Introducing Chain Pattern, sequel to Chain Link Pro (144 reviews with a 4 star average).

Chain Pattern has one simple rule - match the pattern of shapes shown on the screen by touch and dragging various shapes into a matching pattern. Touching each shape will link them together forming a chain that fluidly follows your finger. As you match and score with each pattern, a new pattern quickly appears to keep the action going. The patterns start out simple with three shapes of the same color but will eventually grow to six shape patterns of a mix of all shapes and colors. Collect various power-ups to maximize your score.

• Arcade game mode - Shapes fly across the screen and you need to match them in the same order as the pattern.
• Static game mode - Shapes remain stationary and become obstacles to pattern making. Clear the screen by chaining around the maze of shapes without getting too close.
• Memory game mode - The pattern appears briefly and you need to remember the right order to arrange the shapes. A hint system will flash the next part of the pattern if you get stuck.

Additionally, each mode offers an easy level without a time limit and you can make up to three mistakes before the game ends. The normal level is a race against the clock to create patterns that will add additional play time and one mistake will end the game. There is also the Hyper Chain level where you can make unlimited mistakes but you only have 60 seconds to score as high as possible.

Chain Pattern includes an incredibly rich online experience for your competitive nature that is above and beyond what most mobile games offer today. Taking full advantage of the OpenFeint online network, you can send challenges to your friends to beat your high score, post major game events to facebook and twitter and receive in-game notices when you break a worldwide top score. Also contains online leaderboards, weekly leaderboards for Hyper Chain and over 20 achievements.

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