?*::*Game application program ?WacoalMaze? release from Wacoalcorp.!!*::*?

Wacoal Maze is pretty Labyrinth game.
Let's control a ball to the exit at the lovely room!
Goal is door. This door will appear when ball touch the shiny key.
Mischievous cat and furniture what is obstacle obstructs you to reach the goal.
Please you will good play and challenge get high score.

Wacoal Maze is simple game.
You will use acceleration sensor of iPhone, you control a ball to the exit
This game, all five stage]
Please you will challenge to reach the goal at shorter time!

- If ball touch the white cat, it returns to start.
But it return to key after it touch the key

-if it caught by white cat when ball touch the obstacle,.
So you shake iPhone. Cat release ball.

-Score is the time needed to goal from start.

-Five good scores remain in Wacoal Maze.

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