Can YOU Party Down and serve 'em up? Based on the original hit show "Party Down" from Starz comes this fun game about keeping your balance while serving demanding patrons after you've had a few cocktails. Choose to play as one of your favorite characters, Ron, Casey, Henry or Lydia, and see how long you can continue to stay upright as you attempt to keep the tray of drinks - and yourself - from tipping. It's not easy to serve drinks when you've had a few yourself! "A drinking game or a balance game?" you ask. You decide! Either way, drink responsibly, have a designated driver and be good to the earth.

- Play as one of four characters from "Party Down"
- Choose from two venues
- Share your triumphs with your friends on Facebook

Download Party Down season 1 today in the iTunes Store.

Watch the new season of Party Down Fridays at 10 PM ET/PT. Only on Starz.

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