Train your brain with Brainz – a fun way to improve your math skills!

The concept of Brainz is simple: You have six random numbers and a target number. You just have to add, subtract, multiply and divide as many of those numbers as you like to reach the target, using each number only once. Sometimes reaching the target is easy, but more often than not it will stretch your mind to it's mathematical limits!

There are two game modes in Brainz. You can play a relaxed game and take your time in Classic mode, or battle the clock in Time Challenge mode. Consistently get close to the target to achieve 'Perfect' and 'Near Streaks', and submit your scores online. Brainz is OpenFeint enabled.

Brainz is a great way to give yourself a mental work-out, whatever your age. For school children, it's also a fantastic tool for teaching the precedence of operations in math.

Brainz HD is also available for iPad.

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