'Oh No! Hunters!' puts you in the shoes of an adorable young bear cub who finds himself in the midst of hunting season! You must evade wave after wave of crazy hunters, while collecting as much honey as possible!

* Adorable graphics, the cutest game on the iPhone!
* High Score Support - Keep track of your best attempts!
* Fantastic music - WARNING: It WILL get stuck in your head!
* Email Challenges! - Built-in Email support to send your best scores to your friends!

Coming soon:
* Additional Episodes - New settings and bears to play!
* Twitter integration - Twitter will be added to the very next update!

Here's what the testers are saying:

"It's by far the cutest game on the iPhone, but it's definitely not easy." - Tester 1

"I'm going to be playing this for a long time." - Tester 2

"What's an iPhone?" - My Grandma

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