* How to play
You win if you kick out all units of enemy off the ground. And you lose if all your units have been kicked out.
Fight an enemy in a turn-based manner.

* Features
- 3 game modes
Single Play: Battle with an AI. You can play more stages if you win the fight.
Multi Play: Two players battle on one device in a turn-based manner. You can only play the maps that you cleared in Single Play mode.
Online Play: Play with other players through Wifi or 3G. Your record in this mode is your world ranking.

- Various stages
Single Play mode has 4 levels (Easy, Normal, Hard, Extreme).
32 stages to play (Each level has 8 stages).

- Various obstructions
Strategic play with these objects
Units bounce back with lower speed if they collide with the rectangles.
Units bounce back with higher speed if they collide with the elastics.
Black holes
Units disappear if they come near the black holes.
Units come out of the warp zone with the same color when they come near the one.

- Options
BGM On/Off
FX On/Off
Bug Report

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