Actually, it's a game wonderfully combines entertaiment and puzzles. And it's originally designed, you will experience an unbelievable excitement,which you will enjoy once you play it.

The sky is shrouded by endless darkness without shining stars and the moon. A crowd of vampires are invading your village without being noticed. They are so eager for fresh human blood that they will not think twice to kill the people they meet.
And now a vampire is approaching your house. Don’t be frightened, because you can find some weapons in the pots in your backyard, however, you may make great efforts to find them.
You should stay calm in the moment between life and death. Don’t let your fear carry you away. Good luck!

*************What you can get from the game *************

- Unforgettable visual impression.

We provide you fantastic particle effect in the game.

- Refined challenging levels.

We prepared an ultimate level for you in the last level and it's really hard to completed.

- Entertaining rank system.

You can share the game with your friend, you can challenge them, you can show off your NO.1

- ......You won't believe we will provide you until you play the game.

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