During school recess when you get bored and there is nothing to do, you start to play with the first thing that comes into your mind... your hands!
That's when Doodle Playground Battle begins!

- Nice graphics and easy gameplay
- Strategy game for all ages
- Two Modes: Challenge and Tournament
- 9 Different characters to play with
- 3 Tournaments

Each player show both hands counting 1 on each.
We toss a coin and pick the first player to start.
Attack: One player first touch any of his hands then his opponent's. The latter must add to the number of fingers he receives to the he number of fingers he has.
- If the sum is less than five that hand continues to play.
- If the sum is equal (only equal) to five, then that hand is off the game. And that hand will not be used anymore until it is bring back to the game (see swap).
- If the sum is greater than five the opponent must keep only the difference between the total fingers minus five (for example if I have 3 fingers shown in my hand and the other player touch me with 4 fingers, the sum is 7 so I will keep only 2 fingers in my hand).
How to win the game: The first player to take out of the game both hands of his adversary will win the it match.
The first one to win 3 out of 5 matches is the winner of the challenge.

Bringing a hand again to the game: The only way to bring a hand again to the game is doing a "swap".

Swap: This technique is done by splitting in half the fingers you have in one hand and give them to the other hand. Example is in one hand you have 2 or 4 fingers you can pass the half of them to your other hand to bring it back to the game.

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