3D DICE HD brings you unprecedented dice experience! The best dice drinking game! What's the best? Free is the best! We designed a high-level dice bar for you, and leave the power of decision to you! It's up to you to decide game rules! Play it as you want!

We provide you with 6 seats for compotators, the procedure of swinging the dice and even the drinking button. Just tap it to have a bottle of nice beer! Oh yeah, who is the next?

This is, by far, the freest drinking game on iTunes! You can make your own game rules! Just follow your inclinations! You don't need those complex settings or buttons! Play it immediately!

Besides, we offer you guides for 10 dice drinking games. Be a master hand of drinking games immediately!

#1 Four styles of dices
Colorful dice
White dice
Red dice

#2 Four styles of bars
#3 Realistic 3d effect and sound
#4 You can increase or decrease the amount of dices (from 1 to 6)
#5 Perfect user experience

Let your iPad become the protagonist of parties! Share with your friends, drink and play with your friends!

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