Apple features Crimson Gem Saga as one of “Best Role-Playing Games”The PSP hit, Crimson Gem Saga has been carefully ported to the iPhone and iPod Touch, offering RPG lovers a highly engrossing and original turn-based RPG adventure in the palm of their hand.In Crimson Gem Saga you'ill build your own unique party and experience a magnificent adventure to find the Crimson Gem, a wicked stone with the power to control minds. Fans of JRPGs will love the style and presentation of Crimson Gem Saga, including turn-based party gameplay, great unique characters, plenty of gear, stats, skills, quests and monsters, wrapped in an epic campaign unlike any other RPG on the App Store.FeaturesUnique and well developed characters with unique skills and detailed high resolution portraitsCharacters speak over 60% of the story dialogA gorgeous hand painted world full of unique locations (no tiles here!)A unique interface custom built for the iPhone experienceA huge 400MB RPG adventure with over 30 hours of deep gameplayThe PSP version of Crimson Gem Saga successfully received an average score of 80 in North America, including an 8.4 from IGN. Enjoy the same great game for a fraction of the price on your iPhone or iPod Touch!? v1.0.1 Update List- “Fixed D-pad Control” is default- "Fixed controller" relocated into a good position to use- “battle control” has become more clear- Fixed medallion bug.? v1.1.1 Update List- Auto-save function. Game will save automatically everytime at map-loading

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#106 highest rated IOS role-playing game (#786 on IOS, #18234 overall)


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