Can you go along with the fear to deal with ZOMBIE in the expanded real world.
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Most fearful experience has come as an iPhone application.
"Zombies are standing just behind you."

Zombies revived just as dead bodies attack you raising the groan voice.
The only way for your survival is to beat'em all before you are attacked.
Run the application to knock out Zombies in your room, your friends' or family's room.
How far can you endure the series of attacks of Zombies?
Can you survive?

Do not play alone in the midnight.
Zombie is aiming at you at any time, any place.

*If you are timid as a rabbit, if you are a kid, please stay away from this application.
*The groan voice may make people around you feel bad. Please check the volume before you play.
*The real gun sound is adopted. You need to check the volume as well.

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