YGO Counter is the one and only dedicated score tracking app for Yu-Gi-Oh! on the App Store. It lets you add and subtract life points from up to four players without trying to do the mathematics in your head, it lets you track any number of in-game counters rather than relying on bits of paper, and it also has a built-in dice roller and coin flipper to handle random game events fairly.

- Tracks life points for two players, with an option to allow four players
- Calculates life points automatically - you just tell it what to add or remove
- Stores any number of counters
- Built-in dice roller and coin flipper
- Built-in calculator so you don't need to quit during a game
- Designed for Yu Gi Oh but compatible with any similar game
- Automatically saves game state, so you can pick up where you left off after a phone call

Slick user interface
You want to duel, not think about how an app works, so YGO Counter stays out of your way - the main screen shows you the current scores, and to make a change you just tap on the life points you want to adjust. That's it: no fuss, no clutter and no distracting animations.

So, don't bother with a generic app that claims to work with all card games under the sun: YGO Counter is optimised for Yu-Gi-Oh and so provides an optimal experience for duelists who want the best.

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