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Agari Attack was fashioned after the classic arcade space shooter games. A fun and simple game, Agari Attack is focused on quick game play for a burst of entertainment on your Apple device. Fast loading, lack of complicated settings and story lines you are playing in seconds.

Start playing by picking any available level in the main menu. Each level start screen shows you the button layout and point goal for that level. Your first time playing you might want to use the pause button to suspend the game and practice your skills of moving and shooting around the screen. Take a moment to get use to the controls and when you are ready, use the pause button to return to the game. Shoot enemies as they fly toward you and avoid running into everything that comes your way. Good Luck!

Playing Modes
With two playing modes you can play in arcade or high score modes. Start your journey at level one and shoot your way to the point goal to unlock level two. Each level will need to be passed before you can go on to play the next.

Arcade mode:
Play each level by shooting enemies to achieve the point goal. Once the point goal is obtained the level is won and the game takes you to the next level. Complete all the levels and you have won the game.

High Score:
In high score mode you play each level until you have no lives left hoping to obtain the highest score possible for that level.

Thank you for playing Agari Attack! We are interested in improving this game and your gaming experience. If you find any bugs, or would like to offer suggestions for improving game play, please use the forum at and let us know.

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