Mid-Evil is a game of Exploration, Magical creatures, and... Evil

This game combines techniques from RPG style game into something totally different. When you first start off you have three races to choose from, One of these races is the elves. Hailing from their Northern capital city of Narcissa the elves have hidden themselves away from society for hundreds of years. They are only now emerging into the world of Mid-Evil, but they are met with hostility and mistrust from the other races. The elves are an, honest, and hard working people who have a great pride in their race and its abilities. The elves are master sorcerers. They work their magic through use of the world around them, and get their strength from the earth itself. The second race is the small but mighty Dwarves, Hailing from the solid western dwarven home city of Gilead. The dwarven life is a hard one, at age 3 they start their training as a warrior, at age 10 they must survive on there own for 10 days in the wild. At age 16 they are drafted into the army, and by age 18 they are already patrolling the plains of the Preefdo. The Humans are the prevailing race, most living within the south there home city is naturally the southern trade town of Hambry. The Humans are good at a bit of everything and possess the skills of magic and combat. They lead a more open life than that of the elves and are more easy going than the hard set dwarves. Its up to you which race your choose! So choose carefully. Once you make your decision the game starts out in the eastern town of Midworld where you learn the ins and outs of the game and how to play. The game has a built in help menu to teach all you need to know. From here on you ally with your fellow players against the forces of evil, starting by fighting against low level monsters and working your way up to the highest level boss fights.

The game has these features:

1. 3 Races to choose from
2. A difficulty level
3. An MMORPG style of gameplay
4. A forum to discuss issues and the fight against evil
5. A chat room to talk to other players of the game.
6. A trading system in the cities
7. A turn by turn combat system
8. An easy to learn but complex world
9. Limitless possibilities
10. A developer who is always adding new features that the players ask for

Do you have what it takes to survive! Then find out and play Mid-Evil!

Note: This app requires an internet connection

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