Enjoy mountain river kayaking as you paddle through rough waters!

* Realistic water simulation
* Animated kayak rider
* Beautiful mountain river environment
* 8 Levels of fun gameplay
* Fast and smooth 3D graphics
* Authentic Rideau river sound
* Accelerometer control


Start with the first level. Tilt you device to avoid obstacles (rocks) and get to the finish line. Your rider paddles automatically. If a rock is hit the kayak stops and one star is taken out. Collect at least One star to unlock the next level. Get the highest score possible on each level.

Thank you very much for purchasing iKayak!


iKayak features fully algorithmic running water simulation algorithm -- a custom Finite Element Model created specifically for the iPhone. It results in very smooth and realistic graphics and animation.

The frame rate on iPhone 3G & iPod Touch 2nd Gen is 40-50fps. The best performance is on iPhone 3GS & iPod Touch 3rd Gen, where you get solid 60fps!

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