????? Free for limited time! Thanks for supporting us!Welcome to Duel: Blade & Magic XD, a RPG fighting game where you battle friends and monsters alike. You'll get 5,000 coins to start and invite more friends to get more coins to purchase weapons and other items.Game highlights:-Unlock more than 30 Pets from Quests to fight alongside you.-Spectacular animated fighting scenes, see your characters in full screen action against other players and over 30 monsters! -Choose from two character classes: Warrior and Witch, each has their own unique skills and items! -Characters has extensive weapon, armor, and skills to choose from. Character appearance will also change accordingly when different items are equipped! -Duel fighting mode: Fight other players for experience. -Quest mode: Explore 50 quest missions for coins and items. -Arena mode: Challenge players for prize money. -Honor Badges, collect badges to show your friends and enemies your achievements!

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