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iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4
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The action puzzle game composed of fresh new ideas appeared.

New arcade puzzle game where originality overflows.
As for the destruction of enemy's fortress, exhilaration one feels are preeminent.
It gets excited by the flight stone that unites one after another and becomes strong.
Easy play that can be operated by one finger.
The aerial fortress with individuality appears and 100 or more appears.
It can enjoy a strategy different in each fortress.
This game doesn't get tired. It is possible to play even times how many.

The aerial fortress falls aiming at the pyramid from the sky.
The player launches the flight stone, destroys the fortress, and defends the pyramid.
If all parts of the fortress are destroyed before it collides with the pyramid, it becomes a clear stage.
The flight stone is becoming a big mass strong. It becomes stronger when uniting.
It is important to think about the strategy by seeing the feature of the fortress, and to launch the flight stone.
Please read menu "HOW TO PLAY" of the application about a detailed way to play.

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