PLEASE NOTE: This is the free version of Action Diamond with a limited levels.

The following features are available only in the full version.

Fun arcade games for the whole family !
4 Addicting Match3 games in 1 APP! New games added monthly for free!

All games enabled OpenFeint!

Features of Zuma:
-Rotate the Game Board
-Switch Types of Play from Group, Swap
-After clearing the board of tiles, is to slide a key down a path to unlock your way forward. This make the game so specially.

Features of Bubble Shooter:
-Many tools to make the game more fun and help you to finish the level
Wildcard Diamond worth x2 colors
Precision Shot
Moves Back the Diamond
Freeze the bubbles
Color wind

Features of Cliff:
A bird will help you in the game, this is the highlight of the game and a fabulous break from the usual tile busting, match 3 game play.

Match2 Classic:
Looking fast, thinking fast, click quickly, diamond is yours. That's all,really.

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