This is creative causal game. Once you start it, you will never want to stop it.

Once you start the game, the iPhone camera will open automatically. It allows you to choose any background you like. On every level, you should kill fixed number of mosquitoes. The game has endless levels. There are four props in the game:
Flyswatter: traditional method to kill mosquitoes, let mosquitoes no way to escape and blood scattered.
Electric Mosquito device: High-tech weapon, high-voltage current let mosquitoes only leave their skeleton.
Lighters: fireball burns mosquitoes into ashes.
Spray: A special anti-mosquito medicine. Let mosquitoes fell vertigo and fall death.

Other assisted props are added: some of props can help you kill abominable mosquitoes soon; some of props can add time.
Time machine: add extra time on the level.
Natural lightning/aerial bombs/zero frozen: kill mosquitoes of full-screen instantly. Effect and time spent are different.

Realistic gaming audio, self-set realistic scenario and levels unlock, all these need your review and suggestions. So we can improve them in the next versions. If you are environmental advocates or anti-mosquito Pioneer, let start it.

After you play it, please leave your review and suggestions. We will update and improve it in the future according to suggestions of players.

For support, help, or suggestions, please contact support.handcn@ or to our website

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