Scenario 1 Guide by Expertise626

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Warsong: Scenario 1 FAQ (Version 1.0)
By: Jesse (Expertise626/PsxGamer626)

-----Table of Contents-----

1) Updates  (uriah)
2) Copyright Stuff  (dunceney)
3) Introduction  (kirinji)
4) Characters  (mura)
5) Pre-Guide Information and Precautions  (shiko)
6) Guide  (mejin)
      Phase 1  (fhas1)
      Phase 2  (fhas2)
      Phase 3  (fhas3)
7) Mishaps  (gard)
8) Credits  (langrisser)
9) Contact (alhazard)

1)-----Updates----- (uriah)

12/24/05 - Version 1.01 - Some minor fixes. Mainly about Balderov's horseman, a tip 
for the perfectionists, King and Grand Knight by Scenario 3, end of scenario level 
record, and "Go straight for Alfador" instead of "Go for straight Alfador."

4/25/05 - Version 1.0 - Finished Scenario 1 guide. Submitted Version 1.0

4/19/05 - Began work on the guide.  Put down basic information.

2)-----Copyright Stuff----- (dunceney)

This guide is copyrighted to Jesse. (Expertise626) This document cannot be 
modified or posted in any other site without permission. However, this guide 
can be printed for your personal use. E-mail me at for 
permission. If you wish to use the guide, E-mail me about it. I'll most 
likely give you my permission for you to display guide, so long as you give 
me full credit for it. Currently the only site which has this document is 

3)-----Introduction----- (kirinji)

This is a guide to beating Scenario 1 of Warsong for the Sega Genesis. 
Warsong begins the game with Baltia Castle being attacked by the Dalsis 
Empire. Your objective as Garett is to escape the castle and go request for 
help. This battle is normally meant for you to escape the castle, which you 
can easily do by walking to the top of the map. But, this guide does not 
cover how to escape the castle. Our objective here is to win the battle,which 
can be somewhat difficult if it's your first time.

Why would you want to best Scenario 1? Scenario 1 is one of the most toughest 
battles in Warsong, if not the most toughest. If you do somewhat well in 
Scenario 1, you'll be well off to a good start for the scenarios ahead. You 
acquire good EXP for Garett (If you decide to juice EXP for Garett) and 
you'll get a killing score to start you off. You can easily get to Lord or 
Knight by Scenario 2 this way and even King or Grand Knight by 3.
(UPDATE: Actually, I've tested it out. I don't think there's a way to reach
King at Scenario 3, but you can get very close. Highest I've gone is Level 9 Lord.
However, you can Grand Knight at Scenario 3. Why? I believe that the bar for
Knight is slightly smaller than Lords. If anyone can get to a King by Scenario 3,
e-mail me and tell me what you did, I'd love to hear it.)

The guide accuracy concerned, I've tried and tested this battle many, many, 
times. The battle is spontaneous; many things can happen that's out of normal. 
I've tried it many times, and the NPCs can move quite strangely, especially 

4)-----Characters----- (mura)

I'll put the stats down here as it shows in the game. It'll go like this:
Name of Character
Class - The class of the Commander.
Attack (AT) - The Commander's attack power. Will determine the theoretical 
damage of the attack that the Commander does.
Defense (DF) - The Commander's defense power. Will determine how much damage 
the Commander will take from an enemy attack.
Range of Influence (Range) - This determines how far around the Commander can 
the troops go to keep revisions.
Attack Revision (A) - Attack Bonus the troops will get from the Commander's 
Defense Revision (D) - Defense Bonus the troops will get from the Commander's 
Troops - What troops the Commanders carry with them.
Comment - What the Commander will do in the first scenario and what I think 
of the Commander's usefulness.

*** BALTIA ***

Class: Fighter
AT: 23
DF: 21
Range: 3
A: +2
D: +2
Troops: Variable (Player Controlled)
Comment: The main character, Player controlled. If he dies, it's Game Over. 
Garett actually has some effect to a certain extent in the first Scenario if 
you're playing just to win. To juice EXP for him, you'll need to use him to 
kill the commanders and the troops. The higher his level, the better the 
chance for him to do damage.

Class: Sword Master
AT: 25
DF: 22
Range: 4
A: +0
D: +9
Troops: Variable (Player Controlled)
Comment: Baldarov is also Player controlled. He makes the most difference in 
the Scenario with his 25 attack power, just pushing over the enemy commanders'
highest defense, 24. If you play to win, Baldarov should go in for kills along with a 
Horseman. If you play to juice EXP for Garett, his job is to weaken every 
commander for Garett to finish off. Baldarov is the only Player Character 
that can seriously hurt the enemy commanders.

AT: 31
DF: 28
Range: 4
A: +6
D: +4
Troops: 2x Soldier (AT: 20+6 DF: 14+4)
Comment: Alfador's stats make him the best on the field, but his main purpose 
is to hold off the enemy on the East side when Garett is on the West. Most of 
the time Alfador will be on his throne, giving him 40% terrain defense. 
Alfador tends to just sit and treat, shooting Magic Arrows on enemy 
commanders until he runs out of MP. Most of the later turns he'll be the one 
fighting off the 4 Elementals that travel with the enemy Bishop. When he gets 
to 7 or lower, he'll keep treating himself and fend off the Elementals. Once 
he sees that things are going his way, he'll leave the throne. No need to be 
alarmed, he's just finishing off weakened enemy troops. As long as Alfador is 
alive, you still have a chance to win, even though he's playing mostly on the 

Crocodile Knight
AT: 28
DF: 20
Range: 4
A: +2
D: +2
Troops: 4x Merman (AT: 24+2 DF: 6+2)
Comment: Tiberon will help you defeat the West side of the enemies. Although, 
he won't be able to do it by himself. His inefficient use of his Mermen tend 
to make him a solo commander by a few turns. Note this, if you intend to 
weaken the Lord at Tiberon's side for Garett to finish off, make sure that 
you cover up all sides of the enemy Lord or just finish him. Tiberon will go 
for every opportunity to kill the weak Lord, and he can do it, too. Make sure 
he does not, you'll want that experience on Garett instead. If you finish off 
the Lord on the West side, Tiberon will run to help Alfador, most likely 
dying to the Elementals.

AT: 27
DF: 13
Range: 4
A: +3
D: +2
Troops: 5x Guardman (AT: 16+3 DF: 10+2)
Comment: Calais handles the South side of enemies which is a Serpent Knight. 
Her Guardman really go one-to-one on the Lizardmen. Expect Calais to send her 
forces into a Suicide March against the enemy commander. Don't worry about 
this, she's just as effective as a solo commander against the forces of the 
Serpent Knight. Most likely, she'll destroy all of the Lizardmen troops but 
will fail to kill the Serpent Knight. In some instances, the Serpent Knight 
and Calais will attack each other, ending up in the loss of Calais. Other 
times, Calais will just run North to help King Alfador, leaving the Serpent 
Knight there, and sacrifice herself to the Elementals.

AT: 23
DF: 20
Range: 3
A: +0
D: +2
Troops: 4x Soldier (AT: 20+0 DF: 14+2)
Comment: She is but cannon fodder to Geryon, the enemy Lord in the East side. 
Within a few turns, Geryon would probably kill her and move onto Alfador. If 
she doesn't die then, the High Priest will take care of her.

*** DALSIS ***

Chief Commander
AT: 27
DF: 24
Range: 4
A: +2
D: +4
Troops: 8x Dark Elf (AT: 20+2 DF: 14+4)
Comment: You'll be gaining the bulk of your EXP on this guy. He sports 8 Dark 
Elves which should prove to be no problem for Garett and his soldiers. 
Although, if your Baldarov hires Horsemen, keep them away from those Elves. 
They can wreak havoc on your Horsemen. Tiberon will foolishly send all of his 
Mermen to death against the Chief Commander's Elves and then throw himself in. 
Garett should be at least level 2 in order to inflict any real damage on him. 
Baldarov can weaken him for Garett to finish off. Although, you can also use 
Baldarov's horsemen to do damage against him as well. Garett can finish him 
off if Chief Commander has 1-2 HP left.

1st Commander
Serpent Knight
AT: 31
DF: 24
Range: 4
A: +4
D: +2
Troops: 8x Lizardman (AT: 23+4 DF: 6+2)
Comment: He will be the most trouble for you the whole battle. He'll start by 
fighting Calais' troops till they all die and will go for the attack himself, 
unless she leaves to go help Alfador, which then he'll go to your direction 
or he'll go for Alfador. His lizardmen will go one-to-one with the guardman, 
leaving Calais to finish the remainder. By the time you get to fight him, 
he'll be a solo commander, but is still very tough. The only chance you'll 
have against him is if Garett is at least level 2 or greater. You won't be 
able to inflict much damage upon him at level 1, maybe one every now and then. 
At level 2, you have a decent chance to pull off 1-2 damage. Fighting him 
should only be done on the castle walls for 40% terrain defense. Baldarov can 
do a decent amount of damage to him. The key to his defeat is having 1st 
Commander's HP at 8-9. Since commanders treat for 3 HP and the computer makes 
them treat if they have 7 or lower, you want to get his HP down to 5-6. On 
the next turn he'll heal himself to 8 and will not heal himself further until 
his HP reaches 7 or lower. At this point you want Baldarov to attack again to 
get him to 1 or 2. Garett will take care of business from there.

AT: 27
DF: 24
Range: 4
A: +2
D: +4
Troops: 5x Soldier (AT 20+2 DF: 14+4)
Comment: Geryon won't pose much of a threat to you, since he'll kill Sabra 
and go straight for Alfador, unless you're in his way. Alfador will take care 
of him easily, although it may be some time before he actually does kill 
Geryon. If Sabra is lucky she'll kill 1 or 2 soldiers, but Alfador will take 
care of the rest.

High Priest
AT: 27
DF: 20
Range: 4
A: +4
D: +6
Troops: 4x Elemental (AT: 23+4 DF: 20+6)
Comment: He's the reason why this battle has limited movement. The High 
Priest himself will cast a good Fireball spell that can deal 3 damage to 
anyone in its range. If Sabra survives long enough against Geryon, the High 
Priest will attack Sabra with the Fireball attack, expending some of his MP, 
then his Elementals will make quick work of our pink-haired fighter. He'll 
move onto Alfador, casting Fireball onto him as well until his MP is gone. 
Just hope Alfador stays alive until the High Priest's MP is spent. The 
Elementals pose a pretty strong threat as well. They can do anywhere from 0-3 
damage on Alfador. Attacking him is a bit more complex, so I'll cover that in 
the guide.

5)-----Pre-Guide Information and Precautions----- (shiko)

This section will provide information you need to know before facing Scenario 
1. Some you will already know, like basic troop information, some you might 
not know, like Scenario 1 specifics.

- This goes without saying, but, save often. You can do so by going into the 
menu and going to "Interruption." Preferably before fighting enemy commanders, 
saving will help you by getting the most desired effects. Since there is a 
certain amount of randomization to attacks, you can reset to get the highest 
possible damage. It's certainly quite grating to have an enemy Lord at 1 HP 
left and when you attack him, do no damage to him whatsoever. Also, you can 
always reset if an important player dies, like Baldarov.

- Know your troops affinities. Don't send the Horsemen against the Dark Elves, 
you're just asking for them to get slaughtered. Soldiers do quite well 
against enemy Dark Elves, Horsemen can weaken some commanders, Archers won't 
be used in the battle, they aren't of much use. Soldiers go one-to-one 
against Lizardmen. Try to avoid the elementals, since they're quite tough.

- Get used to the Geography. Castle Walls have 40% terrain defense boost. 
Water has 40% for Mermen. Most of the castle ground is easily traversed by 
Soldiers, but not very well by Horsemen.

- Range. Keep your soldiers in your Revision Range. They'll get your Revision 
bonuses. Also, out-of-range soldiers are just asking to be killed by the 

- Sphere of Influence. Each boss has a zone around them which they attack. If 
you move around their area, they'll attack you if they think you're a good 
target, even if they're already attacking someone. This mainly applies to the 
Elementals attacking Alfador. If you move in certain areas too close to the 
High Priest, the Elementals will attack you.

- Treat your forces. Troops adjacent (One space North, East, West, South) to 
the rightful commander will recover by 3 at the beginning of the turn. Make 
sure you keep your weak forces adjacent to you for them to recover.

- Don't kill commanders before eliminating all their forces. If you kill the 
commander without killing his forces first, you won't get the experience from 
the troops that were still alive, just the commander. That experience that 
you wasted may set you back later in Scenario 1.

- Try not to let Baldarov or his forces kill the enemy. Since Baldarov 
doesn't gain experience, there's really no need for you to give it to him. 
Save the EXP for Garett. Garett should do most of the killing.

- You get stronger as you level up. Even though there is no noticeable stat 
difference in level up, you can say that the job class really shows it's true 
colors the more you level up. A level 1 Garett may not be able to do any 
damage to a Serpent Knight, but a Level 2 Garett can do so. 

- Cover up weak enemy commanders. This really only applies to Tiberon's side. 
If you weaken the Chief Commander to low HP, sometimes your Garett may have 
already spent his move. In this case, just cover up all of the Chief 
Commander's sides. If given the opportunity, Tiberon will come over and kill 
the Chief Commander at low HP. You don't want Tiberon to get the EXP, so make 
sure you leave him no room to attack the weakened commander.

- Baldarov must not die. He's here to weaken commanders for you and you'll 
need him in the future scenarios.

- Alfador is key. He is your lifeblood in Scenario 1. If he dies, then you 
know it's time to reset. Alfador is pretty hard to kill and he seldom dies, 
but the elementals can do it.

- Damage is somewhat random. Don't expect to do the same damage to someone 
every time. One time you may do 0 damage to a Lord, if you tried again you 
may do 2.

- HP affects performance. This really goes without saying, but keep your HP 
high. Don't fight a boss on low HP. A good area to start treating is 
somewhere around 6 or 7. You need to survive the commanders? attacks. Also, 
the amount of damage you do is affected by your current HP. A 10 HP Garett 
may be able to hit for 8 damage, but a 5 HP Garett might only attack for 3.

- Set 'Orders' on 'Manual'. Sometimes, you don't want to move your units but 
want them to stay there, just set it on Manual. They will only move on your 
command. It's better off this way so no troops go where you don't want them.

- When things get hard, reset! The battle doesn't take that long, so you 
won't be losing much by resetting.

6)-----Guide----- (mejin)

The main part of this FAQ is the guide on how to beat Scenario 1 itself. I 
won't be saying word for word what should be done, since enemy movements can 
be somewhat spontaneous and you can't control your damage. (If you reset, 
maybe you can.) The whole Scenario should not take too long, and when you 
kill the 1st Commander, you'll be pretty much home free. If at any point 
something not in the Guide happens, go down to the Mishaps section and read 
up there, the event will probably be there. Even though it might seem like it, 
this guide does not organize by turns. Although, it should be systematic if 
you follow it right.

Soldiers to hire: 

Troops: 7x Soldier
Comment: Garett will need all of these soldiers in order to milk out all the 
EXP he can get. The soldiers can aid in finishing off enemy troops, but don't 
expect them to do a whole lot to commanders. They'll really shine against the 
enemy Dark Elves.

Troops: 1x Horseman
Comment: Baldarov will get a measely 1 horseman. He doesn't need any more. 
The horseman is there as a more mild weakener. Horsemen can do some damage to 
Lords, but can't touch the Serpent Knight. Baldarov is somewhat of an extreme 
weakener, to bring down a commander to low HP, but the Horsemen act to bring 
the HP of a Lord down low, but don't kill him. Like say, a Lord has 5 HP left, 
a full HP Baldarov would probably kill him. Instead, send in the horsemen to 
attack him, they'll graze him a little bit, pulling his HP down to maybe 1-2. 
It's mostly used only for the Chief Commander.

(UPDATE: If you're one to suck all the experience possible, this Scenario is also
possible using 8x Soldiers for Garett and 0x Horsemen for Baldarov. If you want 
to follow this, keep reading. I try not to put too much emphasis on the horsemen.)

*** PHASE 1 *** (fhas1)

Start by hiring the troops listed above then begin the battle. When it comes 
to positions, place Garett on the spot to the left and Baldarov on the spot 
on the right. You'll begin battle with a bit of talking and your turn begins. 
Start by moving two or three of Garett's soldiers all the way down to Calais' 
South area. These guys will serve as Calais' mop up and gain Garett some EXP. 
There are two holes leading to the West side, one to the direct West and one 
Southwest. Move Garett and his forces to the West via the holes in the Castle 
Walls, next to Tiberon. Make sure you don't go onto the circular Castle Wall 
on the North side of the bridge. If you do, Tiberon will have no terrain 
advantage and will die to the Dark Elves. It's not like he's important, it's 
because if you get him killed the enemy Lord gets EXP, making it 
significantly harder to kill him. Baldarov should move to the hole to the 
Southwest, in attempts to getting to the West side as well, with his Horseman 
following behind him. End once you feel you've moved all you can. Now the 
NPCs will make their move. Tiberon will go attack the Dark Elves with his 
Mermen, sending them to their deaths and perhaps one of the enemy Dark Elves. 
Calais will attack the Lizardmen with her Guardmen, either all getting 
destroyed, or they'll end up with 1 HP left. Sabra will make a futile stand 
against Geryon, killing only one of the enemy Soldiers and sending the rest 
of her men to death against Geryon. She'll stay still, attacking Geryon's 
soldiers as they come. 1st Commander will retaliate against Calais by sending 
Lizardmen against the Guardmen, again, ending up in total annihilation or one 
left on each side. Chief Commander will send his units to attack, even 
reaching as far as Garett to attack him. High Priest will just move upwards.

At this point, the enemy Dark Elves are weakened slightly, so use that time 
to attack them. Garett can easily rip through 4-7 Dark Elves depending on his 
health and your soldiers can take care of 4-7 as well, provided that they 
don't get killed in excess. Take care of the ones that are weakened and 
brings your weak units next to Garett for a heal, which should only be few 
and treat Garett if he's 6 or lower. Use the ones in Calais' side to mop up 
the weaker Lizardmen, which should not be that many. Once a Lizardman reaches 
about 3-4 HP or lower, take care of them with one of the Soldiers. Baldarov 
should move behind Garett and his men, with his Horseman behind him. Tiberon 
will attack the Dark Elves, probably killing one. Calais will continue to 
send her Guardmen to death until she runs out, then she'll stand in place. 
Sabra will probably die around this time, either Geryon and his men kill her, 
or it's the High Priest. Only hope she sucks some of the Fireballs that the 
High Priest dishes out, if she does not, it's okay, Alfador will just be 
treating more. Chief Commander will just bring his weak men back for healing 
and send out his stronger men for attack. Serpent Knight will continue his 
attack on Calais, bringing his weak men back to recover. Geryon and High 
Priest make their advance towards the King.

BOSS 1 - Chief Commander (Lord)
Use Garett's men to finish off the Dark Elves. It should not be too hard, 
considering they are still weak. Once only the Lord remains, save. You have 
one of two choices at this point, if Garett and Baldarov are within walking 
range of Chief Commander, send Baldarov to attack him and bring him down to 
1-3 HP. If he's still higher than that, you'll either want the Horseman to 
attack him or reset the game, continue and try again. Either way, you want 
him at 1-3 HP. Garett should attack him at this point to kill him. If your 
Garett is still Level 1, you'll have a hard time killing him. Garett won't be 
able to do 3 damage to him at Level 1 but he'll be able to inflict 3 at Level 
2, so make sure for the Lord to get to 2 HP. If Garett fails to kill the Lord, 
reset. You don't want Tiberon finishing the job. 
If in the case that Baldarov cannot reach the Lord, leave the Lord alone. 
Tiberon will attack the Lord if there are no Dark Elves remaining. Tiberon 
probably won't kill the Lord in one try, but if he does, reset. When Tiberon 
gets the Lord weak, send in Garett to finish him off. It doesn't matter if 
Tiberon dies in the process, if he survives, he'll just throw himself on the 
Elementals later on.

Send the Soldiers down South to still take care of weak Lizardmen and when 
they all die, send the Soldiers back to Garett. Once the Chief Commander has 
been finished off, take the next turn to recover. You'll need all you can get 
for 1st Commander. Calais at this point will either attack 1st Commander or 
go up to help Alfador who at this point, is being sieged by High Priest and 
Geryon. Tiberon will just go help Alfador if he's still alive or help you 
with 1st 

*** PHASE 2 *** (fhas2)

In this phase, mishaps are bound to happen. Go down to the Mishaps area if 
something not in the normal guide happens. You don't want 1st Commander going 
North to Alfador, that would spell death for the King. Instead, before 
Calais' makes the turn to go North or attack, send most of your Soldiers to 
the Southwest side of the castle, leaving only 1 or 2 to Garett. Just below 
the bridge to the West. 1st Commander will follow the Soldiers and attack him. 
It's okay if the Soldiers die at this point in the Scenario, they don't help 
kill, but will serve as great bait. Send the rest of your force downwards 
towards 1st Commander following those lone soldiers. If your force isn't 
completely healed, bring them down near 1st Commander, but put Soldiers in 
the way of Garett and Baldarov to serve as a shield, to give your commanders 
time to heal. 

BOSS 2 - 1st Commander (Serpent Knight)
When your commanders are fully recovered, make sure Baldarov attacks the 
Serpent Knight bringing him down significantly. When he's 1-2, send in Garett 
for the kill. If not, either reset or send your soldiers in to shield 
Baldarov while they both recover. Serpent Knight loves to kill weak soldiers. 
Keep trying to lower Serpent Knight's HP to Garett's killing range. 1st 
Commander is annoyingly strong and hard to kill if your Garett is still low 
leveled. Your Garett should be either Level 2 or 3 by the time you fight him.

*** PHASE 3 *** (fhas3)

Once you take down the 1st Commander, take some time to heal up Garett and 
Baldarov. Note this, if Baldarov is at 8-9 HP, don't treat him anymore. 
There's a reason, when you go to fight the High Priest, it's very easy to 
kill him in one attack with Baldarov.  We're not aiming to kill him with 
Baldarov. If he's any lower than 8, just treat him. If he's 7 or lower, he 
runs the risk of being killed by High Priest. We want to use Garett to finish 
him with Baldarov still alive for the next few Scenarios, so, our objective 
is to get the Bishop to as low as possible before we let Garett finish him. 

After you finish 1st Commander, make your way to the South side of the castle 
where 1st Commander and Calais battled. Once you reach the South side, about 
this time High Priest and Geryon should still be sieging Alfador. High Priest 
should eventually position himself one space south and one space east from 
the King. Now, this is important and you must follow it exactly to win. The 
area where Calais was should have two specific objects, two flaming torches. 
In between those two flaming torches should be two spaces, just enough room 
to fit your commanders. Place Garett on one of those spaces and Baldarov on 
the other. At this spot, you'll be in good shape to hit the High Priest when 
an opening arises and you probably won't get attacked by the Elementals. If 
you have men left, position them under Garett and Baldarov. Now, it's more of 
a waiting game. If you wish to, you can lure down Geryon with your remaining 
soldiers and kill him in the same manner as the Chief Commander and the 1st 
Commander, or you can wait it out for Alfador to kill him. 

BOSS 3 - Geryon (Lord)
The only boss you don't really have to kill, but you can if you want to. 
Geryon will be sieging Alfador by the time you reach him, so if you want to 
lure him down, use a Soldier to do it. Geryon will probably follow the 
soldier if he has decent HP. When you do lure him down, back up a few squares 
for him to follow you. You don't want to fight anywhere near those 
Elementals' range. Use Baldarov and his Horseman to weaken him to low HP. 
You'll want him at 1-2, since Garett can probably dish out that range of 
damage. Geryon is a bit harder to kill than Chief Commander, since he's 
higher in Level. After you kill him, heal up and return to your position in 
between those two flaming torches.

Alfador will mainly be playing on the defensive while he's being sieged by 
Geryon and High Priest. Wait till Geryon is dead (Only if you decide to let 
Alfador kill him) and only High Priest and his elementals remain. The 
elementals will constantly attack Alfador and retreat when they're below 7. 
Alfador has a good chance of killing an Elemental if:
- An Elemental he's going to attack has 2-3 HP left (Otherwise, they'll just 
recover when they're near the Bishop.)
- He has no MP left (Otherwise, he'll just use Magic Arrows on High Priest.)
- His HP is above 7 (He'll just heal up if he's 7 or lower.)

Wait it out a bit. We're waiting for the spaces directly one below and one to 
the left of the High Priest to be open. You need those spaces to be open to 
attack the High Priest with both your commanders. Those spaces should open up 
when Alfador kills 1 or 2 Elementals and the Elementals rotate back to heal 
and attack. Another alternate method of making those two spaces open is using 
your Soldiers as bait for the Elementals. When you move your Soldiers past 
the flaming torches, the Elementals will attack them instead. When the 
Elementals move to attack the Soldiers, you make your move to attack High 
Priest. When the chance arises, save your game first. 

BOSS 4 - High Priest (Bishop)
Attack with Baldarov on one of the sides; go straight (I emphasize straight, 
Do not make any turns going upwards or else Garett might not be able to reach 
the Bishop) up to the commander. Just attack, don't even worry about the 
Elementals, they won't matter once the Commander dies. Make sure that 
Baldarov doesn't kill him and the High Priest doesn't kill Baldarov. You'll 
want the High Priest in the HP range of 1-3 when Garett attacks him. If you 
don't get the desired damage or Baldarov dies, reset. When the High Priest is 
weakened, finish him off with Garett, thus ending Scenario 1 with a win on 
your side.

Garett will make an extra comment you only get when winning and will now head 
to Scenario 2 to call for reinforcements. Good job, you've beaten Scenario 1! 
You get a good killing score and a nice level to start yourself off on. If done well,
you should start off at a good Level 3-5 going into the next scenario. Highest I've 
done is Level 7. Hopefully you'll be able to get to Lord or Knight early in Scenario 2.

7)-----Mishaps----- (gard)

In Scenario 1, things tend to go wrong alot. Since many of the movements are 
spontaneous, I cannot write a guide for every single mishap in the battle. So 
instead, a section is devoted to it. I haven't listed all the mishaps that 
can happen, if you find a mishap that's not listed here, tell me via E-mail 
at, I can help you out by providing a strategy and 
posting it up in the mishaps section. You'll get credit for bringing it to my 
attention of course. Check the phase where the problem happened and see if I 
have the solution down here. It goes like this:
Problem (What's the different-than-normal event.)
Solution (What you can do about it.)

*** PHASE 1 ***

Tiberon dies against the Dark Elves
- If he does die against the Dark Elves, you'll have a bit of a harder time, 
but you won't have to worry about Tiberon stealing your EXP. If Tiberon dies, 
the enemy gains EXP, making the Chief Commander somewhat stronger, so it'll 
be harder for Garett and Baldarov to do good damage to him. Continue your 
attack formation and you can still overcome.

Sabra dies before getting hit by the High Priest's magic
- Unfortunately for Alfador, Sabra isn't there to suck up the High Priest's 
magic. When Alfador takes the damage, you can only hope he doesn't die. The 
Fireball attack does 3 damage to him. With the Elementals on him as well, 
he's going to have a tough time.

*** PHASE 2 ***

Calais runs up to help Alfador while fighting 1st Commander
- This can be a problem. Hopefully you sent a Soldier down to attract the 
Serpent Knight's attention. Otherwise, he'll follow Calais to the North. We 
want to avoid the Serpent Knight going North. If he goes North, Alfador will 
die. If you did not send a soldier, do it on your turn. If the Serpent Knight 
has already gone North, your best bet is to reset and try again or you can do 
the more risky method. Send Baldarov and Garett to intercept him while he's 
walking to the North. Kill him there and cover up Baldarov and Garett with 
the Soldiers. This would put you dangerously close to the Elementals, 
but hopefully they'll attack the Soldiers instead of Garett and Baldarov.

Alfador dies in the Siege
- Reset. There's no way you're winning Scenario 1 without the King still 
alive. You stand no chance against those Elementals.

High Priest follows you instead of the King
- If he's still decently far away, just run in the opposite direction. 
Hopefully you'll shake him off and he'll go for the King instead.

*** PHASE 3 ***

Elementals follow you
- You probably went past the flaming torches. If you did not and the 
Elementals are following you anyway, just run back, they'll put their 
attention back on the King.

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My Dad - His original idea to beat Scenario 1. Also came up with the idea to 
use the Soldiers to kill Lizardmen.

Berkan - My old friend from 3rd Grade. Originally showed me this game.

Readers - Thank you for reading my guide. I hope it helps you in some way.

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