Blue Submarine is an action 3-D adventure game. This version consists of 9 stages where the player must destroy enemy submarines, underwater cannons, destroyers and sharks. The player can enjoy the thrill and dynamics of the game whilst shooting enemy submarines and avoiding torpedoes.

COMMENTS from Frayed Wire(

I feel like there’s enough in the game to give it a thumbs up. Blue Submarine is cool little action title with tight controls and a unique design. For that, it deserves a look


1. Added In App Store Purchase
2. 2 Free stages
3. Added 2 more stages
4. Fixed some bugs

1. How to Navigate
In default, the Accelerometer is enabled and the touch screen navigator is disabled. To enable the touch screen navigator, set the Touch Sensitivity greater than 0 in the the Option menu.

Both the Accelerometer and Touch Screen can be enabled at the same time.

However, the touch screen navigator will override the Accelerometer movements if the player tries to utilize both methods at the same time.

2. How to Shoot
The Ice Ball and the Torpedo can be used against the enemy.

There is a limit of 2 to 7 shots at the enemy. This number can be controlled by the level of Difficulty setting in the Option menu.

Each weapon will automatically be replenished once the fired ammunition explodes.

3. Missions
Each stage, the mission of the game is to destroy all of the enemies like Submarines, Under Water Cannons, Destroyers and Sharks.

The shark can only be destroyed by Ice Ball.

Keep in mind. Try not to collide with the bottom of the sea, sides of the valley, any rocks, sharks or surrounding mountains. This will avoid any unnecessary decreases in the energy level of your submarine.

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