? It's 40MB Game !!- u can Download it without WIFI !!? Summon 5 Unique Zombies !!- and Destroy Entire World - #1 in Brazil 10/10/28- #1 in Philipines 11/09/02[ STORY ]- Dr.Angry's wife was killed by son of a president.- the killer didn't get any punishment- since his father was a powerful president.- So Dr.Angry started to make 5 Zombies.- Infestor , Splasher , Reincarnator- Roller , Bomber !!- and with those 5 Angry Zombies- He is ready to destroy the World !!? You can find Lite Version - by searching "HighMind"[1] Infestor- the only Zombie which can - infect Humans and turn them - into Zombies[2] Splasher- Can attack several Humans at once[3] Reincarnator- Creates Zombies from corpse[4] Bomber- Explodes and Destroys an area[5] Roller- Roll everywhere and Hits - every Humans? Supports Game CenterYou can compete with others( Last Stage TimeAttack + etc )? Angry Zombies- Normal & Hard Mode Available- Hard Mode is Challenging - After Hard Mode - you can enjoy Angry Mode !!- Normal Mode is Simple & Fun? "AZT:Teleporter" is Available right now !!

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