Question from MajorGamer915

Asked: 4 years ago

Resetting my game and character?

would resetting either or both of these delete my achievements for it? I kinda bought the expensive stuff early and never mastered the small stuff, so I maybe wanted to restart and do that to get experience better.

Accepted Answer

From: iSpiritThunder 4 years ago

No you keep your achievements.
I did the same thing. I paid to master the weapons instead of actually mastering them.
But I was almost to bloodline 20 when I reset mine when I realized there is an achievement for
getting to there as well.

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Oh and I sent this to Gamefaqs but its not up yet.
You get a secret achievement for winning a battle without dodging or blocking.
I got it while I was working on getting my 1000 parries and 100 stabs.

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That's good.
Oh really? Could you maybe provide a list of any secret achievements you know of that aren't on the achievement list here and be as detailed as possible.
Thanks iSpiritThunder.

P.S. Can I still get achievements with Wi-Fi turned off? I sometimes turn it off so I'm not eating up too much battery.

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I could, that's the only secret one I've come across.
I have 41 out of 49 total achievements and I check
The list and only 5 are not done so I think there are at least
Three more.

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I'm not 100% sure but, I think if you close wifi it would just use 3G.

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Actually, I found them so I'll show them to you.
Yeah, it doesn't work with it off, plus I play it on a Touch not a Phone.

The first tip for you to help you unlock the secret achievements in Infinity Blade is the entire secret achievements list! Enjoy!

Secret Achievements 1: Kill the god king with Ruin (the weakest sword).
Secret Achievements 2: Win a battle without swinging your sword.
Secret Achievements 3: Win a battle without dodging or blocking.
Secret Achievements 4: Get the alternate ending in the game.

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