3 in 1 Lemico Games - Games of the assembly Lemico soft, which includes three games. NeonTrek - classical maze game. Gas Tycoon 2 - classic pipe puzzle game. And Juggle Gears - classic arcade games.

A detailed description of games:

version 1.0

Guide our hero through the neon maze on his way to freedom in this cutting-edge puzzle/strategy game. To find the exit, you need to locate the different-colored neon and transform yourelf…but don’t take too long: the challenges are timed.


Gas tycoon 2
version 1.0

If you have already played in the classic pipe puzzle game, such as "Pipe Mania" or "Pipe Dream", then you're familiar with this genre.

Game "Gas Tycoon 2" is a development of this genre, where you have to lay a pipeline from sources to consumers of ready-made elements by their rotation in opposite directions.

If you have already played in the first part of the "Gas Tycoon", then you'll love this sequel. We tried to make the game more interesting, more beautiful, and created more and more new levels.

- Increased the size of the playing field to 7x10 cells;
- More unique levels (5 level packs x 50 levels currently);
- 3 skins of game: "Gas Tycoon New", "Oil Tycoon" and new "City Tycoon";
- Added more animation;
- Added bonuses for passing the time;
- A new system of bonuses and online statistics;
- Achievements and Leaderboards to OpenFeint;
- Easier management of rotation.


Juggle Gears
version 1.0 special edit

Juggle gears to get as many points as possible!

Juggle gears - classic arcade games created after breakout. Unlike the original, you do not need to break bricks, but must beat colorful gears bat respectively color. Thereby earning points. The game uses real physics. The challenge to bring the value of gears to 1 (gray gear), by dividing the corresponding number of gear (red, 2 blue, 3 green, 5 purple 7). When choosing gear, paddle respectively changes color. You can change the color by clicking on the gears on the left side of the screen or by clicking on himself paddle. To move to the next level, you must dial the required number of points, which appears in the center of the screen. Each level increases the number of points and the rate of new gears. After the fifth level there are gears, which can not be divided once to get the value 1. We have divided twice, and after the tenth level and three or four times. Energy decreases if you are affliction gear whose value is greater than 1. As soon as the energy becomes 0, the game ends. With the passage level, add power.

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