Fun City is a set of simple and addictive games which gives you hours of amusement while waiting in any queue/if you are bored/at anytime at all you want a break from routine.

This pocket casino themed FunCity, has 4 quick paced, pick up and play games namely: Lucky,Twister, Jaw Breaker and Memory.

3 steps to get started with this most latching sinful entertainers are:

Lucky 999,
[1] Just click on the start button you will see the orange light rotating.
[2] Try stopping this light at exactly 999 to win the game.
[3] The real challenge is to maintain your hit-rate at 100% even after severals rounds of playing.

[1] On starting the game, the numbers spin from 1 to 1999.
[2] Catch the 999 to win the game (Somewhere between 990 to 1010 is also good).
[3] Don't forget to balance your high hit-rate again.

[1] This game contains 16 cards with numbers 1, 4, 7 and 9 repeated 4 times.
[2] To begin with,quickly memorize the display order of the randomly arranged 16 cards before they are flip closed.
[3] Now there is this one card open out of the closed stack, for which you will have to locate the corresponding similar pair of cards and go on for next set.

Jaw Breaker,
[1] Huh! So now you are the life saver or destroyer.
[2] There is this set of photos that move at a set speed, you got to quickly identify the good and the bad ones out of this
[3] Break their jaw or shoot them to death. Remember only the Bad ones! and save the good ones!

Continue to test your skills against these and get set...until we pleasantly surprise you with next bunch of slot games games like Bomb, Magic and more...added to your funcity!


Fast, Frantic Action
Easy to use user-interface
Responsive control over the games
Quite Fun and Addictive
Interesting background sound
Cant stop playing once begun

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