Pick from any of six holiday games to play all in one fun game pack! This pack includes the Valentine's Touch Game, Valentine's Find my Match, Easter Kalinko, Catch an Egg, Turkey Drop, and Santa's Presents.

The Valentine's Day Touch Game is a fun app to test your compatibility with that special someone. Both you and that someone special place your finger on the correct fingerprint and wait for the result to come up.

Valentine's Day Find my Match helps you figure out whether or not that person you're eyeing is right for you. Simply point the arrow that will appear on your iPad at that special someone then click on the beating heart on the screen.

Play Easter Kalinko by clicking above pegs. An egg will drop where you click and try to get these eggs into the moving basket below the pegs. Get as many eggs in the basket as you can in five minutes.

Play Catch an Egg by using your arrow keys to move the basket back and forth to catch the eggs falling from the Easter Bunny. Watch out for the rotten eggs that will drop from the flying bird later on though!

In Turkey Drop Thanksgiving dinner is falling from the sky! Catch the food that makes up a good Thanksgiving dinner but avoid the poo before time runs out!

In Santa's Presents, presents are falling from the Santa's sleigh, catch them in the chimney when no smoke is coming out! See how you rank when time runs out...

Updates with new games to come for additional holidays!

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