* 7 games are purchased by a second. *"593k of downloads for Zombie Shock, 593k people addicted to Zombie Shock can't be wrong"- August 4, 2010.GAME INTRODUCTION** Blow away your stress with ZombieShock!!"Zombie Shock is still a great action oriented title with castle defense elements that make this an extremely addictive title to own." - [5/5], Andrew Nesvadba "The game is wonderfully designed with graphic novel type visuals and amazingly detailed zombies, and animations." - [4.5/5],Trevor Sheridan "The game is excellent. Fast, frantic, fun. So polished it hurts. The upgrade system is fast and flawless. You level up at a perfect rate.Shooting is spot on with a really nice laser site. Enemies are varied and very imaginative.Best shooting/zombie game in ages."- Toucharcade, sammysinZombieShock is an action-adventure game set in New York City in turmoil. A wide variety of zombie characters, numerous weapons, and the endlesszombie-chases invite you to the world of great suspense. GAME FEATURES1. The mounting suspense as the game progresses. - There are large-scale battles between the dreadful zombies and the main character.2. Dynamic battles will blow away your stress!!! Feel the thrill of attacking zombies. - Zombies move in various quick motions. - The electrifying deaths of zombies vary by the attacking methods.3. Fight the Small zombies with unique identities as well as the gigantic Boss zombies. - Each of the 6 small zombies has unique characteristics. - There are 5 dreadful boss zombies with various patterns of behavior.4. Play strategically by using various weapons and upgrades. - There are more than 18 unique weapons available in the game. - There are 5 different status upgrades. * You can play with different strategies by using these unique set of weapons.5. Exciting heavy metal sounds - Listen to the breathtaking heavy metal sounds recorded by Funnybucks studio.6.Game modes : Scenario / Survival - 50 stages in the background story of ZombieShock and the characters. - Survival mode of battling against endless zombie attacks. 7. Breathtaking scenario in between game stages. - Cartoons were used to draw players' attention to the breathtaking scenario.FUTURE UPDATES - Updated scenario: Episode 2 - Higher-quality presentationSUPPORT INFORMATION - - twitter: @abluewind_com

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