AirDrop Reviews: "...this app has great pick up and playability and is a great time waster and can easily be played for 30 seconds or 30 minutes". Jake Wright,

"Airdrop Pro is a simple concept with intuitive gameplay and controls: as such, the physics are pretty good at mimicking real-life conditions". Julie Guan,

"AirDrop Pro is a very simple concept but executed particularly well. The graphics are colourful and the changing backgrounds are visually appealing. The controls are basic so it’s easy to learn and the variation with each level means you wont be bored quickly" Phil Wheeler,

"As the levels get more challenging, you’ll find it important to learn very quickly how to multitask. And, you’ll find that you just can’t play one game and walk away satisfied" Michael E.,

"This is a game that is going to require some skill". Crazy Mike,

Description: Based on the famous air delivery service, AirDrop Pro is the ultimate test of skill. A truly addicting game that tests your ability for timing, anticipation and accuracy as you try to successfully parachute cargo onto targets. But beware – the wind conditions, multiple targets sizes and other changing conditions make this challenge harder than it looks!

To play AirDrop Pro, check the wind speed and direction, anticipate the throw forward from the plane and drop your cargo. You can adjust your drop by tilting your iPhone or iPod Touch to the left or right to hit the targets. Land closer to the target center to gain more points. As the game progresses, the target sizes get smaller, the planes get faster and more targets are added. Be sure to land the parachutes on the same color targets! Additionally, you can gain lives by completing a perfect round.

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