Neo Minesweeper HD is a classic puzzle game. It contains two game modes. You can play it solely or play it against friends. Also you can choose the regular square mines mode or easier hexagon mines mode.

1. One player or Two players.
2. Easy,medium,hard and custom game level.
3. Suport 2 grid size (small and large) and shape (square and hexagon).
4. Support 4 tile colors and 7 background colors.
5. Sound effects are supported.
6. Ranking is supported.
7. Multil-language UIs are supported. (English/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese).

a) One player game
In the shortest time,to set flags on the tile which contains mines.
b) Two players game:
Players play by turn. The winner of the game is who find out more than half mines.

1. Single tap on the unknown tile to discover.
2. Long tap to set flag or unset flag on the tile.
3. Single tap on know tile (has number ) to quick discover the nearby area 3x3 area. (Only useful, if all mines around the tile are flags set.

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