Biblicious LE makes Bible trivia fun again by bringing you and Flip Ant into a TV game show like setting! Read along as Flip reads the questions and answers to you!

Biblicious LE comes with 50 questions to get you started. Buy Question Packs to expand the game and remove ads.

And from issue 8.3 of RBD magazine:
"The game was fun--sadly, my knowledge of Bible trivia needs to be worked on. I did like the encouragement Biblicious gave me. It was appreciated. ... The audio gives a television game-show quality to parts of the game, which adds to the fun. ... As for the game itself, I think it's frankly a blast. It's been updated several times each week while I've been in the beta program, which shows real dedication on the part of Pariahware and real vitality for Biblicious itself. ... I'm very much looking forward to the future of this application, and I'll be waiting to purchase it when the final 1.0 version is released. In the meantime, I'd better brush up on my trivia."

Choose from THREE game modes:
- Single player mode provides a timed game that allows you to enter your name and score to the Manna Leaderboard. If you are having trouble, just wait and wrong answers will be removed.

- Practice mode is similar to Single player mode, but without the stress of a timer. This is great for doing research or playing in a group setting.

- Mix & Match mode is a quick 10 question game that allows you to fill in the blank as the right answer floats by on the screen.

Other options:
- Choose from Old Testament questions, New Testament questions, or questions from the entire Bible.

- In single player and practice games, choose from a 10 question game up to a 50 question game.

- Visit the Schwag store to buy Biblicious & Pariahware labeled products.

- Connect via multiple social network options.

- View the Manna Leaderboard.

- If the game is interrupted, you can pick up where you left off.

- Submit questions for possible inclusion in future versions.

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