Hack Pad is the exciting new game that forces you to stretch your mind to new limits. Take on the role of a master hacker in the exciting new game that'll have you stretching your memorization skills to the max.

Hack Pad is an extremely advanced re-imagining of the memory games you've played in the past with a unique twist. Cascading Streak Scoring rewards hackers who can remember long sequences without making any mistakes.

How to play: Press "Start" and watch the key pad highlight a sequence of button presses. Try your best to remember the numbers entered because once the computer has finished all its ticks, you must enter the exact same sequence of numbers into the Hack Pad. Sound easy? As your turns progress the Hack Pad will adapt and the sequences will get longer and more difficult to remember.

*Prove you're the best master hacker in the business competing with other hackers on an online leader board.
*(Pro version only) Find your inner decoder and earn Open Feint achievements and up to 1,000 achievement points.
*(Pro version only) Hack Pad Pro includes an integrated hacking (H.A.C.K.) CPU. It will allow you to earn up to 4 different hacks that can be used to gain an upper-hand on your competition.
*(Pro version only) No Ads.
*Open Feint integration.

Do you have what it takes to beat the Hack Pad? Prove it and get Hack Pad today!

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