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What games don't work on the Sega Genesis model 3?

I just bought a Sega Genesis model 3, and I hear that the accessories such as 32X or Sega CD don't work (which I'm cool with, since I really only have the desire to play Genesis games). However, I also hear that there are a few Genesis games that don't work on the model 3. I know Virtua Racing Disney's Gargoyles don't work on it, but are there any others? I'm thinking about getting Sonic & Knuckles as well, but based on how it's used I have an odd feeling it won't work...

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thatethanguy answered:

none of the add-ons will work on a model 3, but for games the only one that WILL NOT WORK is Virtua Racing.
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MW3M answered:

I don' t know which games do not work with it, but I know all Sonic and Virtua Fighter games DO work with it
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Tapatos answered:

I have an old model 3 and yes sonic and knuckles does work with it even with any other sonic game attached. i really havent come across a game that hasnt worked and i have like 40 games for mine. worst case scenario it doesnt work and you can just find an emulator and roms very easy 1 google search
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ange_dechu_luci answered:

I know for sure that Earth Defense didn't work on Genesis 3.
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