“In a certain place, there is a village called Kemule, where spirits
live peacefully.
However, trash from humans is destroying the village.
If we don't do something, the Earth will be in big trouble...
The spirits of the village ask Kame, the guardian spirit of Kemule,
for guidance...
Kame has finally awoken, and is determined to save the Earth and his village!”
- From “The Story of Kemule”

Kame needs your help!
Trash created by humans is falling from the sky and polluting the land.
Catch the falling trash and deposit it into the right recycling bins.
Move quickly and try to keep up as the garbage drops faster and
Help Kame save his village--and the entire world--from being trashed!

Read more about Kame and his friends at:

Kame character and game copyright 2010 Eight Unite, all rights reserved.

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