All voices and texts in English!Part 1: Deadly ProvidenceADVENTUREDiscover Ancient Egypt and follow Maia, a young sorceress sent by the Pharaoh himself to investigate the strange incidents that have recently been plaguing the building site of the Great Obelisk.Uncover what is hindering your sovereign's mission, elude curses and spells, and help the people offer up one of Antiquity's greatest architectural wonders to the mighty god Amun-Ra.THE GAMEA Point & Click Adventure game using a 360° viewing system similar to Jules Verne’s Return to Mysterious Island and Dracula the Path of the Dragon.Play as a young sorceress investigating to uncover the mysteries of Ancient Egypt.This is the first part of a three-part adventure.HIGHLIGHTS• Over 3 hours of game time on the Building site of Pi-Ramesses and in the Aswan Quarries• HD graphics and cutscenes• An intuitive inventory system• Many different puzzles to solve• A great variety of music and background sounds• All voices and texts in EnglishNB: This game is not a direct port, but an adaptation of the PC version.? DON'T MISS OUR OTHERS ADVENTURE EXCITING GAMES! ?On Mac:Dracula The Path of the Dragon (3 parts)Dracula : La Voie du Dragon - Director's CutEgypt Series: The Prophecy (3 parts)Nostradamus: The Last Prophecy - Director's CutRetour sur l'Ile Mystérieuse - Director's CutRetour sur l'Ile Mystérieuse 2 - Director's CutOn iPad:Dracula The Path of the Dragon (3 parts)Retour sur l'Ile Mystérieuse - Deluxe EditionEgypt The Prophecy (3 parts)On iPhone:Jules Verne's Secrets Of The Mysterious IslandDracula: The Path Of The Dragon (3 parts)Egypt The Prophecy (3 parts)Nostradamus The Last Prophety (2 parts)♥ FOLLOW US! ♥MICROIDSOn INTERACTIVEOn On

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