is a temple northeast of the
    castle                   desert. They must be staying there.

11  Defeating the wizards    The wizards are involved in ti,0s event again. The
    inside the North Temple  wizards are plotting something. They did the same
                             in the incident in Salon.


12  Talking to the prince    This is the oldest town in the world. I am very
    in Iyuve after beating   excited.
    the wizards

13  Approaching the wizard   The magic school was surrounded by a great
    inside the burning       protective magical power. I heard that someone has
    magic school             destroyed the protective power. The wizard must be
                             a great one. Let's go back to the chief of the
                             thieves' place to let them know of the incident.

14  Talking to the mayor of  Wizards from nowhere, are you conspiring with the
    the Town of Thieves      noblemen and are you going to rule this kingdom
    after the magic school   with them?
    burns down

15  Defeating the Lord Mage  That was a very similar incident. The wizards of
    at the bottom of the     the North... They killed Bellenue's parents and
    noblemen's temple        friends. They are also the source of the wars and
                             troubles happening around the world. We must go
                             and fight them!


16  Talking to the king      There is a wizard's tower in a lake to the
    after defeating the      northeast and further over a mountain in the north
    Lord Mage                temple.

17  Entering North Village   What is the black light? Let's go over to the
    and seeing the black     tower in the lake. There is a wise wizard there
    lights after talking to  and I may be able to learn something from him.

18  Defeating the Black      Let's go! The North Temple is just ahead of us. If
    Dragon in the fort       we turn back here, we'll lose all that we've been
                             fighting for!


19  Defeating the Queen of   Strange... this is not my hometown. Something must
    the Witches              have happened. Something with a force great enough
                             to change a town.

20  Paying the duty to get   There is a lighthouse beyond the south grove. The
    into Johanna             lighthouse keeper must know everything.

21  Approaching the wall in  Let's search for the hostages. There must be a
    the castle and hearing   passage to get to the other side of this wall. I'm
    Traysia                  sure that Traysia is there.

22  Saving Traysia from her  Traysia was saved but Banegie took her place. I
    jail cell in the castle  must help Banegie escape. Banegie must be
                             imprisoned by Floyd. He must be in the front part
                             of the castle.

23  Defeating the Isis       Let's get to Floyd. I must get to the end of this,
    warriors at the end of   once and for all. Let's go to the temple north of
    Floyd's castle           the mountain! We'll fight 'til we reach an end!

24  Defeating Floyd and his  Let's go home... Our journey has come to an end.
    guards inside the
    northern temple

VIII. The End

1.) The End
That's the end of the FAQ. After seeing that Traysia was the #1 most requested
Genesis FAQ at gamefaqs.com, I put almost a solid week's worth of work into
making it the most complete guide possible.  I hope it answered all of your
questions and solved all of your problems... game-wise, I mean. I can't help
you with that weird habit you have.

2.) Unsolved Mysteries
If anyone knows the answers to any of these questions, please e-mail me and let
me know. You _will_ be credited in this FAQ, as long as you send explicit
instructions on how to obtain proof in the game that you're correct. Don't just
say, "Item X is for Dungeon Y", tell me exactly what to do in the game in order
to see the use of the item for myself. Ready? Here's what I still haven't
figured out, listed in the order of how much they've been bugging me:

2.)  What's the point of the Gold Mirror that you find in the Town of Thieves
     in Chapter 3?
3.)  Is there a way to shop at the thieves' store in the Town of Thieves? Does
     it have anything to do with the Gold Mirror?
4.)  Is there anything I'm missing about the room with the ghosts at the end of
     the hole in East Town?
5.)  Do the ridiculously overpriced "luxury items" (Gold Gown, Silver Tulip,
     etc.) do anything besides granting pathetic defense bonuses when equipped?
6.)  What does T-SPC (see Event 23) stand for?
7.)  Is there any significance to the weird metal statue in the middle of South
8.)  How much experience is needed to get Roy to level 25? Why is it only a
     tiny bit more than he needs to get to level 24?
9.)  Is there a better explanation for what's going on in Lowest Town (give me
     PROOF, not your opinion)?
10.) Is there any item in the entire game that affects your IP or SP? If not,
     what's the purpose of these two stats?

3.) Thanks
* Steph, for being leet. I love you, Steph.
* ToastChee, for being tasty. Even in Reduced Fat form!
* Milk, for being tasty. Even after being frozen and subsequently thawed out!
* GameFaqs, for posting this and other FAQs by myself. http://www.gamefaqs.com
* <anonymous>, for info on where to buy Juices.

4.) Contact
If anyone out there reads this FAQ and has a question, correction, point of
discussion, etc., go ahead and e-mail me. My address is eller and my domain
name is ufl.edu. If you don't know a.) why I did that or b.) how to turn that
into a working e-mail address, then you're probably the kind of person that I
don't want to hear from anyway. Have a nice day!