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The sheep live in the green grasslands happily and peacefully. One day the Wolf Tribe broke the peace by launching a sudden attack on the Sheep Tribe. Sheep took up weapons and resist wolves courageously. *
This game describes the process that sheep withstood the attacking from wolves for 15 days.
*This is a classic game theme which has been added a lot of interesting content and props. Each day that passes can increase two energy points, energy points can be used to upgrade the attributes of sheep and items. Scalable (upgradeable) props and attributes are: arm strength (muscle power),physique, arrow speed, bricks, hail and knife.

Arm strength (muscle power): improving the speed of bow drawing for sheep.
*Physique: enhance sheep anti-strike capability and endurance. *
Arrow Speed: improving the arrow speed.
*Brick: can be used to hit the wolves piled below the sheep, you can reduce cool down time of the skill by upgrading.
*Hail: you can summon a group of hails against the wolf.
*Knife: you can throw knives and upgrade to increase the number of knives and reduce cool down time of the skill.

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