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    Speed Run Walkthrough by tskisoccer

    Version: 5.5 | Updated: 08/16/16 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    NoWorries presents:
    the "How to" for speedrunning Shining Force
    Game: Shining Force I
    System: Sega Genesis
    FAQ: Beating Shining Force I in under 7 hours
    Written By: NoWorries
    Best Time: 5:26:52
    Allowed Website: www.gamefaqs.com
    *If you have a website you would like to post this at just shoot me an email*
    **As always, the most up-to-date guide will always be found at gamefaqs**
    Version History: 1.0 Submitted 28 of May of 2014
                     1.3 Submitted 02 of June of 2014
        -Updated with the actual link to the online video
        -Improved a number of descriptions regarding paths
        -Completely rewrote a few sections to now include Guntz as a hero
                     1.7 Submitted 15 of July of 2014
        -Updated a few spots
        -Updated some times
    	-Updated the Ideal Time as well added a sum of my best chapter times for
            what could be considered as "segmented". So as it stands, my best
            "single segment time" is 6:26 and "segmented" is 6:10
        -Updated with a new best time and a new video link
                     2.0 Submitted 30 of January of 2015
        -Updated some times
        -Rewrote a few sections to adjust for strategy changes
        -Broke an hour on Chapter 6!
        -Broke 70 minutes for Chapter 8!
        -Set a new personal best: 6 hours 4 minutes
                     3.0 Submitted 22 of July of 2015
        -SMASHED my previous Chapter 1 & 2 time
        -Broken 2 hours for first 3 Chapters
        -Broken 4 hours through 6 Chapters
        -Completely updated the ideal time to more accurately reflect what they
            should be by roughly calculating out of battle time
        -Updated a number of times and spots
        -Added a mini-section concerning a challenge: Minimalist
                     4.0 Submitted 24 of October of 2015
        -Added a new video for my best segmented run. As it stands, my best time
         is 5:54 and segmented is 5:51:25
        -Added and changed a few details for some battles to make them easier to
         understand and replicate
        -Added some new contact. I have started streaming about once a week and
         added a twitter as an easy way to let you know when that happens. Both
         are under tskisoccer, AKA twitter.com/tskisoccer and twitch.com/same
         There's other stuff as well, but that's the premise to find me if you
         want to watch some livestream.
        -Added some major details regarding a number of battles and what heroes
         to use for optimal starting positions
                     5.0 Submitted 12 of April of 2016
        -Whole bunch of random updates and fixes
        -Had to completely rewrite a number of spots to incorporate completely
         new strategies. Not to disregard old ones, I've tried to include "both"
         pieces when necessary. Those should be noted along the way as they emerge
        -Got a new best at 5:41 which is awesome and still tons to improve
        -As my two year anniversary approaches, might as well get a new vastly
         improved guide uploaded!
                     5.5 Submitted 15 of August of 2016
        -Updated strategies once again
            -overall better team member management
            -eliminated the warrior class from the run
            -eliminated Kokichi and Zylo entirely as well
        -Completely rewrote parts of the guide to make things as clear as possible
        -New best time of 5:26
        Here is a link to my best run so far
                Table of Contents
            1. Introduction
                Character Overview
            2. The Guidelines
            3. The Walkthrough
                Chapter 1
                Chapter 2
                Chapter 3
                Chapter 4
                Chapter 5
                Chapter 6
                Chapter 7
                Chapter 8
            4. Discussion
                End Remarks
                Abuses and Glitches
                A new Challenger approaches!
            5. Conclusion
    -Who should be reading this FAQ?- #The NoWorries Contract to Greatness
        I put this in every faq I've ever written, and it goes something along the
    lines like this. By writing this, I commit to you the reader that I will bring
    to you not only my vastness of knowledge but do it with a sense of humour. I
    understand it's easy to get bogged down in detail as well as a mush of opinion
    but I strive to bring you something more than just a guide to greatness.
        So who should be reading this? This is a guide on how to beat the game,
    Shining Force, in under 7 hours. It's a speed run. It's hard, it's tedious,
    it may test you at moments, but rest assured it is a good feeling beating the
    game with half a team of level 6 promoted heroes. There is a great level of
    expert required skill for this run so if you are a newer player I don't want
    to discourage you from trying this but it is going to be hard. For the more
    veteran players, I wish you the best of luck.
        There will also be an accompanying video available on youtube on my
    channel which will be a complete runthrough of the game. That particular run
    is 5:26 which is currently my best published run. So on with this!
    When it comes to speedrunning, there's always some rules, restrictions, and
    guidelines to be set forth. For Shining Force, there's nothing completely
    radical or insane to be made aware of. The game itself is extremely simple,
    take Max and your team of up to eleven other characters and go forth into the
    rather ordinary world of Rune as you battle your way through thirty battles
    to vanquish Dark Dragon and accomplish one of the more reasonable RPG's for
    speed running. Oddly enough, later Shining Force games are much more difficult
    to even consider speed running as the games themselves are much longer as well
    as the victory conditions for a number of battles is "kill them all" whereas
    in glorious Shining Force I, we will be killing them all only a handful of
    Right away you're probably thinking well that's just dumb. The game takes 10
    hours at least, your party would be far too weak to actually beat some of the
    battles, and just a couple of those first missions: how do you not kill
    everything? What about the rng (random number generators)? How do you now
    kill yourself over that?
    Trust me, this is a question and a topic I've debated a number of times with
    my older brother Frolki a number of times. The beauty of the situation is
    that because the game operates on rng (but not TRUE randomness) there are
    certain patterns and exploits to be worked out. Things like, Domingo's and
    Max's tendencies to get focused over their allies is an exploitable factoid;
    whereas getting Max to point A in a number of spots, winning the battle
    despite there being a batallion of Rune Knights storming down his throat is
    a purposeful aspect that they the game programmers put into the game that one
    might as well exploit.
    So how long does it take? As of right now, the time is highly variable as the
    path continues to get improved and continues to change as newer methods are
    developed. Dark Kobold would say that it takes just under 2 hours to beat the
    game using tas (tool assisted speedrun) and that's using Lua and matlab to
    really take advantage of the rng. Some of the people on the sgd (speed
    gaming demos) would say the time is right around 7 hours. The ideal time I
    have worked out is around 4:40 with my best sticking to just under 5:30. My
    goal right now is 5:15 so I'm about 12 minutes off it. Progress!
    As for some of the most "specific" things regarding speed running, the first
    and foremost is that this is "rts" or "real time strategy" or "real time
    playing" AKA playing on a console and not an emulator. This is done for a
    number of reasons and the biggest is the obvious difference between tas
    and real time running. This is where the rng would seemingly get in your way
    and make a glorious mess of things but that's where knowledge and skill come
    into play and give us the advantage over the enemy. Now, that's not to say
    that playing on an Emulator is frowned upon (I use one as my Genesis is, well,
    let's just say it has seen better days). The difference is playing on an
    Emulator and using something called
                                        Save States
    If you play on an Emulator (like I do) don't use these things and you'll be
    just fine. Most Emulators allow for saving just like a console would. I use
    the Fusion and it required a bit of reading and figuring out how to create
    the right folder so that it would save, but after that it was easy. The
    Emulator saves, resets, and handles just like a console (mine even records).
    Just don't be using Save States to redo misses and stuff. That's called
    Ahem, anyways
    So what do we have going for us? Luckily, there's not a whole lot of variable
    concerning the things that matter most. Misses, level ups, enemy movements,
    those are all rng and for the most part, we cannot control those. We can
    control however things like, starting stats, people in our party, our hero
    movements, in battle saving, as well as things like enemy placement and
    victory conditions never change so we know exactly what we are up against
    every step of the way.
    We also have something else handy, and that's magic. How do I explain this...
    The first advantage of magic is that it never misses. With SF1 setting the
    standard on insane evasion, magic is and will always be an answer for us.
    The second advantage of magic is that AoE spells always provide an inflated
    value of EXP. In other SF games, if your mage is sufficiently overleveled, she
    will gain 1 EXP, maybe up to 5 or so if you hit lots of things that are
    "close" to your level. In SF1, your level 9-10 Tao can hit 3-4 enemies that
    otherwise give no EXP and still scrap together some. Additionally, an attack
    that might otherwise yield 10-15 points could grant 40-48 points because of
    a nice AoE splash.
    The third advantage (and biggest) is that magic deals proportionally more
    damage in SF1 than any other. While the damage stays roughly the same across
    all SF games, the enemies in SF1 never gain as much health as the enemies in
    the other titles. For instance, the strongest enemies we encounter will have
    50+ HP in Chimaera and Dragons, but in SF2, we encounter that much health
    pretty much be around post-Creeds. Similarly, enemies already get into 30+
    range by the Desert battles whereas in SF1 we don't really see 30 HP enemies
    until chapter 7 (no joke). As such, the magic we learn is infinitely more
    useful here as 35-45 damage from Blaze 4 kills everything we will ever
    encounter basically. Freeze 4 literally does kill everything except for Dragon
    enemies thanks to their resistance.
    We combine advantage 3 with the enemies clumping together more, and well, you
    can see why the run has evolved from "Tao+strong fighters" to "always give
    Anri > Tao > Balbaroy experience priority".
        Character Overview
    This is a very quick "spoiler" style section so that you can have an idea just
    what each character will do for this run. As it is a speed run, every action,
    every choice, every character; they must be important otherwise we are losing
    out on valuable precious seconds. Things like moving right to the shop as
    opposed to left to do other stuff first... it all makes a difference and adds
    up. I suppose a quick note; I'm not getting all the characters. Some people
    have discussed "100%" for this game including all the characters but let's be
    realistic. There is nothing in this game that actually counts (or is countable
    towards a goal) that could be considered "100%". For example, Donkey Kong 1,
    2, and 3 all give the percent completion due to the sidequests in the game.
    Banjo Kazooie has a definitive "100%" if you get all the notes, puzzle pieces,
    and break all the doors getting all the cool stuff (Cheato maybe not needed).
    In Shining Force, there is none of that. What's 100%? Grab all the chests?
    Kill all the monsters? Find all the useless items hidden throughout the game?
    It makes no sense. Therefore, the game is technically "any percent" as we
    don't grab all the characters though frankly, defining "100%" as getting all
    the characters is lame in my opinion. Anyways:
    If you are familiar with my character guide available on gamefaqs, that will
    help you to understand my stance towards certain heroes.
        The "Required Bunch"
            This is everyone you either use, are forced to use, or serve some
            purpose. It is different than the next section which includes some
            required characters, but they are never placed on our team and we
            will never need their services
    #As of July 27, 2016, a new record of was set that changed how we use some of
    the characters. As such, this list has been updated to completely reflect
    new strategies
        A much needed update to Max's description. His goal is to be 10 by
        chapter 7 and that is pretty much the end of his usefulness. Updates to
        the strategy involve Balbaroy being more centric this time around and
        keeps the Chaos Breaker for himself, leaving Max to hold some Shower of
        Cure and a White Ring for the end of the game. That being said, it is
        still essential to level him up so that he survives through Chapter 2
        Though, and this is how I've caught myself describing it to other runners,
        "Max could likely never throw another punch after 5-1" so keep that in
        mind as you work with him
        Ken is not great but as he's required (to get Tao) then we'll use him
        for about half the game. His attack tends to get decent (around 30 with
        Power Spear) so we'll use him through 5-1 and then replace him with
        Mae is still pretty bad but with Warriors becoming more and more useless,
        I tinkered with Mae and I can safely say, she doesn't cost you any time to
        use meaning that she saves you close to a minute over recruiting Gort and
        well over 2 minutes bothering with Luke. With these changes, Mae is used
        until Shade Abbey, having her die in Shade Abbey is the goal. If she were
        to die during the Circus Tent, that's fine as well as Ken really works
        fine in Shade Abbey
        Pelle is extremely strong but with better team member management (TMM) we
        use Pelle some but not overly so. The reason is 4 battles from Kain until
        Chaos, 6-3, 7-1, and 7-2 (technically 6-4). Three of those battles, Pelle
        does literally nothing because huge forests and a snipe from Balbs. The
        fourth is Mishaela, a battle that Guntz can do by himself. By kicking
        Pelle after Kane, we save ourselves close to 5 minutes by not having him
        take turns. This alongside kicking the Warrior out of our party is the
        basis of TMM and something to always keep in mind with minimizing wasted
        time in battles.
        We literally need Vankar for one battle, 4-1, and that's because Pelle+Ken
        does not cut it in terms of tanking and walling. So grab Vankar. He'll be
        replaced right away with Guntz
        And in case you're wondering, yes, grabbing Vankar IS faster than dragging
        along Mae, Gort, or Luke through the previous two chapters
        Unlike Pelle, Guntz is unaffected by terrain (he really has his own unit
        movement class) so Guntz tends to get more EXP than Pelle. Because of this
        they have switched roles as Pelle Halberds later and Guntz is our #1 Lance
        user. Pelle tends to be strong enough anyway and Guntz gets super so it
        works out
        Luke serves a very important 2 battles. His high base power makes the
        first two battles breezy. However, his damage falls off as does Gort and
        because we are remembering TMM, we elect to let Luke perish and 1-2 and
        not look back
        Tao is our fiery queen and super useful for this run. If you can promote
        her by Chapter 3, do so, as having Blaze 3 for Chapter 4 is super helpful.
        Also, lots of Blaze 4 really does help. Her level reqs look something like
        4 by 1-4
        8 by end of 2
        10 by end of 3
        P2 by end of 4-1
        P10 by end of 6
        It's not required to have Blaze 4 by the end of Chp 6, but having it for
        Chaos does really really help as Blaze 3 is beginning to fall off here
        The major changes to the route have all revolved around Anri as Freeze 4
        kicks so much ass it's unbelievable. As such, she always has EXP priority
        as we need to ramp her 20 levels in a very short time to get to Freeze 4.
        If she doesn't level twice in the first battle (2-2) it does hurt A LOT
        but you can still get her to Freeze 4 by the end of the game
        5 by 2-2
        8 by 3-2
        10 by 4-1
        P3 by end of 4
        P6 by 6-2 (for Kane)
        P13 by 8
        Getting her to 5 grants her Freeze for the Circus Tent which is important
        as 8+8 (Freeze+Blaze 2) kills all the dolls. Blaze 1 likely won't cut it
        Getting her to Blaze 2 is essential as it allows her to level like mad
        as well as combo with Tao
        She needs P3 by chapter 5 as Freeze2 + Blaze3 kills most enemies whereas
        Blaze 2 may not cut it
        Having Freeze 3 for Kane not only is a necessary evil for continuing
        damage, it grants her the range to begin exploding in levels. It also
        lets her attack Kane (described below) and allows her to try and have
        Freeze 4 by chapter 8, the sooner the better, but she must have it for
        Dark Sol and Dark Dragon
        There's no reason not to use Alef. Promoting her early means she needs
        just a single level to Bolt 2 which is useful as soon as you get it
        To think my first run skipped Domingo... the only thing is getting him
        those early levels because it makes such a difference. We need Freeze 3
        at level 13 for Chapter 8 ideally, and level 10 is a good Chapter 7 goal
        Lowe is good for soaking up Dark Dwarves in battle 1
        Khris is strong enough to damage bats (~3 damage or so) but have her die
        before you finish Chapter 1, we don't need her. Though, and this is what
        I find truly fascinating... if Mae dies in 1-3 for whatever reason, then
        simply throw the Bronze Lance over to Ken and FIGHT with Khris. She's very
        resiliant and will soon get the almighty Power Staff which likely makes
        her the hardest hitter! Her movement is quite bad so it's not the best
        solution, but she does work out for a few battles though
        I tend to bring Torasu in Chapter 8 (grabs chests in 8-1, takes two lasers
        in 8-2, and then Shields against Dark Dragon) and yeah.
        Hans, like Lowe, should taste the blunt axe of a Dark Dwarf
        With the major changes to the run, Balbs is pretty much the clutch hero
        now. He takes over the run, and even solos several strong snipes for us.
        Thanks Balbs!
        Sadly we won't be using this chick (no pun intended) a whole lot. Balbs
        has better starting stats so let her get axed right away
    Musashi "Moose" Powerhouse
        There are few words worthy to describe Musashi. He brings your best non
        legendary sword weapon to the team, he hits hard, he has amazing defense,
        he simply rocks this shit
        Hanzou is underwhelming to say the least, though he joins and will
        probably be better than almost every person on your team except Musashi.
        His high speed is an ideal Power Ring wielder though if it breaks against
        Dark Dragon he will be very sad
        WHAAAT you might say! Jogurt is useless, don't get me wrong, but there is
        one important feature that he serves: He's the LAST person on your list.
        What does that mean exactly? It's simple: Jogurt will always go to spot 12
        Let me explain. In Shining Force games, your team is put into spots for
        each battle, basically numbered 1 through 12. In SF2, dead people do not
        occupy spots so you can control where people start and who is in your
        party by using dead people. In SF1, this is not the case, and dead people
        still have a spot reserved for them. As such, spot 12 is usually the worst
        spot (where Musashi, Kokichi, Zylo, and Hanzou) spend much of their time
        being so far in the back of the list. By having Jogurt in the party, he
        can effectively move people around by occupying that spot. The most
        notable spot is the double snipe done in Chapter 4, but there are other
        uses as well. Simply put, I'd go ahead and grab him.
        The "Not so helpful for the Speed Run"
            ^^^Pretty self explanatory no?
        We won't be seeing much of him this run. Shame
        We are forced to recruit him but don't use him. He kinda sucks
        I've permanently moved Kokichi now. The reason is simple: he takes a long
        time to recruit. His cutscenes take several minutes and he requires EXP
        for very little return (he does nothing special outside of fly with
        Knight weapons) so you can see how a complete overhaul of strategy means
        that we really don't need Kokichi ever. TMM keeps our party smaller
        The most painful replacement yet, Gort has always been in my team until
        TMM forced me to re-evaluate if I really needed him. It started with
        Freeze 4; then moved to Chapter 4 and the delayed Gladiator. Now I see
        just how little I actually need a Warrior. Replacing the Warrior with Mae
        and then later with an empty spot just saves tons of time throughout the
        rest of the game. The only battles effected are 1-3 and 4-1, but we have
        answers for both
        Thankfully we don't ever have to see Gong as he both doesn't get a weapon
        and is a slow healing healer. Skip him
        Yup you don't actually have to recruit Diane. I'd suggest taking advantage
        of that situation as you really don't need her, at all
        He's here he's there, now he's gone. Lyle has been scrapped likely for
        good now due to changes again in the run that make using him too difficult
        so it's best to just leave him be
        The baby dragon couldn't hurt a fly. He's slow, and doesn't move far. Bleu
        simply has no place on your team for this run
        He is actually required though his recruitment is very easy and doesn't
        take any extra time. But I still wouldn't use him, ever. Probably not
        even for a power run, he's really not worth it
        Similar to Kokichi, Zylo involves a long recruitment. The difference is
        that Zylo was never in the final party so his axing was much easier. The
        only real issue is 3-2, the first battle you have Zylo for. Zylo does make
        that battle faster, no question. However, when you account for the time to
        recruit Zylo, the split ends up being faster. And in the end, Zylo would
        begin to fall off during chapter 4 and with the heavy emphasis on Magic,
        now there's even less reason to use "Zappa"
    2. The Guidelines
    As with any good challenge, we have to have order and guidelines to measure
    fairness and have accuracy for what we are accomplishing. So here's the list:
    1. Time starts after naming Max. Not in that screen, but when you actually
       accept the name for him and the game begins. This is done mostly to reduce
       the frustration of speeding through naming, not to mention gives you a
       chance to be creative with the name and not worry about it adding time.
       Time ends with the lethal damage being dealt to Dark Dragon. Not at the
       beginning of your attack, but once the damage is dealt and he has faded
       from sight. This is important to note, as your character might level from
       killing Dark Dragon. The last input needed is to exit that screen and that
       is when time ends as you've lost control of your character.
       Some have asked about letting the timer run to some artificial spot as you
       can scroll the text faster still. The problem there is that you can scroll
       the text faster ALL THE WAY THROUGH the end cutscene (until you get the
       show at the end) which seems silly. As the LAST MEANINGFUL INPUT is to exit
       out of the screen with the fatal blow to Dark Dragon, stop the timer there.
       Otherwise, you might as well do "J style timing" where you time from power
       on until you see "The End" on the screen. The timing I use is more "West
       style" or "TAS style" which goes from gaining control to last meaningful
    2. Just to reiterate, this should be done on console and not emulator. I
       understand many people don't have consoles or would prefer to play on an
       emulator. That's fine, just be prepared to receive grief as it's not what
       is "standard" by the guidelines set forth. Assuming you don't use any save
       states to "abuse" the rng, it could be questionably OK though a number of
       spots use in battle saves (IBS) which for an emulator takes less than a
       second to both use and to save whereas the console can take 5 seconds each
       time rather easily.
    Other than that, I don't think there's a whole lot else. There's no known
    obvious glitches to abuse, there's no super skipping ahead or anything like
    that. Just our wits versus the game! Let's do this!
    3. The Walkthrough
        Chapter 1
    It makes hardly any difference, but naming Max a single letter (Z) instead of
    Max (or any other name) saves 1 frame each time his name is displayed. A frame
    is the shortest instance in gameplay (think FPS) and NTSC (American Gens) runs
    at 30 fps so 1 frame is 1/30 of a second (you can go from there) basically,
    it's a minimal amount of time but it can add up.
    Anyways... the game starts up, you talk to Lowe and we're ready to go. Now, I
    imagine we can't skip getting the basic core heroes without tasing so go right
    to the King (the lady in the central walkway can block you so be careful). For
    text, always holding up or down makes it scroll faster and I found holding B
    instead of A or C is safer as you can't try then talking to someone after it
    ends. Just be mindful of spots where you need to say yes so you don't cancel
    out right away! Now head south, get your team to join, return to the king
    (not return of the king) and get your 100 gold from the king. I suggest
    spending it all on medical herbs, giving 3 to Max, Ken, and Tao, and giving
    one to Luke. I'll explain why later.
    Once inside the battle, I turn off battle messages and turn up the message
    speed to 4. It just smooths out the gameplay.
      Battle 1
        Ideal   7:17.29
        My Best 8:30.49
    *Ideal is best split, My Best is the split for my PB run
    This is about as ideal as it gets, as such this is the current ideal time
    which is also my best time. The strategy is simple, but what has to happen
    in this battle is rather complicated so here's a short list:
        -Max must level
        -Tao must level (+3 magic points is a minimum)
        -Lowe must die
        -Hans must die
    Those four requirements set up Chapter 1 to be extremely fast for you, so if
    it doesn't happen, I'd consider restarting. Tao can get 2 MP, it's not like
    "huge" but it's certainly annoying as +3 gives her an extra Blaze for the next
    battle. It's more important that Max and Tao both level, and Hans and Lowe
    both die. We don't need either of them and they slow us down by about four
    minutes or so in this chapter.
    Strategy-wise, it's pretty simple. With Ken/Luke positioned on the right side
    with Hans or Tao within range, you can take out the Rune Knight in a single
    round. The trigger for the movement of the second batallion is that Goblin
    who is offset from the others. It looks like
               Space           | Goblin | Wall | This row is the trigger
        Hole | Goblin | Goblin | Space
    Once you move up there, they move down. I tend to put Lowe on the "Space"
    while moving the others up the side. He takes a few hits but like I said,
    getting him killed is super helpful for speeding things up.
    Once the Rune Knight dies, the battle ends. Now this is important why Max is
    full on items. Scroll to Luke, and give his Short Sword to Max for the Middle
    Sword, it takes on transfer. Basically, if someone is full, we don't have to
    give and then give for re-arranging items, they just simply exchange, so it
    helps to manage inventories like that. Now, Luke with the Middle Sword should
    do 8 and Max will do 4 (if level 2) which kills Goblins. The weapons being the
    other way would result in 6|5 which isn't good. This is important to note that
    Luke will have 17 or 18 attack here (random starting stats FTW). With 18, he
    will always do at least 8 to a Goblin, at 17, he has a chance to do 8 to a
    Goblin. It's not quite at the point to where you MUST have him with 18 attack,
    but if he deals 7 damage about three times to battle 2, the game is pretty
    much over thanks to time loss incoming.
      Battle 2
        Ideal   14:40.82
        My Best 16:29.95
    There's a couple of ways to approach this. Get Max and Luke moving foward (as
    their 8/4 damage works so well) but there's also getting Tao up there with Max
    (if Max were to have his sword). The reason behind this is largely if Max is
    closer to his 3 and Luke doesn't have the 18 attack (and if Tao got +3). So
    really, it won't happen often, but it's important to keep in mind. As it
    stands, clear out the Goblins, get lots of EXP to Max and Tao, and move
    foward constantly. It helps to feed Ken some EXP to try and get to 3 as he
    usually gets some attack; Tao must get to 3, as much Max.
    To win, have Max one spot to the right of the bridge. Luke attacks the dwarf
    and Tao blazes; then Max sneaks in for the win. Hopefully Luke dies here as
    he is not needed past this point. At some point along the way here, drop the
    Short Sword from Max.
    Inside Guardiana, there's a couple things to do. Head up and recruit Mae; then
    go to the left to the treasure room. The upper right chest is the defense pot,
    use it on Max, then turn and open the left chest for the power pot. Have Luke
    give Mae his Medical Herb and then give the Middle Sword to Max in exchange
    for the Power Pot.
    #Character Update#
      Max (level 3)
        Middle Sword, 3x Medical Herb
      Ken (level 2, hopefully 3)
        Spear, 3x Medical Herb
      Mae (level 2)
        Bronze Lance, 1x Medical Herb
      Tao (level 3)
        Wooden Staff, 3x Medical Herb
    Luke, Lowe, Hans (missing)
        If you had to use any Herbs, Max must have 2 of them as must Ken. Tao
    only needs 1 so she can spare extras.
      Battle 3
        Ideal   24:00.55
        My Best 26:39.02
    A bit of change, as we are no longer using Gort and this battle is one of two
    affected by the lack of a Warrior. First thing to note is that Max must not
    level to 4 until the Rune Knights. Dark Dwarf kills will give ~34 exp and Bats
    give 48 so pay attention to Max. Hitting a Dwarf gives about 10 exp depending
    on damage. The goal is to get Max to 85+ EXP so that a hit on a Rune Knight
    levels him.
    Tao needs to get to 4, and other than that, we're just trying to minimize
    attacks on enemies. Ken with no +attack will deal 6-7 to Bats, and 4 to Dark
    Dwarves. Mae with no +attack will deal 7-8 to bats, and 4-5 to Dwarves. A
    little math shows that Ken+Max kills Dwarves and Tao+Mae kills Dwarves and
    Tao+Mae kills Bats if you get good rolls. As such, I would immediately engage
    the bats on the right as a team to reduce potential sleeps. Max+anyone kills
    one so likely Max will need to get in there though this can get offset by any
    double or critical hits.
    Against the Dwarves, they have some interesting aggro ranges. Horizontally
    from the bridge draws one dwarf down (if you number them 1-5 from left to
    right, number 4) will move down to the water. Numbers 1 and 2 will come if you
    are at the line one higher than the bridge. At the top of the water draws 5
    down and 3 (the highest) will come when you are about 6 spaces from him. This
    is important as we want to systematically lure them as to minimize their
    attacks as each attack is roughly 7 seconds.
    Once you're good to go and everything is cleared, then head to the knights.
    The process is the same, but with less details, as we revolve literally 100%
    around Max double turning. So here's the deal. At level 4, Max -should- gain
    speed, from amounts 1-3, with emphasis on 2-3. What we're aiming for is Max to
    get his turn after most of the Rune Knights have taken theirs so that he can
    move up, attack one, level up, gain 2-3 speed, and then quickly get his turn
    again and sneak into Alterone. This is the absolute safest and quickest way to
    do this and it is worth standing around for 1-3 turns waiting to ensure Max
    gets a good timing. If 3 or less Knights have moved, Max cannot. If none of
    the ones on the right side have moved, Max cannot. So we are looking for a
    somewhat specific pattern.
    The line just above the water is where we are positioned (very similar to past
    strategies) the only difference is the lack of needing to worry about everyone
    else. If you put a Knight towards the left batch, that forces those to move
    right (if Max is up) but like I said, just get Max to double turn.
    Alright so once that's done, sadly no Bronze Lance for sale so hopefully Ken
    has gained some attack otherwise he's hurting. Grab the healing seed in the
    lower right house (by story guy), grab the power water in the water, and grab
    the top and bottom chest in the upper left room in the castle, skipping the
    middle sword. Use the defense pot on Max, throw the power pot and bread on
    Luke (saving the bread for Anri). Talk to the King, yadda yadda, go to battle
      Battle 4
        Ideal   36:55.42
        My Best 41:41.39
    The hardest part of this battle is turn 3 if someone goes before the bats so
    we don't have this awkward turn where nobody comes to us. Basically, go up
    instead of right. We only have to "fight" two Rune Knights and all the bats
    as everything else is stationary. As such, clumping enemies for Blaze 2 and
    focusing down the bats is important. Have Khris perish, try to get Max and Tao
    up to level 5, and hurry through it. Ideally, Tao will have 17 MP but here are
    some suggestions as to what to do if her MP is a certain amount (we always
    want to Blaze 2 the Archer/Mage group in some manner of speaking).
    (worst) 14 or less MP
        2 Blaze 1's and 1 Blaze 2 (cause one for group)
    (bad) 15-16
        3 Blaze 1's and 1 Blaze 2 (maybe just all Blaze 2 if you can group)
    (common) 17
        1 Blaze 1 and the rest Blaze 2
    (good) 18-19
        1-2 Blaze 1 and the rest Blaze 2
    (best) 20+
        Blaze 2 for days, maybe just 1 Blaze 1
        My best is 22 MP on Tao, that was awesome, but that rarely happens, so
    understanding different ratios by mod 5 arithmatic (basically, what do you
    have left after using Blaze 2) allows for maximum damage and EXP out of Tao.
    Also, she can whack archers and mages with her staff for a few points of
    damage IF she is lacking on MP (less than 17). Generally speaking, you want
    to blase the archer/mage combo from across the river, but if she has little
    magic (less than 17), you can instead blaze the 3 dwarves and the archer once
    they regroup as she'll be near to club them. Mix it up
    Once you end the battle (first kill them all we've had darn it!) sprint to the
    king then use the dragon head (grab that seed) and bail out on this chapter!
        Chapter 2
    In Rindo, all you've got to do is grab the Speed Ring (second row, third
    house), talk to the Mayor and move out (leave the Speed Ring on Max)
      Battle 5
        Ideal   48:08.95
        My Best 56:05.32
    This is one of my most exciting improvements. First things first, if you still
    haven't gotten rid of Lowe, Hans, or Mae now is the time. The next thing is
    make sure Max has the Speed Ring not equipped. Take out the dwarves and bats
    (if you move to max movement each time, Ken or Max should be able to kill one
    of the dwarves that Tao blazes) allowing you to put people through to avoid
    getting choked. Try to get off as many blaze 2's here to clear things out, and
    with any luck by about 6-7 minutes you're heading towards Manarina. Send
    everyone left and careful to not block Max or Tao. By all going left, the
    troops never organize leaving themselves spread out which is quite nice as Max
    is less likely to die though you have to be careful as they tend to not aggro
    unless they can move within range and attack.
    As Max can only move 3 spaces through the desert, he needs 3 turns, going 1,
    3, and then 3 into Manarina so good positioning is key, and basically on the
    turn before moving into Manarina equip the Speed Ring. This is an interesting
    little glitch that when dealing with similar agilities, will give the newly
    raised agility priority thus you can "cheat" and people will get their turns
    sooner with equipping the speed ring. Fighting up here is not nearly as
    important anymore because of this, it's just much more about positioning.
    Inside Manarina, we have only 2 things to do so talk to Anri, then follow her
    but grab the Domingo Egg first, and then talk to her recruiting her. Give her
    the Speed Ring but don't equip that on her yet. Go ahead and dive into the
    earth (using that Bread of Life if you saved it)...
      Battle 6
        Ideal   57:29.08
        My Best 1:06:59.39
    This is a very turn-specific battle (my split is named "Bad Turn RNG") so here
    goes my best way to explain it (the biggest thing here is having Anri level
    twice as it really really helps)
    TURN 1
    Tao zaps the right Zombie, Anri EQUIPS the Speed Ring and kills it. Everyone
    else surrounds and kills the other Zombie. Note! If your team cannot kill it,
    then leave an open space and it will retreat backwards, mildly changing turn 2
    TURN 2
    Anri outturns Tao and moves over to zap the Zombie by the bridge. Tao now can
    Blaze 2 the Zombie-Mage-Archer (if the Zombie moved over, zap the pair and the
    Mage instead). Hopefully you can kill the Mage before it goes (hence the Bread
    of Life shoving Anri out of 8|9 health range). Get Max|Mae over there, Ken
    can attack with the Spear depending on the situation
    TURN 3
    UNEQUIP the Ring from Anri as she roasts the weakened Archer and levels. Tao
    and Ken can take out the other one safely (Ken could attack it honestly on
    Turn 2 depending on turns). Get Max near the bridge and time crossing the
    bridge with most of the bats moving.
    TURN 4
    Get across the bridge. Max can buffer the bats to group up for Blaze 2 and
    whatnot. Re-EQUIP the Speed Ring here
    TURNS 5-7
    Kill Bats. Get Ken closer to Power Ring. Try to save some magic, ideally, 7
    on Tao and 2 on Anri. Unequip the Speed Ring as you move into position
    TURN Engaging the Dark Mages
    Depending on how well you've done (and your peeps have leveled) we may have
    magic still. If we have enough to Blaze the Skeleton twice, then don't Boost
    as it could crack. Otherwise, we need to clear a path/take out the Mages.
    Unequipping the Speed Ring can let Anri double turn a Mage, whacking it with
    the Power Staff. Everyone else just does good damage.
    It's important to note that for Anri to 3-->4 she needs two kills and one
    extra hit. But to go from 4-->5 she needs 4-5 kills so be weary. As stated,
    having Freeze for the Circus is huuuuuge
    Time to go advance some story and head back to Rindo. If the Power Ring
    cracked, repair it and buy some healing seeds (some on each hero).
      Battle 7
        Ideal   1:04:31.33
        My Best 1:15:19.56
    This is a rather straight forward battle in all reality. Before that battle
    starts, this is important:
        Ken have the Power Ring
        Anri have the Speed Ring EQUIPPED (not worried about glitching here)
    Basically, Tao should Blaze 2 the dolls and everyone else tries to clear them
    out before they move (hence why Freeze is so important). The purple ones tend
    to be faster than the Evil Doll so keep that in mind.
    Turn 2 we are getting on the tent. Mae is rather useless so I'd march her
    directly up to block the puppet (attack it why not). Ken is going to save on
    his turn so that he gets a boost on himself without the ring cracking (IBS!)
    Move everyone else up. If you can stay within 1-2 spaces of the left side,
    you can avoid the bats kinda.
    Turn 3 move Mae up and have Ken boost her. Max and the mages deal how they can
    concentrating on Evil Puppets > Purple dolls > Bats.
    Turn 4, save before each of Mae's and Ken's attacks to defeat Marionette. If
    they go right after each other, you don't have to save but Ken seems to never
    take his turn here so I always have to save. IF for some reason Mae dies here,
    that's fine don't revive her. IF she dies before you can boost and fight, Max
    can substitute but you'll need to get the crap off him and make sure he's full
    health so it's best to not worry about that. Mae at full health and level 4/5
    shouldn't die to an ominous incantation (the "waaaaaah" attack) because she is
    very strong defensively.
    After that, just grab the most top right chest for the defense pot then head
    out. Chat to the mayor do the whole burning thing and head out. Before
    starting Shade Abbey, make sure the Ring isn't broke, use the defense pot on
    Max, and give Max 1 herb and 2 seeds (buy some if you need to).
    #Character Update#
      Max (level 5-7)
        Middle Sword, healing items
      Ken (level 5+)
        Bronze Lance, Spear, Healing Seed, Power Ring
      Mae (level 5+) (might be dead, will die at end here)
        Bronze Lance, Healing Seed
      Tao (level 7-8)
        Healing Seed, 2x Antidote
      Anri (level 5+)
        Power Staff, Speed Ring, Healing Seed
    I suggest buying|having a minimum of 7 Seeds, as that will get you into
    Chapter 4. Some Antidotes would not hurt. Obviously, Tao no longer needs a
    weapon anymore, drop it at any point through Chapter 2. There may be
    Medical Herbs left, add them in as needed
      Battle 8
        Ideal   1:11:39.95
        My Best 1:23:13.13
    If you have Mae, she tanks, otherwise, use Ken. Anyways...
    Turn 1, Anri moves left and Blazes the Zombie. Tao finishes it off. If you
    get unlucky and get two 7 damage rolls, Ken kills it with Spear, otherwise,
    Ken boosts himself. Mae moves two spaces from Tao (so one space between) to
    block (this is to let Ken go there if we need his hit on the Zombie). Max
    stands/heals/fights. Don't move him.
    Turn 2, depending on the enemy movement, we might get better blazes here.
    We might have 2 skeletons and a Zombie, or just a Zombie, or one and one.
    Regardless, hopefully Ken is boosted so that he can kill a Skeleton while
    Tao and Anri blaze 1 the Zombie. Mae tanks. Max stands/heals/fights
    Turn 3, the random moving enemies should be clear, so that you can just
    safely blaze the line. From where Max is (the middle of the map) staying on
    that line and left should keep your mages safe. Ken should go after the Ghoul
    until he hits it (one hit + Blaze kills it, who kills it depends if Tao will
    level, otherwise give it to Anri). Just blaze blaze blaze and the battle
    should end on turn 5 but it might be delayed pending Ken and enemy aggro. On
    this turn though, suicide Mae to the Ghoul (shouldn't take long)
    After Balbaroy joins, give him the Power Ring and then go talk to Amon. The
    reasoning here is simple: in a new chapter, your menu is defaulted to Max, so
    we want that Speed Ring on Amon but that would require more tedious movement.
    It only saves a few seconds but it's a good habit to get into
        Chapter 3
      Say hello to our best hero! Balbs is essential to this run and yeah, not
    much else to be said. Repair the Power Ring if you need to and talk to the
    "Queen" and head into battle.
      Battle 9
        Ideal   1:15:32.79
        My Best 1:28:56.04
    We're going to drop the Master Mage so here's the best plan adjusted. Balbs
    moves down normally, but at the spot just to the right of the stairs, don't
    put him there, instead put him up and right one (it's 7 spaces from the Mage).
    Tao and Anri can move down, use Amon and Ken to form a wall. Only kill the
    Skeletons with Tao/Anri, trying to get them to level (if Tao can get to 10,
    great). Don't move Max at all. Balbs can OHKO the mage with a crit or double,
    but likely it'll be 2-3 hits over a few turns depending if the priest heals
    or not. Yeah it's random and stinks but oh well.
    So we're grabbing Zylo? No, just leave immediately. Repair the ring if needed
    and buy 3 power spears. Promote if needed.
      Battle 10
        Ideal   1:26:46.75
        My Best 1:43:13.87
    This battle is tricky to say the least but it isn't impossible to get through.
    The general idea is to feed Tao and Anri and minimize attacks against enemies.
    One of the biggest assets to take advantage of is the Boost Glitch (see below
    for more information). By keeping close track of Balbs' experience, we can
    maximize his attacks to hopefully 3 and have him defeat up to 6 enemies in
    this fashion. Basically we'll IBS and boost (make sure the ring doesn't break)
    and then save before Balbs attacks P Knights.
    The lower right P Knights will run away unless someone has moved up about 7
    spaces from where you start (Balbs/Amon can move straight up to the tips of
    the mountain). That line also moves the Dark Elves from their normal positions
    to attack towards Max. This is significant because if we can do this on turn
    one we want to but that means being very careful with our mages as the Dark
    Elves do a ton of damage.
    Really, it's an interesting battle and it's hard to describe as each attempt
    yields different results largely due to turn order. We want Balbs to defeat
    3 P Knights and the enemies at the bridge in the top right (so the two lower
    ones and then one as he moves up). Ideally that third one levels him up so him
    getting attacked doesn't dispel his Boost at this point. But if those things
    fly away, then you need have to adjust. Just try to keep it short and always
    be paying attention to turn orders as the P Knights and Dark Elves can troll
    something hard.
    Before heading into the next battle, give Balbs the Speed Ring as well.
      Battle 11
        Ideal   1:30:57.24
        My Best 1:47:54.87
    Not much to say, fly Balbaroy over and kill the Silver Knight before the
    Laser Eye attacks. Boost him about a turn before getting there and I'd suggest
    Speed Ring glitching on his second turn (equipping it at the end of his second
    turn) as this bypasses the Pegasus Knight movement and keeps his speed higher
    for the battle.
    For inventory management, you can drop Max's sword and make sure he has a
    rather empty inventory heading into chapter 4. If you don't have 10 on Tao
    or 8 on Anri, you can lure the nearby Lizardman down for some extra EXP.
        Chapter 4
    There's quite a bit to do here as the Chapter opens up so let's optimize.
    First, head up and recruit Jogurt and promote Tao. From there, go see
    Elliot to knock that out. Now go to the leftmost wagon and grab the Chest
    and buy 2 Longswords. Balbs and Max want one, and the Bread of Life can
    wait for Domingo. Head to the front wagon now, grab the Quick Chicken and
    tell them they can leave.
    Now go towards the middle of the pathway and find Vankar. He'll be glad to
    join for one battle he says, now go ahead and swap him into your party (Pelle
    should have auto-joined) and make sure you get your weapons aligned. Now,
    here's my set up
    Max (Long Sword, 2-3 healing seeds)
    Pelle (Power Spear)
    Ken (Power Spear)
    Vankar (Power Spear) {swapping in for Mae}
    Luke (dead)
    Anri (speed ring unequipped)
    Lowe (dead)
    Khris (dead)
    Hans (dead)
    Balbaroy (Long Sword)
    Amon (dead)
    There might be more healing items. Also, take note of Pelle's attack. He can
    have as low as 29 with the Power Spear but as much as 34. I have found that if
    he has 31 or less that giving him the Power Ring is very useful since he's
    less likely to die in battle over Balbaroy and at that low of attack the +4
    really helps out a lot. Now if he has 32 or more, I'd leave the Power Ring on
    Balbs because it saves precious time towards the end for boosting not to
    mention that it likely pushes Balbs into damage territory. Keep that in mind
      Battle 12
        Ideal   1:48:19.82
        My Best 2:07:32.09
    This is one of the trickiest battles simply because we're really cutting short
    on our available tanks, hence why we grab Vankar for some extra insurance.
    The basic idea, is that Max will keep moving across. Turn 3 you've moved far
    enough to trigger the enemies, it's about 4 spaces from where Pelle ended his
    previous turn. I have found that if you stagger your Knights 1-2 spaces higher
    from where Max is (imagine a line extending from Max) allows for a really nice
    enemy formation as the enemies will try to engage into Max. This should allow
    for you to on turn 4 set up and start taking down the enemies.
    It's important to keep everyone alive, hence why Max probably heals more often
    here, as well as the Heat-Axe Lizard needs to go down ASAP as he really hurts.
    Get Tao and Anri lots of kills, and try to have Pelle/Balbs hit Lizardmen as
    they will probably HIT them for EXP since P Knights have super evasion. If
    Anri ISN'T promoted yet, getting her to 10 here is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL. Get
    her to 11 if you can as each extra level lowers the req towards freeze 4 later
    on. If Tao ISN'T promoted yet, get her to 12 otherwise you should probably
    just quit because you're too far behind. Ken and Vankar don't matter, but we
    need them to beat Elliot so yeah.
    If you can have Tao at Blaze 3, that really helps as she+Anri can level
    enemies very quickly; also why I delay equipping the Speed Ring until we are
    engaging (so likely on Anri's turn 4) to give as much opportunity for enemy
    The Silver Knights don't move until we are within 1 space (vertically) of the
    Dark Priests and give good EXP so if we are short on levels on our mages, def
    give them the EXP over anyone else. (As a matter of fact, giving them the EXP
    is just good practice since the only other person who really matters at this
    point is Balbaroy.
    To beat Elliot, IBS is helpful but not super necessary if you have all 3
    Knights alive as you surround and stab Elliot to death.
    After the battle, go recruit Domingo and Guntz, grab the Steel Sword and
    promote if necessary, Anri or Balbs (we're not promoting Pelle until chapter 5
    REGARDLESS of how much EXP he gained). Quick sidenote, you can walk right
    from getting Guntz to quickly leave town to allow yourself to re-enter back
    at HQ which is where we need to be.
    Our party changes involve bringing in Guntz for Vankar (or Ken if Ken died)
    and Domingo for Lowe. Save the Bread of Life for now (you can use it on
    Domingo but I have found hanging onto it for Chapter 7 to be useful). Don't
    forget to give Guntz the Power Spear and that the Power Ring isn't cracked.
    Also, Balbs really needs the Power Ring here.
      Battle 13
        Ideal   1:57:18.86
        My Best 2:17:47.59
    This battle is getting technically turn-based but turn-rng can screw it up,
    but regardless, here is the "play-by-play" that we want to shoot for.
    TURN 1
    Tao outturns everyone and moves up and Blaze 2's the higher Silver Knight.
    Domingo can now Freeze it for 48 EXP. Pelle moves as far as he can. Anri
    and Guntz can take out the other Silver Knight (this is very important to
    getting Guntz to level 10 by 5-2 for promotion). Everyone else kinda moves up,
    Balbs can stick somewhat to the outside, roughly next to the ladder.
    TURN 2
    From where the wall forms (stairs end) up one and left one is an important
    spot to note as the nearby P Knight will/can move that far down. As such,
    avoid putting someone there that could get attacked until after it has moved.
    I like to move Domingo up and Freeze the Silver Knight (keeping him on the
    wall) and Pelle moves up far (how far depends on Turn 1's movements). Everyone
    else kinda moves. Not much to be said so far. Hopefully we get good Hellhound
    RNG and nobody dies.
    TURN 3
    If you are Pelle or Balbs, you are moving straight up. This is difficult to
    explain, but here goes. If Pelle has 34+ attack, he *can* OHKO the Hellhound
    meaning no boost. Otherwise, Pelle needs to move only far enough so that Balbs
    can IBS and boost him (cause Balbs needs to boost himself). This is tricky
    though since the Turn 2 movement can block Balbs, so pay attention. Everyone
    else just fights enemies, again, prioritizing Anri > Tao > Domingo. At this
    point, if things went well, Domingo should level, this is also very important.
    TURN 4
    Pelle can move super far (7 spaces) so from the Hellhound, he can move to the
    top of ladder this turn and attack the Silver Knight and still reach the
    Hellhound for turn 5. This is important since killing the Knight prevents the
    Dark Priest from bothering us. Balbs, similarly, needs to move up and over
    towards the Artillery and boost himself. If you've done right, then Balbs can
    ALSO reach the Artillery this turn. Everyone else should fight the other two
    P Knights that should be bothering us at this point.
    TURN 5
    Take out the Hellhound and then the Artillery. If Balbs outturns Pelle for
    some reason, it's not a huge deal as the Ernst cutscene isn't super long, so
    end it. (It's longer to wait the other way around, definitely just end the
    Afterwards, recruit Ernst, promote if necessary Balbaroy or Anri, and move
    along to Balbazak. At this point, the Speed Ring I usually give to Guntz.
      Battle 14
        Ideal   2:05:45.82
        My Best 2:27:56.62
    There's not much to this battle either, just blast blast blast things away.
    Your first turn should frankly be setting up your team to protect your squishy
    heroes and whatnot. Blaze 3 + Blaze 2 makes short work of EVERYTHING here so
    do that and proceed forward. Getting more levels on your casters is crucial
    and yeah. Surround and stab Balbazak when ready.
        Chapter 5
      Battle 15
        Ideal   2:13:06.55
        My Best 2:35:54.17
    This is a frustrating battle for many reasons. Max dies too fast. Enemies
    have weird turn order RNG. Enemies have weird aggro ranges. Bats and P Knights
    are hard to hit. Bah. Here's what I try to shoot for.
    If Ken/Vankar is still alive/present (so 3 Power Spear users) I send them
    down the left to attack the 3 shells. If it's just Guntz/Pelle, that works
    as well but changes the next statement.
    I send Guntz right and then down (using him to help tank and eventually deal
    with the nearby shells on the right). If Guntz is going left, this is much
    harder to deal with and generally we just don't.
    Tao moves to the left, this will trigger all the bats, so that Max can stand
    on the stairs, Anri above him, and Tao up and left one space, this will force
    a very nice Bat formation that Freeze 2 and Blaze 3 will take them all out,
    hence the importance of having Freeze 2 (Anri level 3) by this point.
    Domingo on his first turn will move right at least 3 spaces to ensure the
    other flying enemies start moving in. Don't leave Domingo there (ideally Guntz
    can come over) but regardless, Domingo needs to head south to start fighting
    with Balbs and later Pelle.
    If all goes well, the lowest enemies will be aggro'd on turn 3 and hopefully
    the battle ends after not too much time. Generally speaking, give magic users
    as much EXP. Guntz needs to be 10. If Balbs is already 10 (hitting in Balbazak
    because otherwise we would've promoted him) then he doesn't really need to
    kill anything as his 10+ levels are super bad for promotion so don't bother,
    just use him to set up kills unless you must kill things.
    Hopefully that battle didn't take too long. Now go ahead and swap Jogurt in
    for Ken (you'll see why in the next battle) and go to the King's treasures and
    snag the left ones for Mobility and Shower of Cure. The right two contain a
    Def potion and Bread of Life; these are useful, not super necessary, and I'll
    explain a bit more as to why you might want them. Make sure the Power Ring is
    repaired; now go to the Priest and promote our last heroes that will get
    promoted most likely, Pelle, Guntz, and Balbs. If for some reason Guntz isn't
    ready yet, we're in trouble but it is still workable. If Balbs isn't 10 either
    then you've done messed up but it's OK, we still can manage this.
    Now before going into battle, give Balbs all 3 Rings and the Steel Sword
      Battle 16
        Ideal   2:19:51.55
        My Best 2:44:39.79
    You can see why Jogurt is important here: it moves Balbs up from where Jogurt
    (and Balbs would normally be) standing. It's now exactly 27 spaces to reach
    the Master Mage so Balbs can end things in 3 turns. So what to do exactly?
    TURN 1
    Move Domingo up. His goal is going to be right just one space of the vertical
    line drawn from the stairs upwards. Jogurt can move up and Domingo should
    stand there next to him (it's not quite touching the wall/void). Tao and Anri
    should move down, Guntz move up, and Pelle blocks the stairs. Put Max in the
    lower right corner of your starting area. Balbs moves up 9 spaces to the void
    spot (no land) that's nearby Domingo
    TURN 2
    Move Tao and Anri so that they aren't touching the lower left square of that
    starting area (a bat is moving towards us that they'll kill). Get Domingo
    positioned as described, and get Guntz out there. Pelle blocks, and Balbs
    moves up 9 spaces, equips the Speed Ring, and boosts himself.
    This is a good time to note, PAY ATTENTION TO ENEMY MOVEMENTS. We are looking
    at four specific enemies: the two northern worms and the two Hellhounds near
    the Master Mage. Ideally, all FOUR enemies go before Balbs. However, things
    sometimes go wonky so let's talk about it.
    The worst case scenario is that on turn 3, Balbs cannot reach the Master Mage
    because enemy movement has blocked his path. If that happens, it'll take 4
    turns, there's nothing we can do. However, if the nearby worm has not yet
    moved but the Hellhounds have (it's a pretty rare situation) then you could
    NOT equip the Speed Ring to slow down Balbs turn. It's not the best, but it's
    all in the name of not having him blocked. Really, at 10 speed, Balbs is
    pretty slow and most things should go before him, hence why equipping the
    Speed Ring should get him moving. Anyways
    TURN 3
    Hopefully Jogurt dies, Domingo and Guntz can fight for EXP and yeah, end
    things. If Balbs is blocked and requires that extra turn, then go ahead
    and fight more for EXP, it won't hurt. Try obviously not to have anyone else
    After the battle, before talking to the king, let's move some items around.
    Give the Mobility over to Domingo, and the Speed over to Pelle. The Power can
    stay on Balbs. Let's talk those last two items.
    So those items aren't required, however, the DEF potion can help Max out so
    this is when you must decide if that (at worst) 1 extra DEF will push him
    into tanking an extra hit. It's a hard call, and Max doesn't even have to
    fight anymore, but he still deals decent damage so it's not the worst idea.
    The Bread of Life at this point is more valuable to be hung onto and saved
    for Chapter 7, using it (with the other one) to push people out of magic
    thresholds, we'll talk more about those later. If you're grabbing one, grab
    the other, but just keep that in mind. It takes roughly 20 seconds to grab
    them and it may not save you ANY time whatsoever but it might.
      Battle 17
        Ideal   2:30:16.59
        My Best 2:56:19.27
    The second ship battle, AKA battle 17 AKA 5-3 is the single easiest battle to
    lost an inordinate amount of time on and it all comes down to execution. The
    battle can easily be accomplished in less than 10 minutes, but a single
    mistake can put you into the 13 or 14 minute time frame. So let's begin.
    The first move needs to be getting your people down. Domingo is essential for
    his placement as 3 seabats move up towards your group and Domingo needs to get
    the bats to group up (less they come up spread out). Using the two pieces of
    the ship below us as our guide:
    The two outer seabats can each move to POT and CRATE, the other can move below
    PILLAR. By putting Domingo in either spot in front of POT or CRATE, you'll
    achieve a nice grouping. This lets them get roasted on our next turn by Blaze
    3 and hopefully Freeze 2 from Anri. The shells are going to move up, Pelle can
    equip the Speed Ring and go after the one on the left, on the right will be
    Guntz who will help fight alongside Max.
    On Domingos next turn, he needs to get down to the left of the center pillar
    where he alongside Pelle will aggro all the enemies into a huge clump. Now we
    rinse/repeat magic damage and obliterate everything. Simple right?
        Chapter 6
    Before we can head out we have a few things to do. Krin and Karin are sisters
    whom need to be talked to before battle 18 and before battle 20. We also need
    to repair (maybe) and to buy a Chrome Lance (put it on Pelle). Give Balbs back
    the Speed Ring and we should be good to go.
      Battle 18
        Ideal   2:36:03.66
        My Best 3:02:43.29
    By sticking close to the mountains you don't spawn anything and Domingo/Balbs
    make short work of the boss, the Dullahan. Have Balbs boost himself the turn
    before and you're ready to roll. The 3 Artillery need to be killed and frankly
    I'd give them to whomever is close to a key spell. Tao always is a good choice
    as Blaze 4 is essential, but Anri is the preferred option since Freeze 3 and
    Freeze 4 exist.
    Once that's done, repair the Ring if needed and then collect the Broadsword
    from the north-eastern house (if Boken is standing like in your path, ignore
    it for now), as well the Halberd and Shower of Cure from the house where Bleu
    is. We won't be using Bleu much, but before fighting Kane let's move that
    Halberd to Guntz. I also find giving all my Shower of Cure to Ernst to be
    nice housekeeping.
    #Team Update#
    Max (Long Sword, Healing Seed)
    Pelle (Chrome Lance)
    Guntz (Halberd, Mobility Ring)
    Luke {dead}
    Domingo (4x Healing Seed)
    Khris {dead}
    Hans {dead}
    Balbaroy (Broadsword, Power Ring)
    Amon {dead}
    Jogurt {dead}
      Battle 19
        Ideal   2:47:01.11
        My Best 3:14:21.92
    TURN 1
    Move the casters over to the right, and move your fighters up to the
    Gargoyles. We need a litttttle bit of luck here but regardless, hopefully we
    can get some free attacks on the Gargoyles. Guntz who cannot move so far
    could just move right but it depends on turn orders frankly
    TURN 2
    Have the casters start blasting the Golem conga line of death. An important
    note here is that moving past the Golem line triggers all kinds of enemy
    movement, so don't move that far. Moving in front of the Golems IS fine
    though. Now, depending on how well we did with the Gargoyles, Pelle and
    Guntz should start moving back towards Kane. Max and Balbs can fight. I say
    depending on how well we did because on Turn 3 if there is just 1 Gargoyle
    left, that's good, otherwise we're in trouble.
    TURN 3
    Finish off the conga line and get people moving over to Kane. Should take a
    few turns to set up, get an IBS and boost both Guntz and Pelle. Hopefully Max
    is fine with the Gargoyle and thinks are swimming.
                       | KANE
                       | MASTER MAGE | BALBAROY
    The above set up is our plan to beat this battle with no deaths. Guntz/Pelle
    will go to the left and below Kane, and as long as the High Priest is dead,
    Kane will move up one space and away from us. To accomplish this, Tao can
    Blaze 3 the Dullahan/Master Mage combo, then Blaze 3 the Mage/Kane. You can
    also Blaze 3 the Dullahan/Mage and have Anri hit Priest/Kane/Mage with Freeze
    3 though this comes down to turn order because Domingo cannot move in until
    Kane has moved so pay attention. Also, don't kill the Dullahan as he protects
    Domingo from Kane. The High Priest has to die, so be prepared to use the
    Halberd here depending on how things went down. Regardless, the end fight is
    actually quite easy and you almost don't even need physical attacks to beat
    Kane but regardless, battle ends.
    From here you gotta head back to Rudo after doing the Kane thing; talk to both
    sisters and then head out (making sure everything is repaired again). Before
    we leave, let's replace Pelle with Mae, he's tired and deserves a break. Our
    items should be good.
      Battle 20
        Ideal   3:04:31.47
        My Best 3:32:40.55
    Alright, our party looks too small, but hey! Everyone here is important. It's
    a long battle, but we're going to talk in goals here rather than turns.
    Any approaching enemy, the Gargoyles, maybe some of the Golems, can be dealt
    with via magic. The nearby Gargoyle is an excellent target. This is a very
    important battle to buffer Tao and Anri as we are rapidly approaching some
    very important targets for them. Domingo, we want to save his MP for the
    latter half of this battle, so be mindful. Guntz will get plent of EXP, so
    again, be mindful. Balbs, should move 7 spaces, IBS, and boost. There will
    be a fair amount of IBSing here as well. Keep moving Max and keep him alive.
    So each turn (2, 3, and 4) if things move right, should trigger the next
    Belial to move forward. Numbers 2 and 3 can be dealt with by Balbs (IBS
    beforehand so he doesn't miss, also, if he's not gained any attack yet, he
    may not be able to OHKO them, panic if he can't) and 4 will go towards Guntz
    and Domingo. On turn 3, we can move towards those valley enemies, the Golem
    and Bowrider. Guntz can OHKO the Bowrider, so that's best to do. Get Domingo
    in there. Hopefully your Mages are getting close-ish so that the further
    Gargoyle can be dealt with them instead of Guntz.
    If Balbs is weak (like level 2 or 3 or has gained no attack) the Belial WILL
    march up towards Max (so hang your mages back) and zap them down. This
    requires very precise evasive movement with Balbs though and really hurts your
    time so hopefully Balbs was promoted for 5-2 and has leveled a couple of times
    and gained some attack.
    The mountain enemies, the Master Mages and Golem, can be dealt with a
    combination of Balbs or Domingo/Guntz. Try to be as efficient as possible. If
    Balbs levels, IBS and reboost him, it's important. The High Priest should be
    dealt with by Guntz, like, there's really no reason he can't OHKO, sometimes
    enemies are seemingly too strong for some reason, but regardless, that's Guntz
    job to do that. As of now, just try to move the Mages down to minimize curser
    scrolling and keep moving Max.
    Now we have 6 remaining enemies. The Golem is easy. The Master Mages, are
    easy enough. They can move 2 spaces, but if you're 5 spaces away they'll
    move towards you. Basically, count their 2 space movement, and then allow for
    their 2 range Freeze spell and be one space from that for 5 spaces. This is
    important as drawing up one allows for Domingo/Guntz to handle it while Balbs
    can swoop on the other. The last 3 enemies are handled similarly, as the Golem
    charges, Balbs can handle the Bowrider, and hopefully the High Priest doesn't
    troll. A hard battle for sure, but hopefully we've minimized the time here.
    No changes heading into Mishaela.
      Battle 21
        Ideal   3:18:01.12
        My Best 3:48:13.75 <--literally 30 minutes behind sum of best!
    Best way to break this down is turns.
    TURN 1
    Move everyone up and towards the right side of the staircase. We want the
    Gargoyles to form towards us so that Guntz/Tao can attack them.
    TURN 2
    Anri is going to Freeze 3 the Bowriders (two of them) and Domingo can Freeze 2
    the center; this allows Balbs to attack the furthest one, eliminating them all
    because they're dangerous. Hopefully we got a good formation so that Tao/Guntz
    are dealing with the Gargoyles. Max can help. Max's goal here is to grab the
    Evil Ring before the end of battle.
    Turns 3 to Master Mages
    Move over to the Mages. When you are positioned, blast away on the 4 (leaving
    the further Mage to be attacked). Pay attention to your levels/magic, as AOE
    is fine, but if we can, leave enemies to be attack as Dullahans and Belial
    are more important magical targets.
    Turns Master Mages to Mishaela's platform
    I'd move Balbs to go grab the White Ring/Shower of Cure, he doesn't really
    help out here and grabbing those saves like 40 seconds of Max walking later.
    The Belial will start to move down, deal with them as you see fit but like I
    said, having magic for the Dullahans can really help. Mishaela takes virtually
    no damage from magic so don't worry so much about her. Before moving onto
    the platform, have the Belial taken care of and everyone else grouped up
    (Balbs not so important)
    Getting on the platform
    They focus Domingo, so move him up and to the left. Put Guntz on the right.
    Deal with them. Anri will grab the Sword of Light when we're done, Tao can
    grab the Black Ring. Domingo should have at least 2 Healing Seeds here, IBS
    and get boosts on Balbs and Guntz.
    Don't move Anri yet until Domingo is in position. Position Domingo 2 spaces
    left of Mishaela, this will draw all focus off Balbs and Guntz (Guntz in
    front, and Balbs to the right). If you get lucky, it will only take a few
    turns. You can IBS for each attack, it doesn't slow you down much. If you
    get some nice damage, feel free to use magic if you have any left. The key
    is just making sure all treasure is grabbed as moving Max around takes a long
    time and people like Anri/Tao aren't really doing anything at this point.
    Balbs does around 20 damage or so, Guntz should do 25-30, so like I said, good
    damage rolls can end it after a turn and a half or so, but it's possible you
    could beat her in one round if you have Blaze 3, Freeze 3, Freeze 2, and two
    good attacks. If you've managed Blaze 4, then it's definitely possible as
    Blaze 4 does about 15 damage.
        Chapter 7
    We're nearly done but now things are getting REALLY tough. It is evident that
    our team cannot keep up with these enemies, hence why Musashi "Moose" Master
    has joined our team and hopefully we are sporting some very strong magic in
    combo with our newly acquired Evil Ring/Bolt 3. Let's briefly run through who
    we still have.
    Max | should hopefully be 10, don't promote him until after battle 23. Give
    him the Sword of Light but afterwards leave him with the White Ring and all 3
    Shower of Cures, he's done now. If he's not 10, don't worry, because he really
    isn't doing anything, and even if he is 10, the SoL doesn't make that much of
    a difference
    Pelle | we'll bring him back in for Chaos and he'll be hanging onto that
    Halberd for the rest of the game. Don't worry, things will work out. It is
    important to note that at level 4, he survives Jets (usually) so a nice
    target for sure
    Guntz | he'll be stabbing with the Evil Lance in a moment and later with
    the Evil Ring. Later we'll use the Turbo Pepper on him since he needs to
    equip the Evil Ring
    Anri | Freeze 4 at P13, that is the goal
    Tao | Blaze 4 at P10, get there
    Domingo | he'll still offtank through Chaos, but afterwards he needs stats
    otherwise he needs to be treated like Tao or Anri. Freeze 3 at 13
    Balbaroy | should be scaling the levels and doing well. For battles 22 and 23
    he'll have Moose's Katana for maximum carnage, then from 25 onward he'll be
    wielding the Chaos Breaker to great resolve. He needs 80 attack for Chapter 8
    and 75 for this Armed Skeleton which is why we have saved these Power Waters.
    At promotion, he'll have 10 attack. The Chaos Breaker is 40, plus 19 from
    boost and equipping the Power Ring. That's 69 at a minimum. If he has less
    than 60 attack before the Armed Skeleton (no boost or power ring) then use
    all the Power Waters, otherwise wait until after Ramladu to use them. We are
    approaching his time to shine
    MOOSE! | Musashi is incredible and yeah. I give him the Black Ring for a
    potential ranged attack but the Mobility Ring is his friend
    Alef | she's really not important; but she doesn't hurt. Definitely promote
    her since Bolt 2 is really the only reason to use her.
    Torasu | Leave him out of our party until Chapter 8
    Hanzou | is coming and get excited
      Battle 22
        Ideal   3:30:01.50
        My Best 4:00:39.05
    So, our party is small. Hopefully through the "character rundown" you've
    observed that we recruit Moose and snag his sword, but don't put him in yet
    nor do we retrieve Pelle; this is because TMM and minimizing waste.
    This battle is not that hard to do, but it can get tricky, and the speed
    definitely results from nice enemy formations, so let's talk about it.
    Turn 1 is going to be moving folks out right. Always want to be moving Anri
    because she WILL and CAN help later on, Tao potentially. Don't move Domingo
    straight out because that screws things up. Move him over like 4 and up 1;
    it's not precise. Also, good to note that he needs at least 3 healing items
    Turn 2, you should have a nice formation (Belial, Jet, and 2 Dullahans) IBS
    and Evil Ring that. And yeah, that's the general idea, as each turn, enemies
    will move, and we want to Bolt 3 them. It's hard to describe, like I said, and
    your best bet would be to check out some of my runs online to see what I've
    done in runs past, but basically, it takes about 5 Bolt 3's among other
    attacks and everything should fall. Anri can contribute with Freeze 3 like I
    said, Balbs can fight as well. The most important thing here is to avoid Balbs
    dying. Ideally nobody dies, but we must have Balbs for the next battle.
    Afterwards, grab the Devil Lance and Turbo Pepper (Lance is going to Guntz)
    give all the rings to Balbs and use that Quick Chicken now on him as well.
      Battle 23
        Ideal   3:33:41.66
        My Best 4:04:48.73
    So I skip the Valkyrie. If Domingo is alive, you can snag it; but frankly,
    it's not worth it. The Devil Lance offers the same damage and you won't have
    two knight users who are strong enough to take advantage of it. So skip it
    because it's faster and Domingo might be dead.
    Regardless, move Anri/Tao left, and move Balbs up a bit (right to the edge
    of the first wall and in a vertical line with the stairs/Max/Demon Master).
    On Turn 2, he moves 8 spaces (not 9) to the bottom of the stairs, equips the
    Speed Ring and boosts himself. The reason 8 is because of how it manipulates
    the Steel Claw and the Jets. Unless you get REALLY BAD turn RNG, Balbs isn't
    going to get attacked. Which, I should mention, if Balbs outturns the Jets
    on this turn, then SAVE on Max's turn to prevent Balbs from getting blocked.
    This is a strategy called TURN ORDER MANIPULATION, to be detailed more below.
    If Balbs does get blocked, reset and try again.
    Afterwards, head back to town once the story is complete. We might have to
    repair and/or purchase the Doom Blade from Deals, do it. Also, head to the
    Priest and promote Alef. Now, here is something really interesting...
    If you need to save at a priest and your curser is at the bottom of
    your list (AKA what we just did, so it's on Alef, but the Turbo Pepper is on
    Max) then you can reset your console AS SOON AS YOU SAY ***YES*** to the
    Priest to save your game. The music and fanfare is just that, fanfare, your
    game is already saved. It's about 2 seconds slower in most cases but if you
    need to be at the top of your list and you are at the bottom, reset that
    thing and bam you'll be at Max. Cool huh? Now go ahead and get +2 movement
    on Guntz
    Heading into battle, bring in Pelle, Alef, and Moose. Pelle swaps for Mae,
    Alef swaps for Luke, and Moose swaps for Khris. Give Moose his Katana and the
    Mobility Ring, Balbs has the Doom Blade and Power/Speed Ring, and Guntz has
    the Evil Lance. Pelle can hold the Evil Ring for now (as long as he is strong
    enough to get hit by a Jet) and make sure Domingo has 2 healing seeds. IF Max
    is 10, you can use the SoL but like I said, it really doesn't make a
    difference and he probably needs to heal with the White Ring anyway.
      Battle 24
        Ideal   3:46:22.80
        My Best 4:21:01.74
    Right so the reason we leave Torasu out is because a Jet would end his life
    and that's pointless, instead a Jet should move down and hit Moose which is
    fine. Pelle will get attacked, he should survive at level 4. If Tao goes
    before the Demon Master, have her hold position. Domingo is going to tuck
    into that lower right corner (it's like 6 spaces from Max) this will draw 3
    Jets over to him which is very nice for dealing with them.
    Basically, we're going to throttle our way left and to Chaos. His turn 2 he
    should move, that involves having someone on the left wall of that center
    structure approximately. Guntz and Moose do great damage, Pelle can Bolt 3
    which is why I give it to him. Tao and Anri magic, Alef wants to try and
    level. Torch Eyes are dangerous and yeah. Speaking of which, this is one
    time to start thinking about HP totals. I'll give a more detailed list towards
    the end of the guide.
    On Balbs second turn, I'd IBS and boost Moose, and then if need be, IBS
    again and boost Guntz. Here's the deal, we don't want anyone to die nor for
    the Power Ring to crack because that costs a lot of time before heading into
    Chapter 8 so try hard to live. A boosted Moose deals a TON of damage to Chaos
    so hopefully that with some extra damage ends things quickly. A short and
    "chaotic" battle. Lel
    Now go ahead and get the Chaos Breaker. How much attack does Balbs have? If
    he has between 53 and 57 with just the CB equipped, go ahead and use all 3
    Power Waters on him. If he has more than that, go ahead and wait, he might
    gain more for us. At 57 attack, he'll have 76 when dealing with the Armed
    Skeleton and that's enough to beat it. At 53 attack, he'll have 72 attack
    which is not really enough to beat it. Slap the 3 rings on Balbs (should be
    used to this by now) and give him the CB.
      Battle 25
        Ideal   3:51:29.97
        My Best 4:26:53.50
    It takes Balbs 5 turns to reach and kill the Armed Skeleton at the bottom
    who is the boss. The turn before, equip the Speed Ring and boost himself. You
    can move Max twice to be a little closer, but don't keep moving otherwise
    enemies will aggro. If Balbs has 75 or less attack, go ahead and IBS before
    the attack as I've had very rarely him not do enough damage. He DOES do enough
    but sometimes the game is weird. Now let's roll out.
        Chapter 8
    Aahhhh Runefause, the glorious end is upon us! This is the hardest and most
    twisted chapter yet, not to mention we are tired from playing for 5 hours
    but press on! The battle is nearly over. Let's quickly review our team and
    what they'll all have.
    Max | White Ring, 3x Shower of Cure
    Pelle | Halberd
    Guntz | Evil Lance, Evil Ring
    Tao | Blaze 4
    Anri | Freeze 3, hopefully Freeze 4
    Alef | hopefully Bolt 2
    Domingo | Hopefully Freeze 3
    Torasu | Nothing
    Balbaroy | Chaos Breaker
    Musashi "Moose" | Katana, Black Ring, Speed Ring
    Hanzou | Doom Blade, Power Ring
    That is our remarkable 11. Oh, you say I'm missing someone? Yeah, leave a
    dead Amon in our party, it sets things up better.
    Let's continue
      Battle 26
        Ideal   4:04:04.20
        My Best 4:40:23.66
    I hope you're used to this, but TURNS!
    TURN 1
    So Tao is probably fast as greased lightning, just move her up towards the
    middle in front of Max. Hopefully the two Chimaera move down before Hanzou
    or Musashi get their turns to attack the one of the right. If we get lucky,
    then they nearly kill it and Alef finishes it off. Otherwise, we have to
    finagle a bit. Freeze 3 deals about 1/3 of a Chimaera's life total, and Bolt 3
    does a similar damage. They are dangerous, and our goal is to eliminate or
    leave 1 at less than 18 health so that Tao finishes it off. Balbs uses the CB
    instead of attacking, and Pelle/Guntz can similarly use their items if need be
    although with the Evil Ring, IBS beforehand. Ideally, move Guntz far to the
    right because we need him over there.
    TURN 2
    Ideally all 3 Chimaera move before everyone else (except Tao). If that happens
    then score we saved a turn. Otherwise, just go on turn 3. Basically, Moose
    will move to the center Dragon (well, Chimaera) and attack. I'd attack instead
    of Black Ring because it's damage is sad and once all the Chimaera are dead,
    the battle is basically over. Hanzou moves to the right of Musashi (or left)
    depending on how the Chimaera set up. Ideally they form a line 3 across, but
    it might be 1 space and then 2 depending on bad turns. Everyone else moves up
    and magics. You have Anri and Balbs with Freeze 3, hopefully Bolt 2 from Alef,
    Pelle has Bolt 1, and Guntz has Bolt 3. Just magic magic magic, always IBS
    before Bolt 3 cause no breakage.
    From here on out, we need to clear things out. Moose and Hanzou are good for
    Bowriders, use Tao on the Dragons. Domingo and Anri are good on the left, and
    Guntz with Balbs quickly takes down the Skeletons. Hitting the group with
    Balbs first before Bolt 3 is better as Bolt 3 kills the Priest. Really, if
    things go well, could be 5 turns, but it might be 6. Also, Torasu should move
    to grab the right chest that contains the Halberd, although even that is
    really not needed.
      Battle 27
        Ideal   4:08:29.82
        My Best 4:45:02.30
    It's a Robotic race and whoof. We want to get Guntz, Moose, Balbs, and our
    better mages up there. Domingo is a great sponge and Alef dies quickly. Pelle
    will likely fall before he moves. Sprint Max to the right and away. There
    really isn't much to be said, people are dying and we want to minimize. I
    have Hanzou boost Moose, and if the ring doesn't crack and/or Hanzou is still
    alive the next turn, he can boost someone else. Ramladu is tough, but between
    Blaze 4 and hopefully Freeze 4, he doesn't need that much else between Balbs
    and Moose to fall. If you don't have Freeze 4, it might take a third turn.
    Maybe now you see why I've been stressing this Freeze 4 thing.
    Once Ramladu falls, go back and revive our party and make sure everything is
    repaired. Now is a good time to use those Power Waters if you haven't used
    them already on Balbs. Give him the rings and let's head into Colossus.
      Battle 28
        Ideal   4:25:37.66
        My Best 5:05:45.77
    Considering that prior to this new strategy, my best BATTLE was 19 minutes and
    now my best SPLIT is 17 minutes, dang it is faster
    Alright so the reason Balbaroy is so important is because of this fight. At 80
    attack he is capable of two-shotting the main head (or killing it over 2
    rounds) and this is largely accomplished by having 9 movement and the ability
    to influence his speed with the ring to outturn the enemy.
    However, the initial barrage of 3 Chimaera and 1 Dragon must be dealt with. If
    you have extra sources of Freeze 3 AKA Anri or Domingo, then you can move
    Balbs away on turn 2 as opposed to using the Chaos Breaker. Basically Bolt 3
    from the Evil Ring, Freeze 3, and some extra damage lays them to waste. Blaze
    4 very nearly kills the Dragon, so using some extra damage to it will take
    care of that.
    We'll come back to Balbaroy in a moment. The rest of our team needs to set
    up and help him out. The initial wall/entrace, have Moose stand up there
    alone. What this does is draw down the Jets so that Balbs doesn't get bothered
    by them. Behind him, have only tanky people exposed (those who can get hit by
    a Jet). This is a good time to get EXP on anyone close to learning a new spell
    such as Blaze 4, Freeze 3 or 4, or Bolt 2 I guess if Alef is really struggling
    and in your party.
    As for Balbs, it's not exactly clear how to describe. Basically, the line that
    the Armed Skeletons form with the Bowriders (in the middle of the map) is the
    general launch pad for the center enemies to start moving. Don't break that
    line with Balbs being too close to them or he'll aggro them. Generally I move
    him at a 45 degree angle (like up 4 over 5) until he's in that region (takes
    2-3 turns to get over there). From there, he needs to move 8 spaces from the
    left head while being somewhere the Armed Skeleton will want to move to. See,
    the head can move 4 and has a cast range of 3, hence the 8 spaces. We need the
    Skeleton to move towards us otherwise the main center head becomes slightly
    more complicated. All of this movement should be done without the Speed Ring
    equipped. Now if we get lucky, on this turn that the head and skeleton move,
    they both OUTTURN Balbs, meaning he hasn't moved and they both have. If that
    is the case, have him move towards the entrance and equip the Speed Ring on
    his turn. Something that I have been doing that helps is moving Domingo over
    once those Chimaera have been dealt with; this helps to pull some aggro off
    Balbs since the movement can get VERY WONKY. Domingo may pay for his life so
    you have to be careful, but it does make this battle way faster.
    Now, before the round is over (Torasu, or Max) whomever is the LAST
    person to move on your team, IBS. We need to get a little lucky and have Balbs
    get his turn BEFORE those two enemies do. If they move and hurt him, reset
    and try again. We have to save with this last person as to control the turn
    order for this next round. Once we do get Balbs to get his turn (which BTW,
    a level 8+ Balbs with Speed Ring and Quick Chicken under his belt is fairly
    fast so this shouldn't be hard). Save on Balbs' turn, and move him and boost
    him (I'd equip the Speed Ring again here). We want to move as far as we are
    allowed that doesn't put us into the path of Bolt 3 because if we can move
    far enough the enemies here on the left leave us alone. From there, it's a
    matter of saving and ensuring Balbs hits this thing twice over two turns and
    wham we did it. Usually I pop a Shower of Cure after the first Bolt 3 to keep
    Balbaroy alive (also, saving with Max/Torasu is a good thing as well.
    It's a tedious process, but my best split for this is right around 19 minutes
    and that's fast, considering my best BATTLE was 20 minutes, and the whole
    split was closer to 28 minutes.
    Afterwards, through the Power Ring to Hanzou, Speed and Mobility Ring to Moose
      Battle 29
        Ideal   4:33:20.52
        My Best 5:17:55.32
    Yeah, this battle is tricky and if Domingo dies in 28 it's a lot harder. Let's
    talk about it. Our focus is getting our mages up there, Blaze 4 and Freeze 4
    deal a number on Dark Sol so we don't want to be blocking our mages. Turns 1
    and 2 should be setting up in that immediate staging area; the stairs trigger
    enemy movements. Using Moose, Hanzou, Guntz, or Domingo to tank Dragons, on
    turn 3 we want to start our engagement. It's not precise, and ideally involves
    one of them going AFTER the dragons so that we can get a nice set up since
    some other Robots are going to engage into us.
    If we're a little lucky (I'd IBS before that intial movement since we can get
    SUPER TROLLED here if double lasers, double ice breath, or double Demon breath
    happens) then on turn 4 we can start engaging into Dark Sol and finish him off
    on turn 5 with our mages. Anri might be a better candidate for the Speed Ring
    depending on her speed (if she can outturn a Dragon). Basically, Domingo and
    Guntz should hold the Dragons while Moose, Hanzou, and the Mages get up there.
    Balbs is too precious and should probably deal with the Robots. Once he falls,
    the battle and the game is nearly over, can you believe it?
      Battle 30
        Ideal   4:42:07.38 <--Wow, sub 5 ideal???
        My Best 5:26:52.55
    This is it. Our whole run has been building to this one fight and now
    everything is on the table. If something needs to shatter, let it. If you
    have to use a Shower of Cure, do it. We must win.
    Alright but let's talk about this. My best Dark Dragon is now sub 9 minutes
    thanks to Blaze and Freeze 4; it really makes a HUGE difference.
    The middle head is our main priority. We only have 2 full heals left, so
    hopefully one gets us through it. Moose can get hit a lot here with his 60+
    HP so abuse that. If Domingo is around, Dark Dragon will focus him. Anri
    and Tao probably cannot survive, so don't use them on the center head until
    it will go down (probably the third turn of attacking it).
    Torasu is going to sit Shielded on the right pooper, Alef on the left. Now,
    this is all ideal, so adjust as necessary. Often, Alef dies, and Max ends on
    the left one and I play the "save and no bolt 4 game". Let's quickly run down
    what magic we might face.
    The side heads will use: Blaze 3, Freeze 2, Bolt 2, Bolt 4, and Desoul 2. If
    it's not on that list, I haven't seen it. Shield stops all of it, hence Tao
    will be on the right.
    What about the Skeletons? So to minimize their efforts, turn 1 we'll ignore
    them. The one on the right can be pulled with Balbs/Domingo, just make sure
    it can't hit them. Torasu needs 2 turns to get there which is why blowing a
    Blaze 4 prematurely stinks. The one on the left is a similar story though
    blocking with Alef. Have Hanzou boost often. You can IBS but as I told the
    other main runner, Ty2358, you waste more time saving for boost than just
    going for it. It takes roughly 15 seconds to reset the game and your fighters
    don't deal that much damage. Tao deals roughly 35 damage and Anri deals about
    45-50 and your boosted fighters are hitting for 20-30 depending on who they
    are. They also lose boost after a few turns so it really isn't all that
    With any luck, you use 1 shower on the center head (after its second Demon
    Breath) and then finish off before moving to the outer heads, maybe using that
    last shower depending on the magic used. I tend to have Anri on the left, Tao
    on the right, Moose on the right, and Guntz on the left. Balbs can float to
    whichever has taken less damage. Pelle will be on the left but he tends to die
    quickly and horribly. Once Dark Dragon has died and that battle scene has
    faded from sight (there is an advantage to NOT leveling on the last head) that
    is it! Stop the timer!
    There. We've done it!
    4. Discussion
        End Remarks
    I'm truly amazed both by the support from the community and how much the run
    has evolved from its initial form. My first run had an approximate maybe sub
    6 hour approach to it and now we are sub 5 ideally and knocking on the 5:15
    door. You can see where most of my time loss is at (the early game) and what
    it takes to do even better. So let's quickly race through some obvious
    questions here.
    Q: Is a sub 5 run possible?
    A: No. One reason the SoB is so good is because it accounts for things like
    doubles and crits on bosses that can account for huge time saves. One battle
    in particular is battle 1, where my best 7:17 split is posted on youtube
    showing how GREAT that battle went to achieve that split. We're lucky to snag
    sub 8 splits there, so we're always 45 seconds behind our best before the run
    even starts! I don't want to say that sub 5 is never possible, but it would
    take the most insane run to happen. A more realistic goal is to get to 5:0x
    which would be stupid good.
    Q: I'm interested but don't have time
    A: My first 17 attempts or so were not streamed and were segmented because of
    time constraints. As you get into the sub 6 range, it has to be single segment
    because those are the rules, but if you are interested, then do what you must
    do to make it work! The whole point of speed running is to have fun and if it
    isn't fun, then something isn't working. I played when I could and took an
    insane amount of notes. I would after each chapter write down what went well
    and what didn't go well. I was constantly improving my own strategies because
    that's how you improve. I encourage you to do the same, just play it bit by
    bit and see what you can do.
    Q: Well, what can I expect?
    A: So I won't lie and I'm going to try hard to not sound conceited, but a dear
    friend of mine, BOWIEtheHERO, a SF2 runner, recently remarked that my "ability
    to consistently play the game is unmatched and that" he "is truly jealous of
    that". I bring that up, because there are 3 classes of runners. There's the
    super consistent, there's the good runners, and there's the beginners. If you
    have run this a few times, you fall into the good runner category as you know
    the game, but you lack the consistency and make mistakes. Don't worry about it
    seriously! I make mistakes still, most notably, in my current 5:26 run, I
    forgot to put the Mobility Ring on Domingo in 5-3 which was a huge waste of
    time for me in that battle. But regardless, here's a breakdown that you can
    shoot for as a new runner.
    Chapter 1, 45-50 minutes
        If you can do it under 45 minutes, that's great. More than 50 isn't a huge
    problem for new runners, but if you've managed a few tackles of this game,
    then shoot for 45-50 minutes
    Chapter 2, 45-50 minutes, 90-100 minutes in total
        Chapter 2 is where more runs die than any other part of the game. Each
    of the four battles has NUMEROUS spots that instantly kill a run and frankly
    it is a huge nightmare to get through. That being said, we as good runners aim
    for a sub 40 chapter 2, with 1:20 being our combined efforts. If you are new
    to this, then 1:30 is GREAT after chapter 2. I would try to stay away from 2
    hours through chapter 1 and 2, but really, 1:45 isn't going to kill you either
    Chapter 3, 30-40 minutes, 120-140 minutes in total
        Chapter 3 is a nice short chapter that we aim to do in less than 30
    minutes. With 2 snipes that take about 4 and 5 minutes each, that leaves a
    cushy 21 minutes to do the forest battle. This is really a chapter that you
    should hone in on completing in less than 35 minutes, with emphasis on less
    than 30 minutes
    Chapter 4, 45-55 minutes, 165-195 minutes in total
        Chapter 4 is where the game really starts to get hard for new runners.
    This is because the "battle skips" that we've been doing now are really
    starting to add up and certain people like Tao and Anri are still quite weak.
    That being said, 20 minutes for Elliot, 10-12 minutes for Uranbatol, and 10 to
    15 minutes for Balbazak are pretty good targets for a new runner to aim for.
    What's nice here is that a mistake in Balbazak doesn't really hurt you and
    grants tons of extra EXP to people that are going to be in our final party.
    Chapter 4 is nice for one thing: mistakes don't punish as bad since our Mages
    crave EXP and overleveling them saves time later on =)
    Chapter 5, 35-50 minutes, 200-245 minutes in total
        This chapter is short but it is deceptively long. I aim for a 25 minute
    Chapter 5 but to do it in 30 is pretty good. As a new runner, your goal should
    be to avoid redoing any of these battles and trying hard to get the movements
    down. It's at this point that I will point out that being between 3 and 4
    hours is a pretty good target for new runners
    Chapter 6, 60-75 minutes, 260-320 minutes in total
        This is probably the longest chapter save for chapter 8 and easily the
    one that will frustrate new runners to no end since the battles can get out of
    hand quickly. Luckily, Mishaela and the first snipe (6-1 and 6-4) are not
    that bad (if you save for Mishaela that is to avoid too many misses) meaning
    that you really have to nail just two battles. Kane is tough, but if you
    follow the above strategy (even taking an extra turn to set up or so) you
    really shouldn't have too much problem because the "run away Kane" strategy
    is pretty much flawless
    Chapter 7, 45-60 minutes, 305-380 minutes in total
        A chapter that I always want done in under 40 minutes, it is easily the
    toughest yet and only an indication of what you must be prepared to deal with
    moving forward into chapter 8. If the first battle is too hard, you can always
    go back to do the Max sneak approach; it takes about 10 minutes to do and is
    not that much safer, but it is easier for newer runners to do so you could
    start there. The two snipes are not hard: but Chaos is a doozy and frankly,
    redoing it once isn't the end of the world as everyone except for Hanzou
    is in our party getting EXP. Having Blaze 4 and even Freeze 4 by this point
    can make a huge difference in our troubles.
    Chapter 8, 60-75 minutes, 365-455 minutes in total
        The last chapter is always hardest and longest and well, besides Chapter 6
    this is the longest chapter in the game. It has 5 difficult battles and will
    definitely test your mettle. If it takes upwards of 90 minutes, really, that's
    OK also. At this point, it's more important to FINISH the run than to worry
    about the time.
        So let's look at the time then, 365 minutes? How long is that? Heh, that's
    just over 6 hours wouldn't you believe it? The range I've just given you is
    from 6 hours to 7 and a half hours. It's a big range, but big ranges work well
    as you then narrow them down. Just as a reference, third place on speedrun.com
    is just over 7 hours. Can you believe that? It is unbelievable. Follow the
    strats, give it some time and some practice, and you'll get that time down,
    trust me.
        If you don't believe me, I recently raced against Ty2358 and had the worst
    run I've had in a long time. My Pelle took 3 points of damage from Lizardmen
    (which is horrible) and Max actually died in 3-3 as I was trying to get Anri
    some EXP thanks to a double attack. Suffice to say, I died about 5 times in
    the run and lost about 26 minutes. I still finished in under 6 hours. Yes, I
    have tons of experience playing the game, but it shows that even dying isn't
    going to punish you as much when you're doing a Mage-Centric route with Anri
    and Tao because they get more levels and get to game-breaking spells like
    Blaze and Freeze 4 just that much sooner. So don't be discouraged. Also, you
    can always ask for help, either here, through my email, or over at twitch.
    We are always willing to help new runners.
    Concerning my most recent run
    Chapter 1 was OK. The time finished a 42 minute chapter 1 which is OK but
    my Alterone battle was poopy. Character levels were looking nice though so
    again, always a plus.
    Chapter 2 was just bad. As I updated the guide times from my 541 to the 526,
    I was INCREASING the times on the splits for Chapter 2 and Chapter 3. Yeah,
    I couldn't believe it either. Sometimes that happens.
    Chapter 3 was fine. It wasn't good (I really want 1:4low and instead had a
    1:48 end of chapter 3. On the plus side, I was starting to get ahead of my
    previous PB (though not the guide PB).
    At the end of Chapter 4, I was actually still behind the guide's time, but I
    was rapidly approaching. The only major thing to point out is that my Anri was
    falling behind. She didn't hit 5 in 2-2 and as a result, was constantly a
    level or two behind at all stages of the run. That being said, things are
    looking up.
    Chapter 5 was fair. I'm now ahead of the guide and my PB by several minutes.
    Unfortunately, I forgot to move the Mobility Ring like I said earlier which
    cost me several minutes.
    And my Chapter 6 was finally good. I clocked a comfortable 3:48 on Mishaela
    which now marks my best efforts yet to get under that 4 hour marker of
    Chapter 6. The snipe was solid, Kane was solid, the forest trek wasn't the
    best ever but it was solid, and Mishaela was actually golden. Very nice and
    thanks to Guntz for a huge double attack. Also Tao has Blaze 4
    Chapter 7 was fair. I actually peaked at -10 minutes here (which set me up
    for about a 5:18 run) but things started to fall apart towards the end. Tao
    dies in Chaos and I got trolled with some Evil Ring stuff.
    My Chapter 8 was good (I mean, getting sub hour Chapter 8's when previously I
    had listed the "ideal" as 69 minutes is steller) but it was frankly bad. My
    Chapter 8 clocked in right at an hour, and when I can do it in about 52 or so,
    you can see what went wrong. I just started losing time in Chapter 7 and was
    actually down to only -2 minutes be Dark Sol. Luckily, Dark Dragon went better
    and put me to -4 minutes or so, for the 5:26 that we all see and love. I guess
    I should note that I HAD managed a 5:30 prior to this update, I just never
    got around to the guide until now. Biggest issue in the run was Anri's slower
    start and Domingo dying in battle 28, for sure.
      Collecting the Sidenotes
      Side Note: Stat Items and Rings
    Defense Potions:    Max
      These things are rather useless for the most part. However, they are quite
      essential early for Max not dying as there are a number of spots (like Shade
      Abbey) where he must get attacked. Later, you can use these on Domingo if
      you so desire as Max shouldn't ever get attacked post Chapter 2 for the
      most part.
    Power Potions:     Balbaroy
      Save these for Balbaroy and use them before Colossus unless his attack with
      the Chaos Breaker equipped is less than 55 before the Armed Skeleton
    Bread of Life:     See Below
      These aren't so good but I tend to use some on Max if he's struggling but I
      try to save them for Below. The first one on Anri can be huge if you can
      save it
    Legs of Haste:     Balbaroy
      Using this at 7-2 to make Balbs fast enough to compete with the Jets is
      all that matters, that little extra Agility matters
    Turbo Pepper:      Guntz
      Use it on him. Make sure he gets +2 movement
    Power Ring:        Whomever
      This goes on whomever we need it to. Refer to the walkthrough
    Speed Ring:        As needed, then Musashi
      Unless noted for a specific battle, it's on Gort until we get Pelle until
      we get Moose
    Mobility Ring:     As needed
      This thing gets thrown around like a frat mattress. It's always for who we
      need to have it
      Side Note: Bread of Life
    I've mentioned a couple of times HP thresholds, so let's talk about it. There
    are a total of (3) three of these things. The first one is for Anri, as it can
    push her well out of Blaze 2 range. The latter two aren't so important, and
    can even be skipped, but they can prove useful.
    The first is available in Chapter 4. If my Max doesn't have 22+ HP by 4-3,
    then this is a good time to use one. The reason is that Max will tend to take
    7 points of damage from Sea Bats. Giving him 22+ HP obviously gives you an
    extra turn to live.
    Other than that, let's look at exact HP amounts that are important.
    18+ will push you out of Freeze 3 range. Demon Masters use Freeze 3 and it
    is the strongest not-bolt 4 spell to be faced by Dark Dragon. 
    22+ will push you out of Torch Eyes laser attack. It can do 18-22 on a normal
    hit so pushing someone to 23+ can guarantee their survival. Most people hit
    this naturally, but Tao really struggles on her HP so she's a decent candidate
    27+ will push out of the fire breath from Chimaera. Most heroes prefer this as
    the regular claw attack annihilates all but Guntz, Hanzou, and Moose.
    30+ will push out of the frost attack from Dragons. Their attack is stronger,
    but having more than 30 health should keep you alive
    35+ will keep you alive against Demon Breath hopefully. It doesn't seem to do
    more than that and well, if it double hits then GG you're dead
    So you can see where the breakdown occurs. Anri will usually get to Demon
    Breath range, Tao hovers usually around 20 HP or so, and Hanzou can have more
    than 40 health but giving him 45 is basically insurance to survive 3 lasers.
    This is why I say the Breads aren't super helpful but you can see how pushing
    Anri or Domingo into that extra HP range can speed things up as you can play
    more fast and loose.
        Side Note: End Team
    This is basically how our end team will look:
    Max - White Ring, 3x Shower of Cure
    Pelle - Halberd
    Tao, Anri, Alef, Domingo
    Musashi - Mobility Ring + Katana + Speed Ring + Black Ring
    Hanzou - Doom Blade + Power Ring
    Guntz - Evil Ring + Evil Lance
    Balbaroy - Chaos Breaker
      Discussing the Glitches/Abuses
        The Speed Ring
    Not so useful later on, but early that +4 agility can make someone get their
    turn much faster. It can be used on someone to get 2 attacks in a row, or
    more importantly to allow Max to move twice in a row. Later on, the Speed Ring
    should be on someone slower who needs more turns, usually Pelle or Musashi
    The game programmers decided these two almost always have priority. In fact,
    it goes something like
    Max > Domingo > Healers/Mages > Archers/Flying Units > Everything else
    To the point to where enemies will move past viable targets to stand in line
    and not attack just because they're closer to someone. As a result, this is a
    very helpful abuse especially once Domingo can take a hit or two. For Max
    sadly this run you won't be using this so much later on however early you can
    still get some nice use out of it. In Domingo's case, I believe he has such a
    high priority as he is both a "flyer" and a "caster" which puts him above
    everyone besides "hero"
        The Boost Glitch
    This is definitely a glitch as the game will even say "boost has ended" but it
    actually hasn't. Boost is supposed to go away after 1-3 turns, but in fact
    stays until you've taken damage, or gone up a level. Curse damage does not
    count as damage; you have to be attacked. This is the most helpful and abusive
    of all the glitches as you can boost someone for 8 or 9 minutes so long as
    your careful. It reduces the need to BS as much as well as allows you to take
    out many more enemies being able to take advantage of knowing not to level or
    who recently leveled and whatnot. Many thanks to Darkkobold for this one
        Turn Order Manipulation
    Something I talk about often but not in great detail so here goes. The Turn
    Order, or Battle Order, whatever you want to call it, is calculated at the
    very end of each turn (by the person who moves last). This is very easy to
    notice as you can save with the last person to move and restart to see how
    the turns change each time. Early on, this has practically no use as the
    speeds are too close to each other and too hard to manipulate but later on
    once people are faster then it is more controllable. Basically, each person's
    speed stat can "change" by about 12% for turn order calculation. To explain,
    in Dark Kobold's TAS of this game, he explains that Max needs 22 speed for the
    Mishaela battle, as that speed allows Max to get outturned by the Bowriders
    (to avoid being blocked) but then when he equips the Speed Ring he then can
    outturn Mishaela and OHKO with double crits. It's fascinating, and we use it
    in a couple of spots, most notably 8-3 and 7-2 to make sure bad things don't
    happen to Balbs.
        A new challenger approaches!
    So basically, I had this idea of trying some new way of beating the game. As
    hard as it may seem, replaying this game ten or eleven times can become a bit
    boring and stale, so I wanted to try a new challenge, deemed, "Minimalist".
    The premise is simple: We collect that only which we need to defeat the game.
    This means that our party will be just 12 members. Max, Mae, Khris, Balbs,
    Amon, Pelle, Ernst, Bleu, Alef, Torasu, and Adam are all required and Gong
    will tag along because Max needs some help early in that first battle.
    How do we skip the others like Tao, Luke, Gort, Ken, and Hans? There is a
    video, but basically there's a blonde hair'd guy walking around we need to
    "push" lower and let him block the guards. That lets us leave town and shazam
    we can skip the other characters. Strangely enough, this is the starting mark
    for this time as well, as timing the process of doing that is tedious and
    stressful as getting it perfect is just a waste of time.
    Anywho, I'm also uploading a video of this to my same account, titled
    "SF Speed Run Minimalist" for your pleasure. The strategy largely stays the
    same (hence no new guide) and I'll probably not go nuts trying to improve it
    but we'll see. The major difference is using Khris (Quick) to do some cool
    things and Balbs gets the Turbo Pepper for imba 9 movement which helps. Not
    collecting Musashi, Kokichi, or any casters early makes this fairly tough
    early, but later on, Max and Pelle become absolute beasts. It's a fun
    challenge to say the least, and I've gone and done a speed run of it! My
    current time is 6:47 which is still better than my first "any" percent run
    done a long time ago, but it's nearly an hour slower than my current best.
    Good luck and have fun!
    5. Conclusion
    This is copyright me, Todd Lesinski AKA NoWorries. As such, you cannot use
    copy any part of this guide and claim it as your own. I'm not a stickler so
    long you make a reference somewhere saying that this guide was so helpful for
    whatever purpose you are using this for that would be great. If you are a
    cheat bastard then may a ball-eating plague be struck upon you and all
    consequent men in your family until you right this wrong.
        Contact Info
    If you feel the need to contact me about ANYTHING pertaining to THIS guide;
    you may contact me at         (AT)   [.]
    Please specify "SHINING FORCE I SPEED RUN" to differentiate from my other
    Shining Force guides/works out on the webs. I do appreciate your time. If you
    don't do this, I probably won't respond. I may also not respond because I'm
    very busy but I will do the best I can.
    You can also follow me on twitter NoWorries tskisoccer @tskisoccer
    You can also follow me on twitch to know when I'm streaming
    Gamefaqs - For getting me into guide writing
    Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) - For getting me into Speed Running. It is
        technically run through the Speed Game Demos
        Which is their channel. AGDQ is their charity event that raises money for
        Cancer and it's fascinating even if you are not big into video games. But
        big thanks and shout out to them for getting me serious into actually
        doing this and maybe you'll see me at AGDQ 2016 running this game if I
        can consistently get it down to six, six and a half hours.
    DarkKobold - The brave soul who TASed this game in under two hours. Your
        video was both awesome to watch and extremely helpful for giving me ideas
        how to run this faster. Naturally I'm not tassing so I can't get the
        double crits like you do with Lua but I think I worked it out pretty well
        for myself =)
        But the Boost Glitch was invaluable, thank you
        His webpage: http://tasvideos.org/DarkKobold.html
    Twitch - For adding a fun and new interesting dynamic into speedrunning. Huge
        shoutouts to everyone who routinely comes and watches me play!
    Ty2358 - My strongest competition, I enjoy racing and suffering the bad RNG
        with you my friend
    BowieTheHero - My British lad from overseas, he and I are running Shining
        Force 2 at RPGLimitBreak 2016 and he and I talk way too much Shining
        Force in general as he complains that I get lucky and I try to remind him
        of my bad RNG which does happen
    Myself - For enjoying this game far too much. It's unhealthy
    You the reader - Well, without you folks, this isn't nearly as fun. Also, I
        hope you enjoy the video. Just don't be too harsh as it's far from
        perfect; I just wanted you to have something to have in tangent with
        this guide as words aren't perfect sometimes
    Camelot Software Planning and Sega - obviously, for making the game
    Length - 113585

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