This is an African Board game commonly played in West Africa. The board has 2 rows of 6 holes. Each player owns one of the two rows and may select any hole to move. The game starts with 4 stones in each hole. Play alternates between the players each taking a turn. In a turn a player selects one of the 6 holes in the row closest to him. He removes all the stones, and places them, one each, in successive holes starting with the hole to the right of the one just selected and working counterclockwise around the "circle". For our purposes the 12 holes make a "circle".

The turn ends when the last stone is added to a hole.

If a player moves the stones and gets to the hole from which he/she picks the pebbles he/she skips it for the first round of play.

How you win:
1) you only win on your opponent's side of the board, when the last stone falls on either one or two stones i.e. making it add up to two or three respectively
2) you can also win from more than two holes at a time but not in all six holes, if the last pebble falls on one or two stones and the previous consecutive@ holes contains two or three stones
3) the last 9,8,7 or 6 pebbles can be won by one player if after his/her move the next player has no stones to move
4) the two players share the last pebbles if it left with 2's or 3's on each side

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