** 1st BIRTHDAY - PRICE DROP!!!!! ***

Thanks to everyone for a great 1st year, we have now lowered the price so more can enjoy Quizicards!!!

Sick of quiz app's with only one subject, think you can write better questions well GREAT NEWS

Quizicards is the only quiz app you'll ever need as once you have purchased it you can download the quizzes online for FREE...

Quizicards turns any room into a quiz show. The application has two sides, the quizmaster and the contestant; the quizmaster can ask various questions to the audience turning any dinner party, gathering, or bored moment into a fun packed quiz show. Other iphone users can turn their device into a quiz button for the 'buzzer' rounds.

General: Randomly picks questions from all your installed quizzes
Categories: Allows you to choose various subjects to be quizzed on
Specialist subject: Quizzes you on all the questions on that subject

Up to 6 players can play in one game or you can play solo. Options to have multiple choice or single answers

In quizmaster mode (normal) its just like holding a pack of cards in both hands, when the contestant gets a correct answer press the right hand side of the screen and the cards flip to the back of the pack, if the answer in wrong, press the left hand side

You can create quizzes on your device and upload them for the world. You can also download quizzes for FREE. The profile section allows you to add your details, add a photo. Also, for a limited time if you create approved quizzes then you can earn 'real money' (T's & C's apply - see website for more details)

Whenever you enter a contestant's name for the first time, Quizicards will remember them so future games you can just press the drop down and select any name you've already entered saving time and speeding up the fun!

Quizicards has over 1000 pre-installed questions split into various categories and there are thousands more already online for you to download. Just a few of the quizzes already online:

* The Solar System
* Cartoons (general)
* Movies (general)
* Famous Bands
* Trekkie Quiz
* Chelsea FC
* Wines of the World
* Shakespearean Quotes
* When did it happen?
* Herbs & Spices
* Myths & Legends
* Cricket Quickie
* Baseball General
* Key Stage 2 – Science
* Famous Sci Fi Movies
* Friends
* The Human Body
* Superheroes & Villains
* Retro Games

So whether you want to quiz your family, test your knowledge, revise for an exam or learn a foreign language quizicards in the only quiz app you'll ever need.

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